Male Hysteria: How To Shut Up The Fountain Of Emotions

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Male Hysteria: How To Shut Up The Fountain Of Emotions
Male Hysteria: How To Shut Up The Fountain Of Emotions

Video: Male Hysteria: How To Shut Up The Fountain Of Emotions

Video: Male Hysteria: How To Shut Up The Fountain Of Emotions
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Male hysteria: how to shut up the fountain of emotions

Endless showdowns, scandals with slamming doors, quarrels with smashing dishes, screams and tantrums, another leaving home "forever", even threats to commit suicide - often such things are not provoked by women at all …

Two sides of the same coin

So strange…

Just a moment ago, he was such a sincere, sensual and emotional man, a real romantic, subtly feeling the slightest mood swings of the one who is nearby, an exquisite connoisseur of the beauty of the world, with whom it was always pleasant to communicate, because in any situation he could support, cheer up, reassure and warm with your radiant smile.

And suddenly he turns into a nervous brawler, pouring out pretensions, accusations and reproaches, knowing with great accuracy how to prick, insult, humiliate more painfully. Emotional negativity hits with such intensity that it seems that this trifling reason for a quarrel is the biggest grief or the most important problem in his life. Moreover, it can explode in an instant. The reason can be anything: any word, gesture or look.

Endless showdowns, scandals with slamming doors, quarrels with smashing dishes, screams and tantrums, another leaving home "forever", even threats to commit suicide - often such things are not provoked by women at all …

Male hysteria - what is it really?

Emotional outbursts in men - weakness or strength of character?

How to live with such a man and how to deal with his mood swings?

Will he ever cross the line and hit?

We are very simply arranged …

Each property of our psyche requires its own satisfaction, each need strives to be fulfilled, and each desire - to be realized. Realizing a desire, we feel good, not realizing - we feel suffering. However, the paths for implementation can vary quite significantly. It depends on the level to which the psychological properties managed to develop in childhood, more precisely, before the end of puberty.

The greatest pleasure for a representative of the visual vector is the creation of an emotional connection: receiving and giving back emotions. And this property requires its realization regardless of who its owner is - a man or a woman.

Any spectator is an emotional fountain, in the streams of feelings he feels like a fish in water, he experiences every emotion at the peak of intensity, because this is his pleasure.

Rejoicing on a sunny day, the smile of a loved one, the impressions of a good movie, a pleasant meeting with friends, the next moment he can be just as violently upset because of a broken vase, trampled flowers or a sour expression on the face of a neighbor. The internal emotional swing in the visual vector is a mechanism without brakes.

A man with a visual vector is often called a real romantic. He knows how to look after a woman beautifully, always brings flowers, gives cute trinkets, is able to create a romantic setting for a date even in an ordinary apartment. His mood is often just written on his face, rich facial expressions allow you to show the slightest changes in the emotional state by facial expression.

In a developed state, a visual person is capable of the highest feelings in relation to another person - compassion, empathy, love. The greatest pleasure for such a spectator is the giving of his own feelings, emotions, energy to someone who needs it more than he himself.


This level of development of the visual vector allows a person to notice the slightest changes in the mood and psychological state of other people. Sincerely empathizing, the viewer tries to put himself in the place of another, to feel his state, to feel, and therefore to share his suffering. A simple “heart to heart” conversation with a developed visual eye can have even a slight psychotherapeutic effect. Medicine, volunteering, public organizations, charitable foundations and so on - here people with a visual vector find their realization.

Rich imagination, the ability to animate everything around and the special ability of the visual analyzer to distinguish more than 400 shades of each color make the visual person a very creative person. Artists, photographers, designers, couturiers, jewelers - all these are also options for the implementation of visual properties.

To subtly feel the emotions of the stage hero, fully get used to the image and convey this embodiment to the viewer - true acting, which is simply impossible to realize without a visual vector.

Program crash

It is quite difficult to develop the visual vector to a high level in our reality, especially for boys.

From early childhood, boys usually hear something like “be a man”, “don't cry, you’re a boy”, “that you let the nurse go like a girl”, getting used to the mistaken idea that showing emotions is weakness. The boy still emotionally experiences all the events of his life, but tries not to show his feelings, closing everything inside himself, suppressing his emotional impulses. By cutting off the very manifestations of visual properties, the parents stop the development of the vector.

Often this is joined by the influence of home scarecrows in the style of "I'll eat you!" or “a top will bite you on the barrel” and the like, scary books with animals being eaten, baba-yagas, mountain snakes and other horrors, cruel cartoons and bloody video games - all this closes the development of the visual vector in a state of fear.

The little spectator learns to enjoy emotional excitement into fear (this is also a strong emotion) - instead of learning to enjoy feelings of compassion, empathy, love for a person. The main joy for him is getting emotions for himself, inside, to himself, and not giving them away from himself, outside, outside.

Scandals, screams, stormy showdowns, blowing up a big problem for an insignificant reason, and sometimes without it - all this is a good, and most importantly, an affordable opportunity to "perform", play your own performance of one actor, experience strong emotional swings, speaking systemically, an attempt to be primitive fill the voids in the visual vector.

Even without suspecting that the implementation of vector properties at a higher level can give much more powerful and vivid satisfaction, the viewer fills himself with emotions corresponding to a lower level of vector development. He does it as he knows, as he can, as he understands, repeating his attempts over and over again, since the standard satisfaction does not completely fill the needs of the visual vector with the great temperament of a modern person.

It should be noted here that, despite all the emotionality, the violent expression of the most negative feelings and thoughts, all extremely painful attacks and caustic injections in the process of scandals and tantrums (when a man also has an anal vector), a man with a visual vector, in no matter how bad he was in a state, no matter how disgusting he felt, no matter what tragedy he experienced inside, he still considers life to be the main value.

This means that most often he will not be able to cross the line and use force - he simply does not have such a need. The most disgusting thing he is capable of is verbal sadism in the presence of an anal vector in a bad state.

For a person with a high level of development of the visual vector, such archetypal manifestations are not the norm, he is able to fulfill his emotional needs within the framework of his activities, whether it be helping people in any form, acting, creativity, and so on.

However, even a highly developed and realized visual person can break into hysterics. This can happen when a person gets into a state of super-stress, that is, a state in which he does not have enough strength to hold the pressure of the landscape, circumstances become stronger than him and literally throw him down to elementary ways of filling vector properties.

Of course, no one can be in such a stalemate for a long time. Circumstances change, the psyche adapts, and balance is restored. A person returns to the methods of realization and fulfillment of innate psychological properties that are customary for his level.


How to extinguish an emotional fire?

Hysterical variants of the visual vector implementation always require emotional feedback. The “speaker” expects any response from his “audience”, and the more emotional it is, the more the hero becomes inflamed.

His goal, often unconscious, is to shake up his experiences, feel the full depth of his image, revel in emotions, passions, self-pity for the unfortunate, offended or offended as much as possible, draw attention to his person, show himself in all the glory of an emotional storm.

A deep systemic understanding of what is happening is already capable of radically changing your attitude towards a conflict situation and its provocateur. All his aspirations become obvious, and his manifestations are predictable.

Being clearly aware of the psychological mechanisms of hysteria, it is possible to determine options for overcoming a crisis situation. The lack of emotional feedback deprives the provocateur of the desire to continue the tantrum.

Cold monosyllabic answers to any hot attacks or provocative questions make it clear that you are not ignoring him, but at the same time they will not give the expected and so desired emotional response, which means that the hysteria will cease to bear fruit - there will be no satisfaction, and all efforts will go to not.

As soon as it becomes clear that you do not succumb to provocations and are not going to share emotions - both positive and negative, the brawler will immediately moderate his ardor, and his hysteria will fade away by itself. True, in this case, he may try to find another, more grateful audience for his performances, but it will certainly not be you.

Application point substitution

As we have already said, any hysterical outbursts are primitive attempts to fill the lack of the visual vector, which not only bring special satisfaction, but give temporary relief to the condition, therefore requiring regular repetition, up to daily breakdowns.

If, on the other hand, a person suffering from a lack of realization with a visual vector begins to embody the needs of this vector in a more creative direction than emotional swings, in this case, the filling of properties makes hysteria much less attractive, and they simply go away, disappear as unnecessary.

This can be a hobby group, fine arts, photography, design courses, an acting studio, a music or dance studio, social activities that involve performing in front of an audience, and the like.

Someone may be closer to caring for plants (landscape design, landscaping) or animals (organization of shelters, veterinary medicine).

It is even better if it will be work related to helping other people who need it more than others. This is a kind of superior visual aerobatics, giving the most powerful content, and therefore the most intense pleasure from your activity. Such an activity involves the creation of an emotional connection with a person, moreover, aimed at the return of emotions (volunteer work with children, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, work in social services and programs, charitable foundations).

Modern society provides a lot of opportunities for realizing the properties of the visual vector, from which you can always choose the most suitable and closest option to you personally.


The main thing is that there is a shift in focus from shallow and scanty pleasure in favor of intense and full-fledged pleasure from the realization of the same visual properties, but at a more highly organized level, which corresponds to the high temperament of a modern person. After that, there is no desire to throw a former tantrum, because it is not interesting and not as pleasant as before.

An emotional visual man is just a godsend for any woman, he is able to feel and share with her the best feelings, support in difficult times and understand all her experiences, create an atmosphere of love and romance. He can give her the opportunity to feel like a real queen and the most beloved and desired woman in the world, he is pleasant to talk to and often becomes the soul of the company.

Only a visual man notices all the beauty of nature, works of art, the subtlest shades of all facets of human nature, only he has the ability to fill every moment of his life with amazing emotions, but the quality of these emotions, and therefore the quality of life, will depend solely on the awareness of actions.

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