Film "Point". About Prostitution As It Is. Part 1. From Point To Client

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Film "Point". About Prostitution As It Is. Part 1. From Point To Client
Film "Point". About Prostitution As It Is. Part 1. From Point To Client
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Film "Point". About prostitution as it is. Part 1. From point to client

The film "Point" tells about the everyday life of prostitution, when the whole life rolls in a hopeless vicious circle from the "point" to the client and back …

You will not find this meaning of the word "point" in the dictionary. But once I happened to see it with my own eyes. Moscow, 90s. On the stage of the Mossovet Theater there is a super popular performance - the rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar". After the performance, by tradition, the actors meet with the fans at the service entrance to communicate informally. Enthusiastic exclamations sound, bouquets and gifts flicker in the hands, laughter is heard. The bright and lively Tverskaya Street is just a few steps away in the opening of an ancient arch. And here, in the depths of the Moscow courtyard, a mysterious twilight reigns.

Suddenly, in an instant, everything changes. First, a short sound is heard - this is a conventional sign. Immediately, as if by magic, the dark courtyard is illuminated by the powerful headlights of a car lurking against the wall of the house. And into this merciless stream of light "night butterflies" flock - and where did they hide before? Girls in short skirts quickly and obediently line up - the client must have a choice, he wants to see the “product” face.

Struck by this spectacle, the gaggle of theatergoers falls silent. And already all together - both the actors and their fans - are watching in amazement this night theater of real life. At the command of the "mother" one of the girls comes forward, turns, unbuttons her blouse … Then she gets into the client's car. The sound of a motor, the lights go out, and the strange scene disappears, dissolves into darkness as suddenly as it appeared. The courtyard is again deserted and dark, as if nothing had happened …

This is the "point" - the place where the client can choose and rent a prostitute. A parallel world invisible to most ordinary people.

In the beginning there was "Intergirl"

The film "Point", which tells about the everyday life of prostitution, when the whole life rolls in a hopeless vicious circle from "point" to client and back, was released on the screens of our country much later than the events described above - in 2006. But before there was another picture - "Intergirl" (1989), a film that destroys morality.

It seems that the creators of "Intergirl", refined intellectuals, did not have a very good idea of ​​the phenomenon they talked about in their film. Developed, educated and realized, they told this story "through themselves." Therefore, they made a sweet, kind, sympathetic nurse, with a good Soviet education, a teacher, and shift work in a hospital, into a currency prostitute in the film. And her clients were, albeit not very pleasant, but quite adequate and peaceful foreigners. If they knew how wrong they were!

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan describes in the most detailed and accurate way which woman can become a prostitute and which can never, as well as what kind of clients they are. And this ugly terrible truth has nothing to do with the plot of the film "Intergirl". Heavy to unbearable mental pain, the film "Point" is much more truthful and honest.

But back to the film "Intergirl". The talent of the director Pyotr Todorovsky gave the heroines of the film such a romantically attractive halo that, regardless of the will of its creator, the film set new "moral values" for a whole generation of Russian people. It was a severe blow to morality that extended to the entire society. This blow received an additional super-effect due to the collapse of the USSR and the complete loss of basic landmarks in life and a sense of security by former Soviet citizens. Even the bad ending of the film, when the main character runs the risk of crashing in a car, and her hunted mother tries to poison herself with gas, does not devalue this super-effect - such is the magically unpredictable power of art.

Here is what Yuri Burlan says about this film at the training in system-vector psychology: “The movie“Intergirl”is how to finish off a wounded … Like Aurora's shot against the Soviet Union … In an instant, turning a refined intellectual into a cheap prostitute is a great success in information war against Russia. The director Petr Todorovsky was not an enemy - it was a mistake that he put his great talent into this destructive film."

Film "Point"
Film "Point"

The bitter truth about prostitution

The film "The Point" raises the same problem, but as it is. Prostitution is a cruel and bitter truth of life and no romance. The fact is that the plot of the book, and later the film, was created already in the days of accessible information and the Internet, when almost any information can be found in the public domain, including testimonies of real people. It looks like the film is based on real stories. And this is one of the reasons that he is seen so truthfully piercing.

The picture shows the stories of three female prostitutes. Each of them is tragic in its own way. Anya was raped by her stepfather as a child. Having matured, she goes to her half-brother, who rapes her on the very first night, in the morning she runs away, taking the gold ring found in the closet. She tries to sell the ring to a taxi driver, who accuses her of theft and inclines her to intimacy … So the first funnel of fate spun.

Ninka "Moidodyrka" is from a family of alcoholics. Either drunken quarrels between parents, or a boarding school, or beatings, or humiliation - that's all she learned in childhood. Love for her little brother is the only thing that makes her smile and make plans for the future. She passionately dreams of breaking out of the hated life, settling with her brother separately. This requires money, but where to get it? And then she comes up with the idea of ​​selling her body, her only asset. So the second funnel of fate spun.

The story of the third heroine of the film, Kira, is the most tragic. Her first love, a pure beautiful feeling, pours out into a real tragedy: her pregnant, tyrannical father kicks out of the house, and later she learns that her beloved was killed in the war. The grief-stricken girl goes to the cemetery, where a local outsider dries her with a potion “for the remembrance of the soul”.

Together with their accomplice, they lock the insensible girl in a decommissioned carriage standing on the side tracks, take away her clothes, and have an abortion. And they turn her into a sex doll with a roughly painted face - an endless stream of men passes through her … She tries to run, but to no avail. And then with a broken bottle she opens her veins. Miraculously surviving Kira turns into a Zebra - she received this nickname because of the scars on her arms and now shyly covers them with her sleeves (she cuts off the sleeves from sweaters and blouses and wears them by herself). So the third funnel of fate spun.

This movie is very difficult, it is almost painful to watch … Because prostitution as a social phenomenon is shown in the film with all possible honesty. The filmmakers leave no illusion to the audience. And in order to see the raised problem even more clearly, accurately and voluminously, let us analyze it from the point of view of the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan.


Who becomes prostitutes and how?

When watching this film, viewers are amazed at how quickly and inevitably the fall occurs - all three heroines of the film are dragged into prostitution, having no chance to escape. Circumstances develop in such a way that each next step pushes the heroine towards the inevitable. None of them has a person nearby who would help, at least regret it. No, on the contrary, on their difficult path there are only those who shamelessly take advantage of their deplorable situation and only "push the falling one".

Of course, the bitter fate of girls needs sympathy, but even more - understanding. Difficult life circumstances, unscrupulous cruel people are only the upper layer of reality. To truly understand the mechanism of how a woman becomes a prostitute, let us use the knowledge about the eight vectors of the human psyche.

Prostitutes are always beaten owners of the skin vector. When a small skin is beaten in childhood, it stops her psychosexual development. In the film, we can see this on the example of Nina, whom her parents probably beat not only with a word, and Kira, who is cruelly treated by her military father.

A beaten or humiliated skin man of any sex in such an undeveloped state becomes prone to theft and masochism. But in addition to this set, the beaten skin girl begins to perceive her body according to the primitive principle - as her only asset. Since the nature of a dermal person is rational and pragmatic, relations with men in this case are built on the principle of "I will not give", "benefit - benefit" …

This is the root of prostitution. And life stories can be outwardly different. No matter how difficult life circumstances may be, for a woman with a different vector set (first of all, in the absence of a skin vector), becoming a prostitute is terrible, impossible, shameful, incompatible with life - it is better to die. And no material incentives can force, for example, a woman with an anal vector to sell her body. She will endure, work hard, but never become a prostitute. Only an undeveloped skin is capable of this.

And you also need to understand that it is not for nothing that such bad people and terrible circumstances come across on the way of a broken skin … According to the universal law of life, exactly what we are striving for, even unconsciously, is attracted to us (consciously, we can broadcast completely different aspirations).

Prostitution is an inevitable choice

Despite the severity of life's circumstances, each of the girls made her choice, although outwardly it may seem that she had no choice. Nevertheless, Kira could temporarily live with her aunt, as her mother advised her. Nina and Anya could find work. But no, they did what they did. Without understanding why …

Film "Point". About prostitution as it is
Film "Point". About prostitution as it is

Sometimes it happens that life turns its bright side - and you can forget about the difficult past, live for yourself and be happy. But it’s not that simple. You can often hear stories of how a lost daughter is returned to the bosom of the family, but the joy of meeting does not last long - she inevitably returns to prostitution and no force can keep her. And she herself does not understand why. It seems that he does not want such a life. The secret of this behavior is hidden in the psyche.

There is an episode in the film, how a former prostitute, who was "lucky" - she married a rich man, arrives at the "point" in an expensive car. She hugs old friends, brings them gifts. But behind the scenes, the question remains: what pulls a now rich and prosperous woman to return to this evil place over and over again? An unconscious striving that is stronger than herself, her mind and will …

Infernal mix: prostitution, theft, masochism, victimization

We have already mentioned that according to the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, a broken leather man stops in its development and remains an archetypal thief. Eh, it's not for nothing that Anya, before leaving her stepbrother's apartment, rummages through things in the closets in search of at least something valuable - and leaves, still holding a gold ring in her hand. And the culmination of the film will be the disgusting in its meanness theft of money from a close friend: Anya and Nina, deciding to open their "point", take Kira's money, which she saves for their own housing. They hypocritically call it "borrowing" and happily rush to spend the stolen money …

Another consequence of broken skin is masochistic aspirations, in other words, an unconscious desire to be a bat … System-vector psychology describes the mechanism for the formation of masochism: when a skin child is beaten on the thin delicate skin, which is its most sensitive area, he experiences unbearable pain. But his flexible psyche quickly adapts (such is its nature) and begins to produce natural opiates in response to pain, which bring not only relief from pain, but also a kind of pleasure. So the skin person learns to enjoy not from the realization of his talents, but from pain. When this mechanism is fixed, it affects the entire life scenario. In the future, the person will unconsciously strive again to experience these "pleasant" sensations, which are associated with beating and pain …

So, on the very first day of work at the "point", young Nina is thrown out of the police UAZ at full speed because of an inadvertently spoken word. And Anya is destined to meet with a real sadist, who beats her in the most cruel way, and then rapes her. And when it’s over, he calmly says: “Sorry. I’m not out of spite. I simply cannot achieve orgasmic discharge in another way. What I have not tried - nothing helps …"

In addition to this set, under certain conditions, a victimological complex is formed in a bat skin-visual girl in fears. The life of a prostitute is always very dangerous - she constantly gets into trouble.

Film "Point". About everyday life of prostitution
Film "Point". About everyday life of prostitution

In the film, we also see the shooting of a party on a ship from a machine gun, when Anya and Kira throw themselves overboard to save their lives. In another episode, one of the clients sets chained dogs on them, trying to force them to have group sex. They are forced to swim naked in a pool of cold water … as much as eight hours. One of them is being turned into a sex slave, despite the fact that we live in a civilized society … Can an ordinary woman be able to endure such a life when she has to constantly balance on the very edge? No, only a victimized skin-visual prostitute will unconsciously seek such "adventures", risking her life again and again.

About clients of prostitutes and why prostitution has no place in modern society, read the continuation of the article.

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