Lonely Bird, You're Flying High

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Lonely Bird, You're Flying High
Lonely Bird, You're Flying High

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Lonely bird, you're flying high

Married friends sigh sympathetically when they learn that she is again going on vacation alone or with a yoga group. Why don't people massively understand that she doesn't need a half? It is complete in itself …

Smart, strong, independent - Vika has achieved everything herself. Men on the way of her personal development only interfered. Should be distracted by the illusion of happiness - and again the crunch of the soul. Put yourself together again. I decided - there is no more time and there is no need to spend your internal resources on relationships. Work, travel, workouts, books, self-development. There are things more interesting than indulging someone and counting on reciprocal courtesy. She chooses freedom. Chooses to be alone.

Whether this choice gives a feeling of endless happiness from life, she will not tell anyone, not even herself.

The right to loneliness

Married friends sigh sympathetically when they learn that she is again going on vacation alone or with a yoga group. Mom, having lost hope for her grandchildren, has already stopped nagging, but has not yet learned to keep with herself the information that her friend's son is “cute, does not drink, with an apartment / car, is not married”.

Why don't people massively understand that she doesn't need a half? It is complete in itself. Examples of unhappy couples and personal observations only reinforce the correctness of the chosen life strategy.

Lonely bird photo
Lonely bird photo

A star invisible to the world beckons her

Looking at the pensive face of the moon in the night, she always dreamed. About something so big that you can't even put into words. No, not becoming an astronaut is even more. Maybe grab the thread of the Milky Way and climb to where everything is clear. Where there are answers to all the "why".

If the universe is infinite, why do people lock themselves for life in the same apartment with the person they hate? And if they don’t hate, why do they all the time yell at each other, ignore, take offense and offend? Mom would never answer that.

Vika cannot help but think, and at home, from childhood, they only interfered with this. In the morning mugs, spoons, plates are thundering, in the afternoon and in the evening - people. They enter the room without asking, talk non-stop, drill, wash, clean, scream. Night is a breath of quiet freedom. Grew up - escaped from the rumbling hell, where everyone enrages each other.

I learned to be above this. Do not let annoying socks into your life, do not fry cutlets, do not iron shirts, do not argue, Crimea or Rome, Dostoevsky or football, a beach or a museum, sushi or borscht. Choose only for yourself.

To drive yourself into such horror again of your own free will - never! The sound girl needs silence and solitude in order to concentrate on her thoughts. I am ready to put up with loneliness, just to protect my erogenous zone - ears from the pan fuss and human stupidity. Why do you need a relationship if you know in advance what kind of torture they will sooner or later turn into?

To remember in detail how difficult it was in the past, to generalize and project the negative experience of parents on their own relationships is inherent in girls with an analytical mindset. True, such an analysis is not always accurate in personal matters. For a girl with an anal vector, family support in any case remains an urgent need. But the past pain does not allow to step freely into the future. You have to live with a contradiction tearing apart from within and not admit it to yourself.

The relationship of two is an exact system, knowing the laws of which, you do not need to replay the negative experience of your relatives and your own unsuccessful attempts over and over again.

Pull yourself together, daughter of a samurai

A fragile shell, flint inside. Vika is used to dealing with all life situations herself. It provides itself, entertains, urges, reproaches, motivates and pleases. She always felt that she had some important task, so she put work at the forefront. She forbade herself tears, snot, drowned out the whining of her heart, concentrated on the goal - and forward to new projects.

Would such an emancipated girl allow her partner to clip her wings with inadequate reproaches for insufficient attention to him? She is drawn to amaze, help, inspire. In the presence of the cutaneous-visual ligament of vectors, a girl cannot live without an active life among people, even if sound desires require peace and quiet. This one is ready to devote herself to her beloved work without a trace! On stage or on the air, in the pulpit or in the office, by the phone or on Instagram …

Even when Sasha was nearby, Vicki could not be only him. I wanted to kindle the hearts of hundreds of people through my work, creativity, and at least a post on a topical social topic. And he did not understand how he could trade a joint day off for a charity marathon.

Human nature is social, only in connection with other people we can be good. More includes less. This means that the maximum realization in society does not exclude, but, on the contrary, presupposes a happy relationship in a couple. An active life position and a thousand important things do not cancel the need for simple human warmth only together. It is sometimes difficult for a strong girl to unearth this desire in herself.

You can deceive yourself for a long time that no one is needed very close. An alternative option is to understand the unconscious and find out where this impassable fence in feelings came from, if we are talking about pair relationships. A girl with a visual vector knows how to love like no other. When she just reveals this ocean of feelings in herself - she dives into it headlong, dreams, admires, seeks to share warmth. And if they hurt in return, the merciless tsunami devastates her from the inside. After such internal destruction, it is difficult for a vulnerable nature to recover, and in fear of experiencing this pain again, she no longer allows herself to relax, trust, surrender to feeling.

When a part of the heart is blocked, life's work suffers too. After all, we can bring the maximum creative effect outside only when nothing oppresses us inside us.

Jerk fuel

Relationships feel small when you want to participate in a mission to save the whole world. From general stupidity, indifference, cruelty, violence, environmental pollution, political illiteracy, misunderstanding of the laws of the universe. Even being in a pair, such a girl will not stop looking for her destiny, the person next to her will not be able to neutralize her indomitable desire to do something large-scale. And if he interferes with its realization, it will alienate him.

Things are different when both strive for something more than watching TV shows and relaxing by the sea. A man with a sound vector forgets to sleep and eat when he is on fire with an idea. This does not need a girl only for the kitchen and bedroom, he is looking for someone who will understand and support his big dreams. If she thinks about something even more significant, he will do everything to find for her a solution to all the secrets of life.

While she herself is turned to the world with resentment, stingy with feelings and closed on herself, even the most sensitive man will not be able to grasp the range of her spiritual beauty. Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" gives you the opportunity to throw off the burden of disappointment and leave the tower of loneliness without pain and stress in order to share your ideas and feelings with those who will be able to understand them, respond to them, and strengthen them many times over.

When the core, the core of another person is revealed and your own essence is clear, you can even before starting a relationship determine exactly what awaits you together - the path of a common idea or the war of space with borscht.

When two are on the same wavelength, when it is a vectorally stable couple, then it is the relationship that gives the necessary impulse and strength to realize its important mission to the maximum. Feeling every now and then psychological support from a man, a girl gains the courage to open her real self. The one that feels, dreams, helps, realizes and acts for the entire planet. Seeing that his achievements, thoughts and desires are needed and important to someone, a man strives for even greater heights. A sense of security from a man and inspiration from a woman move the world to new orbits.

Become someone's inspiration

A single neuron, no matter how powerful a signal it sends, cannot produce a whole thought by itself. This is the work of thousands of connections within the nervous system. People also need to learn to unite. Two - this is already a synapse and signal transmission further.

It is the girl who ignites the spark of development in a man. For her, he builds, explores, extracts, directs, models, scores goals, programs, heals, teaches, mounts, writes, even thinks only for her. It was created to fill its lack. The woman sets the direction of his movement. If she only cares about brands and villas, sooner or later there will be someone who is able to provide it at any cost. If she dreams of discovering the laws of the universe, realizes her aspiration and her qualities given for this, then there is one with whom together they will be able to get to the point and release a new important thought into the world. Where a woman wants to go depends on what a woman wants.

Special girls managed to eliminate illiteracy throughout the vast Soviet country in the 1920s and 1930s. Our time sets the task of a planetary scale for the strong, intelligent and sensual - to understand themselves and become someone's inspiration in order to take a step together to that height where, finally, you can see how this world works.

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