The Meaning Of Marriage: A Life Between Cheating And Inspired Love

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The Meaning Of Marriage: A Life Between Cheating And Inspired Love
The Meaning Of Marriage: A Life Between Cheating And Inspired Love

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The Meaning of Marriage: A Life Between Cheating and Inspired Love

Karina and Slava are a happy systemic couple, they have three children. They recently moved to a new home and opened their own creative development school. Karina teaches kids drawing, Vyacheslav - music. A woman largely determines the fate of a man. On the one hand, he dies, on the other, he rises from the ashes …

- You know, Slavik, I have long wanted to tell you, - Ira smacked her lips with her freshly painted lips and straightened her bangs, - I have a new man. I'm filing for divorce.

She took an umbrella and purse and added, closing the door behind her:

- I'm already late. We will talk tonight. Find your passport.

Slava stood like a paralyzed person for a long time. He listened to the sentence hanging in the air, gazed at the door, as if trying to see his future life behind it.

Their relationship was initially not perfect. Slavik was not interested in women for a long time. He was generally not interested in anything in this flat material world. He lived with books and music. They were his friends, teachers and lovers.

All questions in the house were solved by my mother. The combination of anal, cutaneous and visual vectors made her a powerful family front fighter. She worked part-time in the library, and the rest of the time she bought, washed, cooked, planned, organized, educated. She knew everyone, managed everywhere, was interested in everything. Communication with her husband was minimal. The skin sound specialist, nuclear physicist, was a shadow at home: he came home from work and closed in his office with books and scientific journals.

Therefore, all the love and care of the woman went to her son. Mom-kvochka did not notice how she was tightening the noose of her unhealthy guardianship around her son's neck. Slavik was an obedient boy, he studied decently, did not cause trouble for his parents. Everything suited him: there was no need to make decisions, be responsible, grow up.

Only once did Slavik disobey his parents. After school, he resignedly entered the institute, where his father taught. But love with nuclear physics did not work out, Slava did not go to graduate school, but entered a music school. The family exploded with indignation - what a profession for a man! "We need to marry him," my mother quickly made a decision, "the crap will fly out!"

While my mother was looking for a suitable match, Slavik successfully graduated from college and just as successfully sat down on the sofa with no chance of employment.

Mom immediately liked the professor's daughter Ira - the same vectors, the same character as hers. Combat, economic, with her son will not be lost.

The meaning of marriage photo
The meaning of marriage photo

Ira liked the guy, a little "cuckoo", but interesting. Slavik didn't care. We had a wedding, we moved. Ira organized a dusty and financial job for her husband - to prepare applicants for entrance exams in physics and mathematics. He didn't argue. In the evenings he played sonatas for her, she yawned and pulled her husband into the bedroom. He performed routine movements and fell asleep with dreams of music.

A year later, Ira was puzzled by the lack of the fruits of their rather regular love. She passed the examination herself, began to drag her husband around the clinics. Sitting in line for a reception, Slavik shrank under the gaze of those around him. The whole world seemed to condemn him for his inability to be a father. For a man with an anal vector, this is a hard blow: not to live up to expectations, to be imperfect in his main male role. True, the doctors did not confirm these fears, all the tests were in order, but it did not work with the baby.

The wife became more and more nervous, jerked and reproached the unfortunate spouse, kept diaries and demanded intimacy in accordance with the clock or degrees, which only exacerbated the situation.

Music was Slavik's only salvation. He spent every free minute in the studio with a friend, where he entrusted his pain to submissive keys. They obeyed and responded. Sounds caressed the ear and warmed the soul, they had meaning, love, joy.

A person with a sound vector is a desire to comprehend the Thought of all that exists, to figure out what we live for. For this he has two tools - the mind and the senses. Consciously he looks for answers in books, exact sciences or religions. Sensually - in music. Science disappointed Slavik for a long time, the hope remained with the music. He listened, looked, sometimes it seemed that he was very close to something important, big … But the phone rang, and Ira shouted into the receiver: “Slavik, get home soon! I'm ovulating!"

Slavik lived as if in delirium, lost support under his feet. The more he shrank, puffed up, tried, the more he felt that he could not cope.

Dumbfounded by the news of the divorce, he sat in a chair all day trying to think. There were no thoughts. There was a burning pain in the solar plexus, pounding in the temples and fists clenched convulsively.

- Did you find your passport? - Ira asked, having returned in the evening. - So I thought! Okay, I'll look for it myself. Yes, by the way, Valera will move to me on Monday …

And then there was an explosion. Slavik shouted, swore, stamped his feet, then somehow suddenly he versed, grabbed the notes from the table, took the bag with things that Ira had collected and left.

The nightmare lasted for many years. The fire of hatred for his ex-wife, for himself, for fate was replaced by a smoldering resentment - the "curse" of the anal vector. The world is as we see it. Slavik saw only injustice, dishonesty, wrongness, and with every action, word, thought, he attracted people and situations into his life that confirmed his conviction.

Cheating on a wife for a man with an anal vector is a collapse, a fiasco. The main values ​​have been trampled underfoot, and there is no hope for happiness. Such a person lives in the past, remembers every detail, word, look. Painful events are scrolled in the head in autorepeat mode, not letting go for a minute.

And it doesn't matter that there was no love, understanding, harmony in the relationship, it is important that they were the first and became the yardstick for everyone who followed.

All women turned into a source of pain and betrayal for Slavik. He compared each to his ex-wife, in each he saw a threat.

The meaning of marriage for a man photo
The meaning of marriage for a man photo

A charismatic musician with an inward look and a shadow of sadness on his face, he inexorably attracted emotional visual girls, was a mystery to them, a challenge. They enveloped him with their attention, gave him love, hoped to melt a cold heart. And he saw in every movement of the female soul only debauchery and self-interest.

No, he did not deny himself carnal pleasures. The powerful libido of a man with an anal vector required filling. He took intimacy for granted, as compensation for his failure in marriage. He proved to the world and to himself that he was a Man, that the last word was with him. He did not give the girls hope for a serious relationship, but he also did not let go, was playing for time, tormented by uncertainty, showing who is the master of the situation. He took revenge.

Slavik did not let go of his ex-wife, at least from his memory. He followed her on social networks, peered at the photos of the sturdy baby she gave birth to from her Valera, suffered from an all-consuming shame and exploded with indignation.

He felt like a child whose toy was taken away. I wanted my mother to come, as in childhood, and settle everything. But in front of my mother it was also ashamed: he did not justify her hopes either.

Childhood somehow ended abruptly, putting Slavik in front of the hard facts of adult life: “You bear responsibility for yourself. The desires of others do not always coincide with your own. We must somehow live with everything that has happened”.

But how? Friends, women, vodka, music? Friends insisted that we must forgive and let go - it was beyond our power. The women only scratched the wound. Vodka, instead of oblivion, awakened aggression. And only the music saved me for a while.

Slavik abandoned work, students, played for days on end, forgetting to eat. He would jump up in the middle of the night, scribbling notes on everything that came to hand. He lost weight, turned gray, finally withdrew into himself.

The music reflected his pain, bitterness, and the throwing of his soul, but did not give answers. Life lost its meaning, as if melting before our eyes. As a man, he was devalued, as a musician marking time - without inspiration, without realization.

A woman largely determines the fate of a man. On the one hand, he perishes, on the other, he rises from the ashes. Karina appeared in Slavik's life. Vectorally - an exact copy of his mother and first wife. But harmonious, realized, sensually developed.

Karina had a happy childhood: she bathed in parental love, read a lot, was engaged in drawing and dancing. After school she entered the Faculty of Economics.

The death of her parents was a heavy blow for the girl - an excursion bus on which they were traveling on vacation crashed. First, Karina stopped sleeping. Then fear appeared. She broke up with her boyfriend and could not build a new relationship - she was afraid of losing her beloved in some tragic situation.

In this state, Karina entered the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan. The girl coped with her grief, freed herself from fears, learned to understand herself, again reached out to people. I met Slavik.

His gloomy thoughts, disappointment did not frighten her. She understood the true cause of these states, felt his pain as her own, knew how to react.

Karina helped Slavik regain a sense of significance, confidence in his masculine strength, the value of relationships, faith in family happiness. Systematically understanding the essence of the anal vector, she was able to find the right words, build a deep sensual connection, restore trust in the soul, tormented by an offense. She did not try to change him, break him, lead him - she inspired.

Woman is an incentive for a man photo
Woman is an incentive for a man photo

A woman is an incentive for a man, his reward. For her, he accomplishes feats and discoveries, conquers the peaks and space, brings her "booty" - from bread to the meaning of life.

Karina and Slava are a happy systemic couple, they have three children. They recently moved to a new home and opened their own creative development school. Karina teaches kids drawing, Vyacheslav - music.

Wonders? No - a real life story!

Today everyone can learn to be happy!

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