It Tickles The Cat Behind The Ear, And The Woman Has The Most Ticklish Place

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It Tickles The Cat Behind The Ear, And The Woman Has The Most Ticklish Place
It Tickles The Cat Behind The Ear, And The Woman Has The Most Ticklish Place

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It tickles the cat behind the ear, and the woman has the most ticklish place …

In order to find the main erogenous zone of a woman and both get maximum pleasure from the relationship, in our time you need not to feel the G-spot, but to precisely understand each other's unconscious desires …

The boy's first unconscious sexual fantasy is to protect the girl from bullies and treat her to her. When we grow up, the principle does not change. This is not some patriarchal stereotype, but the basis of human sexuality.

In order to find the main erogenous zone of a woman and both get maximum pleasure from the relationship, in our time you need not to feel the G-spot, but to accurately understand each other's unconscious desires.

He wants

He does not yet understand what this arousal is, but the natural program of the man inside the boy is already working. Bring the girl candy and not let anyone offend her.

A normal adult man, too, somehow by itself seeks to treat and protect the one that he liked. Male excitement grows, but at the root it remains a desire to give himself to her. Ejaculate, shelter, prey, feelings, thoughts, discoveries, achievements - all for her to get her orgasm - the most powerful pleasure on the physical level. And I want even more!

- Did you feel good?

- Highly…

If a woman also receives pleasure, responds with body and soul, male happiness is not limited to orgasm. He did what he wanted. He gave it away, and she accepted it with pleasure, shared her feelings with him. When a man feels that she is good with him, he has a feeling of lasting satisfaction, joy, inspiration to live and act.

Feeling the maximum pleasure in a relationship, he gets a fuse to realize himself in society at full strength.

She want

A woman loses attraction if a man does not intercede for her in a conflict situation. It is not necessary in a fight with bandits - it is enough just to silently agree with my mother, for example, that my wife does not cook well. Consciously, she may not track that she is offended or disappointed in him. She just will cease to be drawn to him, as before.

A woman's need is to feel the rear from her man. Food, financial, brick is at its core, and emotional is the icing on the cake. Without sensual fusion, a woman does not enjoy in a relationship, either soul or body. This is how it works. And if she is not satisfied, he also cannot taste life. This interdependence pushes us to look for ways to make our loved one as happy as possible.

There are more and more precedents when this is successful:

Disarmed, I really need you

The prince protects Cinderella from the evil stepmother, the knight saves his beloved from the dragon, the Nutcracker from the rat king. Bezukhov protects Natasha from condemnation, Ignatov does not allow his colleagues to arrest Zuleikha, Ross holds the defense for Rachel at the prom and in the laundry. At all times, a man stands up like a mountain for his beloved, as best he can.

Even the most active and self-sufficient needs to feel the male shoulder nearby. Not because she cannot herself, but because it is more pleasant together if a special bond has developed between the two. And people do everything according to the principle of greater pleasure.

Let's say he already knows how:

  • give her psychological comfort,
  • provide physical pleasure.

But even this is not enough for her. For maximum mutual pleasure, it is necessary to let her in where, perhaps, it is scary to look himself.

We are often unaware of impulses hidden in our own unconscious, secret desires, sexual preferences, mental anxieties and aspirations. Without knowledge of the psyche, it is impossible to find and accept in oneself, and even more so to share it with a loved one. With a systemic understanding of each other, all fears of one's own sexuality are overcome together, sensuality goes to a new level, where the entrance is open only for two.

Point CHZB

“I am lying on the procedure at the beautician and in between times I hear:“You know, the surgeon FFF, who is dark-skinned, has the most even postoperative stitches!” I lie down and remember that all the chairs and door handles were tied in knots. And how angry I was in the morning when I saw ropes and threads “disfiguring the interior”. It was forbidden to cut off. All the sponges, pieces of dense fabric were sewn, the loops on the cutlery were tied. Turned out crookedly. And now they are even! Stitches on the skin of a living person! I lie and cry! " (from the Internet).

The main erogenous zone of a woman is her gastric receptors. This makes a lot of psychological sense. After all, a man is able to feed her and her children when he can integrate into society with his talents. Be needed by people with their actions. The realization of a man in society both provides food and enjoys his woman as much as possible, which gives her a sense of security and safety (CHS).

Although there are many couples where there is prosperity, the demand for a man in the labor market, the woman does not feel happy. Why is that?

A woman determines by the smell of pheromones whether a man is able to provide her and her offspring with a sense of safety and security. And in order to stimulate the psychological "point of the CHZB", she needs to feel her contribution to its achievements. Then everything that they create becomes the fruit of joint actions, thoughts, realizations.

- Do you have any idea what kind of responsibility it is?

- Otherwise, why am I here?

We mutually influence each other along the following trajectory:

0. Her desire to love.

1. His attraction to her.

2. Her sensual impulse.

3. His emotional response.

4. Her sense of safety and security.

5. His inspiration for self-realization in society.

6. Her joy from their joint result.

7. A common desire to increase each other's joy.

When a man and a woman are connected by an emotional connection, when he is realized in society, then she feels confidence in him, in them, in the future. And he is overwhelmed with qualitatively new sensations from life.

Tickle behind the ear photo
Tickle behind the ear photo

Men in the chat broadcast of the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan share what it is like to feel like giving:

[Mikhail M.]: It's nice for a woman to wear a mammoth after training. I was very surprised that this is the case.

[Mikhail D.]: Now I think alimentation of a woman is a real pleasure

[Mikhail K.]: the pleasure of bestowal appears. Alimified his wife and children before the SVP, but after that he began to enjoy the process itself. Changes in my wife's attitude towards me are evident. It's like a new breath in a relationship

[Evgeniy S.]: The girls have become prettier and more interesting

[Denis V.]: I want to give everything to a woman. Without hesitation)

[Stepan E.]: The attitude towards women has changed dramatically, I stopped seeing them as an object of only sexual pleasure

[Rodion T.]: It became clear to me why my father is deeply unhappy.

[Mikhail T.]: I always love to give the best and the most beautiful to my girlfriend, it has always been the norm for me. I fully agree that this is the norm.

[Andrey B.]: At the beginning of a relationship, I did everything for a woman. Then the feeling went away. After the training, I began to do it with pleasure. It is important to find another suitable moment when the pleasure of giving will be greatest))

[Nikolai P.]: I always enjoyed giving to women, but did not see their reaction. Now everything has changed, I enjoy their states

[Sergei N.]: I got to the training: probably my wife is not that woman - she does not understand, she cuts, slows down, etc. After that something began to change in my feelings for her. He stopped looking at other women, began to hug from behind often and sniff at the neck - this is just a head off. And she still sometimes has tears rolling against the background of a smile: What are you doing? I didn't even think that everything would return with us, as it was in the beginning. And in the beginning - it's already 18 years old.)

Our more

People can only be happy if they have something more than themselves.

“The first person who believed in me and supported me. Who loves me even in those moments when I don't love myself. He never reproached me for unrestrained volunteering, but he once said in a psychologist's office: “I want my wife to be alive, happy and healthy, how can I help her with this? “My brain can't stand for my mistakes. He constantly works on himself, and does not educate me. Nothing forbids or imposes on me. My man. My freedom”(from the Internet).

The modern woman is not satisfied with her roles in the kitchen, in the nursery, and in the bedroom. She can provide for herself, can reach heights in her career without outside help, can conceive and "raise" children herself. The only thing that we cannot individually is to experience the magic of mutual understanding, mutual inclusion, mutual pleasure. And real happiness is born only from our connection with other people, which begins in a couple.

When “two are awake, two are smoking a cigarette of love”, in their merger at the neural level, in their frank conversation, great desires, ideas and ways of their realization are born.

Relying on each other dreams better, flies higher, achieves more.

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