My Child Is A Drug Addict. Help

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My Child Is A Drug Addict. Help
My Child Is A Drug Addict. Help
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My child is a drug addict. Help

It all ends in one moment, when you learn the news that breaks your heart - your child is a drug addict! …

You raise and nurture your child in the hope that he will grow up and meet all your aspirations, be happier than you. She will receive an excellent education, become a big man, meet a good decent girl, be happy in the family, give you grandchildren … Isn't this a dream of any parent! We all want children to be healthy and happy.

It all ends in one moment, when you hear the news that breaks your heart - your child is a drug addict!

You see his suffering frozen eyes, he cannot find a place for himself … You literally feel as if molten glass is spreading through your veins, there is not a single living cell, and you understand that he will do anything just to get his dose. You feel that withdrawal is this terrible pain that twists joints, breaks bones, burns internal organs. And it will always be repeated, every day, until the very last hour.

He takes out everything that is possible and impossible from the house. You can't hide from a thief. The trouble came to your home suddenly.

You still remember the call on that terrible night when someone else's cold voice told you that your child was taken to the hospital with an overdose.

This time he was rescued, but there was a void in his eyes

Who would have thought that such a grief would happen in your family? What a serious, thoughtful child he grew up. You hoped that he would be a child prodigy, he asked such serious questions about the meaning of life, about religion. He studied easily, he was especially good at foreign languages. I argued with teachers, some were even afraid of him. I didn’t go to discos, listened to music more and more with headphones, fell in love with hard rock, but what can you do, everyone has different tastes.

And now he begs you:

- Mom, dad, I am disappearing, believe in me for the last time, I agree to be treated, because it is impossible to live like this.

After a month of continuous losses, moral and financial, you accidentally overheard in a telephone conversation:

- Yes, I got a big dose, I had to throw it off, so I put noodles on my ancestors, they put me in toxicology.

Where have we overlooked?

We saw that dissatisfaction with life was growing in him, he rushed about, as if he was looking for something and he himself did not know what. Why didn't you see the first signs?

When they paid attention to the unpleasant sweetish smell in his room, he said that the guys had smoked, and his clothes were saturated with this smell. We noticed his mood swings: he threw himself at everyone, then he laughed and joked. He said he was stressed.

His eyes were red and shining feverishly, his pupils were dilated.

- I didn’t sleep, I was preparing for the seminar all night.

I am ashamed to tell someone. What will people think? Who have we raised? Why did we deceive ourselves for so long?

The father, hiding his eyes, says to the doctor, healer, psychic: “I will pay any money, just tell the truth. Can you help?"

Do you constantly listen to advice, what if someone is cured? And then kind people are advised to turn to a gypsy. The gypsy sees an "evil spirit" that dominates your child and which she can expel for a lot of money. And there is a concert, aka the Rite - the killing of a black rooster. An "evil spirit" passes over to the black rooster, the rooster falls like the death of the brave. The son is clearly scared, but has the "evil spirit" gone? Or maybe it worked?

For a while, some calmness comes, you are already dreaming of a calm life, making plans, hoping. And my soul still hurts for my son. He wants nothing. Nothing pleases him. Eyes dull, immersed in himself. If only he did not break off again!

And another breakdown …

And so, exhausted by suffering, the mother exclaims: “Lord! If you cannot help, take him away, I'd rather cry once than suffer the rest of my life!"

And then a wave of horror covers her, she covers her mouth with her palms - do I really wish death for my son?

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Oh my God! What have we done to you?

What did you do wrong? Why do we need all this? Why is he poisoning himself with this filth? Doesn't he understand that he is simply ruining himself?

Unhappy parents endlessly ask the question "what could we have done?"

The answers to these difficult questions lie in the structure of our psyche. The reasons for such difficult life situations are revealed by the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan. It is a science that accurately differentiates people according to their unconscious desires. The groups of these innate desires and mental properties are called vectors. There are 8 vectors that endow their owners with special desires and abilities for their implementation. Our inner unconscious desires dictate our thoughts and actions.

Man lives according to the principle of pleasure. All his actions are dictated by two reasons: to get pleasure or to avoid suffering.

The owners of the sound vector are the most vulnerable in terms of drugs. Although potentially geniuses.

When does the potential of a genius hide in itself?

Owners of the sound vector are special people. Only 5% of such people are born. They have a unique abstract intelligence. Questions: "Who am I?", "What is the meaning of my life?" - always sound in their heads.

From an early age, such children ask questions about the infinity of the universe, the stars, and the meaning of life. Instead of noisy games, they want to be in silence, darkness and loneliness.

Children with a sound vector have very keen hearing. Therefore, in order to avoid psychological trauma, they need to create a special "sound ecology" - to protect them from harsh sounds and give them the opportunity to develop the skill of focusing on quiet sounds outside. This will lay the foundation for the maximum development of the innate properties of such a child and their further implementation.

The quiet sound of classical music at home as a background will be good for a small sound engineer. Listening to classical music, the sonic child gains the skill of focusing on the outside world and develops his intellect. For all other vectors, there is a world inside and a world outside. Acting in the external world, changing it, carriers of other vectors get pleasure from life. Some - from success and career, others - from family and children, still others - from the creation of beauty and harmony.

And only the sound engineer has both of these worlds inside his head. Desires of the material world are nothing for a sound engineer. He is obsessed with the idea of ​​knowing the root cause of everything, meaning. This great desire dominates all others.

By focusing on sounds outside, the sound engineer changes his consciousness. In this state, he is able to give birth to brilliant ideas and make incredible discoveries for all of humanity. It is through the tension of the mind that sound people benefit society.

When does the failure occur?

But it is not always possible to listen to the silence. Sometimes the sound person is surrounded by screams, loud music or offensive meanings from the lips of the mother or other people around him. It literally hits his sensitive ears, causing unbearable pain. In this case, he, as if trying to protect himself from aggression, gradually loses his unique ability to listen to the world around him in a special way.

He withdraws into himself, closes himself inside his thoughts, does not want to communicate with anyone. Shielding himself from the noise and rumbling of this world behind heavy music headphones, he falls into a trap. His brain, which is potentially capable of creating brilliant ideas, losing touch with reality, does not give birth to anything. Thoughts about the meaninglessness of life rumble in his head, and gradually he plunges into a deep depression. When the main desire of the sound engineer to comprehend the meaning is not satisfied, then all other desires are suppressed. It is as if a person loses the ground under his feet, something ceases to hold him in this world.

It is in such difficult conditions that an unconscious desire to change consciousness appears through meditation, mushrooms, grass … A desperate attempt to get what his essence so demands.

Looking for meaning

In search of the meaning of life, the sound engineer suffers, feels himself a stranger in this world, torn off from his own body, looking for something to fill this unbearable emptiness. This is the unbearable suffering of the soul, the endless pain from which he longs to get rid of. Often he is visited by suicidal thoughts, which he utters: "Why live?", "Life has no meaning." Inside himself, he often stands on the windowsill and wants to commit suicide.

Drugs, by altering the consciousness of the sound engineer, dull this pain. Temporarily, not for long, but dull. Unbearable pain from realizing the uselessness of existence, pain from emptiness and worthlessness of living. They also destroy the physical body.

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This is how the sound experts themselves describe these states:

Did I know that it is harmful, That it is killing me, Doesn't give me anything? Of course I did. And I hoped, somewhere in the depths of my soul, that one day, having smoked myself into unconsciousness, I would not wake up. Woke up. The desire to "drink / know" woke up in me with renewed vigor every morning. Endless circle. I am sure that one day the sand dunes would have swallowed me up, and a lonely traveler who had never found an oasis would have sunk into the abyss … Sergey S. Read full text of the result The meaninglessness of my existence drove me to despair. One spontaneous remission, the second after the clinic, locked up for 8 months, but for a "girl from a good family" it was a real torture. Added to everything is constant anxiety for some reason. When leaving the hospital, it seemed that everything would be different, but you couldn't run away from yourself … Vera K. Read the full text of the result I ran away, closed myself off from the world,I don’t want to live like this anymore… I didn’t go to the windows, I didn’t wash for two years… I saw a way out in them… Suicidal thoughts didn’t leave for a single day. Drugs stopped me, daily use, at least some kind of relief. A ton of books on psychology, meditation, affirmations, well, at least something will ease the inner emptiness. Who am I? People how can I be useful to you? No answer. Drugs, drugs … and out the window … I'm a mother, I have a child … Ekaterina A. Read the full text of the resultI have a child … Ekaterina A. Read the full text of the resultI have a child … Ekaterina A. Read the full text of the result

Systems thinking is the exit point

You are desperate, but there are no hopeless situations. These people, whose reviews you just read, who also suffered from drug addiction like your child, have completely dealt with this problem today. Cognition of themselves with the help of system-vector psychology allowed them to fill the sound desire, understand themselves and comprehend their lives. The need for drugs in this case simply loses its foundation.

It is useless to treat psychological problems with drugs, conspiracies and persuasions. The main thing is to understand what is happening, to realize the reason, then it will be clear where to start and what to do. The solution is near - in the awareness and deep elaboration of all unconscious reasons that determine a person's actions, affect our life. Parents, undergoing training in System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, learn to understand themselves and their children, find a common language with them, realize the mistakes they have made unknowingly and find ways to correct the most difficult situations.

Read one of the reviews of the mother, which was also led to this site by the desire to help her son, who suffered from drug addiction. Remember, you are not alone, and you have a Chance! Register for free online lectures at the link:

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