Why Am I Such A Fool, Or How To Get Rid Of Failure

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Why Am I Such A Fool, Or How To Get Rid Of Failure
Why Am I Such A Fool, Or How To Get Rid Of Failure

Video: Why Am I Such A Fool, Or How To Get Rid Of Failure

Video: Why Am I Such A Fool, Or How To Get Rid Of Failure
Video: Sadhguru on Fear of Failure 2023, March

Why am I such a fool

Inevitably, situations arise from the series "What came over me?" and "Why am I such a fool?" This is in addition to "I didn't expect this from him!" and "How could he?" So what happens? If for some reason I behave like a fool - is it my own choice or the influence of an "evil" environment?

“What suddenly came over me? Why did I do this? Lord, why am I such a fool ?! " Many important things often end this way or something like this. As if someone prompts stupid decisions, pushes to stupid actions that she herself "would never have done." It's time to figure out once and for all why this “someone” is always driving you into a dead end and arranging completely unnecessary adventures. The knowledge of the training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology" will help in this.

So what pushes us to do stupid actions and puts us in a stupid position? Each has its own reason. And it happens, and several. The final "diagnosis" of why I am such a fool depends on the innate properties of the psyche - vectors, in terms of system-vector psychology. There are several basic reasons that we will focus on in more detail.

I must say that nature is infallible. Watch the animals. When do they make stupid mistakes? Only if they find themselves in an unnatural environment. Man is more complex, but the principle of the infallibility of nature is unchanged. Fools are not created. In addition, any living creature follows pleasure or, if nothing else, from the whip.

So what happens? If for some reason I behave like a fool - is it my own choice or the influence of an "evil" environment?

It is a choice without a choice. The life scenario is controlled by our psychic. Desires are given to everyone by nature, and they are provided with the properties of the psyche. This means that any of our "want" already has the necessary and sufficient set of possibilities. And the only task is to realize your destiny as much as possible, following your natural desires. And, as a result, be happy and successful.

But for some reason it doesn't always work out …

"Lovely, what a fool" or "horror, what a fool!"

The visual vector is the incredible potential of imaginative intelligence and all-consuming sensuality. The development of the sensibility of the visual vector goes from the basic state of fear for one's life to love - fear for the lives of others. And figurative intelligence develops from fear-induced fantasies and superstitions to knowledge and understanding of the observed world.

As a result of the development of a person with a visual vector, society receives a talented doctor or teacher, artist or artist. There are many options. Everything here depends on the presence and development of other vectors, on the conditions of upbringing and on what development was more directed towards - the intellectual sphere or the sensual sphere.

This is how, for example, the classic image of a "lovely fool" is born, as if from the stories of Chekhov. There is sensuality, but not very much with intelligence. Is it bad? Not. She is able to realize herself and be happy.

True, it happens that emotional exclamations like "why am I such a fool?" and exalted behavior is directed only to attract attention, to arouse sympathy. Many visual people, and especially skin-visual people, need a scene. If there is no developed ability to give love to others, we demand love and attention to ourselves. This happens when sensuality is only enough for narcissism and fear.

Important! The loss of properties does not always mean that properties are not developed. This could be due to stress or a prolonged lack of implementation. Imagine how a girl would feel who could inspire, start a concert hall with her emotions … but has to lay out pieces of paper all day in a separate office. What to do with the entire volume of unspent emotions? Only in the change of emotions does the visual person feel the flow of life.

And it’s not surprising if at the most inopportune moment you explode into hysteria from scratch or refuse to sleep without light, so that the black hand does not pull under the bed. And when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, it's a real disaster. For the owners of the visual vector, love is the meaning of life. Therefore, there is more attention to this topic, and we do the main nonsense - also in relationships. Well, of course, one cannot do without the intensity of passions from “you are my life” to “I don’t want to see you” in order to be able to feel the whole palette of emotions.

Lord, why am I such a fool ?! Consciously, we understand that we behave, to put it mildly, abnormally for an adult and to the detriment of ourselves. But it doesn't work otherwise. To succeed, you need to be aware of the peculiarities of your psyche, the cause-and-effect relationships of what is happening in all manifestations. Only then will we be able to manifest these emotions where they will bring greater pleasure, and will not become a reason to consider ourselves the last fool.

Why am I such a fool picture
Why am I such a fool picture

Why am I, a fool, do myself to spite

The owner of the anal vector of positive qualities is above the roof. A good girl or a smart girl is in most cases about her. There is a phenomenal memory, and analytical thinking, and the desire for perfectionism in everything, and constant honesty. In addition, thriftiness, family priority and special natural modesty make a woman with an anal vector an ideal wife and mother. Someone, and she is not a fool.

But … there is also a downside - resentment and stubbornness. The fact is that the psyche of people with an anal vector is designed to process, store and transmit huge amounts of information. This, depending on the combinations with other vectors, - teachers, scientists, analysts, writers, specialists in different directions. Study, study and study again is a favorite pastime. And remember everything to the smallest detail!

If memory and analytical skills are not occupied for their intended purpose, this can become one of the factors provoking resentment. Resentment itself arises when there is some kind of imbalance in the relationship - inequality, injustice. “I helped him, but he didn't even say thank you,” for example. Or like this: "I, like the last fool, gave him the best years, and he is an ungrateful brute!" … There is also an offense at the country, the higher powers, but this is really quite difficult - here only Yuri Burlan can explain everything at the free online training "System-Vector Psychology".

So that's it. The distortion happened, the weight of this on the heart is unbearable. Only the offender can correct, at least by asking for forgiveness, preferably immediately. True, the offender is most often not aware of his offense at all and does not intend to ask for forgiveness. Revenge! Not so that "only blood will wash away the shame of our family" (although this also happens), but simply - we will do something to spite.

And the memory neatly stores the grudge until the right moment for revenge. The only problem is that the right moment is not always decided by consciousness. Especially if the first experience of anything was “offensive”. Consciousness may not remember at all why brunettes are so annoying or why women with green eyes by default become enemies. And now the sweetest lady offers the job of your dreams, but you refuse in a rude manner and harass yourself for six months: "Why am I such a fool ?!" Or a guy invites you to a concert … And you again behave like a fool and again sob into your pillow all night long.

Perseverance is also a great trait of the anal vector when used in school or to achieve a goal. And if, out of stubbornness, you break off a relationship with your beloved man or refuse friendly help - who are you after that? Again, you basically suffer only yourself.

Best of all or a fool - there is no third

And the owners of the anal vector have a common secret - we are very afraid to make mistakes, to be imperfect. Perfectionists! And we are terribly excited before important events. The better we can adapt to stress, the less we worry. And if, nevertheless, the experiences are too great, we fall into a stupor, we become "dull" before our eyes.

Then we blame ourselves and do not understand what has found. Why am I such a fool? As in school: we know the material and have prepared additionally, but when we go to the blackboard, the brain turns into a blank sheet.

If there is both an anal and a visual vector, the fear intensifies, becomes emotionally charged … And there are even more reasons to unfairly accuse yourself of stupidity. You just need to "go on stage", even if it's just a friendly feast - your legs give way, your eyes get dark, you start talking nonsense. Well, isn't she a fool?

Affirmations don't help. You can't come to an agreement with yourself, no matter what the network gurus recommend. There are many recommendations, but only systemic vector psychology helps to really cope with the fear of public speaking. It is not enough to identify a problem and want to deal with it, you need to understand the whole mechanism. As a rule, the problem is on a completely different plane. And you can solve it once and for all only by excavating its roots.

Another feature of the combination of the anal and visual vector is self-irony.

Remember the anal vector perfectionism? When there are problems in implementation, social or sexual frustrations, criticism and smearing of everything around begins with or without reason. And in a normal state, both men and women with an anal vector are very demanding, first of all, of themselves. They suffer greatly from feelings of guilt, when it seems to them that they have acted unfairly, they worry about every mistake. Self-critical to the point of impossibility.

The visual vector gives criticism an intellectual flair. This is irony. And the higher the development, the less snobbery and more self-irony. Why not call a spade a spade if you acted like a fool? Especially if it relieves tension and helps avoid conflict. "Oh, sorry, and why am I such a fool?" This is better than pointing out gaps in their intelligence or upbringing to others.

Why am I such a fool picture
Why am I such a fool picture

Take your time - you will have more time

It would seem that a person with a skin vector is created for success. He strives for success, desires it. The psyche is flexible, like the body, it easily adapts to any conditions. “Let it be not the best, but the first one” is his rule. Who can do multiple things at the same time? Only a skin man!

But stress and lack of realization or development of properties does the trick. Instead of fast, dexterous, calibrated movements - fussiness. And in my thoughts too. Everything falls out of hand, you knock objects on the go. Itchy skin or rashes may appear. And now, mistake after mistake at work, an important client left. Beloved husband in a pre-infarction state from constant dergotni. She also broke his favorite cup. Why does it always turn out that I'm such a fool, crooked-handed?

Colleagues and acquaintances, especially with the anal vector, say: “Don't fuss! Why are you running back and forth like a fool? " And she herself is not happy, but otherwise it does not work out - you grab on to one thing, then another. You don't have time for anything.

Everything is simple with vanity. When the reason for the fuss is in the underdevelopment of properties, you will hardly go to look for information on the Internet. Rather - "tyrit trifle in your pockets." So we are left with stress. And stress resistance can be increased, and significantly. And the simplest solution is Yuri Burlan's free online training "System Vector Psychology".

What can be done additionally to strengthen stress resistance. Understand what is missing for a full implementation. Boring job? Low salary? No career prospects? Find a new job where you can prove yourself, where you do not have to sit all day in one place.

Stop momentarily controlling and jerking family members - go in for sports, put yourself in a rigid framework of training. This is the most primitive way of realizing the properties of the skin vector, but the most easily accessible and effective - better than nothing. At first it will seem that the fuss and hassle has increased. And then you will notice that you have time several times more and without stress at all. And time will remain for the study of system-vector psychology for a truly effective solution to the problem.

I'm not a fool, but somehow I live unsuccessfully

There are times when we like to "be fools." Then we no longer understand why we become such fools in decisive situations. It is difficult to immediately agree with this, but it happens that we get pleasure from failure and humiliation. And the reason is in the "adaptive" properties of the skin vector.

A scenario for failure in childhood is formed. To get rid of him, an adult will have to dive into memories a little.

Like any child, a dermal baby is sensitive to the opinion of parents. He strives to be the first, so victories are vital for him in order to test his strength, to learn to win. Losing is also necessary for the development of stress resistance - after all, future adult life cannot consist of victories alone. Moreover, without losing, it is impossible to feel the joy of victory. But the dermal child should know that the parents believe in him - that means he will cope. Even if not this time, there is room for improvement. He can!

And what happens if you constantly insist that he is a loser, humiliate? If you constantly compare him with other children, focusing on mistakes, stupidity, bad behavior: “Why are you such a fool? Here Lenochka is well done, he listens to his mother. " Moreover, dermal children are often compared with anal children, not understanding how the psyche of a restless and inventive skinner differs from the psyche of an agreeable child with an anal vector. In such a comparison, he inevitably loses, as a bird loses to a fish in its ability to swim.

Such methods of upbringing hit the most sensitive one - the desire for success. The skin girl is naturally affectionate and gentle, having such advantages as enterprise and activity, she has to wonder why she is such a fool. This pain is unbearable for the still undeveloped child's psyche. This deprives the child of the much-needed sense of security and safety, inhibits psychosexual development.

The dermal baby quickly adapts to any environment. To protect himself from pain, his brain produces natural opiates. It is impossible to get pleasure from victory - he will get from what is. One humiliation, another. So the addiction is formed: humiliation is pleasure. The opposite principle of pleasure is formed. And further along the knurled one. It's already somehow uncomfortable if everything is smooth in life. In the same way, if a skin child is beaten, a masochistic complex and more serious consequences arise.

Whereas men mostly suffer from social failure, women tend to have a failure scenario more often in relationships. All relationships do not add up: men come across the "wrong". She finally got married - and again unsuccessfully. And why am I such a fool?

Where is the way out of the maze of failures

Childhood cannot be fixed. But you can understand the causal relationship between childhood trauma and today's failures. System-vector psychology allows you to put together an ideal logical chain. You will see why failures occur, what exactly your desires again and again make you commit "stupid actions", make the wrong choice.

Lord why am I such a fool picture
Lord why am I such a fool picture

And for starters, when you ask the question "why am I such a fool?", watch the sensations. Feel like the tension is gone? It seems that the events should not please … but somehow let go, an amazing peace in my soul. So it's time to deal with your "unsuccessful" desires. At the free online training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology" a whole lesson is devoted to this.

What can you do yourself now? Track situations when you start to fuss, worry, get annoyed. It is in this tension that most mistakes are made from the series “I don’t know what came over me”. Just trying not to worry is futile. You need to focus on the reasons and understand your unmet needs at this moment. If you have a skin vector, it will not be difficult to build a logical chain from an annoying situation to a desired outcome.

Some people cope partially with failure by playing this scenario in a sexual relationship. I don’t think it’s worth saying that it’s much better when everything happens by mutual agreement. It happens, after all, a woman, unwillingly, consciously finds a partner who constantly reminds her that she is such a stupid fool and, in general, all women are fools.

Another moment that can darken the life of the owners of the skin vector is the desire to win in small things. Here we have an almost one hundred percent guarantee of losing big. It just works. Law and restrictions are a clear language for the skin vector. Our thoughts are formed in a certain way, depending on the framework in which we feel ourselves.

If we are constantly trying to win five cents, the scale of thinking will not allow us to "make a million." Or the simplest example: I saved my travel expenses once, twice - and once paid a fine many times higher than all unpaid tickets. I could focus on achieving business success.

Not a round fool, but a multifaceted

Residents of a large city, and even more so, Internet users are polymorphic - on average, they have three or four vectors out of eight possible. This diversity within one psyche makes it possible to better adapt to modern realities. But it, on the one hand, requires a more careful approach to the implementation of such a multifaceted potential in order to maximize the use of the properties of all vectors. On the other hand, this is why it is often difficult to immediately identify the causes of problems.

You are a multifaceted person. You have a good education, a normal job with a good income, a more or less organized life. Perhaps there is a family. But joy is not enough, barely hold on to stress. What is the reason? The contradictions of internal desires can lead to a dead end, as well as a lack of understanding of what to do with this explosive mixture.

For example, you have visual and sound vectors. One strives for communication, splashes with emotions, gushes with ideas, seeks a change of impressions, while the other wants to be alone and is burdened by all this external vanity. Today you make plans, and tomorrow you cancel them and you cannot understand what has come over you, "what a fool she thought of all this."

What if you have anal and skin vectors? In a situation of over-stress, one of them slows down, tries to perfect it to the end. The second is in a hurry, fussing, grabbing at one thing or another. And what if there is still a visual vector that panics from the inability to quickly solve the problem? My hands are already trembling, tears are about to pour out, and, as luck would have it, it was a need to go to the toilet. Why am I always such a fool? Surely you are aware of similar situations. At least they watched in their surroundings. “I am calm, I am completely calm” will not help here. Relaxing massage, a trip to nature - for a couple of days you will become a normal person. Maybe even for a week. And then - new tasks that require immediate solutions. A boss with stupid demands. A boorish saleswoman in a store … And her beloved is always dull.

The set of "troubles" is individual, and the result is surprisingly standard. I want happiness! It's a normal desire! Only again, for some reason, everything turns out foolishly. Why am I such an impossible fool?

What other reasons can be not very reasonable actions?

The owner of the oral vector literally thinks by speaking. If this is a genius orator, for the listeners any of his statements is perceived as truth. And if oratorical qualities are not in demand or there is not enough education to operate with a large amount of serious information, the oral person remains a jester and joker. This can blurt out without thinking!

The owner of the sound vector is the smartest. At least I'm sure of that myself. He is little worried about all this worldly vanity that has no meaning. Also, of course, much depends on the realization of properties and their development. Often out of this world, scattered. It is because of absent-mindedness that there are many problems.

Happiness is not for fools

Any person, regardless of anything, is able to fit perfectly into society. And not just fit in, but get real pleasure from life.

What a fool picture I am
What a fool picture I am

What happens … Three main reasons hinder our happiness: overstress, or rather, inability to adapt it, lack of realization and insufficient development of the properties of vectors or psychotrauma, taken from childhood. But none of these reasons is in itself an insurmountable obstacle to enjoying life. Obstacles arise when we do not know ourselves. We do not understand our own desires and capabilities. Or when we demand attention from others, “correct” actions, without understanding THEIR desires.

Inevitably, situations arise from the series "What came over me?" and "Why am I such a fool?" This is in addition to "I didn't expect this from him!" and "How could he?"

Important! Happy, realized people also do stupid things. And even more often than others they seem strange from the outside. These are exactly those "fools" who are always lucky. Only, firstly, they one hundred percent take on all responsibility of any, even the most stupid actions. And secondly, the seemingly most stupid ideas subsequently become scientific discoveries, brilliant works of art.

Why? Because, as already said, nature is infallible. We make mistakes ourselves, not knowing our nature, trying to correspond to other people's ideas. And here we have our own choice - rolling our eyes, once again exclaim “why am I such a fool” or recognize my real self. Perfect yourself!

How? At the free online training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". Register - follow the link.

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