I Hate To Cook, And My Husband Is Waiting For A Hot Lunch

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I Hate To Cook, And My Husband Is Waiting For A Hot Lunch
I Hate To Cook, And My Husband Is Waiting For A Hot Lunch

I hate to cook, and my husband is waiting for a hot lunch

Many women believe that cooking is hard work. Someone is convinced that they are completely devoid of culinary, and indeed - talent to manage the household, seeing their life purpose in something else. In this article, we will consider whether the family needs a common table and is it worth bothering about cooking? Moreover, the attitude to this process among women and men is very different …

We have ceased to feel the value of a common table, we eat on the go, in front of the computer, on the way to work. We don't even notice what we are eating. Self-prepared food is often replaced by convenience foods. What to say about table conversations. And we don't even know about the consequences of such changes.

In this article, we will consider whether the family needs a common table and is it worth bothering about cooking? Moreover, the attitude towards this process among women and men is very different.

Many women believe that cooking is hard work. Someone is convinced that they are completely devoid of culinary, and indeed - talent to manage the household, seeing their life purpose in something else. But there are those who argue that cooking is about creativity, poetry, and even self-expression.

At the same time, everyone loves to eat deliciously. Women know that it is not worth asking a hungry husband for anything, that "the way to a man's heart lies through the stomach," and "a well-fed is not a friend to a hungry man." Food brings us satisfaction, relaxes, disposes to communication, sets us in a positive mood. Then why the very process of "creating joy" can be a burden for a woman? First, let's take a systematic look at what the attitude to food preparation depends on.

Why don't you want to cook

In fact, the ability and desire to cook deliciously and reverently every day for their household members is not given to everyone, but to a greater extent to representatives of the anal vector. They are the real hostesses who can prepare a three-course dinner, preserve or bake a birthday cake. It is for them that homemade food is always tastier, more important and more enjoyable than semi-finished products or restaurant food.

Such a woman shows love for her children and respect for her husband through taking care of the house, where she puts things in order and cleanliness, through a homemade dinner that she cooks with joy. Indeed, in this way she realizes her own psychological properties and, of course, gets satisfaction from this.

When, in addition to the anal, a woman also has an oral vector, then cooking for her becomes even greater pleasure. As a natural taster, she can combine ingredients, invent new dishes, fantasize and experiment with food for great results.

Often such women work as cooks and cook at home with great desire. They love to surprise their loved ones or feed their guests.

I hate to cook the picture
I hate to cook the picture

If a woman is the owner of the skin vector, her priorities lie in a completely different plane. Housekeeping simply cannot meet her needs. Appreciating her time and resources, she does not consider it necessary to spend several hours a day on cooking, but prefers to do other, more important things for her at this time. In the foreground for her is the ability to make money, and food, she believes, can always be bought ready-made.

When thinking about what to cook, a skin woman would rather choose a healthier and simpler food than a complex dish that is prepared in several stages. It is to such a woman that any diet or fasting days are given easily and naturally, because they coincide with her inner desire for self-restraint.

It is difficult for her to understand a husband with an anal vector, who chooses rich borscht with pork ribs and flatly refuses to eat boiled chickpeas with sesame seeds. There is a conflict of interest where each does not understand the other.

A similar problem can arise in a family where a woman has an optic cutaneous ligament of vectors. She is naturally not adapted to be a wife, mistress, mother. Due to her psychological characteristics, she often does not know how and does not want to run a household and, first of all, cook. Its properties require implementation in society - in art, medicine, culture, charity.

Skin adaptability will certainly allow her to find her way out, and she would rather order dinner from a restaurant than cook it herself. Skin-visual ladies are often famous actresses, singers, models, ballerinas, who assign household issues to the attendants.

Unwillingness to cook can also be associated with a negative state of the woman's sound vector. This is a dominant vector that requires the implementation of its properties in the first place, pushing all other desires into the background.

Subconsciously sensing her values ​​outside the material world, a sound woman can perceive household chores as nonsense, primitive, satisfying the needs of only the physical body, while her soul requires other food. All everyday issues cause rejection in her, distracting from concentration. She may even forget about eating, drinking, or sleeping until her priority intellectual work is completed.

Households, preferring to have lunch on a schedule, begin to remind her of this, pulling her out of the state of concentration and scattering her attention.

Reluctance to cook a picture
Reluctance to cook a picture

All differences in views on cooking in women and their households are due to different psychological characteristics that are innate. It is impossible and unnecessary to change subconscious desires. Having realized your characteristics and the desires of loved ones at the training of System-Vector Psychology, you can easily find a common language even in the most difficult issues of building relationships. And you can even get pleasure from cooking for your loved ones.

What We Don't Know About Food

When we understand what cooking and eating really means, our attitude towards this issue changes. It becomes obvious to us how important this is. It is important for everyone: for the woman who cooks, for the man, for the whole family participating in a common meal. There is more hidden in this than it seems at first glance.

As a result of awareness of oneself and other people, an understanding of the reasons comes from where a negative attitude towards the cooking process came from. Having understood the different priorities and values ​​of all family members, we see the essence of the conflict, the mismatch between the expectations of one partner and the capabilities of the other partner. The desires of the other person become so obvious that they do not cause surprise, indignation, resentment or anger.

For example, it becomes clear why it is so important for a hostess with an anal vector to hear gratitude, recognition of her work. This is the highest praise for such a woman who evens out her inner state.

And for a husband with an anal vector, a homemade meal prepared by his wife's hands is one of the main manifestations of her love and respect for him, which is why it is so important for him.

Mutual feedback in a pair is very important. When a woman cooks for her man, she gives a piece of herself for him. She tried, made an effort, created something just for him, solely so that he was good, tasty, useful.

A woman who cooks and feeds her man becomes more inclined to have an intimate relationship with him. Food and sex are two sides of the same coin, two basic human desires. And a man for the sake of the desired woman is ready for anything. When a woman realizes this, it is simply impossible not to want to cook for him.

The secret of the common table

Today we often do not feel the value of a common table, we eat on the go, with a tablet in our hands. Table conversation as such is completely absent. Food has become so easily accessible, so commonplace that we have stopped sharing it.

What happens then? The emotional connection between family members is weakening, especially between husband and wife. Gradually, the threads that tie loved ones together are lost. There is more misunderstanding, mutual reproaches, the desire to understand another, to take his feelings to heart. There is a distance from each other.

Therefore, it is very important to realize that since ancient times food has been the most important unifying factor for a person, a significant event. A successful hunt or a rich harvest meant that the future was secured, that there would be enough food for a period, and that was cause for joy. Sharing food helped to remove hostility and served as a reliable way to bring people together.

Common table picture
Common table picture

To this day it is. Food gives us satisfaction. And those people who eat with us become closer to us. A thread of emotional connection is being developed that binds us, even if we are a family and, it would seem, we cannot become closer. On the contrary, it is the beautiful tradition of a common feast that makes the family one whole. Trust grows between parents and children. Children are developing in the most optimal direction - communication with others.

From awareness to practice

Only a deep understanding of what is happening changes the attitude towards food in general - from preparation to consumption. Understanding the importance of cooking and sharing food, any woman can find a way to love cooking for her family.

For a skinny wife, this issue is simplified by a wide range of household appliances - from a food processor to a multicooker. Homemade food prepared from natural products is truly healthy and wholesome in all respects, and also saves the family budget.

For a woman with a visual vector in the issue of family nutrition, the opportunity to create and strengthen an emotional connection with all family members comes to the fore. She, like no one else, is able to beautifully set the table, create a romantic or festive atmosphere.

It is the joint table, the discussion of pleasant moments, when you share emotions, discuss family events, are interested in the experiences of everyone - from a small preschooler to a big father of the family - that becomes the greatest source of pleasure, emotional fulfillment and joy. A piece of heart, given with food to their relatives, is returned in great return.

The deep meaning of cooking for a sound woman cannot be overemphasized. This is an opportunity to focus on a loved one, on his desires, to reflect on the true meaning of relationships, on the importance of connections between people.

Cooking and family dining is more than a routine, it is magic that works on a subconscious level. This is a process that holds the family together and which originates from a woman.

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