What Is An Alpha Male? Psychology For Men. How To Become An Alpha Male - Is It Possible Or Not To Become An Alpha?

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What Is An Alpha Male? Psychology For Men. How To Become An Alpha Male - Is It Possible Or Not To Become An Alpha?
What Is An Alpha Male? Psychology For Men. How To Become An Alpha Male - Is It Possible Or Not To Become An Alpha?
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What is an alpha male? Psychology for men

The leatherworker is aiming at the royal throne, trying to lure the urethral to the skin-visual women with gifts, to copy his habits and lifestyle. Hence the erroneous idea that if a leather worker has a little practice, he can take the place of the leader, become an "alpha male" …

The term alpha male in modern society most often means a person who is self-confident and realizes his leadership qualities. He is successful, strives for power and has many one-day sex partners. A kind of male. Alpha is the first letter of the Latin alphabet, the alpha male man is by definition the most desirable sexual partner for women, because a woman evaluates not only the physical qualities of the father of her future children, but also his social status.

Who is alpha? Alpha males are successful businessmen, managers, top managers surrounded by subordinates. Dressed in luxury clothes and wearing expensive watches, owners of luxurious cars, villas and so on … When you mention the alpha male, frames from films and advertisements immediately come to mind, the center of which is a luxurious life and beautiful young women - in a word, American Hollywood clichés, widely circulated around the world. There are many articles and tips on how to become an alpha male on the internet.

Consider the scientific definition of an alpha male. The designation "alpha male" Wikipedia refers to biology, or rather, to the biological hierarchy of dominance in the primate school. Dominance is understood as the preferential access of an alpha individual to resources, its high status in comparison with other members of the pack, obedient to the dominant individual. Alpha is the leader. It is the submissiveness of the pack that allows the dominant individual to gain access to resources without the use of aggression.

In ethology, in the order of dominance in a flock of individuals, it is customary to denote the letters of the Greek alphabet, from alpha to omega. The letter "alpha" denotes an individual in a dominant position. Alpha male, alpha - who is this? He performs the duties of the leader and protector of the pack. He is also most attractive to females in mating games, often fathering most of the children. In ethology, it is not known how alpha males gain their leadership position, how they become leaders, and where they come from. There is an assumption that such males occupy a leading position due to their aggressiveness, strength, or some other innate qualities. Who are alpha males and whether it is possible to become an alpha male, we will consider systematically.

Male picture
Male picture

A systematic view of the phenomenon of "alpha males"

People who are unfamiliar with Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, and therefore do not distinguish between urethral and cutaneous vectors, attribute the urethral definition of "alpha male" to the owner of the cutaneous vector. Many people believe that if you work on yourself, you can become an alpha male! Therefore, the question is popular - how to become an alpha male?

Vector systems psychology shows that this view is wrong. We are all born with the properties assigned to us, which are equally important from the point of view of the survival and prosperity of society, and it is impossible to change them. If you are not born a leader, then these qualities cannot be developed in yourself. You can't become an alpha, that's impossible. An alpha male man is formed long before birth, then develops from birth to puberty, and after puberty only realizes the given properties in accordance with their development and environmental conditions.

What is the substitution of concepts? Let's analyze the above qualities of the alpha male by vectors. According to System-Vector Psychology, the hierarchy in the flock is built at the pheromone level. The male alpha male possesses the leader's pheromones, which are unconsciously captured by the members of the pack. There are also a number of visible markers of the leader: behavioral stereotypes, features of body structure, facial expressions, gait, which we will touch on below. A real alpha male is the owner of the urethral vector in the mental unconscious. The leader by nature, he does not strive for power and control, he does not need to show aggression towards the members of his pack, because the pack's response to the leader's pheromones is obedience. Alfach is not someone looking for dominance. This is a male to whom dominance is assigned from birth.

The urethral, ​​or alpha male, has power by virtue of his given natural qualities, and his entire existence is manifested by the desire to ensure the survival of the flock or group of people for whom he is responsible. A male alpha male only works for giving back to the flock, society. He is generous, fearless, daring, ready to go to the end and is able to find unexpected solutions in desperate situations. For him, the question is not how to become an alpha male. He is the alpha male. He does not need to make efforts and achieve the position of the leader.

The urethral alpha male does everything for others and from this he gets incomparable pleasure, doing for others is his nature! He does not keep track of his good deeds, they are a matter of course for him! His thought is directed towards the future. Other members of the pack at an unconscious level, through his pheromones, feel that the leader is in front of them, and obey him. An alpha male is someone who doesn't need to prove his superiority in the competition. Leader, Alpha is either the first or not.

People striving for power and control are the owners of the skin vector, and their natural quality is a leader. They are not leaders or chiefs, usually being on the sidelines. These are middle managers, and in the primitive pack - side hunter-alimentators. Today we go to “hunt” for work, where leather workers show their leadership qualities.

Leather workers are very ambitious, ambitions push them to compete with others, to reach the highest levels in the social hierarchy. But they publish pheromones other than the urethral, ​​the natural leader, and therefore are forced to constantly prove to others their leadership. An ambitious skinner aims at the place of the leader. However, the difference between the urethral leader and the cutaneous leader is enormous and is immediately felt in the group. What an alpha male is is clearly seen in a group of ambitious skin leaders. Against the background of their hyperactivity, the leader is calm: they are still running - he is already in place.

Urethral Chieftain vs Skin Leader

In the modern world, skin value systems dominate. Skin motto: "Live now, and after us even a flood." Skin society is about taking care of yourself and your material well-being. Personal success is the top priority. In the skin society, everyone is a "person", something significant and has "his own opinion", in any case, everyone expects that you have it, since you have a right to it. The skin world is the "consumer society".

The qualities of the dermal male are complementary to the dominant value system and, accordingly, are in great demand. Leather workers often take leading positions, becoming heads of companies, but internally do not feel in their place. They are constantly trying to prove that they are the leaders. And they are trying to solve for themselves the question: alpha - who is this and how to become one. But the urethral alpha male is the exact opposite of the cutaneous value system. The urethral vector of the leader is a measure of giving back to the flock, not of receiving and consuming into oneself. The leatherworker is aiming at the royal throne, trying to lure the urethral with gifts of skin-visual women, copy his habits and lifestyle. Responsive and flexible skinners are masters of role-playing games, and they often manage to mislead the pack with their "leader" mimicry. Hence the misconception thatthat if the skinner gets a little practice, he can take the place of the leader, become an "alpha male". Alas. Such an alpha male is a leader for an hour, that is, until the first serious stress, when everything superficial flies away, and the archetypal essence remains - the guarantor of physical survival.

Alpha this image
Alpha this image

What is the difference between the urethral leader? The urethral leader, the alpha, is the one who does everything for the prosperity of the group subordinate to him, thinking about himself last or not thinking at all. He identifies himself with his pack, group, people. Everything that is good for the pack (group, people) is good for him.

The urethral leader is the King. He is at the head of the hierarchy, sits on his throne, always above others. Luxury and the skin-visual Queen are attributes of his power. He is just for others, and this is his highest law. Urethralists do not spare themselves and demand the same attitude to their duties from subordinates. In modern skin society, they are usually seen as dictators. This can be traced in the example of urethral leaders such as Lukashenko, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Brezhnev.

One can argue for a long time that in the states where they ruled or ruled, there is no democracy and freedom, and human rights are not respected. And this is true. But if you look closely, we will see that the level of education in these countries is high and it is free, free medicine for everyone, free housing - in the USSR, there is practically no unemployment, that is, everything has been done for the better survival of the entire group as a whole. This is the manifestation of urethral justice "for all."

The urethra is Power. Skin is the Law. One for all. Law is a limitation of Power. For the urethra, the law is unacceptable, there is no prohibition or restriction in it, it gives itself to others, and it is impossible to limit the return, therefore it is above the skin law by its nature. In urethral terms, everyone does everything for society, and society takes care of everyone. The skin leader, being out of his natural place, does everything to satisfy his own ambitions. Having understood this, it is easy to determine where the natural urethral male is the alpha male, and where is the mimicking skin usurper.

The urethral alpha male is polygamous and has a high libido. Because of his special pheromones, only his presence is enough for women to reach out to him. He gives himself completely, including in sex. But he does not sleep with everyone, but chooses only single people who are not taken by anyone in order to give them the opportunity to have offspring. He considers all children in his flock, group to be his own and takes care of all equally.

The cutaneous leader has a low libido, but seeks to seduce as many women as possible, confirming his importance, and in fact may have the largest number of sexual partners. An important sexual pathogen in the skin male is the novelty factor, which in itself implies a greater number of partners.

The skinny tries to compensate for his low libido by looking like a sex giant to others. The fact that he sleeps with every woman once or twice is not taken into account. Often these sexy users are called alpha males!

A real male alpha male does not need any special attraction to women. Those in need of ejaculate themselves go to him, to his pheromones, and he mercifully distributes it according to shortages. Skin leaders go to great lengths to achieve their success and "buy" the female leader - the skin-visual female. By this they are trying to emphasize their special status. In modern politics, a striking example of this is the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his skin-visual wife Carla Bruni. There is no natural attraction and no passion between the skin man and the skin-visual woman - this is just an agreement. An anal-dermal man, like Sarkozy, is attracted by a dermal-visual woman, but to a greater extent she is an attribute for him, a confirmation of the legitimacy of his power.

Alfach this photo
Alfach this photo

Nature does not need many leaders. There are very few urethralists among us. They do not recognize prohibitions and restrictions, many die in childhood or are forced into the criminal world, where they become dangerous gang leaders. Therefore, in everyday life, we practically do not encounter them. To give an idea of ​​who a natural urethral alpha male is, we can cite as an example Vysotsky, Bezrukov or our great poets: Yesenin, Pushkin, Lermontov. By their presence, they drove and drive women crazy. It is difficult to compare Bezrukov, Vysotsky, Sukachev with other artists, the urethra clearly distinguishes them from the general row. This is burning, this is a complete surrender of oneself, courage …

In the first years of the university, one urethral student studied with me - a reckless shirt-guy who was adored by all the girls and respected by the guys. Once I asked my classmates what they find so special in him. "Next to him you always feel like a real woman!" was the answer. This is the real alpha male! If you want to learn more about vectors, better understand the motives of other people's behavior, their characteristics and desires, join the free online lectures on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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