Developing Activities For Children 2-3 Years Old: Interesting And Useful

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Developing Activities For Children 2-3 Years Old: Interesting And Useful
Developing Activities For Children 2-3 Years Old: Interesting And Useful

Video: Developing Activities For Children 2-3 Years Old: Interesting And Useful

Video: Developing Activities For Children 2-3 Years Old: Interesting And Useful

Classes with children 2-3 years old: interesting, useful, fun

If you describe the child's psyche in one word, then it will be the word "I want!". I want to live, I want to develop, I want to know the world. But the ways of learning in babies are different. They depend on those psychological qualities and talents that are given to the child from birth …

Every mother wants her baby to grow up to be the smartest, get diversified development. He managed to show his talents in time, and in the future he took place in society. For this purpose, we, parents, are ready to buy all educational games and manuals. Master any technique. But how to choose the right ones from the huge variety?

How to develop a child at 2-3 years old at home, so that it is interesting for him to play and study, so that he learns the world with joy?

The training "System-vector psychology" possesses the knowledge, with the help of which parents from the cradle can see the inborn talents and inclinations of the baby and develop exactly what nature has given him.

In this article, we will consider how, taking into account the psychological characteristics of the baby, to ensure his harmonious development in different areas:

  • Acquaintance with the outside world, study of the properties of objects

  • Speech development
  • General motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Attention and memory
  • Social and household skills

How and what to captivate a child at 2-3 years old

What is interesting for a child at 2-3 years old? In fact - absolutely everything! If you describe the child's psyche in one word, then it will be the word "I want!". I want to live, I want to develop, I want to know the world. But the ways of learning in babies are different. They depend on those psychological qualities and talents that are given to the child from birth.

One kid explores the world by touch: he must definitely take a thing in his hands, touch, stroke, wrinkle. Another child has a supersensitive visual analyzer, and he gets maximum pleasure from light and color. And from various manuals he especially distinguishes bright, multi-colored ones. For the third, it is important to hear: how a bell sounds, a tap drips, a bird sings - he enjoys the knowledge of the world through quiet sounds.

An educational game for children 2-3 years old arouses a natural interest in a child if it relies on the natural talents of the child.

When the natural abilities of the child are taken into account, the kid will excitedly explore the world, demand new information from you, more and more. Let's look at simple examples on how to do this.

Acquaintance with the outside world

By the age of two or three, the child's stock of knowledge about the world expands significantly. To make this process a joy and the child always has interest in it, it is important to consider:

Classes with children 2-3 years old photo
Classes with children 2-3 years old photo
  • It is important for children with a skin vector to feel everything. In addition, they are active, mobile, nimble. With such a child, it is easier to expand the stock of knowledge "on the landscape", in real conditions. Feel different leaves, blades of grass. Hold a ladybug in your hands. At the train station and at the airport, observe different transport.

  • Visual kids study everything through their eyes and react brightly, emotionally. Pay attention to everything that is beautiful. Show him how the multicolored feathers of the dove shimmer. Compare it in size to a sparrow. When choosing aids - give preference to books or games with bright, colorful pictures. You can use thematic coloring pages for classes with children of 2-3 years old - through drawing, such a kid will happily remember clothes and shoes, household items, and any other categories.
  • Babies with an anal vector are leisurely, thorough couch potatoes. They are not very inclined to explore the world in active hikes, on the street - but they will perfectly cope with this task at home through books and board games, manuals. Of these, you can choose suitable developmental activities for children 2-3 years old - it can be a game "fruits and vegetables", "animals and insects", "professions".

  • A silent, low-emotional sound person - he lives in the world of sounds. You can draw his attention to various sounds on the street. It is useful to put on classical music recordings. Guess the various sounds of nature by ear. Recognize the soft sounds of different instruments. Please note that the quiet and friendly voice of the parents is essential for the healthy development of a sound baby.

Speech development

Standard recommendations for speech development with a child from 2 years old usually mean:

  • read more with the child;
  • encourage him to show or give familiar objects upon request;
  • to use such games with a 2-year-old child at home, where he needs to repeat different sounds, syllables, words, phrases after adults in the form of songs and rhymes.

These obvious exercises, as a rule, are performed by all parents, but nevertheless, the start and development of speech in children is different. Why? This may be due to the natural characteristics of the child or the conditions in which he grows up.

  • Thoughtful introverts with a sound vector speak little at all.

They rarely express their feelings with facial expressions or gestures, their gaze is directed deep into themselves. This is the nature of a child, and he will never be an emotional joke. But the baby can properly develop his speech - if we take into account his innate properties.

The ear is a particularly sensitive area of the sound specialist; such a baby should grow up in an atmosphere of sound ecology. One should speak to him quietly - an excessive abundance of emotions and words will only delay the start of his own speech. If sound ecology is respected, he will perfectly be able to develop the talent of abstract intelligence, which was given to him from birth. The plot of "Ryaba Chickens" will hardly seem interesting to him, but a children's encyclopedia, especially the theme of space, can become an impetus for dialogue with parents.

  • Emotional, impressionable children with a visual vector, with successful development, are talkative extroverts.

All children need good sensory development - reading literature for empathy and compassion for the protagonist. For a visual child, this is a matter of life and death. Natural fear in the visual vector with the development of feelings is transformed into the construction of emotional connections with people. If the education of feelings is given insufficient attention, the baby can be shy.

Sometimes such a child is afraid to speak in front of other people - although he communicates well at home. And if a mother is experiencing severe stress for some reason, then the baby loses a sense of security and safety at home. Then, even among those close to him, you can't get a word out of him.

  • In-depth, unhurried babies with an anal vector speak slowly, trying to convey all the details and details.

It is very important to listen to such a child to the end, not to break off in speech. He cannot continue half way: he will return to the beginning again. If you constantly rush and cut off such a child, he may develop a stutter.

  • The carrier of the oral vector is a real "talker bird".

Early and excitedly begins to chatter, and he definitely needs a listener. She draws attention to herself in order to be heard - sometimes she even colorfully lies for this. Such a child needs a wide audience of listeners (kindergarten) as early as possible.

Classes for children 2-3 years old picture
Classes for children 2-3 years old picture

It is important to pay attention to the quality of speech in such a child. In the future, he can become a real orator, a speaker who will be listened to by a huge audience. But it happens that due to the early and abundant start of speech, such a baby lisps, has various speech defects. Tongue twisters, tongue twisters and other similar games will help.

General motor skills

Our body ideally matches the psyche that nature gave us. There are children for whom high physical activity is an indispensable condition for their development. And there are those for whom sports clubs with a focus on speed will become a real torment. It is important to take this into account when choosing developmental activities for children 2-3 years old at home.

  • Children with a skin vector have a real talent for sports.

And their body matches them: flexible, dexterous. Such a child himself strives for high physical activity. It is important to give him this opportunity. You won't be able to sit at home - in the summer, take the ball, pins, jump ropes and spend more time outdoors. In winter, it is important to equip a sports corner or a Swedish wall at home, and on the street to give your child a try at skating and skiing.

Skin children strive to compete, compete, and reach first places. When you reach a suitable age, it is reasonable to send such babies to sports clubs.

  • Children with a skin-visual combination of vectors are not only flexible and agile, but also strive for beauty and aesthetics.

Dances and choreography, rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating are more suitable for them.

  • Babies with anal vector are natural couch potatoes.

And their body is appropriate: they are often stocky, downsized, sometimes prone to overweight. Often this worries parents, and they tend to send their child to a sports club early in order to develop mobility and flexibility. It is impossible to develop something that is simply not given by nature, and such a kid can suffer in these circles because he is the worst of all. The general motor skills of such a child are developed differently.

A toddler with an anal vector becomes very attached to habits and rituals. If we introduce daily morning exercises as a rule, it will be quite enough for such a child to maintain physical shape in the future. You can start with suitable games with a child at 2 years old at home - when certain actions need to be performed to music or a rhyme.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are also related to the properties of the body. Babies naturally have different hands:

  • Small skin-mongers have dexterous, sensitive handles, mobile fingers.

In addition to this, nature gave them a talent for design. Therefore, this kid is a champion in collecting various constructors and puzzles. Since he learns the world precisely through sensitive skin, for the development of a skin child at 2-3 years old, it is important to provide as much tactile sensations as possible. These are massages and water procedures, modeling from plasticine or salt dough.

You can use educational games for children 2-3 years old at home, in which you need to make crafts from cereals, colored sand. Games are suitable when, with eyes closed, the child determines the object by touch.

  • The carriers of the anal vector have different hands - strong and skillful (if taught).

In potential, it is a master of golden hands, able to carefully and accurately perform small actions. But this is not a task of speed, and it is not related to tactile sensations. Just a kid with an anal vector is diligent, attentive, strives to do everything efficiently and conscientiously.

Developing activities for children 2-3 years old at home photo
Developing activities for children 2-3 years old at home photo

With such a child, take on various crafts early: applique, origami, "do-it-yourself soft toy", wood crafts. If a child is endowed with an anal-visual ligament of vectors, he has the talent of an artist, a sculptor. Then it is better to choose clay modeling, painting figures with acrylic paints.

Attention and memory

  • Phenomenal memory and attention to detail are the main trump cards of the carriers of the anal vector.

With a favorable development in the future, teachers and analysts, experts grow out of such children, the presence of additional visual or sound vectors makes it possible to become scientists and doctors. Therefore, it is important to include games for the development of attention, games for the development of memory in classes for such children of 2-3 years old.

It will help develop the child's talents by finding differences between pictures, memorizing images and words. Since these kids are assiduous, they will be happy to study various desktop aids on this topic for a long time.

  • Other vectors have their own specific memory.

For example, tactile memory is in the skin. They are mobile and restless, it is difficult to get their attention. But it is possible to develop in such a child a memory for tactile sensations (with children of 2-3 years old, this is the recognition of tissues or objects of various textures by touch). Relying on the natural logical thinking of such a baby, you can give him tasks to memorize logical pairs: "bed - pillow", "house - window", etc.

Spectators have their own, visual or eidetic memory. Therefore, visual aids are important for such children. When they learn to read, they will be able to visually memorize the correct spelling of words, assimilate a huge amount of information through this sensor.

Sound memory is a special gift of a sound engineer. He assimilates information more easily by ear and perceives sounds more subtly than other children. With these kids, you can play Guess the Melody from childhood - just choose excerpts from classical works. You can play the game "What sounded" - to identify different sounds by ear.

Social and household skills

Most children of 2-3 years old love games in which you can dress and undress your favorite toy, introduce toys to each other, and play dialogues. You can use this to develop and reinforce your child's social skills. But it is important to know that some babies have their own characteristics in this area.

  • Household skills and social interaction take longer than others to develop for little sound professionals.

This is due to their nature: such a baby has the weakest connection with his own body - he is immersed in his thoughts and states. Later than others, he can track the desires of the body and report that he is hungry, cold or wants to use the toilet.

Educational games for children 2 years old at home picture
Educational games for children 2 years old at home picture

Social interaction also develops gradually and only with a favorable atmosphere in the family. The soundman is a natural introvert, likes to be alone. He will listen to others and enter into dialogue only in an atmosphere of sound ecology. It can be more difficult for such a child than for others to adapt in kindergarten, where there is a lot of noise. And nevertheless, a kindergarten is necessary for its future socialization in society.

It is important not to postpone going to kindergarten - the optimal time for this is 3 years, regardless of the vectors of any baby.

  • Babies with an anal vector should be given more time to master everyday skills.

Since this is a child striving for quality, he fiddles with every button and lace for a long time and thoroughly. If you do not cut it off and do not urge it on, the pursuit of perfection will become a solid foundation for the development of the child.

Cleansing the body is of particular importance for such a baby. Give him the opportunity to spend as much time on the pot as he needs. It is in his case that this is the basis for future psychological well-being. If he is cut off and driven in such an intimate process, he grows stubborn, touchy, aggressive.

  • An emotional, impressionable eye should be taught empathy and compassion for others as early as possible.

The peculiarity of such a child is high emotionality, which is based on natural fear. In the case when the parents know these features and develop them correctly, the visual child's social adaptation is successful - he does not feel fear. If the unconscious fear remains, the baby can become the object of attacks, first in kindergarten, and then at school. You can read more about this in the article School without violence.

You cannot frighten a visual child, forbid the expression of emotions, ridicule his tears. A child, not receiving satisfaction of his natural desires, experiences suffering, even stress - this inhibits his development, and difficulties arise in social adaptation.

We have analyzed a little with examples of how you can develop the given talents in a child. You can learn more about what will be useful for your baby and what can harm him, how to bring him up so that he grows up healthy, happy and “problem-free” at the free online trainings “System-vector psychology” by Yuri Burlan.

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