Why Take Revenge, How To Recognize A Person Inclined To Revenge At First Sight?

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Why Take Revenge, How To Recognize A Person Inclined To Revenge At First Sight?
Why Take Revenge, How To Recognize A Person Inclined To Revenge At First Sight?

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Why take revenge?

Let's turn to the geometry of the unconscious to understand why they take revenge. Revenge trigger - offense. And not everyone has it built into the mechanism of the psyche. Resentment is an innate quality. The desire to reward the offender only arises in people with an anal vector …

People with a certain type of psyche take revenge. The rest does not even think of the idea of ​​retribution.

In this article, you will learn:

  • why people take revenge;
  • how to recognize a vengeful person;
  • Does time heal the wound of the soul from resentment;
  • how not to bring to revenge.

For whom revenge is sweet

A friend told how she became the victim of an unsuccessful acquaintance. I walked a couple of times with a young man in the park and decided not to keep in touch with him anymore. I formulated the refusal as gently as possible. In response, I heard that she was a courtyard girl. And then the girl's phone was suddenly attacked by unknown men. The investigation showed that the offended fan posted a profile with her photo on a dating site and presented a particular easy behavior. What is the logic of the avenger? What did he want? Was it possible to avoid unpleasant consequences?

Let's turn to the geometry of the unconscious to understand why they take revenge. Revenge trigger - offense. And not everyone has it built into the mechanism of the psyche. Resentment is an innate quality. The desire to reward the offender only arises in people with an anal vector. The structure of the psyche, woven as if from straight lines, predisposes to such a reaction. Such people unconsciously strive to divide everything equally and suffer when this principle is violated. Resentment is the feeling that something important was not delivered, which was what you expected. Feeling unequally distributed. It bends the edges of the "mental square", psychologically it is perceived as the strongest discomfort.

This is the reason for the revenge of men and women. They feel offense as an internal imbalance, which they strive to correct with all their might. After all, if a crookedly hanging picture or notebooks unevenly laid out on the table can be moved with a slight movement of the hand, then with a distorted soul everything is much more complicated.

Revenge can compensate for the severity of the condition at least for a short time. She personifies the triumph of straight lines: the offender received as much pain as I did. We suffered equally! It brings relief.

However, why should a man take revenge on a girl who has not promised anything? What was she guilty of?

Most often, in such cases, a man speaks of resentment against women, which originates either from the first relationship, or from resentment against the mother. Even if the man himself does not admit it.

The head person can perfectly understand that revenge is not constructive and even go over the thoughts of forgiveness in his mind. But you can't order your heart. More precisely, the unconscious. The desire for revenge is an uncontrollable mental reaction. Until its cause is realized.

An innate way of perceiving the world of people with an anal vector in the division into clean and dirty. They perceive women according to the same principle. Girls in their eyes are either blameless or dissolute. Having received one painful experience, a man draws a conclusion about all women. If one has left, then all are dissolute. This is the trap of systematizing thinking in the anal vector. Well, if the relationship with my mother did not work out, then the imbalance arises for life.

Why photos take revenge
Why photos take revenge

What triggers the desire for revenge

Babies with anal vector are addicted to mom's approval. They are obedient and ready to carry out her orders with zeal. The innate pace of people with such a psyche is detailed, unhurried.

If the mother criticizes the child or is indifferent to his achievements, then in the mental conditions are created for the formation of resentment. "Square ribs" can also be distorted from the mother's excessive fussiness. When she hurries and interrupts the baby with the anal vector, knocking down his natural unhurried pace, he has stress, which does not at all contribute to the favorable development of the psyche. If such episodes are regularly repeated in the life of a boy with an anal vector, the resentment against the mother can take hold. Then in the future he will project it onto all women without exception. The slightest touch of an old mental wound will reignite the old resentment and desire for revenge.

However, this does not mean that every man with an anal vector will take revenge. Resentment is an unbalanced state of mind. With a favorable development of events, people with such a psychotype are the most decent and reliable. When they are realized in the social and sexual spheres, their natural resources are emasculated for their intended use. In a sense, there is no strength left for resentment. The prerequisites for negative states are created with a lack of respect in the team and an unsatisfactory personal life. When there is no pleasure from realization in society, then the greatest pleasure for a person remains from the alignment of the "square" - revenge on the offender. Rather, it is a temporary relief from suffering, and does not bring lasting satisfaction. Malfunctions in the psyche will still make themselves felt and require repair.

What can make a man or woman want revenge?

A man can expect from a new acquaintance the desire to start a family and spend most of the time at the stove. But her mental qualities can cause completely different aspirations. For example, to career growth and frequent change of scenery. Such conflicts are a common thing in the life of men with an anal vector, since they are naturally attracted to women with a skin vector that is completely opposite to them in properties. The spouse may think that the other half is acting out of spite, even if the wife did not even think to cause him suffering. Failed expectations feed resentment.

But this does not mean that at the slightest offense he will begin to take revenge. Natural inertia makes people with an anal vector reluctant to take decisive action. They can endure for decades until some event rolls the straight lines of his psyche into a ram's horn.

What is usually avenged? The worst blow for any person is the one that tramples on his values. For a person with an anal vector, this is family, children, devotion, chastity, sincerity and purity in every sense. For adultery, a man with an anal vector is capable of violence, he can also take a child from his wife.

What do women with anal vectors usually take revenge on? The list of reasons is not much different from the male one. For example, for adultery. In this case, a woman with an anal vector can even go for something that she would never have done in good condition. The most faithful wife by nature can cheat on her husband with his best friend. So she unconsciously wants to hurt him the same pain that she experienced.

A person is inclined to evaluate the actions of people through the prism of their values. So, people with an anal vector sometimes attribute a desire to take revenge on those who do not even think about retribution. For example, a wife exposed her husband's betrayal, after which he left her with a child and debts. A spouse with an anal vector through herself may regard such behavior as revenge, although in reality her husband's motives may turn out to be completely different. Let's say to act in the most beneficial way for oneself, which is typical for people with a skin vector.

Four levels of resentment

To get rid of the painful state of resentment forever is possible only through a deep understanding of the laws of the psyche. Time does not heal resentment. If it has crept into the soul, then over time it will only get worse. Revenge compensates for it for a while. As it grows, it goes through four stages of transformation. This is an insult to:

  • a person;
  • a group of people;
  • society;
  • God.

At the same time, it is easiest to cope with resentment when it has not yet taken root. Here is a pedestrian with an anal vector sprayed by a cyclist. If the owner of the iron horse immediately obeys the victim, he will forgive with all his heart. Straight lines of psychological comfort will not have time to bend, as the offender's apology will straighten them in line!

Why do people take revenge on photos
Why do people take revenge on photos

But the longer you have to wait for compensation, the more deeply resentment takes root in the soul. And if it has reached such a size that the offended person threatens revenge, it is worth taking these words as seriously as possible. A man with an anal vector is straightforward. When he voices his intentions, he is really about to fulfill his threat. A sneaky blow is not in his customs.

The greatest danger to society is carried by the offense of a person, in whose psyche the anal and sound vectors are combined. The severity of internal states with such a bundle can reach such a high level that a person decides to take revenge on mass murder. Such were Roslyakov, Breivik, Vinogradov. Their diagnosis is moral and ethical degeneration. Why are they taking revenge? Resentment against God and the loss of moral guidelines in such people are off scale to such an extent that they are ready to commit mass murder.

How do you recognize someone who is prone to revenge?

To do this, you need to deeply understand the peculiarities of the psyche of such people. Of course, there are also external signs. For example, an offended person with an anal vector is characterized by a frowning look from under the brows. They are stubborn and prone to criticism. Only without understanding the principles of the structure of the psyche are these just touches to the psychological portrait. But the study of all the subtleties of the psyche gives a lot. You can assess from the very first words whether it is worth contacting a person, to know to whom and for what you need to apologize in time, how to protect yourself and others from dangerous aggressors.

The first steps to the study of people can be made already at the free online lectures "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

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