Sound Mom, Or A Waking Dream

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Sound Mom, Or A Waking Dream
Sound Mom, Or A Waking Dream
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Sound mom, or a waking dream

She is immersed in her thoughts and experiences, silent, inclined to daydreaming, philosophizing. Often inhibited and held captive by her fantasies. In bad states of sound, it is able to completely disconnect from the outside world, go into depression. Life in the body turns into painful torment …

Zvukovicha wants more than anything to be left alone! She is immersed in her thoughts and experiences, silent, inclined to daydreaming, philosophizing. Often inhibited and held captive by her fantasies. In bad states of sound, it is able to completely disconnect from the outside world, go into depression. The outside world becomes illusory for her, life in the body turns into painful torment.

You can immediately see such people - here comes a sound woman, brooding and detached. He does not notice the beauty of nature or people with their concerns. Is fenced off from the world by headphones with loud music. Or it seems to be talking to you, but the sight is unseeing, fixed in itself.

She doesn't particularly care about herself, forgets to eat, culinary tricks are not about her. Not interested in clothes and those women's little things that can please any other woman. She will not argue if something goes against her understanding, but simply dissociates herself from this person. If the world is hostile, incomprehensible, unpleasant, she will hide from him in the shell of her experiences and find comfort in the streams of her own reflections.

my mom
my mom

The birth of a child for such a woman becomes a real test, and sometimes even suffering. And the more unrealized the sound in her, the more suffering she experiences. Still would! After all, now she, completely focused on herself and on her experiences, accustomed to not remembering her basic needs, is suddenly forced to take care of someone else.

Pregnancy still all right - carries the baby under the heart, plunging into its own feelings of dreaminess, concentration on oneself and its changing states, joyful anticipation and silence around.

But then It was born … And what was quietly dreamed inside, turned into an annoying factor outside … The cry of a small lump can drive her to madness … Her sensitive erogenous zone - the ear - is under tremendous stress!

For a sound woman, childbirth itself often turns into a serious state of postnatal depression, when she completely forgets about her physical body and is absolutely cold to the child, right up to her death or refusal to be a mother …

Why can a child cause suffering?

He makes her go outside, react to his needs constantly! She doesn’t like it, but it’s impossible to leave and hide in her shell. After all, you cannot ask the baby not to scream, not to eat and wait with your desires.

Sound, like no other, needs peace and concentration on itself, and this screaming baby requires undivided attention. He demands food, he needs to be bathed, changed. In addition, you need to think about what to feed the family, what to cook, what to wear, you need to immerse yourself in the family's life, actively engage in life, which is not difficult, for example, for an anal mother, but not for a sound one.

Sometimes there is no opportunity to be alone with oneself, and sometimes it is not even realized that it is necessary. A woman suffers, not understanding from what, not seeing the hidden reasons. The feeling of the meaninglessness of life is growing … The unrealized sound mother plunges into herself even more, ceasing to go outside, to the child when the situation requires it. This state can be described as a waking dream.

a dream in reality
a dream in reality

- Mom, I want to eat.

- Yes, yes … Now … I'll find something.

- Now, sonny, mom thinks. Wait.

- Go play, I'm busy. Now grandma will come and play with you.

"God, how tired I am of endless cooking, cleaning, laying to sleep … It is unbearable to live like this …"

- - Where are these socks..? I put them somewhere here … Son, find others.

The comfort of a sound woman as a mother depends on the realization of her sound vector - the dominant. Sound desires are a priority in it, no matter what other vectors it possesses, and their implementation is necessary first of all. The desires of sound are immaterial, they are not connected with our world, they are desires to comprehend the intention, the meaning of creation, the meaning of life. These unfulfilled desires always take a woman away from the outside world, she closes in, plunges into herself more and more, experiences difficulties in communicating with other people, demonstrates detachment and creates distance with the child as well.

With her long-awaited baby, she feels helpless, unable to guess his desires and cope with the most common problems. Often, wanting to throw off the burden of these unbearable worries for her and at the same time scolding herself for powerlessness, she gives the child to be raised by grandmothers or nannies.

The situation for a sound mom can become completely unbearable if she does not find support from her man, and he scolds her in an anal way and repeats what a useless mother she is. Or if the anal-visual mother-in-law is properly, competently managing the child, anticipating all his desires, while glancing askance at the helpless daughter-in-law.

For the sound mother, the realization of sound is important, it is vital for her to be able to be alone with herself. Then she will have more opportunities to go out to people and to her child, notice their needs, take an active part in their life and understand her purpose in it.

And the training "System-vector psychology" will help her in this. It is here, on the portal on System-Vector Psychology, thanks to Yuri Burlan, that you understand your sound essence, your role, you understand how to go further and not fight your own essence. An understanding of one's own way of realization comes.

Of course, the presence of other vectors affects the behavior of the sound mom. The sound-visual mother will be able to extrovert to a greater extent than the sound mother, however, she still needs periods of loneliness and silence after visual emotional outings.

A mother realized in sound is able to teach a child to think independently, to hear himself, his desires. She is able to sensitively feel the child's desires and not impose her own. The realized sound releases all other desires of other vectors, which "slept", being crushed by the sound. Such a mother is capable of giving more.

maternal instinct
maternal instinct

You will learn in detail about the various states of sound and its realization from the training on System-Vector Psychology. The training will help you to fulfill the most important task of a parent - to ensure the healthy mental development of the child for its further implementation in adult life.

Systemic vector psychology is volumetric thinking, a new understanding of everything that is happening around. Yuri Burlan proposes not just a new method of "avoiding suffering", but a new view of the world and the ability to independently think systematically.

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