Tragedy In Orlando. See The Pattern

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Tragedy In Orlando. See The Pattern
Tragedy In Orlando. See The Pattern
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Tragedy in Orlando. See the pattern

Omar Matin, an Afghan American, was already known to law enforcement agencies - he was previously suspected of having links with terrorists. However, the FBI was unable to confirm the information, and Omar was released. It is worth noting that the gunman's weapon was acquired legally, which, in turn, caused a lot of condemnation and added fuel to the fire of disputes between supporters of carrying weapons and prohibiting their use by US citizens.

What provoked the young man to commit such a crime against all the laws of morality and ethics?

Today's news feeds are full of dozens of news about terrorist attacks, disasters, accidents, terrifying the number of victims and frightening the citizens of almost every country. The terrorist threat hangs over each of us, because among ordinary people, maybe even our neighbors, there may be mentally unstable people who are disappointed in their lives or hate everyone around. Anyone can become an object of hatred. And, unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when something "flips" in a person's head, and he will go to kill people.

One of these, already "ordinary", cases of mass murder was the tragedy in Orlando, where a criminal shot visitors to a gay club. As a result of this massacre, 50 people died, another 53 people were injured.

Visitors to the club did not immediately understand what was happening, mistaking the shots for part of the entertainment program. But as soon as the first victims appeared, people immediately rushed to the exit to the parking lot, however, not everyone managed to escape. Many remained lying lifeless in this club. They were killed by a homophobe who imagined himself to be a "god", who decided that he had the right to choose who lived and who died.

Omar Matin, an Afghan American, was already known to law enforcement agencies - he was previously suspected of having links with terrorists. However, the FBI was unable to confirm the information, and Omar was released. It is worth noting that the gunman's weapon was acquired legally, which, in turn, caused a lot of condemnation and added fuel to the fire of disputes between supporters of carrying weapons and prohibiting their use by US citizens.

What provoked the young man to commit such a crime against all the laws of morality and ethics? The most obvious version seems to be that he is a recruited agent of ISIS (banned on the territory of the Russian Federation), who, inspired by the ideas of Islamism, shot dozens of people. Considering that ISIS immediately after the terrorist act declared its responsibility for it, and Omar Matin several times verbally confirmed his commitment to the ideas of the Islamic State, this opinion seems to be the most weighty. However, even the US security services and state officials are not convinced that Omar was acting on the orders of ISIS officials. Most likely, he was really inspired by the radical views of his fellows from the Middle East, but he acted of his own free will, without contacting terrorists directly.

He quite often spoke unflatteringly about homosexuals and attacked them, which was confirmed by his father, who supports the Taliban in Afghanistan. Omar from the outside looked like an ardent homophobe, who believed that such people had no right to live and should be wiped off the face of the earth. Of course, his hatred of people with non-traditional sexual orientation grew gradually, not finding a vivid expression at first. But in the end, his internal protest resulted in the shooting in Orlando.

In this situation, however, things are not so simple. It is known that Matin himself was more than once suspected of homosexual inclinations, which is confirmed by his second wife. He was a fairly frequent client of the very club in which he later committed a mass execution. From this, many experts conclude that Omar was a latent homosexual, who tried to deny his cravings for men, but more and more difficult to restrain their desires. Trying to fight with himself and delving deeper and deeper into the study of Islamist ideas, Matin decides to commit a crime. It is quite obvious that his mental stability was on the verge, and at some point he just took a gun and went to shoot those whom he hated in himself.

Recognition of the human psyche

Let's try to consider this situation and Omar Matin himself from the point of view of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, which allows us to look into the secrets of the psyche of every person. According to her, there are eight vectors - groups of desires and human properties that shape his behavior and life scenario. They are divided into lower vectors, which form a person's libido, and upper vectors, which are responsible for the form of a person's perception of information from the outside world. In this article, only the anal vector (lower) and the sound vector (upper) will be considered. First, we will consider each of the vectors separately, and then explain why Omar Matin is the owner of this bunch of vectors.

Tragedy in Orlando
Tragedy in Orlando

Professionals in their field

The owners of the anal vector are naturally rewarded with a number of properties that allowed them to make an important contribution to the development of society. It was they who, for thousands of years, were the defenders of women and children, rear managers and keepers of traditions and foundations. Holders of the anal vector from generation to generation pass on the knowledge accumulated by mankind and multiply it. For this purpose, they are endowed with amazing memory and perseverance. Accumulating knowledge and skills over the years, such people taught children so that in the future they would not repeat the same mistakes and re-make the bicycle.

For the same reason, people with an anal vector have a rigid psyche, aimed in many ways at a thorough study of more and more new information that must be perceived and learned, as they say, for centuries. Their whole essence is directed to the past, which is the main value. Without appreciating history and traditions, they could not pass them on to future generations. Therefore, the owners of the anal vector adhere to traditions, a patriarchal way of life, value strong nepotism, brotherhood and blood ties. Such people will stand up for their principles, family and comrades.

The owners of this vector are real professionals in their field, always striving to get to the bottom of the truth, polish any diamond, clean everything to shine. They are professors, teachers, craftsmen, architects, designers, best husbands and wives, sons and daughters. People with an anal vector will always help their friends and value them no less than their family.

Lost "golden man"

However, not always such a person can become a worthy member of society. With improper upbringing or lack of realization in society and in the family, the owners of the anal vector, due to their characteristics, do not become winners of “What? Where? When?”, But vindictive people who accumulate anger towards their offenders. They will spend days on end replaying the situation that has affected them, they will project hatred for one person on everyone who is more or less like him. In extreme cases, resentment against one person can result in resentment for the whole world and lead to dire consequences.

It is worth noting that with insufficient implementation in society or in family life, people with an anal vector can change their life priorities from a plus sign to a minus sign. So their natural property of "purity / purification" can become the property of "dirt / defilement". In this case, they begin to throw mud at all their haters or even just random victims. Due to the lack of implementation, they turn into Internet trolls known to us or people, verbally, or even physically, sadistic in their family.


With sexual frustrations (and sometimes social ones), the owners of the anal vector often feel an acute hostility towards sexual minorities, considering them to be defilers of morality and people who went against nature. In their reasoning, not common sense begins to prevail, but only a personal value judgment, for the most part radically expressed.

Here, in fact, a very interesting mental feature of the owners of the anal vector is hidden. To teach young generations, they need to be interested in this activity, because everything in nature is built on the principle of pleasure. In view of this, people with an anal vector subconsciously experience attraction to teenage boys, which is sublimated into a desire to transfer knowledge to them. With the right development, such teachers will never desire a child, they will be ideal family men who love their one and only soul mate.

However, in the absence of the opportunity to show their mental properties, the owners of the anal vector sometimes begin to subconsciously strive for the opposite sex, as the primary analogue of a teenage boy. After all, nature has placed a taboo on sexual relations with children for the development of human society, since such relationships do not lead to procreation and destructively affect the psyche of the child. For the carriers of the anal vector, relationships with a man are becoming a substitute for true attraction, a kind of "salvation" from becoming a pedophile.

Tragedy in Orlando
Tragedy in Orlando

In view of these psychological characteristics, unrealized people with an anal vector primarily feel a subconscious desire for a "relationship" with their sex, which is denied by all means by the human consciousness and leads to a complete denial of such a phenomenon as homosexual relationships. What one wants most of all, but does not at all correspond to the initial values ​​of such people (family, monogamy, children), causes an acute contradiction in a person. Hatred of people with non-traditional sexual orientation is a lifeline for them from sliding into these most hated homosexual relationships.

Sound meanings

The owners of the sound vector were the first people who asked themselves the question of the meaning of life. From century to century they have tried to find answers to the questions flickering in their heads. "Who am I?" - a question that sometimes accompanies such people from childhood. Once in ancient times, thanks to their ears sensitive to all sounds, they guarded the flock from enemies and predators at night.

By nature itself it was conceived so that these people were more comfortable at night, and not in the light of day, when people annoyed them with their noisy vanity. In the darkness and silence, they concentrated, listening to the quietest disturbing sounds, thus straining all their inner resources. In this tension, the first conscious thoughts were born. Thinking about themselves, people with a sound vector realized their separation from other individuals, for the first time felt egoism as a sensation of their "I".

From philosopher to drug addict one step

The soundman is the owner of abstract intelligence. His thoughts often go into the metaphysical sphere in an attempt to find the meaning of life. But, not finding answers to his questions, he begins to suffer. It is difficult for him to get out of the pool of painful thought forms, which makes it seem to him that in fact this body of his brings him pain, grounding and attaching him to the material world, preventing him from realizing what he is intended for. Earlier, the owners of the sound vector were satisfied with philosophy, music, theories about social transformations. They were the first astronomers, astrophysicists and nuclear scientists, musicians and conductors, philosophers and nihilists, preachers and atheists. These are people of search, engines of progress, but also suicides and drug addicts.

Suffering from the inability to answer their inner questions, the sound people lose the meaning of life in this material world and are looking for ways to go only into the sphere of their selfish mind. Plunging into a stupefying drug sleep, playing a computer game for the second night in a row, they escape from real life.

In this search for meanings, the owners of the sound vector are able to become members of religious terrorist groups that bring the so-called meaning of life on a silver platter. Buying for vivid speeches, seeing the direct struggle for the embodiment of ideas in practice, entangled in reality, sound people who do not value anything material, and, consequently, human lives, easily take up weapons and go to shoot the infidels. The same owners of the sound vector form the ideology of radical religious movements, create sects, and enthrall hundreds and thousands of people with them.

Geniuses and villains

The owners of the anal-sound ligament, by their very nature, are capable of becoming writers, scientists, psychiatrists, and surgeons. Great people of all times and peoples strove to know the human psyche, to plunge into the most secret depths of his soul, to feel him as himself, to unravel the secrets of matter and the universe itself. Thanks to this, we have a huge literary, philosophical and scientific heritage. Such people were not born to speak, but possessed the great gift of the written word. Huge memory with powerful abstract intelligence allowed them to gradually move humanity into the future.

Tragedy in Orlando
Tragedy in Orlando

However, it is precisely such a bunch of vectors that can lead to the fact that, having hated this cruel world, offended by it in the anal vector and completely pulled back in a sound way, a person will take up arms and go to punish the unfortunate "cardboard" people.

The sound vector deprives a person with an anal psyche of understanding the value of human life, and he is capable of terrible actions in anger. Instead of accumulating experience and knowledge, such a person accumulates grievances from the past, winds himself up, his hatred grows more and more. For a sound engineer, an object of hatred can be a whole nation, or even all of humanity. It's scary to imagine what such an evil genius is capable of. We all remember the history and events of the 20th century, when the idea of ​​Nazism destroyed millions of innocent people.

The extreme point of the state of loss of connection with the world, the feeling of illusion of everything that is outside the consciousness of a person with the anal-sound bunch of vectors, the complete loss of all cultural restrictions in the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan is called moral and moral degeneration. Betrayal, meanness, good, evil. For such people, these concepts do not exist, these guidelines do not exist. An unfulfilled sound desire plus a catalyst in the form of resentment in the anal vector, and the result is a lone killer. Such as Anders Breivik, Dmitry Vinogradov, "Munich shooter" Ali Somboli.

In the 21st century, a century of change and globalization, people with an anal psyche are losing support. Their values ​​in the form of strong nepotism, stability, blood ties, brotherhood go into the distant past, and the insane rhythm of life knocks out of balance. It is more and more difficult for them to realize themselves in society, to adapt to the new orders of family life, as a result of which they cannot apply their positive qualities for the good of people. Such people sometimes become homophobes, pedophiles, sadists and rapists.

However, today it is also very difficult to satisfy the lack of a sound vector, since neither science nor philosophy can provide answers to an inquiring mind, which requires deeper and deeper meanings.

And now the owner of the anal-sound bunch of vectors, Omar Matin, failing to realize himself in society, not finding specific goals, torn apart by internal contradictions, plunges into the study of Islamism and is inspired by the ideas of ISIS. Here, in a sound way, he draws ideas from a radical current, ready to create changes. And he begins his "jihad at the tip of the sword" with the execution of those whom he hates most - homosexuals, those whom he himself wanted to be.

Can the wave of violence be stopped?

Today, when there are many tragedies in the world, the cause of which is largely the hatred of people for each other, the need to understand the origins of events, to understand how they could be prevented, is growing more and more.

And it can be done. And the only way to prevent the wave of violence that has swept the world is to know yourself. Back in the last century, the famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung said that a person's main enemy is in his head.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, supporting this message, asserts that only awareness of their properties and their correct implementation for the benefit of society can lead to a balanced state of the brain. And this is the way to overcome hatred and other negative states of a person.

This is especially important for the owners of the sound vector, whose deficiencies are the strongest and most difficult to realize.Only by filling them, you can get rid of that pain and emptiness in which a modern sound engineer lives in the absence of meanings and which he projects in the form of hatred onto the world around him. System-vector psychology provides a real opportunity to know oneself and the meaning of life.

Already at the free online lectures of Yuri Burlan, you can start moving towards a new content of your life, in which there is no place for depression and hatred, as well as understand the psychological background of many events and begin to understand what is happening around us every day.

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