Homophobia As A Failed Attraction

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Homophobia As A Failed Attraction
Homophobia As A Failed Attraction
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Homophobia as a failed attraction

The worst nightmare of a homophobe is that his own son will become a "fagot" when he grows up. The son has not yet been born, but he already sees - here he is, his boy, went out for a walk. Here comes "he", his enemy number one. So "he" persuades him, seduces him, and the son himself becomes the same.

A portrait of an average homophobe: inclined to be overweight, wears a beard or would like to wear it, tries to lead a sedentary lifestyle, housewives, craftsmen … but most importantly (!) - he is enraged by "fagots", "them" just shakes him!

"They" are met by him everywhere: in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in his hometown. Even returning from a trip to Europe, he carries impressions not of the easy charm of Paris or the musicality of Vienna. No, he is overwhelmed with severe disgust, because "they" are there everywhere, these couples walking, kissing, hugging in public. "They" are in stores, in cafes, on the streets, in hotels, on covers … Besides, no one pays special attention to "them" there. All the insides of our homophobe loudly cries out how disgusting and dangerous they are: "That would kill them all, these damn homosexuals !!!"

From any crowd, he instantly snatches out every "effeminate" boy with his eyes and watches and follows him as if he were his personal enemy, he cannot tear his eyes off. And bubbling, bubbling! “And from where there are so many of them now, wherever you look - only homosexuals! If only they were all sent to one island - even if they were there at least … among themselves …”and further in the same spirit. He manages to turn any conversation to his favorite topic, all his anecdotes and stories are always about the same thing.


The worst nightmare of a homophobe is that his own son will become a "fagot" when he grows up. The son has not yet been born, but he already sees: here he, his boy, went out for a walk, here his enemy number one approaches him, here “he” persuades him, seduces him, and the son himself becomes the same. Why, it’s impossible to resist! A homophobe is ready to strangle such a person with his own hands in advance if he settles in an apartment next door. So that when the son appears, this evil spirits are not even close!

There is no limit to his indignation at the sight of men with a tall voice and somewhat cutesy, "not like men", gesticulation: "Well, this is not a man, by God! Pantyhose, in a word, ugh, his mother!"

For some reason, he - a real man - wants to endlessly pedalize the theme of his masculinity, distance himself from “those who are like women”, convince everyone how “they” are unpleasant, dangerous and harmful. Friends are already brushing it off when he again starts a conversation on the same topic. Yes, he himself is already somehow uncomfortable, but as if something from the inside makes him resent again and again about these damned "fagots".

We can tell what is happening to him and why. Do you want to know?

If not, stop reading immediately. If yes, then keep in mind that this reading will be like a bitter pill: you have to swallow it, although it doesn't taste good.


The word "homophobia" is translated from the ancient Greek language approximately as "fear of similarity" and denotes a negative reaction to manifestations of homosexuality and related social phenomena.

Homosexuality is sexual attraction to people of the same gender and / or sexual relations with them.

At Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology", you will understand the underlying causes and mechanisms of the formation of both homophobia and homosexual aspirations. The topic of relations between men is voluminous, and in this article we will only touch it slightly, without pretending to be complete information, but so that those who wish can come closer to understanding it.

First of all, you need to know that there are 8 vectors that are present in people in different combinations, defining all possible mental and physical properties. One of these vectors, anal, has a special sexuality - a double undifferentiated libido aimed at individuals of not only females, but also males.


The mental and physical properties of a person with an anal vector dictate his particular interest in pubertal boys. After all, it is for them that the information is intended, which he is inevitably forced to accumulate in accordance with his specific role, according to which from ancient times to the present day he is responsible for training future "warriors and hunters".

The systemic principle also applies here: “properties are specified, but not provided”. So, if a boy with an anal vector developed correctly, then at the exit from puberty he has a well-developed memory, the ability to structure and systematize arrays of information, and also has healthy life and professional attitudes. At the same time, his sexuality is directed towards women, and his attraction to adolescent boys sinks deep into the unconscious and sublimates, ensuring his desire for further realization in the profession of a teacher, master, and the like, that is, in the field of transmitting information to future generations.

A normally developed and fulfilled male with an anal vector is a powerful monogamous heterosexual with an inhibited (suppressed) attraction to puberty boys. He is by no means homosexual, but under the influence of severe stress, he can also begin to experience the pressure of his undifferentiated libido in the form of a strange anxiety about individuals of the same sex. (The training examines in detail all the stages of overcoming taboos, through which a person passes, what he experiences, how it is expressed, and so on.)

That is why men with an anal vector so emphasize the topic of masculinity in conversations and appearance, confirming it with a beard or three-day stubble, and in every possible way make it clear that they are "real men." Strong male friendship, by the way, is also an exclusively anal theme - based on the same libido.

However, a son with an anal vector, beaten in childhood by an anal dad and tugged by a skin mother, may not receive development corresponding to its properties. This is where the "given but not ensured" principle is fulfilled. Properties are assigned, development is not provided. And although there are properties, which means there is a desire to transfer information, but due to the inability to accumulate and process it, it turns out that there is nothing to transfer. And then the sexual attraction to adolescent boys is not transformed into a desire to educate them, but escapes in the form of direct uninhibited sexual desire to transmit the information contained in the ejaculate. Which often leads to pedophilia of an undeveloped anal-muscular man.

In the case of homosexual tendencies, everything is much more complicated, because, although they are based on underdevelopment in varying degrees of properties in the anal vector, there are many significant factors involved. It is possible that there was a "first experience" with a man. And since for anality it is the first experience that has a special meaning, there is a tendency to repeat it many times throughout life. Or the influence of other vectors, if any, is possible, for example, the visual vector with its amorousness. Etc.

In different vector combinations, certain patterns appear, and they are deeply worked out in the training, allowing people to realize their own nature, understand the reasons for their characteristics, and get rid of many problems. If there is a sufficient number of interested parties, it is possible to conduct a specialized course (applications can be sent to the portal chat).

Natural homosexuality is inherent exclusively in the anal vector.

That is, anal-muscular "real men" are precisely those who are able to experience the most real sexual attraction to individuals of the same sex. Under favorable conditions for the skin mentality of the West, where a standardized law protects any relationship, including same-sex marriage, nothing prevents you from making a homosexual couple and even registering it officially. In Russia, however, these relations are in contradiction with its urethral-muscular power mentality, society is not ready to accept them. That is why homophobic sentiments are so active here.

As a result, very often the same person who, if he was in Europe or America, could easily realize his homosexual desires, in Russia is forced to restrain himself at all costs - the fear of becoming socially rejected is too great! Unable to overcome the taboo of forbidden relationships, at an unconscious level, denying and suppressing his attraction, he turns into an ardent homophobe. The growing pressure of his own unrealized libido is felt by him as a huge dislike for “fagots” - after all, they do what subconsciously wants (but cannot!) To him. Obsessively expressing his intolerance towards "homosexuals, pantyhose, gays and gays", he verbalizes his lacks.

The object of their desire, the second member of the pair is a skin-visual "boy", a man of the so-called "feminine type". He is completely heterosexual by nature - he goes into this relationship for his own reasons.

The point is that dermal-visual boys are males without an archetype; this is a new phenomenon in the landscape. They began to massively survive relatively recently, they do not have a species role, unlike all other males and skin-visual females. And accordingly, they have no right to bite. And although their appearance now is not accidental, but justified and necessary for universal human mental development, this is still the very beginning of their development of the landscape.


Having a certain amount of fear in the visual vector, in the subconscious search for protection in stronger males, the skin-visual “boy” risks being paired with an anal sadist. And then, in the presence of masochistic aspirations in the skin, a sadomasochistic scenario will be launched. If there are no such aspirations in the skin, then these relationships will become a big problem for him, because they are often accompanied by humiliation and severe beatings. In the West, special telephone lines are already opening to help men suffering from domestic violence. There are also social apartments where they can temporarily hide from their partner until they are helped to find another place to live. Of course, this help is in demand first of all by skin-visual men who, against their will, find themselves in homosexual relationships that are not natural for them in their essence.

Unnatural homosexuals are skin-visual men.

In addition to pairs consisting of anal-muscular with skin-visual, anal-visual partners are often found. Such a combination of vectors, when both libido is undifferentiated, and vision is capable of falling in love with everything and everyone indiscriminately, can lead people into homosexuality who are fully realized and held in their visual vector, but have an anal vector in the states described above. Vivid examples of anal-visual male couples are known in the design environment, among couturiers, and in other professions, one way or another related to art. There are also a lot of them. The outrageousness and demonstrativeness of the visual vector in its own way contribute to the cultivation of these "non-standard" relationships, and financial well-being creates the effect of their security. But even in the West, with its rather indifferent attitude to all such features, there are homophobes,and therefore, being a homosexual there openly means choosing a certain fate, dissatisfied views and censure.



When a dad with an anal vector using a belt and a fist tries to raise a son with an anal vector to a decent person, he should know that in this way he makes a future rapist, or a sadist, or a pedophile, or a homosexual out of a boy in this way - which, you see, is not the greatest public evil from these options to choose from. And a son with a skin vector - drives him into masochism or into a scenario of failure. Each vector has its own negative. So, if a homophobe confidently declares that he will beat his children in the same way as his father beat him, “and nothing, you see, I grew up normal!”, Then … then make your own conclusions.

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