The Main Secret Of The Runet. The Psychopathology Of Dirty Attraction

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The Main Secret Of The Runet. The Psychopathology Of Dirty Attraction
The Main Secret Of The Runet. The Psychopathology Of Dirty Attraction

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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The main secret of the Runet. The psychopathology of dirty attraction

Each of us at least once in our life has met a person who curses and throws mud at everything that falls. Be it the state, power, boss, wife, or just a completely outsider from the Internet. On the net they were called trolls. We'll call them mud greases. The name reflects the essence: such people are distinguished by a persistent desire to pollute and defame.

Each of us at least once in our life has met a person who curses and throws mud at everything that falls. Be it the state, power, boss, wife, or just a completely outsider from the Internet. On the net they were called trolls. We'll call them mud greases. The name reflects the essence: such people are distinguished by a persistent desire to pollute and defame.

Who are these people, what motivates them? You will find a detailed answer to these questions in this article.


Every fifth man and every fifth woman on earth have an anal vector - 20% of humanity. For such an unpleasant term for the ear, the term "anal" was once defamed by Sigmund Freud. We will try to impartially understand the essence and properties of what is hidden behind it.

So, the anal vector is called such for a reason. In an anal person, the psyche is arranged in a certain way. And the most important process for him, as you might guess, is the act of defecation.

Simply put, when an anal baby is sitting on a potty, it develops. How?

Developed anal man

The specific role of the anal man is the transmission of information about hunting and war to adolescent boys. What does it take to convey information? It is necessary to collect it, thoroughly structure it and convey it accurately, unmistakably. Gather the experience of past generations, separate the wheat from the chaff, removing all the false and leaving the most valuable, and pass it on to future generations. This task is at the heart of every anal person's mental.

We are professionals, experts, critics striving to find and eliminate any inaccuracy, we are leisurely and scrupulous workers, perfectionists, masters of our craft. But we do not become so at once. Every anal person needs to go a long way to the heights of professionalism, from the ability to cleanse himself physically - that is, to cleanse his rectum to the end - to the ability to cleanse at the mental level - to cleanse a barrel of honey from the smallest fly in the ointment.

The earliest stage in the development of our qualities occurs right on the pot. And although the topic of defecation is taboo - there are no normal words to describe this process, even the word "priest" is considered indecent - but this is where the anal child is concentrated.

He develops the qualities assigned to him by nature, sitting on the pot. And it's not a joke! For everyone, the pot is just a pot. And for him it is an act filled with a special meaning. Concentrated, thoroughly incubating his 20, or even more minutes, the anal child learns to bring the cleansing process to the end, to the point. Subsequently, this his ability is transformed into the ability to bring to the point, to perfection, any business that he undertakes.

The concept of "clean" and "dirty"

The internal imperative of the anal vector is cleansing, separation into clean and dirty. This is the main division. As in the visual vector for good and evil. In the skin vector - on the inner and outer. Any anal person thinks in terms of "clean" and "dirty". Because its essence is purification, and it is impossible without understanding what is dirt and what is purity. Everything is learned from the opposite.

A developed anal man is clean in every sense. Always neat, neat, correct, obedient, loyal, diligent, capable of learning. Cleanliness in everything is important to him: a white tablecloth without a single spot, and a spotless reputation, and his woman is pure, holy, and purity of thoughts, honesty, truthfulness.

In a developed and realized state, an anal person is a high-class professional, recognized, respected, family man, the best father, a faithful husband. He strives to clean everything up to the ideal - to find and remove the last drop of tar from the barrel of honey, the last inaccuracy from the control, the last mistake from a flawless project, and so on. At the peak of his development, the anal-sound person is capable of cleansing the word. Anal sound specialists are writers of all times and peoples who perfectly and accurately know the word and pass it on to the next generations.

It is anal people who become teachers, teachers, scientists. The scientific world is us.

But! Everything changes when the vector does not receive proper development in childhood or the anal person remains in a state of unrealization (read more about the concepts of development and implementation here).

Undeveloped anal man

Let us now talk about the conditions under which the anal person remains underdeveloped or even falls into neurosis and what happens to him in this case.

Unfortunately, often the anal child is not allowed to develop normally. How does this happen? It all starts with pulling it off the pot: “Come on! Get up already! " hooks in the toilet: “Come out quickly! You will earn hemorrhoids! " - and goes on increasing. When an anal child is spanked on the priest, they do not let him finish, they pull-pull-pull, do not praise, do not say how good he is, then his properties do not develop or (in especially severe cases) go into neurosis.


Neurosis is not a concept that everyone is hearing. Neurosis is a state when all the properties of a vector go "into the minus", are reversed. That is, the anal from a cleanliness becomes a pathological muddy both on a physical and mental level. He spreads dirt around him, especially food - but not only. "D … m" he smears everything indiscriminately.


When the anal sex is really neurotic, it will be dirty in everything (it is disgusting to see it). In addition to physical, this person creates psychological dirt around himself - vile words, dirty hints. If earlier he could touch only women with his dirty fingers, now with these same fingers he touches the keyboard, typing his abominations. Previously, he could influence one woman, one child, stain one public toilet. Today, on the Internet, the scale of the dirt he throws is increasing many times over - he stains all of you, us at once.

Neurosis is a grave condition. It can be obtained only during the period of development, that is, before puberty (12-15 years). And it is impossible to get out of it.


In most cases, we are dealing with underdevelopment of vector properties. Such an anal guy will never be able to become a high-class professional and create a happy marriage, but somehow he will still strive to get his little, scanty pleasure from life.

Most often, as a result of improper upbringing, a feeling of resentment is formed in the anal. Different sizes - for a person, a group, a society - and for anal sound specialists - for God. Twitched, without praise (namely, it creates in him a feeling of security, safety), the anal man recalls his childhood as unhappy, says that "his mother did not love him." Resentment against the mother and subsequently a bad experience with the first woman form an extremely negative life scenario.

He is offended by his mother, and the mother for any normal anal person is sacred, this is the last stronghold of a woman's purity. His loss means that there are no pure women at all, now for him "all women are whores", "dirty fallen women" and nothing else. In this he will constantly try to make sure. Such an anal guy is a big fan of going to a strip bar.

We will come there with comrades who are just as offended. “You see, this one gets out, huh? Here, these are our women. That's all they are. These are at least frank, they are dragging around, dancing here in front of us. Have you seen? Well, come on, Petya, let's have a beer. " Let's inflate the bladder, then together we will go around the corner to relieve a small need. Let's stand together. So glad!

And then again let's go and see these corrupt ones. Here something will entice me, how will entail! And I will descend to her. I will propose to the girl. I have a good intention - to save the girl from the dirt, to clean her. "I will marry her, I will make her a wife, the mother of my child, and she will be grateful to me all her life, she will wash my feet and drink water!"

Here he marries a prostitute. And he reproaches her all her life: “Do you remember from what dirt I pulled you out! What would you do without me! I laundered you, my mother, I made you my wife! The pig is ungrateful! You have to wash my feet all my life! " And friends also say: "Prostitutes are the best wives!" Of course, the best. They didn’t see that. And rough sex with them is possible, and anal, and dirty - any. It will remove all my frustrations. And not somewhere out there for the money. And at home, in the family, you don't need to go far.

Cleaned it up! Now I will give her a fist. Anal sex, rough sex, I will beat. She should be grateful to me all her life for marrying her. “Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You're ugly! And what a fine fellow I am! Only I married you! Where else would you find one! Look at you, your legs are crooked. You always go around with a grimace! All women are fools, they don't remember good! Do not remember the good!"

This is one of the options. If the anal sex is underdeveloped, but realized, he will be able to receive, though weak, wretched, but pleasure from his life. He is not able to sublimate himself, to do anything for society. There will be a sadist, will beat his wife - "drunk" once a week, give her a fist on the back. Will take possession of her roughly, so as to hurt her. Will take possession, fall off and fall asleep. Can hate the whole world.

Anal neurotics can become both homosexuals and pedophiles. They, as we have already said, smear everything indiscriminately with mud. Previously, public latrines served for this purpose. Today - the Internet.


Underdeveloped anal sexes also smear with mud, but to a lesser extent and not everything in a row - they, as a rule, are led by their grievances. But at the same time, if they are implemented, they are not homosexuals and not pedophiles.


What is frustration

Frustration is the accumulation of tension from the inability to realize your desire. There are different types of frustrations: social, sexual and (only for the anal vector) homosexual (it is also a craving for pedophilia).

Frustration arises already in the period after puberty, and precisely from the inability to realize their properties, that is, to apply them in an adequate way.

Why is this happening?

A bit of history

In the 20th century, most of humanity entered the cutaneous phase of development. To understand better, read about skin vector. Anal values ​​such as professionalism, honesty, devotion, thoroughness, decency, striving for honor and respect, justice, loyalty to family, traditions were replaced by skin values. The ability to spin, earn money, sell oneself, know the law and so on became important. Traditions are dying away. The institution of the family is becoming a thing of the past.

All over the world, anal people experience tremendous stress about this. But this transition was especially acute for Russia. In fact, we did not pass, but at one point fell into the skin phase of development.

When the USSR collapsed, when the country entered this catastrophe, the entire anal population fell into such turbulence in social, family and any other life that many people simply died. From heart attacks and suicides. We just don't have accurate statistics. And those who survived for the most part became frustrant.

Once realized, recognized specialists, they are no longer needed. A huge number of anal sexes - professionals of the highest category, the most honest, pleasant people - are out of work in modern society. Their value systems are not in demand.

Today, anal sexes do not have a worthy place in this life - just as it once did not exist among the leather workers who had drunken themselves under the Soviet grocery store. And what could the leatherworkers do at that time? Going to work honestly? They didn't want to. Anal people contemptuously called them flyers, temporary workers, unreliable, unprincipled, sycophants, sycophants, opportunists. “Oh, flyers! I've come to work, got a job and 40 years at the same plant - that's how you should. And you are a flyer here and there! " But today there is a holiday on the skin street. Now leather workers call analniks "brakes, suckers, slow-witted, losers."

It would seem that in 20 years a new generation of anal sexes should have grown up, adapted to the changed conditions. But no. Some of them become professionals and get their place in the sun, while others do not. Raised by skin-twitching mothers, they enter adulthood with deep resentment. "Mom, love me, dad, love me!" The world did not give them their place.

Thrown out of life, unable to adapt it, anal sexes accumulate frustrations. Even the most developed, the most educated. Scrapping - and that's it, they're on the sidelines.

The concepts of "clean" and "dirty" in case of frustration

When an anal person is not able to realize himself through cleansing the clean from droplets of dirty, then his sign changes. He starts to smear with dirt instead of cleaning.

I go into a clean house, I am very uncomfortable in it. I automatically take the bread with my hand and start crushing it on the floor or doing something else like that. That is, I don’t litter, I dirty. And so it is already much easier for me. Such a scant pleasure.

We either purify the pure to the end, or we carry dirt into the pure. That's all.

Depending on the type and severity of frustration, it manifests itself in different ways.

Social and sexual frustration

Social frustration

I have a family, a beloved wife, we are all right, we have children. But my talent is not recognized, the boss is a skin swindler, or I cannot find a job, I have no money, no means of subsistence. I was fired, I am offended, I sit on the couch and say: “Bastards, damn world! Where are we going? They will sell their own mother for three kopecks! They removed them from the honor roll, and now they are worth nothing. And I've been off my whole life!"

I have a grudge - against a group of people, for example. Unrealized. I cannot realize myself in society. I gasp for breath. With this insult, cruelty and a tendency towards sadism grow, then sadistic aspirations appear, together with them I begin to feel the desire for rough sex. With a wife, maybe. I realize this desire - I go for rough sex, sadistic sex and get much more satisfaction and vivid orgasm.

But with a wife there is a limit. And the desire is growing! I want even more rough sex. There is a desire to take possession of a woman roughly, to punish her. We love to punish everyone when we take revenge. For us, and sex can look like punishment. That is, to punish sexually, to take roughly - so that she would be hurt, scared, in order to feel her power over her, the power of the owner of the cave.

So, I become a sadist. And when I associate sadistic aspirations with sex, and more often yes, then a very strong inner desire arises not just to have rough sex, but to force it. This is attraction. That is, this is how my attraction begins to look - to rape, and that's it.

At the same time, an anal person should feel right, so he begins to provoke himself - he is courting some woman, but for a reason. And so that she would tell him "no, no, no!" … He looks after - and she keeps him "no!" … He winds himself up, inflames. Then he says: “I endured for a long time! How can?" - takes and rapes.

Socially unrealized analniks cannot be called trolls and muddies. They cling to where their grudge is. For example, the mayor of the city of Arkhangelsk offended him, and now he scribbles, scribbles, scribbles, scribbles complaints. And in them "bastards, bastards, bastards, bastards, bastards." That is, he writes, but not anywhere. He writes "bastards" where he was not given, where he was offended. Where he did not exercise his justice. Truth is above all - so it seems to us, even if it's all just our tiny truth.

This is a very dangerous phenomenon. Such an anal beats, beats - it is not clear why. And then, realizing that nothing can be done, he begins to force events - he can shoot the offender with a gun. Such cases are no longer uncommon.

write nasty things
write nasty things

Sexual frustration

Often, social frustration leads to sexual frustration. Our value system is home and family. No family (and the wife could not stand it and left) - no sex, - the hardest condition for an anal person.

We, anal sexes, divide all women into clean and dirty. Here a skin woman will not give before the wedding - no, no. "Masha!" - "Not!" - "Well, Masha!" - "Not!" - "Oh, what!" I do a projection, I think that she says “no” to everyone, but sometimes I still “yes”, I’m “mine”. This is a pure woman. And there are dirty ones!

And in a situation of sexual frustration, we declare: "All women are whores, I had one!" The anal person is always a hostage to the first experience. There is resentment, lack. Sexual frustration is not homosexual. With homosexual frustration we are not interested in women. We don't care about them, we don't talk about them in any way. And here we smear on every corner: "Whore!"

An angry man, if he is cutaneous, urethral, ​​can express his displeasure towards a woman, can insult her. A leatherworker can say: "Yes, spit, but she went!" Urethral - run with an ashtray. But the analnik will just smear. Here you need to understand the keywords, exactly how they insult. When they call dirty words of the anal type and emphasize her bad sexuality - unclean, dirty, perverted, sexual behavior that does not correspond to anal principles - this means that the offended anal guy is talking.

If this is an anal-visual man, then he will not just write on all social networks that she is a corrupt slut, but will pour out a river of mud. Here, visual imaginative thinking is added to the bottomless barrel of frustration. So he will smear it with special details.

Even if it is a genius of all times and peoples - anal-muscular with a full top, but caught in the same situation, he will speak in the same way, only more floridly or in a scientific way. Will write why they are all corrupt whores.

Sexual frustration is often carried over to children as well. “Your mother is a real bitch, son! Real! She, this skin walker, does not care about our village with a bathhouse and a broom, with a neat bed and a garden! "," I never put the slippers in their place, ran away! "," Remember, son, she is a whore! Only whores do that."

In this state, he, a sadist, a rapist, can go to prostitutes, mock them and relieve the accumulated tension there. On the Internet, he writes nasty things about women.

Sexual dissatisfaction
Sexual dissatisfaction

Frustrated Anal Women

Now let's digress a little and talk about anal women. As you can imagine, they can also write nasty things on the Internet, be sadistic, cruel. There are far fewer of them than frustrated men, of course. But they periodically catch our eye.

Why are there fewer of them? Because a woman can always be married. For her, social realization is secondary. Left without a job, an anal woman is more likely to turn into a housewife, give birth to children. This will be its implementation. This means that she often does not experience social frustration, and even sexual frustration.

If the anal woman does not have enough sex, then her sadistic tendencies grow. That is, she can be a rapist - to beat children, for example, beat her husband (it is not customary in our country, but in America it is).

The sexual frustration of an anal woman often manifests itself in a desire for hyper-purity. Less often, the same phenomenon occurs in the case of social frustration. From the outside, it looks very ridiculous or even insane: here she blows a speck of dust from the window, and she sits down again, she takes off again, and she sits down again, and for an hour it turns around this speck of dust, all trying to remove it. These are female anal frustrations. The man will instead hit him on the back with his fist.

When does an anal woman become a filthy man? When there is frustration in her secondary erogenous zone. Let us explain.

A skin person lacks affection and tenderness - “sex is good, but you want more affection and tenderness” - to stimulate his skin erogenous zone. Everything seems to be fine for a visual person, but still flowers, candles, romance, a special setting. Also, the anal person may lack stimulation of his secondary erogenous zone - the anal.

People with an anal vector, both men and women, experience great pleasure when their partner stimulates their erogenous zone during intercourse. This is normal. But we anal sex are, among other things, incredible conservatives. In everything, and in the sexual too. An anal man cannot be touched from behind: “Get out of there! Why are you touching me there? What am I to you, pi … or what ?! " And women (not so pronounced, but about the same) in this direction. They are very conservative.

A man can urge "give, give" - ​​demanding anal sex from his wife. Despite the fact that he is a terrible homophobe and he himself cannot even be touched there. Here is such a strong tension. And a woman like that. The taboo on anal sex in women is not natural, as in men, but social. But it is also not easy to overcome.

At the same time, an anal woman is the only one who can get an orgasm from anal sex. And she will be the first to say: “What are you, a pervert? Go get medical treatment! " The most conservative and homophobic women. And the biggest ban on such sex is with them. If she goes through this prohibition, expands the range of sexual acceptability and begins to have an orgasm in the anal erogenous zone, then she will prefer only such sex.

If this stimulation is not enough, this lack is compensated not by sadism, but by filth, dirty words, dirty writing. This is an important point for understanding the causes of dirty language in women. Not to be confused with obscenities!

Nevertheless, women who write nasty things on the Internet are very rare. More often she goes in the direction of general sexual frustration. Cruel, gloomy, with a grudge against the world "not given" - this can be seen at a glance. When anal women have a bumpy face, she is shown "treatment" with anal sex. And sadistic aspirations will go away, and colossal tension.

Homosexual frustration

Returning to the men. Sexual frustration in a man results in watching pornography. At the same time, a person goes to the promotion - always and in everything, such people. He starts looking at dirty pornography, then even dirtier ones. Expanding the range of pornographic acceptability, he begins to look at homosexual sites. And gradually he begins to realize his homosexual attraction and experience homosexual fantasies for increasing.

Homosexual frustration is associated with taboo. It's not just sexual or social frustration, it's associated with the taboo erogenous zone. There is an internal struggle, a very difficult internal struggle, when a person struggles with himself, he feels bad. He does not know how to get away from these thoughts, how to get away from these fantasies.

And he relieves this tension with dirt, dirty language, dirty writing, homophobia. Sometimes they can catch and kill a homosexual in a sadistic way, tear him apart, because he reanimates this barely balanced state, that is, inhibition of his own attraction.

What are the roots of homosexuality?

Undifferentiated libido of the anal vector

The anal person has an undifferentiated libido, that is, initially he is attracted not only to women, but also to adolescent boys. In a good way. This is how nature works.

The fact is that any man's action is built on libido. And for the anal sex, the training of adolescent boys is built on libido - on attraction to them. At the lowest animal level, the transmission of information is the transmission of ejaculate. But we are human. Therefore, having arisen, this desire was immediately limited by nature and reached another level - the transfer of accumulated knowledge and experience to the boy.

Historians, teachers, instructors of aircraft modeling circles - we are all anal people.

Occurrence of homosexual frustration

When an anal person with his powerful libido has not had sex for a long time, he begins to accumulate sexual frustration. This increases the pressure on all of his libido. And his libido, as we already know, is undifferentiated, that is, directed in both directions.

Not realizing this, he is trying to somehow compensate for his lack of women, but does not realize the powerful pressure from behind. Until homosexual fantasies begin to visit him. Along with the attraction to a woman, he begins to feel attraction to a man. To a teenage boy. Unconsciously. And scared! Any person is afraid of this, and the Russian, because of his mentality, especially. In this horror, in these unconscious aspirations, it is the Russian who becomes a homophobe. No options.

At the same time, he tries to push out of himself what he considers dirty. And subscribes on the Internet all these "assholes, shit, toilets, pi …" - everything connected with the erogenous zone and its taboo.


Now let's take a closer look at the whole mechanism.

The first "bells" from undifferentiated libido

The separation of the "woman" and "the man", the constant emphasis on masculinity - these are the first bells. Not a single skin person says things like “Well, why are you like a woman, huh? Well, are you a man or who? Oh, man! " If a man pedals such topics - this is anal. And he still does not have frustration, but there is a kind of unconscious concern for his undifferentiated libido.

Anal men always look masculine. They wear beards and weekly unshavens. It is clear - “Man! And not some woman! " (with clean skin). Sometimes there are perfectly shaven ones, but they always emphasize with the words: “Women. What? Yes, these are women! Baba is driving! Baba is here!"

All this differentiation is anal people, undifferentiated in attraction. The attraction, undifferentiated in the unconscious, begins with all its might to consciously distinguish women and men. The fear of homosexual desires pushes the anal guy to convince everyone (but above all himself) that he is a normal man.

He has no homosexual thoughts. But there is a feeling of weakness in inhibiting that part of the attraction, which by nature is directed towards adolescent boys.

The transition to homosexual relationships

"Shl … ha, bl … b, s … ka" - this is what sexually frustrated anal sexes say about women. This distinction between clean and dirty is very important for anal sex. This also applies to women. A pure woman - decent, mother, wife. Dirty woman - with … ka …

When a man constantly says about all women that they are "go … hee", "from … ki", and other dirty things and supports these conversations - it can be sexual frustration (through the insult "all women - s … ki, I had one "), and homosexual.

The secret is simple. If all women are dirty, where are the clean ones? If there are none, then pure is relationships with men. He's just not aware of this. This is unconscious. There can be no dirt without cleanliness, and vice versa, cleanliness without dirt. Therefore, it is very important what he calls dirty.

In a serious state of frustration, his mother becomes the last stronghold for an anal man. This is the last opportunity.

Here he says: "All women are dirty whores." And you told him: “What about your mother? Did the woman give birth to you? " He replies: "No, mother is sacred!" “So everyone has a mother, so they also have something sacred.” If he says that the mother is sacred, it means that with the last bit of strength he wants to differentiate this filth of all women from purity. When the mother also loses her purity, it means that now purity is only in homosexual relationships.

Homosexuality and pedophilia - two in one

Dirt is written by frustrated homosexuals or pedophiles.

There is no pedophilia without homosexuality and homosexuality without pedophilia. This is the same. There are simply two taboos. Both are natural, primary - not cultural.

The first taboo is the taboo on the anal erogenous zone in men. The reason for this taboo is deeply rooted. For now, suffice it to mention that this sex does not lead to procreation.

Moreover, violation of the taboo of the anal erogenous zone in men, that is, the penetration of one male into another, at the animal level means deprivation of status, and with it - the right to food and a woman. Nature knows this ritual in primates. When one male wins, the loser is faced with a choice - either to be killed or to undergo a ritual, which is also called "sinking". We will not delve into the description of the process itself, but note that the female monkeys laugh loudly during this humiliating procedure, and the “lowered” male cannot live after that …

The emergence of the second taboo is associated with the cutaneous measure. She limited sexual relations with immature people. First of all - with girls. Otherwise we would not be able to reproduce. A girl must develop physically - in order to bear and give birth to a child, and mentally - in order to raise and educate him.

Plus, a social taboo is added to this - that is, it is unacceptable in society.

The following options are possible:

  • when the anal guy, in his frustration, breaks through both taboos - the restrictions on the anal erogenous zone and on the teenager are broken at the same time - he goes to the teenage boy;
  • if a taboo breaks through towards the anal erogenous zone - sex with an adult man (in the West);
  • if a taboo breaks through in the direction of immature - sex with a teenage girl (in Russia).

Homosexual relationships with a man and pedophilic relationships with a girl are a kind of compromise of a homosexual pedophile - an anal frustrant.

It is easier for the Russians to break the taboo towards the girl. And in the West there is no our mental homophobia. The natural is, but the mental is not. Plus, society itself contributes to this - it permits homosexual relationships, and it punishes a teenager strongly. Therefore, there is much less social fear of becoming a homosexual.


What determines the ability to break a taboo? The power of libido, the depth of frustration. After all, there is not only taboo, there is also social fear, fear of punishment. Even a petty thief once could not steal because of this fear in the USSR. A person's internal struggle goes on for years, sometimes all his life. The process of dealing with an inner desire that is capable of overcoming the prohibition at every next minute.

They release this accumulated tension by writing dirt. They write through each word "pid … s, pid … s, pid … s". What did you get with these pid … sy? Live your own life! No, he is not interested in anything. Neither social problems, nor problems with child alcoholism, nothing, even the problems of housing and communal services, his family does not care, he does not care about work. He is only worried about his inner tension, which he expresses: "Here, on pid … sa looks like, here pid … s".

Having begun to experience this desire, the anal person becomes terrified. There are those who, as a result, become pathological homophobes, up to and including murder. "I can not! I would kill them all! " Why? Because they reanimate his desire. He already has an internal struggle, he barely keeps balance. And then a person appears who makes you aware of these sensations crushed inside. This puts the frustrated anal in such a state that he can kill.

Pedophilia, awareness of one's desires

When a person has already realized his pedophilic desires, he struggles with them with all his might. Or he finds an opportunity to show them a little, without going overboard.

Once upon a time this could be observed in Soviet schools. Physical education teachers, anal or anal-visual, with such desires, loved to put girls under the ass, so unobtrusively. It was within the framework, they did not overstep the boundaries, they had enough. Those who did not have enough received 3 years of compulsory treatment.

And today everything is over, there is no compulsory treatment, there is a severe punishment in the form of imprisonment. A person who has realized his pedophilic desires fights against them. Not because moral or ethical considerations hold him back. He fights out of social fear, fear of punishment. And as a result of frustration, he becomes a hidden pedophile.


An anal-visual man is capable of seducing a teenager, gradually falling in love with himself. But an anal person without upper vectors has nothing to seduce, he is gloomy, offended, silent - therefore he simply attacks the child.

At the same time, a 13-year-old teenager is hard to attack. Especially with anal simplicity and straightforwardness. But for a six-year-old child it is easier. He already publishes the pheromone background of primary puberty, but he cannot resist. If children go missing, they are mostly six years old.

Calculating a pedophile is easy. Anal people do not do anything out of the blue, for them the novelty factor is stressful. They have to get used to the object, otherwise they may suffer a sexual fiasco. Therefore, an anal person will not dare to attack unfamiliar children, and he can always be found in the circle of those who communicated with the child. An exception is anal-musculocutaneous pedophiles: they are much more resourceful and can attack an unfamiliar child.

Homosexuality, pedophilia and mud smearing - three in one

Only homosexual, they are pedophile, frustrations lead to dirty trolling. Simple social frustrations and grievances can also force the anal person to write something like “We want fair elections! Stop using us, skin swindlers! " This is possible, but not as a permanent state, but as separate explosions for a specific reason related to resentment or social frustration.

But when he goes to the first blog he comes across and writes: "Why are there any g … discussing!", then goes to another blog and there, too: "G … everything that is written" - and the same everywhere indiscriminately, that is, when dirty language is an end in itself, it is homosexual frustration.

sexual frustration
sexual frustration

Kicked a domestic cat. "Everything is wrong, everything is bad, everything is disgusting!" Everything that I observe - everything I get dirty, I estimate as bad. I see dirt and marriage in everything. Criticism - dirt out! Find a fly in the ointment everywhere, and if not, then smear it with tar. I did something nasty - joy in my heart. When I push this dirt out, I get pleasure - scanty, small, weak, but at least some release from my super-stress of frustration.

Intelligent trolling

At the same time, an anal person without upper vectors directly uses dirty words. If he has a visual or sound vector, then he is already educated and even smart and therefore conveys dirty meanings hidden, even from himself. It casts dirt in the form of decent words, giving the appearance of serious arguments. It can take the most scientific form and still carry the biggest dirt. They may seem completely correct, but the meanings will be obviously dirty (slander, slander, slander, vain and reproach).

How do people differentiate text? That one writes obvious dirt, and this one seems to be decent. And what is written there, what meanings are behind these words - nobody sees it. He shits not with key ass words, but disgusting meanings. And the smarter and more educated a person is, the harder it will be to discover these meanings.

For example, someone wrote a critical article, and how to understand that this is not a critical article, but dirt, criticism? Two ways. First, you need to see: does he know the subject sufficiently? If he doesn’t know, then on what basis does he get dirty? And the second point: what, in fact, is his activity in the network? If his entire presence on the Internet can be traced as a tendency to go somewhere and, as it were, criticize "according to his own opinion" - then we understand that we are facing a dirty critic who smears dirt on everything.

And against this in general, no one has a chance to defend themselves. You can't defend yourself against outright dirt. And here - all the more so. Any most intelligent person starts reading and thinks: “Well, yes, a person writes! There is no smoke without fire!" Everything is explained, sorted out on the shelves: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Everything is disassembled, everything is in detail, everything has an anal look. And inside there is dirt, because it is a lie. In fact, the frustrant himself does not even differentiate into truth and falsehood at this moment. It only pushes out dirt and smears with tar.

The fate of the homosexual frustrant mudmaz

The Russian mentality is urethral, ​​the healthiest, as it is built on a natural hierarchy. What is hierarchy in general? The hierarchy is based on the right to bite, that is, to eat. The higher the right, the more chances to survive. The urethral is the first right to bite. To implement the fundamental law of nature - to survive at any cost. Further downward there are gradations with this right.

And there is a constant fear of losing this right - that is, to be "omitted." As we already know, this means losing the right to bite, perishing.

socially neglected
socially neglected

We have already mentioned how the ritual of deprivation of status, deprivation of the right to food, to a female in the animal kingdom takes place.

Do you doubt it works the same in humans? And it works 100% the same. Only the feeling of terrible shame in humans is much stronger than that of a monkey.

This can be seen very clearly in the example of Soviet camps and prisons. In this sense, they were arranged in the most natural, natural way. When a criminal is “lowered”, he is not raped, only a ritual is performed with him, about the same as that of monkeys. And then he eats, there is food. Moreover, in six months he can be released, get out of prison and continue to live on. Well, think about it, they did a great job with him - they performed the ritual, they didn't even rape.

But the general contempt for him is such that he feels it as incompatible with life. Such people go on the run, falling under a gunfire - they cannot live with it. And there are those who agree and live, but when their term ends, they cannot live a civil life. It would seem that they are adults and already free people, but with such a severe psychological trauma that they cannot live.

So all the ins and outs of the troll-skunk-mud-mud are now in plain sight. Writing out another muck on the Internet, he signs with a couple of clicks on the keyboard:

“I am a homofrustrated anal guy, a failed homosexual, an insane homophobe and a potential pedophile. Homoerotic fantasies cause in me the horror of the loss of the right to spit and the right to a woman, as well as the horror of the loss of the right to transfer my gene pool to the future."

PS: The most interesting thing is that all of the above does not apply to homosexuals who have made their choice. So you are treated with homosexuality, gentlemen, patients.

After that, we will complete our system analysis. You can learn more about the peculiarities of the psyche of people with an anal vector and much more at the free online lectures on systemic vector psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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