Promotion Of Culture To The Masses, Or Antisex And Anti-murder

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Promotion Of Culture To The Masses, Or Antisex And Anti-murder
Promotion Of Culture To The Masses, Or Antisex And Anti-murder
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Promotion of culture to the masses, or Antisex and anti-murder

In a modern big city, many women have cutaneous and visual vectors, and, consequently, the cutaneous-visual ligament, which, regardless of other vectors, certainly affects their entire fate.

The script of the skin-visual woman is the most ancient and well-developed female script: she has always played an important role in the life of society, but today her finest hour has come. Skin-visual women are in plain sight like never before: they flaunt on the pages of fashion magazines, smile at us from TV screens, sing and dance in front of an audience of millions in concert halls, or make us breathlessly watch them play on stage. In a modern big city, many women have cutaneous and visual vectors, and, consequently, the cutaneous-visual ligament, which, regardless of other vectors, certainly affects their entire fate.

All modern culture is an indirect product of visual measure. But if from ancient times it was a woman's initiative, then recently a man has also joined her.

The visual vector is the most sensual, earthly love as it is … It is he who promotes humanism and creates culture. Culture as a way of survival, as a conscious step of mankind to comply with certain unspoken systems of prohibitions and restrictions, rules of behavior, framework of interaction with each other. Culture as a way of existence, as a generally accepted standard of relations at all levels - in a couple, in a group, in society.

All the merit of the incredible efforts to instill in humanity a cultural framework of any order belongs not to anyone, but to a skin-visual woman. The one that is not bearing in its archetype, that is, it does not generate new life and, as a feedback, is not capable of creating death, it can kill.

They say about them "neither live nor die." But they have love, and through love, through the feeling of the great value of each individual human life, it elevates non-murder to a cultural value.

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Ban on cannibalism

Culture begins with the ban on cannibalism. The main motive is the fear of the skin-visual woman for preserving her own life. She is the first in line to die: weak, kind and incapable of killing. To such an extent that sometimes even a microbe in its own body cannot kill. To this day, spectators get sick more often than others, all other things being equal. The primitive flock ranks low in individuals who are "neither live nor die" and do not consider it necessary to make special efforts to keep them alive.

All cultural restrictions are rooted in the basic visual property - ANTI-killing. The fear of a skin-visual woman for preserving the right to her own life pushes her to realize the importance of each individual human life. She raises this awareness to the rank of a general system of values. How does she do it?

The specific role of the visual vector is fulfilled thanks to the most important unconscious root - the feeling of fear, which gives the viewer the ability, the first to notice the impending danger, to be very frightened and warn the whole flock about it. In the primitive flock, the most sighted, the most emotional, able to be frightened most of all, the skin-visual woman became the muse of the urethral leader. It was she who influenced him, as a result of which he acquired and supported the ideas of the value of a particular life. And already through him, they spread to everyone else, becoming common property.

Cultural values ​​for all

The visual woman in her development passes from the state of Fear to the state of Love. She has the widest emotional amplitude, she is the most sensual, capable of true empathy - to sympathize and empathize, to emotionally take on the states of other people, to feel their desires as their own. Thus, it includes the needs of other vectors in the cultural values ​​it creates.

It is through her that humanity realizes such an important concept as friendship, for example, the need for which is initially felt only by the anal measure; it introduces into the cultural component the beauty of music - originally classical, in which the sound vector expresses itself.

To this day, the visual measure carries its values ​​to the masses. Today, spectators create fashion, tell us what is beautiful and what is not, show us how to behave and how not. Etiquette and norms of politeness are not just a system of restrictions, but already prescriptions - this is also a later product of the visual vector.

Development of art

The culture, which arose from the filing of the visual woman, gave development to the visual man, who until that moment simply did not survive. After all, physically weak visual boys did not bring any benefit to the primitive flock, in times of cannibalism they were simply eaten, and all the scary stories about babies being thrown off a cliff, as was the case, for example, in Sparta, are just about that.

Under the new conditions, the visual measure begins to massively survive and art appears. Anal-visual artists and jewelers join the skin-visual singer and dancer, and art begins to develop more actively, first at court, under the urethral rulers, creating luxury for them as an attribute of power.

Art as such from time immemorial was under the patronage of the urethral measure. Only the highly developed vision was under the full protection of the urethral leader, while the underdeveloped female spectators remained in a special account with the olfactory advisor and were instantly eliminated by him as unable to fulfill their specific role and thereby endangering everyone.

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Today, in the age of skin civilization, a standardized law guarantees the survival of everyone, which means that even the weakest visuals are provided with life even with less development. This gave impetus to the emergence of a fundamentally new phenomenon - mass culture.

For the first time, visualization received the opportunity to take quantity, not quality, and today almost any product of visual creativity can become popular and replicated. And pop culture is especially widespread today in the West, which, of course, is no coincidence. The entire Western civilization is the embodiment of the skin phase of the development of society at the peak of visual culture, when an immutable law rules, which guarantees everyone the right to both private property and the inviolability of life.

While Russia, despite the undoubted influence of all the norms of the skin civilization, still has a powerful urethral mentality, which does not allow the skin law to be elevated to an absolute, in it the visual measure no longer has the ability to take quantity and not quality, everything is so the same needing protection and patronage from the urethral measure. Pop culture here has not received and could never have received such a powerful development and so far remains for the most part a product of very dubious quality compared to Western counterparts. On the other hand, it is here that art still remains elitist, and there is no such thing as "intelligentsia" in the sense that we use it at all in any language of Western countries.

Realization of a visual woman in the modern world

Due to her incredible sensuality, a developed skin-visual woman is by nature a psychotherapist. Like no one else, she feels the state of mind, mood, desires of other people. A singer or a dancer, even if she is not too developed sensually and emotionally, only with her creativity balances the states of those looking at her, calms, relieves suffering, gives people pleasure, instills a sense of beauty at the most elementary level.

In the modern world, a developed skin-visual woman realizes herself as a psychologist, psychotherapist, art critic, tour guide, literature teacher, linguist and social worker. Can become a nurse, doctor, actress. Or as a designer - to instill in people their natural "visual" taste. She is able to excel in almost any job that requires emotional contact with people.

In the modern world, a skin-visual woman with a low level of development of the visual vector most often dreams of being a model, walking on the catwalk, showing her body, catching admiring glances under the flashes of endless cameras.

These can be seen in numerous show projects such as "Catwalk" or "America's Next Top Model". They are also participants in reality shows, such as "Dom-2" or television games, in which they need to demonstrate their beauty and emotionality, as, for example, in the TV show "Intuition". Although among the models, in exceptional cases, you can find a woman who is very developed in the visual vector. And it is not surprising that if the latter falls into this sphere, then, as a rule, it immediately stands out from the general mass and reaches great heights, comparing favorably with the environment - it demonstrates not the body, but the soul.


Art has always been considered a type of cultural activity that satisfies a person's love for the beautiful, but not only as a way of knowing and reflecting reality, but also as a part of the spiritual culture of man and all mankind. Art educates and refines feelings, creates a common foundation for humanistic ideas and values ​​and, accordingly, more humane relations in society.

Cinema and theater play a special role in art

An actress, a real actress who evokes a sense of belonging in the viewer, this is a very high level of development of the visual vector. With her work, she not only gives aesthetic pleasure, but also brings humanistic ideas into society, awakening in the audience a variety of shades of experience - from euphoria to tears of compassion. Thanks to the talent inherent in the visual vector for a particularly subtle perception of the mental states of other people and development, which makes the range of these states surprisingly wide, she fully "lives" on the stage and in the frame of the emotions and lives of her heroines.

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Skin-visual man - took the baton!

Finally, in the era of skin values, the law, for the first time in history, provided equal opportunities for survival for everyone, including those who had not previously found fulfillment in the pack. Against the background of a high level of development of visual culture, now the skin-visual males began to actively take a place in the most diverse spheres of life, pushing the skin-visual female. We see skin-visual men in ballet, on stage, in figure skating and even rhythmic gymnastics. For the first time in thousands of years of human history, the skin-visual ligament in a male body that does not have an archetype, a specific role, without the "right to bite" was given the opportunity to realize.

However, their bite is not so bad today. Moreover, in today's landscape, the modern skin-visual guitarist is in demand as much, if not more, than other men. He catches the eye from posters, TV advertisements and magazine pages. In less than a century, he managed to achieve what became a symbol of male sexuality and beauty (what girl would not want to marry Brad Pitt!).

Over the millennia of development of civilization, the skin-visual woman has managed to instill a sense of the value of a single human life in every member of the community. And even those who are far from empathy in their properties have become able to understand and respect someone else's life, at least at an elementary level - at the level of the physical body.

Today we put up with the need for physical coexistence with others, but we are not tolerant of someone else's mental, if it is different from ours. It has long been known that we evaluate everyone “through ourselves” and represent the norm by ourselves. And only we are indignant, lament and bewildered when we encounter someone who is arranged differently: “Well, how can he do that! I would never do that! What a man!.. Does he really not understand!"

And in the case of a skin-visual man, the situation is truly radical. What does it mean that he has no right to bite? Never before have such individuals survived, did not become an organic part of the community, which means that a natural species role has not been formed for them, which they would habitually perform, bringing their contribution to the life of the group. And today they naturally occupy the niche that previously belonged entirely to the skin-visual woman. Today they are becoming hairdressers, models, stylists, actors and pop musicians, they, like skin-visual women, are noticeable in the crowd, slim, sensual and graceful.

And let's face it, it can hardly be argued that the majority of people are tolerant to this unprecedented phenomenon: “Isn't this a man! Just look at him! Like a woman …!"

This speaks both of the new needs of society and of its readiness for the next stage of cultural development.

Today, it is the dermal-visual men who make a significant contribution to the creation of a cultural platform for a smooth transition from a modern person, living according to the laws of animal ranking, to a spiritual person. To find their place in a still "animal" society, they must create new values ​​and bring visual compassion to the next level of development, instill in people compassion, empathy now at a higher level, creating a base not for the forced, imposed from outside, but coming from within., true mental tolerance of each of the people. This is a potential breakthrough from “animal man” to “spiritual man”, to a qualitatively new round in both the cultural and spiritual development of mankind.

You can learn more about the peculiarities of the psyche and the laws of the unconscious already at free online lectures on "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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