Skin-visual Man And His Role In Culture

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Skin-visual Man And His Role In Culture
Skin-visual Man And His Role In Culture

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Skin-visual man and his role in culture

Culture is the value of human life. Now culture is at almost the highest level of its development. The value of human life has never been so high. Indirectly, the level of culture is determined by the fight against abortion, the inclusion of bugs and spiders in the Red Book, and the movement to save laboratory mice. This is the outer part of the culture …

Fragment of the lecture summary of the Second Level on the topic "Culture":

Culture is the value of human life. Now culture is at almost the highest level of its development. The value of human life has never been so high. Indirectly, the level of culture is determined by the fight against abortion, the inclusion of bugs and spiders in the Red Book, and the movement to save laboratory mice. This is the outer part of the culture.

There is another, internal part of culture, which unites us not according to the animal type, but through emotional connections, educates our sensuality, limiting hostility. However, there is a problem in this part of culture - individualism. It is about creating distance to limit dislike, not a particular moral feeling. As in America: there is no need for a moral sense, no spiritual quest, torment, only a distance - "I don't touch you, and you don't touch me." But the psyche of people has grown so much that it shortens this distance, and at some point this distance will not save. Distance from each other also cannot be infinite.

Culture is exhausting itself, it is less and less effective, it no longer limits us. The last round of culture is still waiting for us - through the skin-visual boy. But so far he is nowhere: in the West, such thin, sensual boys are sexually exploited in homosexual relationships, in our country they are considered social zeros. Even 20 years ago, skin-visual boys were not so "girlish", so sensual, developed, kind, so special. Today, a generation of skin-visual boys is growing, who are potentially able to develop and realize themselves at the level of the skin-visual woman. This has never happened before. The boy in the program “Voice. Children”moves, looks like a girl, he is more a girl than any skin-visual girl - in our animal perception. But he's a boy.


What will be the role of skin-visual men in culture? All women's culture from the very beginning to the present day is aimed at preserving the BODY, life. As an example, the fight against the death penalty. Although it is not known what is more terrible: to spend all his life in prison or to be executed in 5 minutes, - women's culture stands primarily for the safety of the body. A skin-visual man, who can potentially grow to the level of a skin-visual woman, will maintain the psychological STATES of a person. This is the highest form of psychotherapy that awaits us. In the meantime, the skin-visual man is in a deplorable position.

Collectively, skin-visual boys began to survive only in the last century. In America they expressed themselves as an unheard-of movement - they came out against the war. A boy is a warrior, a defender of the fatherland, and suddenly something like that! They are called to Vietnam, but they: “No! We don't want to fight! No war! Off The Pig! " (“Turn off the pig!” - a play on words, the M60 machine gun was called a pig - an important attribute and symbol of the Vietnam War). "What do you want?" - ask them. "Make love, not war!" - what is translated: "Make love, not war!" It was the Hippy movement. The main ideologues of the hippies were, of course, rock musicians such as John Lennon, Jim Morrison (vocalist and leader of the Doors) - skin sounds.

People unfamiliar with system-vector psychology write about them "shamans", and we say skin-sound ideologists. Since vision always reaches for sound, skin-visual ideologists were drawn to the skin-visual ideologists. It was an amazing and striking phenomenon. For the first time, groups of men behaved “unmanly”. In addition to declaring themselves through non-standard external signs - long hair, bright colors, baubles - they also spoke out against war and for love. They lived without marriage, in communes, they did not wash their hair, and even this simple thing could be done in front of everyone, demonstratively. It was unheard of! A sexual revolution has begun in Puritan America.

It is simply impossible for a "normal man" to perceive a skin-visual boy, the animal inside him is indignant. Yes, as a dominant, ambitious real man, who is the husband-father-owner of the house, can calmly look at this one here - with styling, plucked eyebrows, in a woman's blouse ?!


But the man does not even notice that in fact he is already following this, effeminate … Previously, he, brutal, in kirzach and quilted jacket came to get a job: "Master, is there a job?" - it is clear that he is normal, he got a job. And now? He will not be allowed into society without decent clothes, he will not be given a job. These "nasty" ones, set the form, the rules of behavior, which all others have to adapt to in order to get a job.

Sociologists shout: "Feminization!" There is no feminization, the skin-visual woman sets the direction for women today, and the skin-visual boy - for men. Women do not like the skin-visual boy, but they follow its standards; men simply despise the skin-visual boy, but they also follow him. So far in form, and a little more - will be in content. Skin-visual men are able to create emotional connections with girls without animal (sexual) continuation, and other people today create an emotional connection first and only then manifest themselves at an animal level.

It is easier for the West to break away from the animal, it is more difficult for us with our urethral mentality. "Mysterious Russian soul". In the West, they take a shower several times a day. Are they getting so dirty or something? Smells wash away - such is their unconscious collective agreement. This allows you to reduce tension in society, smooth out the ranking at the animal level, which is based on smells. The West moves away from smells, standardizes - it is easier to obey the law. And we have? Once or twice - they have already grappled, dragged each other by the hair, kicked them off.

Now, skin-visual men realize their sexual behavior in a lot of ways: both homosexuals and transsexuals. "Normal men" have a taboo attraction, and skin-visual men are not taboo on attraction, they have no right to transfer the gene pool by nature, they have no woman of their own. He is visual - he fell in love with a woman, just as he can love a man. Once it was not accepted, now it is legalized - morally and legislatively. But at the same time, the skin-visual man is not homosexual, this is not his nature.

What do we have today? Some of the skin-visual boys have some kind of social aspirations, some sing, dance, become actors. Where are the others? They are sexually exploited, but they are not at all against: they do not want to work, they want to eat, but there is no specific role, that is, a place in society. How to be? You can live supported by a good woman. Well, or a man … A skin-visual man is able to create an emotional connection, to love both one and the other. And at the same time he is not ashamed of such a way of life, because the skin-visual boy is also not regulated by social shame. But this is not at all the best development option.

Skin-visual men must survive and develop, not leaving fear in homosexual relationships or dressing up as a girl, but taking their vision outward, learning to create emotional connections of a new level of complexity. And we must not interfere with their development, not intimidate them with cannibal tales. Learn to calmly perceive such an individual as a skin-visual man, rising above his animal content.

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Recorded by Julia Chernaya. April 8, 2014

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