Luck, Luck And White Stripes, Or How To Turn Fate Towards Yourself

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Luck, Luck And White Stripes, Or How To Turn Fate Towards Yourself
Luck, Luck And White Stripes, Or How To Turn Fate Towards Yourself

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Luck, luck and white stripes, or How to turn fate towards yourself

Karma, horoscope, innate luck, talismans and sentences - how effective are they? How does luck work? What is the universal mechanism of the process that we consider lucky? Where do black and white stripes come from in our lives? Why are some lucky all the time, while others almost never? What can you do to turn the wheel of fortune in your direction?

Who turns the wheel of fortune

Each of us in life has good moments when it seems that fate favors you, circumstances are developing in the best way, and success goes straight into your hands.

Everyone understands their luck differently: for someone it is career growth, for someone - personal relationships, for another - a favorite hobby or an opportunity to express themselves in creativity.

Whatever we see our luck, we feel it equally positively: we enjoy life. At the same time, it seems to us that everything that happens to us is the intervention of higher forces, the work of a guardian angel, a guiding star, or, at least, a good combination of circumstances.

We believe that practically nothing depended on us in this situation. No, we, of course, used our chance to catch luck by the tail, made every effort to realize the opportunity that appeared, but a share of luck was still present in this matter.

Karma, horoscope, innate luck, talismans and sentences - how effective are they? How does luck work? What is the universal mechanism of the process that we consider lucky? Where do black and white stripes come from in our lives? Why are some lucky all the time, while others almost never? What can you do to turn the wheel of fortune in your direction?

The essence of luck actually has nothing to do with mysticism, heredity or fate, it has a purely psychological nature, a clear mechanism of action and obviously observable consequences.

The cause-and-effect relationships of such a phenomenon as luck are quite easily explained from the standpoint of the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

How luck works

We receive pleasure from our life only when we realize our own psychological properties at the highest level. When all needs are satisfied, the neurotransmitters of the central nervous system are in a balanced state, and we feel this as happiness, joy, fullness of life, meaningfulness.

When there is no realization or it is only partial, voids grow in the psyche, the vacuum of unfulfilled desires is felt painfully, plunging us into negativity - resentment, melancholy, anger, irritability, apathy and the like.

The most interesting thing is the principle of doubling desire, which is that when an arisen desire is satisfied, a new desire arises in its place, a more voluminous, more complex, higher level. This makes us look for new ways of implementation, improve our qualifications, achieve more and more goals, go for promotion, develop in our profession.

Realizing at a new, higher level for us, we also get more pleasure from achieving our goal. It's like "… better than mountains there can only be mountains that have never been before." Making efforts in the direction we have chosen, in our field of activity, we move forward, develop and develop our industry, contribute to the well-being of society, and fulfill our specific role.

So, when we do it with all our might, giving our all to our favorite work, giving all of ourselves to sincere relationships, expressing ourselves in creativity, every minute of our life trying to do only what we do best, we ourselves create our own luck.

It is such a movement that is called fate, and we ourselves choose it for ourselves, we ourselves determine our path in life, making our choice every day, falling under the influence of two forces - libido and mortido - the desire for either a dynamic or a static state.

Luck, luck and white streaks
Luck, luck and white streaks

In other words, each of us at every moment of time is between two fires and makes his choice between two directions - the active desire to live, create, create, give and the passive desire to consume, take, exist statically.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains that, while remaining in a passive state of rest, trying to feel sorry for ourselves, to protect, to rest from life, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to receive pleasure from filling the needs of the psyche, which means that shortages grow inside. The more we rest from ourselves, the worse we feel.

A happy person never gets tired of happiness and would not want to take a break from it for a moment. The most famous composers do not get tired of writing music, the most outstanding writers cannot get tired of working on a new book, real brilliant scientists spend all their time researching and scientific work.

It's that simple! They go for the carrot. Their actually tangible pleasure at work is greater than the potential joy of doing nothing. Their luck is their choice. A person who fulfills his specific role at the highest level and goes to complication is that part of humanity that is moving on the right course, realizing his individual mission, while simultaneously fulfilling the universal human task of development.

Realization of one's own psychological properties at the limit of possibilities is a journey through life in step with modern society. This implies that it is not circumstances that create you, but you create your own circumstances, it is about you that they say that you are just lucky, a darling of fate and a favorite of fortune. And you just live your life at full capacity, sparing no effort, no time, no mind and body capabilities.

But sometimes mortido catches up with us, laziness wins out enthusiasm, we mistakenly give ourselves a break, lower the bar, take a break and … deprive ourselves of full realization. We do not burn, but smolder, luck goes away, obstacles easily overcome at high speed turn into huge obstacles, we begin to whine and complain about everyone in the world, we look for the reasons for our failures in anything, but not in ourselves. And at the same time, in hindsight, we say that then it was a great success, we were incredibly lucky then, circumstances developed in such a way that everything turned out almost by itself, then she was our happy white streak in life.

Note that we always say this only in retrospect, when it has become worse than it was. The expression "I now have a black stripe" can be heard much more often than "I am now in a white stripe, I am lucky and I rush through life."

Accidents are not accidental, or who is responsible for all this

Yes, if you could just take and tune yourself to a productive wave, bewitch some kind of amulet, buy a talisman that would protect us and guide us on the right path, it would only remain to live and rejoice. If everything depended on a diagram of our fate written by someone, everything would be much sadder and more hopeless than it really is.

Whatever our life is - lucky or unlucky, positive or negative, difficult or easy - in any case, we create it ourselves. Likewise, the biggest obstacle on our way is, again, WE.

How to turn fate towards yourself
How to turn fate towards yourself

Every day we realize our innate psychological properties at the level to which they managed to develop in childhood. We always choose the field of activity that best suits our psychological needs. However, we are becoming more complex and the world is becoming more complicated - more and more people are born multi-vector, more and more opportunities for implementation are provided by modern society. In such a wealth of choice, we often make mistakes, inspired by the example of realized, successful, happy, but psychologically different people. And again it seems to us that he is so great because he got into the jet, he was lucky, unlike us.

Today, the greatest success for a modern person is the opportunity to understand himself. Self-knowledge is on a par with the most essential knowledge and skills of an adult. Knowledgeable means armed.

Understanding gives strength to take responsibility for your life on yourself, opens your eyes to your own mistakes and real potential, eliminates fear of the future, brings meaning into every day of your life, into every thought in your head, every moment when you feel alive … The participants of the training talk about the significant changes that understanding and systems thinking made in their lives on the feedback page.

Nothing in our life happens by accident. Even the fact that you are reading this article is not an accident. It only means that you need it, you have a need for this information, an internal question has arisen that requires an answer. The realization of free will and freedom of choice is our greatest opportunity in this life, and it is she who is able to give each of us personally the pleasure of existence, and to society - a tangible creative contribution to its development and advancement into the future of all mankind.

You can understand your own psychological nature, desires and needs, opportunities and shortcomings at the next free online lectures on system-vector psychology by Yuri Burlan.

Register now and catch your luck by the tail … consciously and intentionally!

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