At The Crosshairs Of Time. The Fate Of The World And Individual States

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At The Crosshairs Of Time. The Fate Of The World And Individual States
At The Crosshairs Of Time. The Fate Of The World And Individual States

At the crosshairs of time. The fate of the world and individual states

The modern world needs people who know themselves, understand others. And there are no such people. The smartest people do not know themselves, all they can is to resist the collective unconscious with their consciousness. This is a very dangerous resistance. Natural landmarks are lost.

Fragment of the lecture summary of the Second Level on the topic "Development of Humanity":

In the Russian context, the fight against corruption can be more destructive to the integrity of the state than corruption itself. This is what happened in Ukraine.

The vertical mentality needs heroes. In general, any society needs heroes in order to create a passionary compressed consolidating impulse, but the Russian vertical urethral mentality especially needs this. There are no heroes in the western version, but there is an American dream. We had a common country and common heroes - Ukraine was a republic within the country. With the separation of Ukraine, all the heroes remained in Russia, as well as the most mentally full-fledged and active cadres - scientific, political, technical, and creative. How to live when there are no heroes? Came up with them. Those that were, were overthrown by offended analys who were left without honor and respect. So versions were born that Gastello ran out of gasoline, Matrosov slipped and fell on the bunker, and others …

The glory of the heroes of the Soviet Union was destroyed systematically, making us believe that our grandfathers and grandmothers were just “stupid scoops”, “commies”. And then who are we now? Bastards who have no right to exist on their own. No roots, no history, no heroes. The best thing we have in store for us is to serve in European homes. We are going there ourselves, and at the same time we are happy, we think that we are lucky. There is no need to conquer - just destroy thinking, and people will go to serve in Europe …


The West really wants to be served from Ukraine. Of course, it's good: people with education, upbringing, with European culture - why not have such an au pair? It is good to have a teacher for children with higher medical education from Ukraine or Russia …

In general, this is neither good nor bad for them. People in the West also work a lot, and if they have no time to do their housework, housekeeping, raising children, they invite helpers. This is normal. But it's not normal for us to do this kind of work. We have a urethral mentality. Any other person from other countries, where they don't teach them to read or count, is for their benefit, such work, for them this is development. But not for us. Let them clean themselves up and raise their children. There is no need for us here to go to the services of servants.

The modern world needs people who know themselves, understand others. And there are no such people. The smartest people do not know themselves, all they can is to resist the collective unconscious with their consciousness. This is a very dangerous resistance. Natural landmarks have been lost. We are confused with the help of information wars, which are potentially stronger than any nuclear weapon. People in general are not monsters, but it costs nothing to replace values ​​with them, to knock down the internal compass. The best people with a clear conscience defend the most obvious evil, but they are convinced that they defend the good, the eternal.

In Ukraine, they say crazy and scary things that do not correspond to reality, hiding behind historical examples and samples of culture, twisting people's brains. Now, in the age of information wars, turning your brains is like handing over a deck and at the right time pulling out a card from the bottom, slipping it into the layout. This is what the West is doing. They systematically work our brains out and replace concepts to create confusion. As you know, fish are better caught in troubled waters. The West needs disorder and chaos, and it can be achieved by chaos in the minds. Now there is a struggle for minds, for heads, for brains. The brains want to turn, and if it succeeds, then no war is needed - they will do everything themselves, go out and vote, or, conversely, will stay at home at the right time.

In general, the state, defending its interests, acts according to the well-known formula: inside our state there must be order, and outside it - a mess. A mess outside the cave is very good, because when another state has a mess, we are stronger from it, that's all … It's nothing personal. Others become weaker from the mess, so they can no longer be taken by martial art, but simply by creating chaos and disorder. All! You don't need anything else … You will do the rest yourself.

In order to breed people like that, brains are needed to come up with scenarios and distort the "deck of information cards". Now, in the age of the Internet, where everything is not even at the level of a nuclear button or a nuclear briefcase, but at the level of one mouse click (!), It is very simple. One click of the mouse - and that's it, the thermonuclear information bomb is launched.

Knowing the system-vector psychology, it is already impossible to harm yourself. After people realize that our main enemy is hostility, and it is in our head that there are only two forces - reception and bestowal, consolidation and disintegration, it is no longer possible to get confused in these two pines. Any or almost any event will be in full view. They incite hostility in society, which means that soon there will be disintegration and disintegration. It is at the elimination of hostility that the SVP is aimed at. Self-awareness. The understanding that you don't need to stick your fingers into the outlet will hurt!


This is another conversation between countries. The country trusts its leaders to defend their interests. And this is already outside the framework of culture. When Khrushchev came to power, he confused these concepts. They began to help whoever happened to be, to build power plants, roads for them, to share technologies. The West has always given loans at interest for this business, signed strict papers, and we just helped, out of the kindness of our soul, from transferring the urethral mentality to the wrong landscape. We forgave them their debts, out of our mercy, and provided real help when something happened, and not just send them to help, like the Americans - on you, God, that we do not want …

In general, states today defend their interests and are able to see who the enemy is if they are pointed at the enemy. Now they are being shown that Russia is an enemy. They are not bad people, it’s just the way it is arranged, not by us conceived … but this is how it is arranged! The good news is that Russia and all of us are starting to slowly get out of the situation when we allow ourselves to be dictated by conditions. Of course, NATO comrades do not like this, they shout, squeal and are indignant. After all, Russia did not go according to their scenario. And Russia will not go according to their scenario … Urethra, the leader will not bend under the skin mentality. They are trying to intimidate us with sanctions. We do not care! We spit on our own laws, but your sanctions for us are like this … We have a urethral mentality - we are above the law, and we will still go our own unpredictable way.

The Skin West, evaluating through itself, is trying to influence us in a skin-like manner: we will exclude you from the G8, we are this, we are this. And we are not fooled by their bureaucratic threats, for us with our urethral mentality to be afraid that we will be deprived of some position or portfolio is ridiculous …

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Written by Victoria Vinnikova. March 28, 2014

A comprehensive understanding of this and other topics is formed on a full oral training in system-vector psychology

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