The Writer's Fate: A White Sheet On The Path To Revealing The Idea

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The Writer's Fate: A White Sheet On The Path To Revealing The Idea
The Writer's Fate: A White Sheet On The Path To Revealing The Idea

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The Writer's Fate: A White Sheet on the Path to Revealing the Idea

There is a special category of people, those who all the time internally ask themselves questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? " We are not satisfied with simple answers, even in a simple answer we are looking for a secret meaning, we want to look deeper, to penetrate into the very essence …

Have you ever noticed what gets in the way of creativity the most? White list. The fear of a blank slate, when it lies in front of you, perfectly flat, white, without a single symbol. Lies untouched like the first snow. And no one has yet left their marks on it, trampled grooves and bends, heavy dents and blots, has not spoiled its purity, has not invaded its whiteness.

Virgin white sheet. Perfection. And you start to doubt whether it is worth writing something? After all, a string of carefully drawn, rounded, almost tilt-free symbols is by no means ideal. Is it worth it to write, because I'm a nonentity? You sit for hours with a pen in your hand, and the thought that first struck you and made you sit down at the white sheet no longer seems so grandiose, it melts, becomes thinner and goes out. And you get up unhappily to stretch your stiff legs a little. Once again, you were preparing for a meeting with the Muse, but she did not come.

She did not come, just as the beloved woman you once called on a date did not come. You are still alone, because true love happens only once in a lifetime. Everything else is a compromise, but you didn't want to compromise. You are still alone, and the years are already stubbornly silvering your short-cropped hair with a light frost. Years pass by … And you stayed there … in the past. When you were waiting for her and thought: “She must be delayed. I'll stand still, and she will definitely come. It cannot fail to come. Because I firmly know it is She. " But she didn’t come.

At that very moment, the future ceased to exist. More precisely, you didn't really believe in him before. But now it is gone as a category. This day and night for some reason stubbornly replace each other. But why? After all, life has no meaning.

Who am I?

There is a special category of people, those who all the time internally ask themselves questions: “Who am I? Why am I here? " We are not satisfied with simple answers, even in a simple answer we are looking for a secret meaning, we want to look deeper, to penetrate into the very essence. Since childhood, we are silent and focused, we do not like to play with other children, we prefer loneliness and immersion in ourselves to cheerful children's fun. The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan calls us sound scientists.

Our most sensitive place is the ear, which is why we are so sensitive to sound. We are terribly annoyed when a door on unlubricated hinges creaks in the silence or a rude shout from the street. We can't stand human screaming. Remember Bulgakov's Master? “… I, you know, cannot stand noise, fuss, violence and all sorts of things like that. Especially I hate human cry, be it a cry of suffering, rage or some other cry. " The soundman's ear is tuned to pick up the subtlest sounds, things that others do not hear, therefore, a rough human cry is perceived by the sound engineer as a suprathreshold stimulus, literally like a shell burst in the skull.

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Initially, the specific role of the soundman is the night guard of the pack. The whole flock is asleep, and only one sound engineer is on guard and listens to the silence, to the pacifying breath of his fellow tribesmen, interrupted by rare tones of snoring. And the sound engineer is awake. He may even close his eyes to hear better, but he is awake. And even if he sleeps, he is very sensitive.

And in this night darkness, which does not distract the eyes, in this night silence, the sound engineer was the first in the tribe to realize his separateness from the others: there is a flock, all the others who sleep, and there is I. This awareness gave birth to a host of the following questions: who am I? Why am I? What is this world for? From that moment on, an additional desire arose in the sound vector - the desire to know oneself, the most acute human desire that cannot be quenched by any secondary means.

The soundman, of course, shared his discovery with the other members of the pack. And, of course, everyone understood this discovery to the best of their vector essence. So, for example, the leatherman decided: “I am a hunter, a hunter for the pack,” and a man with an anal vector thought: “I am the one who teaches others,” the urethral man hit himself in the chest and announced the savannah with a primitive roar: “I am the leader!”, Well, all the other vectors joined them and calmed down, figuring out who is who. And only the sound engineer finally lost his peace! Because this is not enough to satisfy the endless thirst for knowledge of the sound engineer.

According to Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology, the sound vector is dominant. Thus, the desire to know oneself becomes the strongest human desire, it is this desire that motivates a person, predetermining his thoughts and actions. Desires of other vectors turn out to be secondary.

The allocation of "I" can be considered the starting point in the development of mankind. As time went on, humanity went through certain phases in its development: the primitive flock (muscle phase - the feeling of a single "WE") was divided into tribes, and then families in the anal phase of development. Families settled, occupied a certain territory, formed states through a complex system of agreements with each other. The anal phase of human development was characterized by a traditional way of life, attachment to traditions, family, clan as the highest value.

Dividing more and more into separate families and losing ties with each other, mankind has passed into the skin phase of development, where the main unit of living matter has become not the family, but each individual person - individuality, personality. Today we are at the peak of division and it is not obvious to everyone that man is a social being and he can survive only among his own kind.

Today, at the age of 3, every child begins to realize his Self. What was the breakthrough of the first sound engineer 6000 years ago is now available to everyone. However, each person is aware of himself only within the framework of his vector properties and filling his desires, sees the world through himself. And only this is not enough for the sound engineer, he is looking for more.

Time passed, humanity developed, but the essence of the sound vector remained unchanged. This is an endless search for oneself, which sound specialists form into religious and philosophical ideas, musical and literary works, the search for the laws of the world order at the physical level. It is the sound people - people with well-developed abstract thinking through ideas (earlier) and knowledge of human nature (in the present) - who are called to unite scattered humanity.

Particle and Wave - The Nature of Sound

The sound vector is the only one of the 8 vectors whose searches are focused outside the material world. As Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology says, when we listen to the world around us, we catch not a particle, but the oscillation of particles, when we listen to another person, we catch not the words, but the meaning of these words, when we listen deeply inside ourselves, we also seek meaning … We are looking for meaning, which is expressed by a vague, obsessive, endlessly disturbing question: “Why am I here? Why do I live?"

Finding answers to these questions takes most of the sound engineer's time. The outwardly calm and motionless sound person experiences inside the stormy work of thought, like a nuclear reactor. This work is not expressed externally, and the result of this work is difficult to predict from the inside by the sound engineer himself. It can be years and years of continuous concentration and … And then it suddenly, at one moment bursts with an inner illumination - the sound engineer understood something about life and about the structure of the Universe. And this is a moment of delight, incomparable with anything else!

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And he expresses his thoughts with a system of symbols that is often understandable only to a narrow circle of sound scientists - mathematical symbols, physical formulas, a system of complex abstract concepts … And with each generation, ideas become more and more abstract, more and more highly specialized terms are born that require study and decoding. And the sound specialists enthusiastically study and quote each other - what is incomprehensible to other vectors and is usually expressed by them by the phrase: “Why complicate everything so much?” Evokes sacred awe in the sound engineer.

When a sound engineer gives birth to an idea, he transfers it to a material medium - to paper, to a computer disk, to a USB flash drive - he transforms a wave (his thought) into a particle (into an object of the material world). In a simplified form, this is the purpose of a sound engineer - the birth of an idea from emptiness, from nothing, and giving this idea a finished form.

Later, other vectors will pull this idea apart and will use it to the best of their vector essence, but only another sound engineer can appreciate the beauty of the initial idea, in whom it instantly resonates in the depths of the common sound "I" and will disperse in pulsating waves of delight and launch a catalytic the reaction of one's own sound search for new meanings and formulas. Each answer of the sound engineer raises new questions in him, and this inner work of thought does not stop for a second.

Black letters on a white sheet as a lack of meaning

A person with a sound vector is by nature an absolute introvert, and it is difficult for him to communicate directly with other people. Sound people are often silent, thoughtful, immersed in themselves. If you ask the sound engineer a question, he will be silent for a while. The sound engineer needs this time in order to get out of the state of inner concentration. In a state of such inner focus, the sound engineer spends most of his life. However, the inner tension of the search for meaning must find a way out. Those meanings and ideas that fill the sound engineer must be somehow expressed outward. Creativity is one of the ways to implement the sound vector.

But Musa is capricious … Sound concentration is unpredictable: sometimes it can be very fruitful, and a person in a day suddenly realizes and understands the Idea that he has nurtured for a month, or maybe a year, and sometimes the sound engineer sits empty for weeks, like a bottomless well, falling into a state of depression and hopelessness, when someone else's thoughts give rise to only a booming echo in his emptiness.

With vector shortages, the sound engineer is focused on himself and perceives only himself, he is devastated by loneliness and lack of understanding of himself and other people. His lack of understanding gives rise to hatred for others - the most powerful hatred among the 8 existing vectors. This very hatred and hopelessness sometimes forces the sound engineer to commit suicide. The soundman thinks that when he leaves this body, meanings will finally open to him and heavenly harmony will sound in his head. But this is a tragic mistake, leading many potential discoverers out of this world.

As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, the task of the sound engineer is to overcome his sound egocentrism. Self-knowledge is impossible in isolation, but only in interaction with other people. Then the sound representation of oneself “I am nothing” ceases to sound like an inner emptiness, a sound lack of meanings, and acquires a meaningful proportionality with the life of the entire human species. The truth is that this world is the only one possible for the fulfillment of the sound purpose - the knowledge of oneself and others.

You can learn everything about the sound vector at the lectures on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Registration for nightly online classes here:

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