Holiday Romance - A Game Of Love On The Ruins Of Marriage?

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Holiday Romance - A Game Of Love On The Ruins Of Marriage?
Holiday Romance - A Game Of Love On The Ruins Of Marriage?

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Holiday romance - a game of love on the ruins of marriage?

It happens that women who are married or in a long-term relationship with a partner also have resort romances. In the land of fun, carelessness, beautiful dresses and tanned men, they can forget for a while and work, and lack of money, and problems with children, and everything that weighs heavily on their shoulders eleven months a year …

The plane, ready to take it on a long-awaited vacation, was just taxiing for landing, and the passengers already felt that worries and problems remained behind the turnstiles. It was as if they had stepped onto another planet, where the attraction was less and each step became like a light ballet step, and their thoughts were focused on that joyful, which is simply but succinctly called vacation. A vacation from everyday, familiar, and maybe not very happy life.

In the land of endless holiday

The resort is a holiday destination 365 days a year. The goal of vacationers is to unwind, gain impressions, and take a piece of the holiday with them. Someone indulges in lazy bliss on the beach, someone runs around the shops, others indulge themselves with mineral baths and massage. Each - his own … Everyone gets what is lacking in the monotony of everyday life.

And if love is lacking? Why not look for her at the resort?

In an atmosphere of carelessness and remoteness from professional and family concerns, a special feeling of freedom arises. And we perceive the people around us as random fellow travelers on long-distance trains. When there is no common future, tomorrow you will not be ashamed of your stupidity and mistakes. You can return home with a slight feeling of sadness and fresh energy. Return as if nothing had happened.

What is unacceptable and unacceptable in everyday life is easily realized in the atmosphere of resort freedom. Someone attracts eyes with an immodest outfit, someone will laugh too loudly in a restaurant, and another will directly approach the man who interested her. Women in search of love …

Remember in Chekhov: "… a new face appeared on the embankment: a lady with a dog …" And immediately the attention of men is attracted to her, although she does not stand out in anything special. Pheromones. The scent of a woman longing for love. Who are these women seeking fleeting happiness in resorts?

A lonely heart looking for joy

Most of them are single women. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains why resort romances are most easily given to skin-visual women who rush on vacation like moths to a bright lamp burning in total darkness. All they need is love, a state of being in love. A vacation at a resort is an opportunity to show yourself in all its glory, to be noticed, to draw attention to yourself.

The novel, which unfolds with cosmic speed, gives a carefree and cloudless holiday of love and makes the skin-visual woman happy on vacation. However, returning home, she is able to throw her love affairs out of her head and easily start a new relationship, because skin-visual women always easily attract men to themselves. They are the embodiment of flirting and flirtatiousness.

A holiday romance
A holiday romance

Loneliness is especially painful for women with the ano-visual ligament of vectors. Home, family, children - the values ​​of the anal vector. The visual vector realizes itself through the creation of emotional connections, love. Therefore, an anal-visual woman is able to become the best wife and mother in the world.

When the deep, natural needs of the anal-visual woman are not fulfilled, she does not receive joy from her life. If there is no permanent partner with whom she wants to start a family, she can agree to a short-term relationship. Deep down hoping that it is with her that the man will still want a longer relationship.

Vacation is a small life

A vacation away from home changes the nature of relationships with society. At the resort, the effect of living one day is triggered. Especially for a person with a skin vector, for whom the purpose of the vacation is to change the familiar environment, a change in impressions. We come for a short time with the thought that we may never come back here again. Even if someone looks judgmental, it is not very important, because we will disperse, scatter, leaving behind both condemnation and approval.

The general atmosphere of the holiday, when everyone wants joy and pleasure, liberates even unmarried women with an anal vector. If an interesting man drew attention to her, she will gladly accept his courtship. A woman with an anal vector is honest and trusting. She herself never deceives anyone and does not expect deception from others, until the first bad experience.

Most often, she gets her first bad experience with a skinny man - a lover of novelty, who knows how to flexibly adapt to circumstances, it is easy to mix truth with fiction. A dermal man, striving for success, but not achieving the desired realization, can seek diversity and self-affirmation in adventures "on the side" and fleeting romances. Such men enter into casual relationships with women and feed their partners with empty promises, becoming sexual users.

I want love. Give me happiness

It happens that women who are married or in a long-term relationship with a partner also have resort romances. In the land of fun, carelessness, beautiful dresses and tanned men, they can forget for a while and work, and lack of money, and problems with children, and everything that weighs heavily on their shoulders eleven months a year …

At the same time, visual women lack vivid impressions, deep experiences, strong feelings. For skin women, the novelty factor can be attractive, but a woman with an anal vector can thus take revenge on an unfaithful husband. In any case, a holiday romance will attract those married women who are not very happy in family life.

A holiday romance. On vacation for love
A holiday romance. On vacation for love

Vacation for them is an opportunity to catch the interested glances of men and to feel attractive and young again. After all, they lack this so much in everyday life! Work - home - work merge into one row with small breaks for the weekend, when you can finally do everything that you didn't have enough time for on weekdays.

And nature requires its own - a woman wants to be loved, the only and irreplaceable, wants to feel support from her husband, to see that he is trying and directs all his efforts to family and children. It is then that she gets a feeling of security and safety for herself and her children and gains confidence in the future.

When this is not the case, shortages arise - unsatisfied desires … So women fly from their joyless life to the bright sun of holiday freedom in the hope of grabbing at least a little bit of the joy they lack. But will a holiday romance be the solution to their problem?

Relationship in a couple is a dialogue

Man and woman are attracted to each other by sexual attraction. However, it lasts up to three years. And by itself, sexual attraction is far from love. Love is a constant emotional involvement in the life of another person. It is the emotional connection that makes the relationship of two absolutely fulfilled and truly human. When it is there, a harmonious intimate relationship is established between a man and a woman. Openness and trust are indispensable elements that bring joy to intimate relationships.

Sexual desires and characteristics cannot be passed over in silence today, even if only 50 years ago it was considered shameful and not discussed. The Internet provides answers to any question, but it is necessary to discuss sex life with a partner and only with him. And not just sexuality. You need to be able to talk about any problems, support each other in everything, be interested in your partner's life, his success, worries, worries. It is then that husband and wife become one.

Women who do not create emotional bonds with their husbands may feel that relationships are unhappy. The owners of the visual vector who have failed to create strong emotional ties suffer most from the lack of sensual intimacy and trusting relationships with partners.

Sometimes it seems like they are putting all their emotions into a relationship. Only often it happens that these emotions take the form of hysteria and emotional blackmail. Using such methods, they not only do not strengthen the emotional connection with the man, but also destroy the relationship, turning marriage into a painful coexistence of two strangers to each other.

One of the common mistakes in relationships is also the establishment of close emotional ties with friends, when we bring up all the troubles from the family for discussion with them. Then, instead of solving them in pairs, we ruin our emotional connection with a man, replacing him with girlfriends. Sometimes a mother, sister or staff psychologist plays this role of sympathizing with our family problems. One thing is obvious - transferring her emotions to a third person, a woman confidently erodes her connection with a man, emasculating the most important component of intimate relationships.

Holiday romance - a game of love or escape from marriage
Holiday romance - a game of love or escape from marriage

Holiday romance - what's next?

A one-day romance easily blossoms and fades away with a farewell kiss at the airport. A love affair with your own husband is a daily work for many years. This is the realization that love cannot be obtained for use together with a stamp in a passport, and even more so to find it in the short distance of a holiday romance.

The depth and quality of family relationships depend only on us. How to build an emotional bond with your husband? How do you learn to understand your partner's deepest desires and your own aspirations? How to understand the reasons for the cooling of the senses? What can be done so that mutual attraction does not fade over time, but moves to a higher level of relationship?

The questions are endless until we understand ourselves and our partner. The answers are in the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan. They are for those who want to be happily married.

Already at the free online training in systemic vector psychology, the first understanding comes from where happiness begins - the happiness of love and living together. Register for free online lectures here.

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