Under The Slab Of Injustice Part 1. Mom

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Under The Slab Of Injustice Part 1. Mom
Under The Slab Of Injustice Part 1. Mom
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Under the slab of injustice Part 1. Mom

In the psyche of an anal boy, a mother is, in one person, an attitude towards oneself, an attitude towards other people, an attitude towards a future wife, an attitude towards the whole world. Mom is, one might say, a matrix: interaction with her imprints in the psyche of the anal baby the order of perception of all subsequent life.

Mom!.. You are my everything!..

You are my God, you are my light!

Be with me always, I ask you very much.

I really need you, I will do everything for you …

Mommy, I love you very much!

Mom provides me with a sense of security, helps and supports. She gives me food and protects me when I myself am not yet capable of it. For any child, mom is the basis of safety. But there are children for whom its significance is even greater, for whom the relationship with the mother sets the whole scenario of their future life. We are talking about children with an anal vector, especially boys.

I cannot begin to live without help, which means I can die without help. Mom doesn't just protect me, she gives me movement. We can say that my mom gives birth to me twice. The first time - physically, the second time - pushing me on the path of socialization and development. The anal child is the most dependent on the mother, indecisive, unable to start moving on his own.

In this article I will take a closer look at how the relationship with the mother affects the life of the anal boy and what kind of trauma can occur in them. I hope that this article will help parents avoid mistakes, and former children - to realize how the relationship with their mother affected their lives. Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology helps to cope with the most severe injuries and anchors from childhood.

So, let's go …


Mommy, I want to be the best for you!

To make you even closer to me …

I want to take care of you! Tell me what to do for you

I am so happy when you give me your attention and care.

…I feel good when I am with you!

In the psyche of an anal boy, a mother is, in one person, an attitude towards oneself, an attitude towards other people, an attitude towards a future wife, an attitude towards the whole world. Mom is, one might say, a matrix: interaction with her imprints in the psyche of the anal baby the order of perception of all subsequent life.

Why is this so?

Because the task of a person with an anal vector is to collect and transmit information in time. His psyche is structured accordingly: an anal person is distinguished not only by a good memory, but also by a desire to delve into the past. Gathering there, in the past, information, analyzing it and laying out the gained experience on the shelves, the analnik then transfers the finished processed arrays to the next generations. The carriers of the anal vector are unique people!

Everything that came before has a special meaning for the anal. The first experience is of particular importance. And the very first experience in relations with the world and the world, relations with oneself and with another person, relations with women, the anal boy gets in communication with his mother.

In a reference, developed state, a boy with an anal vector, when he grows up, will become a professional in his field. He will be a perfectionist, perfectly doing everything that his attention and hands touch. Thanks to his ability to organize and refine into the future, the best will be passed on to the next generations.

But in order to live his correct, better destiny, an anal boy must have two things:

1) correct relationship with mom;

2) the correct skill of cleansing and finishing (which begins with the act of defecation).

Moreover, the degree of success of the second point directly depends on the first.


The thorns of disappointment

Each person lives according to the principle of pleasure, striving for it according to his innate properties and desires. The anal child is by nature the most dependent. Being the most dependent on his mother, he orients his actions on her, in return needing her adequate support and praise. Unconsciously, the anal child expects that the mother will give a feedback commensurate with his efforts, thereby pushing him to the subsequent movement. So he gets the necessary feeling of security, and the feeling of security gives him the opportunity to develop.

Here is an anal kid who cleaned his room or tried at school and brought three fives in his diary. He is waiting for praise. If the action is not aligned with the response, the expected manifestation, then the little anal person experiences a mental distortion - the first prerequisites for the emergence of resentment.

Mommy, why are you doing this?

Why don't you see me?

I'm trying so hard for you, mommy!



The soil of young destiny poisoned by grievances

The psyche of an anal person is built around the principle of equality. An intangible square is sewn into his brain, which measures the evenness, avoiding curved lines. Not receiving adequate praise from the mother, the anal child finds himself in the feeling of "I was not given enough" and falls under a double blow: on the one hand, deprived of a sense of security, he can no longer develop properly, on the other hand, a feeling of resentment is formed in him, which triggers a completely different, destructive scenario.

From the memories of one already big boy:

Dad left us when I was very little. The quarrels between the parents were such that they calmed down the whole entrance …

Mom was 18 years old … A beautiful young woman from the provinces all alone, with a baby in her arms and an uncompromising challenge to adaptation in a foreign city …

What kind of attention to me, an anal-visual son, could you talk about ?!

Problems of survival, endless searches for a life partner … Mom was at war … And I so wanted to be with me … I so wanted to feel the family … God, how she lacked her warmth and attention.

What happened?.. There was a feeling that I was interfering with my mother's life … That I was a ballast for her. At some moments, when another boyfriend appeared and had to make a choice: to do something for me or for him, my mother chose the latter … In her understanding, it was good for me, but in mine … It was a betrayal! I took it out of my childhood and still carry a grudge against my mother …

Probably, you remember bad things the best. The kindergarten was closed at 17:00. Already an hour or even earlier, the anticipation of the most joyful moment began … When MOMA comes for me!

But now the last child was leaving home.

The nurse timidly, with pity and understanding, was mortified, saying that no one would come for me today …

The whole next day turned into one great hope, which … died again at 17:05.

It hurts … to be from a dysfunctional family.

Women abandoned alone with their toothy life, children on their own … resentment and psychological trauma - another generation of broken destinies is ready …

How many such stories are around us? Millions.


Sadist's Scenario

Until about 12-15 years of age, each child develops, not only physically, but also mentally. An anal child in adulthood is able to become a real professional in any field, and for this his innate properties must be properly developed.

The main element of the development of an anal child is to learn to separate the clean from the dirty, and to the end, to the point. First, through the physical act of defecation - until the end, until the full feeling of inner purity. Then - through the cleansing of what is outside. If we learn to cleanse ourselves inside, then we can do this with the outside world - to cleanse knowledge, polish it, finding and removing inaccuracies, bring it to perfection, bring any business started to the ideal, the absence of dirt, to the point.

Developed anal people are always clean. And the tablecloth is white, spotless. And the reputation is white, unsullied. And thoughts are pure, spotless. Developed anal people are clean in every sense. It is hard to believe that the correct formation of the act of defecation creates the necessary prerequisites for the development of all these qualities, but this is exactly the case.

The situation when I do not receive the praise I need so much from my mother, when she is forever not up to me, when she chooses others and not me, when I cannot become the best for her - over-stress for an anal child.

We always react to any super-stress with our erogenous zone. Skin people may experience itching, various redness on the skin and skin diseases. For spectators - eyes start to hurt and watery, vision to fall. Anal people react to stress with problems with the sphincters at all levels: from the bottom to the top, stress leads to their dysfunction (compression or involuntary relaxation). In all the variety of consequences - these are problems with digestion: all kinds of ulcers, gastritis and so on, and heart problems - heart attacks, and stuttering of the anal type, when a person cannot "nnna-nnna-nnnot start talking." The scale and type of consequences of super stress is a topic for a separate article.

In the case of an anal baby, in a situation of over-stress, his anal sphincter contracts - the child begins to become constipated. This happens unconsciously. Sometimes it comes to the point that the child is literally afraid to go to the potty.

As a rule, the situation is aggravated by the actions of a dermal mother with a congenital fast metabolism, who simply does not understand "what can be done there for so long." “You will make yourself with hemorrhoids”, “stop sitting, let's go”, “get up, no time” - what kind of traumatic shouts do not pull off the skin mothers of their anal children from the pot, preventing them from completing the cleansing process and making them afraid of this process.

So a small anal person turns on a mechanism that is opposite to his innate properties: in fear of pain and in front of his mother's shouts, instead of cleaning out the dirt from the inside, he begins to accumulate it.

If this violation has a sufficient duration, then the following algorithm is recorded in the child's head: fear of pain - pain - relief. In the future, this scheme of receiving pleasure after pain is projected onto the entire surrounding world. Pain is perceived as an integral part of pleasure. As a result, sadistic aspirations develop in the child …

Such children begin to torment insects, tear off legs, wings, tails. If the stressful situation that caused constipation is aggravated, then it goes up - torments animals (birds, cats, dogs). The most severe degree is sadism towards people. And it all started with my mother … With a grudge against my mother …

From the memories of one boy:

I remember that I often did not spend the night at home. Parents drank constantly, almost every weekend … They drank heavily, often with showdowns and fights.

How many times have I begged: "Mommy, don't drink more, I beg you, don't!" So I wanted a normal family, like everyone else. The greatest happiness was just to go to the forest together (no alcohol) or go to the lake. But instead of that, there were sad nights … at friends' or grandmother's in another city.

I was very disappointed in my mother … I felt betrayal on her part. Sometimes it seemed to me that she was only concerned about her well-being, and I was preventing my mother from living the way she wants. Well, then my sister was born … And without that, my mother's impoverished attention switched to replenishing the family.

In another forced departure to my granny, in flight from a sick reality and drunken parents, a sadist woke up in me.

Having caught about a dozen small fish on the river, I decided to conduct an experiment and went straight to the box where various garden utensils were kept. A large black bottle caught my eye. Probably, this definitely poisonous liquid was added to the watering can before watering.

The sadistic experiment has begun. Liquid chemistry was added drop by drop to a bucket of fish. After a couple of minutes, all the fish were dead …


It's hard to believe that the desire to hurt comes from the same inclinations as perfectionism, the desire for cleanliness. The difference is only in direction. In one version of manifestations, a person harmoniously fits into the world and benefits others and receives pleasure himself. But the other option is not even an option … This is a mistake in which the program for self-destruction is incorporated.

Resentment. Advance for the worst …

I remember that my childhood gave birth to one thought in me: "I will certainly have a happy family, which I will never leave."

The difficult experiences of the child cannot but leave a mark on the psyche of the maturing anal person, for whom the first experience is the most important, being a “ruler” for assessing his future life. Depending on the strength of the offense, the experience will gradually be projected into adulthood.

It will be difficult for an offended anal guy to build his relationship with a girl, and then with a woman. He will unconsciously choose the “wrong” halves, which will only multiply his pain and confirm that all women are su … Because once upon a time his only deity, his mother, in his head turned from a holy, pure woman into a dirty traitor.

The first experience with a woman in the face of my mother was unsuccessful. And now, without even understanding, the anal man unconsciously evaluates every girl, woman as "dirty", and the ending of such a relationship is known in advance. The accumulated negative experience will develop into a total resentment against the world.

One day the last desire to do anything in this life leaves. The resentment grows so much that it completely absorbs its donor. Now there is no chance to make an independent movement. The anal psyche requires compensation for the skew in the head. Measuring everything equally, he is immobilized by the received estimate. He is internally convinced that after the failures he has experienced now everyone owes him … Women must, the whole world must.

The offended anal sex enters standby mode. Frustrations build up. He loses or has long lost his job, he has no money, a woman leaves him forever. In fact, he stops living.


The road to nowhere … Death in advance …

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