How To Become A Happy Person And Enjoy Life Every Day

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How To Become A Happy Person And Enjoy Life Every Day
How To Become A Happy Person And Enjoy Life Every Day
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How to be a happy person

Happiness is a unique and the only state when a person with all his heart feels that his life is fully justified. Many people know this feeling from the inside: when the soul sings and wants to hug the whole world. Why does it come?

Anyone who has experienced happiness at least once in his life will strive to return this feeling again. Happiness is a unique and the only state when a person with all his heart feels that his life is fully justified. That he does not live in vain, not in vain. The only question is: how to become a happy person for life? After all, fleeting moments of real happiness are so few …

What is happiness

Many people know this feeling from the inside: when the soul sings and wants to hug the whole world. Why does it come? We see that people experience happiness for a variety of reasons. Someone experienced this feeling at the birth of a child. To another it was revealed in mutual love. The third - when he managed to achieve the cherished heights in his career, high results in his work.

If you analyze yourself with passion, you will find that you yourself could be happy at different moments in life for completely different reasons. Summarizing this experience, we can derive the following definition:

Happiness is a feeling of pleasure that arises when the cherished desires of your heart are fulfilled and fulfilled.

The totality of various desires makes up the human psyche, the properties of which are assigned to each of us from birth. If you reveal how nature intended you, you can create the perfect algorithm to build happiness for life. This is of particular importance for those who seem to have received everything from life, but do not feel happiness.

How to become a happy person if you have everything, but you still don't have happiness

Each person from birth receives the properties of one or more of the vectors (for a modern city dweller, this is an average of 3-4 vectors). Each vector has its own natural desires, aspirations, a way of perceiving reality.

There are also desires that have nothing to do with all the benefits that the physical world can offer. These are desires in the sound vector.

The sound engineer wants to understand what the meaning of life is. Why were we born and why we live. What is the intention of all that we observe around. When the answers are not found, life becomes insipid and tasteless, you don't want to wake up in the morning, because it is not clear why and who needs it.

Often, sound professionals are left alone with this insoluble problem. When trying to share these thoughts with someone, they run into a wall of incomprehension: “What are you missing? Great job, home - a full cup, loved one, great family, everyone is alive and well. What more do you want?"

Not always a sound engineer can formulate an answer to this question. The feeling of loneliness, incomprehension, restlessness is growing. People around you begin to cause dislike and rejection. It is not easy for a sound engineer to realize and express his desire in words. After all, it is of an intangible order. What he wants to receive is not a particle, but a wave. The meaning, the design of everything. The root cause.

There is a way to fulfill such unusual desires. When a sound engineer acquires systemic knowledge and reveals how our psyche works, he is aware of all the causal relationships that he observes in his own life and in the global life of the entire society. This gives answers to his inner questions, a feeling of fullness of life, a desire to live. As a result, sometimes for the first time, he experiences a strong sense of meaningfulness and complete justification of life with all his heart.

How to become a happy person when your heart is melancholy

There are other people who don't always understand what they need to be happy. These are emotional, subtly feeling owners of the visual vector.

The spectator longs for strong sensory experiences. And he comprehends life in love - as in the most powerful and strong positive experience that is available to a person. Warm, sincere emotional ties with people - friends, colleagues, relatives - bring him pleasure.

But it happens that the owners of the visual vector receive psychological trauma and bad experience. As a result, fear of opening up to people with the soul may arise, and emotional connections do not develop. We lock ourselves in, afraid of getting hurt again. And we do not let anyone close to our soul. It's safer this way.

On the one hand, we avoid possible pain. On the other hand, we don't get joy from life. After all, desires inherent in nature do not go anywhere. A hopeless melancholy arises: I want love, human warmth and participation. There is a glimmer of hope that in a cruel and rough world, somewhere, there is that very One person who will heal your wounds. With which it will be safe and easy. But more often than not, it is not possible to find it in reality - the barrier of "protection" that we build, not letting anyone in, is too huge.

There is also a way out. By opening his psyche, the spectator can get rid of the consequences of any trauma and bad experience that interferes with building relationships with people. In addition, he receives knowledge about the structure of the psyche of any person - which means that in each case he will know exactly what and from whom to expect.

This is an invaluable acquisition, because by nature, spectators have a rich imagination: we often endow other people with qualities that they do not have at all. And then we experience excruciating disappointment. Rose-colored glasses, alas, usually break "glasses inward".

How to live to be happy

The universal recipe for how to find happiness is the same in all vectors. This is the realization of desires and talents inherent in nature.

In the visual vector, this is the creation of sensory connections with people, in the sound vector - spiritual connections.

But none of these vectors is found in the structure of the human psyche by itself, there are certainly some other vectors with other desires. For instance:

  • In the skin vector, this is the desire for property and social superiority. The owners of these properties create rational connections between people based on considerations of benefit and benefit. Exchange, trade, the creation of a social hierarchy, engineering and lawmaking are what such people bring into the life of society.
  • In the anal vector, this is the desire for respect and honor in society, the priority of family values ​​and the traditional way of life. The owners of such properties create connections between generations, transfer the experience and knowledge accumulated by people to the young. They contribute to society as master mentors, teachers, experts.

When each of the vectors is precisely developed in childhood and fully realized in adulthood, a person does not even have a question of how to live in order to be happy. He gets it gradually, by itself. He is happy himself and makes other people happy. Because our psyche is an ideal mechanism. When we want something and do not receive something, the necessary thought form arises in consciousness (in each of the corresponding vectors) how to achieve what we want.

How to become a happy person photo
How to become a happy person photo

Unfortunately, such ideal cases are rare. Much more often people are traumatized by the wrong upbringing since childhood (after all, no one taught psychology to our parents). In adulthood, many more negative factors are added to this: it is not possible to be realized, overstress. As a result, instead of the correct one, we get an erroneous internal answer. And we take actions that will never lead to happiness.

How to find happiness if the natural mechanism for obtaining it is damaged

Childhood psychotrauma. Everyone has heard that our problems "come from childhood." But these words are empty if you do not see a clear cause-and-effect relationship: where did the problem come from. Each vector has its own necessary conditions for development and its own reasons why there is a failure in the successful formation of the necessary properties. Let's look at examples:

  • A sound engineer needs silence, sound ecology for optimal development. Loud sounds or music, quarrels and offensive meanings can cause trauma. When this happens, the sound engineer leaves contact with people, plunges into himself. This can lead to the formation of selective contact - when the social circle is narrowed literally to 1-2 people. It is very difficult for such a person to adapt in society, and he cannot fully realize himself.
  • From childhood, it is especially important for a visual person to educate feelings, develop the skill of empathy and compassion. Trauma can be caused by fairy tales, the habit of adults as a joke to "scare", the death of a beloved pet, with which the child has an emotional connection. The prohibition of adults to express feelings, for example, when they are forbidden to cry, is also traumatic. If the skill of empathy is not fully developed, then an adult is already prone to fears, anxiety or panic attacks. This significantly reduces his potential for realization, and hence the ability to find the right path, how to be happy every day.

  • Since childhood, the owner of the skin vector needs discipline and regime, sports loads. Particularly sensitive skin requires gentle handling, and physical punishment can cause trauma. Humiliation from parents can also harm, when the ambitious desires of a little skinner are devalued and ridiculed. In adulthood, such a person is retrained to enjoy not success (as laid down by nature), but failure, humiliation. Consciously striving for success, he often unconsciously leads himself to failure, failure.
  • Since childhood, a leisurely and thorough owner of the anal vector takes more time than others to complete any task. He is thorough and meticulous. The trauma is caused by twitching, attempts to rush, urge and cut him off in speech or actions. An adult traumatized in this way often carries a lot of grievances towards loved ones.

Resentments are a heavy burden on the life scenario, are often projected onto marriage partners, and as a result, the owner of the anal vector cannot form a happy family, which for him is one of the most desirable values ​​by nature.

These are some of the common examples of childhood traumas that prevent us from being fully fulfilled and from finding a solution to how to be a happy person and enjoy life. But there can be many options for what has negatively impacted your ability to be happy.

Negative effects can be obtained already in adulthood.

False attitudes and psychological anchors. We are so naive and gullible that we take on faith the advice of unknown Internet gurus and would-be psychologists. They cripple our fate, and we do not even know about it. For example, the well-known attitude "Love yourself and start respecting yourself" takes people as far as possible from the ability to be happy.

We are not made to love and respect ourselves. We get real pleasure when other people give it to us. And it is impossible to "persuade" your unconscious with the help of meditations and affirmations - it does not obey consciousness. Even if for a while it becomes easier from such self-hypnosis, then at a long distance it will not solve any problems. You need to understand the reasons why and where there was a failure in the psyche, why you cannot get what you want.

A bunch of false attitudes are received by people both at trainings for success and at the notorious women's trainings. Success is not “universal”, it depends on the full realization of the talents given by nature to everyone. Each woman has her own nature and, only realizing it, is able to take place in a pair.

How to live to be happy photo
How to live to be happy photo

You can also get false ideas about life in childhood. For example, a mother worn out by life conveys to her daughter the statement that all men are traitors and traitors. Having received it, the daughter is unlikely to be able to lay down a normal personal life in adulthood.

Other significant people can also hang a psychological anchor. For example, it happens that a man with an anal vector suffers a fiasco at the first intimate meeting with his beloved woman. In fact, for him, it is the novelty that is stress. If a delicate partner is caught, then at the next meetings he will more than compensate for the lost. He has a high libido and a natural desire to take care of his partner. But if a man is ridiculed and humiliated, he may have problems in the intimate sphere for a long time.

Happiness among other people

We not only do not know the causes of our own problems, but also do not always realize where our desires are, and where are the imposed attitudes. We understand other people even less and most often look at them “through ourselves”. For instance:

  • The visual girl is waiting for emotions from her beloved sound engineer, but at the moment he needs solitude and concentration. Through herself, she sees in this signs of cooling feelings and experiences, from which the relationship becomes even more tense.
  • A mobile skin mother is annoyed that her child with an anal vector does everything unhurriedly, in detail, that he has to repeat everything so many times. She breaks down: it seems to her that the child is a "brake", but he simply has different properties, a different nature.

We can fully take place and be happy only among other people. None of us is complete in itself, each of us is a fragment of a collective life form. And he is not able to take place alone.

The whole question is just how we fit into this collective form of life: with dislike and irritation or with joy and inspiration. Being aware of the psyche of other people, you can get rid of many negative experiences in communication and find an approach to any person.

How to be happy every day until old age

Surely you have already guessed that there is only one person in the whole world who will give you an exact answer on how you need to live in order to be happy. And you see this person in the mirror every day. All other gurus who are broadcasting something to you from the height of their experience, chase them in the neck. What works for them may be useless or even harmful to you.

Each of us has only one problem: for the time being we make mistakes, we get a false inner answer. And we are mistaken because by nature the ideal mechanism of the psyche is damaged by trauma, false attitudes and bad experiences. And we do not understand ourselves or other people. These problems are solved comprehensively:

  1. Expand all 8 vectors of the mental and determine for yourself which desires are really yours, and which are alien and superficial.
  2. Expand all the trauma that stopped the development of your properties. Awareness of these causal relationships leads to the fact that the habitual negative scenario ceases to rule your life.
  3. Get knowledge about the structure of the human psyche - and you will be able to perfectly interact with each person for mutual pleasure.

Then, instead of fruitless attempts and throwing in each specific case, you will receive an unmistakable inner answer how to be happy and enjoy life.

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