Orgasm For Every Taste: Flight To The Seventh Heaven

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Orgasm For Every Taste: Flight To The Seventh Heaven
Orgasm For Every Taste: Flight To The Seventh Heaven

Video: Orgasm For Every Taste: Flight To The Seventh Heaven

Video: Orgasm For Every Taste: Flight To The Seventh Heaven
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Orgasm for every taste: flight to the seventh heaven

An attractive and tempting topic of female orgasms … it is pleasant to write about it and even more - to read, to learn new things, each time more exotic and unexpected. One problem: when it comes to communicating with a living woman, it turns out that everything written in these books is nothing more than the fantasies of the authors.

Female Orgasm - A Sealed Secret

An attractive and tempting topic of female orgasms … it is pleasant to write about it and even more - to read, to learn new things, each time more exotic and unexpected. One problem: when it comes to communicating with a living woman, it turns out that everything written in these books is nothing more than the fantasies of the authors.

It is obvious for women themselves that the mechanism of any orgasm is much higher than the waist and even above the neck. Moreover, the true essence of the female orgasm lies deep in the subconscious and depends directly on the innate characteristics of each woman.


Orgasm is the peak of pleasure, the end point of intimacy, during which discharge occurs, control over oneself disappears, powerful tension, and then a sharp and complete relaxation of the body. The subjective sensations themselves in different women are very similar, although they describe them in a wide variety of words.

Both men and women can have an orgasm. But the ways to achieve the desired goal, ways to relax, enjoy, stimulation options differ, and also vary significantly from woman to woman.

Why is it so: the same goal, but the paths are so different? What does the hackneyed expression "erogenous zone" really mean? What kind of woman is capable of experiencing what pleasure?

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains in detail all possible options for preferences.

Orgasm mechanisms

The female orgasm is very different from the male in that it is guaranteed to a man by nature. Even if you stand on your head, the ejaculate ejection is accompanied by an orgasm! Omitting such nuances as the intensity or expressiveness of sensations, we can say that for a man, by and large, to obtain an orgasm, it is enough to have sexual intercourse as such, while for a woman everything is many times more complicated.

The woman gets satisfaction from the very fact of intimacy. But just some satisfaction. And until recently, this sensation was enough for a woman, but now we can and must say that a woman can and in a sense should experience not only satisfaction, but also an orgasm.

The media trumpets right and left that a woman should have an orgasm. I just have to! And the woman who does not experience it is considered almost flawed. At the same time, the tips are the same for everyone - click here, do so. This is already alarming, because advisers write "through themselves", and it is not at all a fact that it suits everyone. And the man is waiting for the woman to have an orgasm. In the modern world, this is a kind of sign of his bed achievements. But what if, after trying all the tips in magazines, you don't get an orgasm? Consolation with the thought that he is not given by nature to the same extent as a man?


Yes, not set, but a woman can learn to receive it, revealing the psychological facets of physical sensations. Here, the correct stimulation of the necessary erogenous zones is of particular importance; each woman with different vectors has her own zones.

In sexual relations, the main violin is played by the lower vectors as forming libido, the very sexuality of a person. The presence of upper vectors gives direction to this sexuality, introducing certain variants of eroticism into sexual relations.

The four lower vectors are the four options for sexuality.

The four upper vectors are the four shades of eroticism.


The sensitive, delicate, velvety and thin skin of a woman - the owner of the skin vector - is her erogenous zone. Somewhere more sensitive, somewhere less, but touching, stroking, kissing, in certain cases - biting, pinching, grasping and other effects on the skin, it is skin women who are perceived with special delight. Without a sufficient amount of affection and attention to her skin, there can be no talk of an orgasm.

The cutaneous woman experiences a predominantly clitoral orgasm.

It should be noted that the skin vector is not only sensitive skin, it is a set of certain psychological properties. Therefore, any limitation - one of the main qualities of the skin vector - becomes an exciting factor in intimate relationships.

Restricting freedom, that is, tying, holding by the hair, hands, pulling to oneself, neglecting her refusals and inhibitions can become a powerful tool of arousal. It is a light pressure with elements of a playful restriction of her freedom that can excite the skin. The main thing is not to overdo it and understand in time where the game ends, but a real protest begins.

Another exciting factor for the skin vector is the factor of novelty: a new place, apartment, setting, city, country … partner, role play, posture, toy - the more unexpected, the more piquant!

A wide range of sexual acceptability due to the flexible and highly adaptive psyche of the skin vector gives its representatives and their partners the opportunity for a free flight of fantasy.

However, the notorious group sex, swingers or other two-plus relationships do not bring the expected satisfaction. This is due to the fact that such experiments erode intimacy, turn sex not into a merger of two, but into consumption, in which anyone, even a stranger, can become consumed. Such consumption quickly becomes boring, and a person ceases to receive satisfaction from sex.


So, the skin is excited by the novelty, the material viability of the partner, the slight limitation and the feeling that it belongs to a man. All this can be learned to experience with one partner who perfectly knows your body, desires and preferences. It's easier to relax with someone you know. But getting an orgasm largely depends on sexual liberation.


The urethral vector gives its owner the absence of any restrictions and a great sexual desire.

The urethral woman, due to her psychological properties, is able to go to any sexual experiment, even an adventurous one. The urethral erogenous zone determines the priority of vaginal orgasm - direct stimulation.

The only vector in which true polygamy manifests itself, based on the need for bestowal, pleasure from bestowal, ensuring the advancement of the whole flock into the future, animal altruism, where the needs of the common are always higher than the needs of the particular.

The four-dimensional libido of the urethral vector, animal attractiveness and the preserved, in contrast to other vectors, innate instinct for procreation allow the urethral woman to begin sexual activity relatively early.

The vector of the leader responsible for ensuring the future of the entire flock gives rise to the attraction of the urethral woman to men with whom she is able to fulfill her need for bestowal, that is, to those who can accept (poor health, social maladapters, widowers, etc.).

The highest pleasure for the urethral is the opportunity to give, to ensure the presence of offspring, to advance the gene pool of the entire flock into the future, including the most, at first glance, its representatives. Her surprisingly high fertility guarantees offspring for any man. Also, in a sense, we can say that it is she who is provided with an orgasm to a greater extent than another woman.



The sexuality of a woman with an anal vector is characterized by high libido with the same conservatism in views on intimate relationships.

Much depends on her other vectors, on how sexually revealed she is. An anal woman is often shy, it is difficult for her to explain to her partner what she would like and how.

Modesty, bashfulness, conservatism of views, adherence to traditions, the slowness of mental processes and the psyche, which is difficult to adapt to changes, determine the gradual arousal and slow achievement of the very peak of pleasure.

For an anal woman, communication with a partner, a sense of trust and security, the ability to relax, and trust him are especially important. It is important for her that everything happens gradually. Then she easily gets an orgasm, giving preference to vaginal orgasm. She prefers a long-term relationship with one partner, a new partner is a stressful factor for her.

The twice taboo erogenous zone (by nature and culture) often does not give the courage not only to ask, but even to think about the caresses that could give her, a woman with an anal vector, really unforgettable sensations. After all, only such a woman, if she nevertheless decides on such a desperate experiment, from her point of view, is able to receive not only a vaginal orgasm, but also an orgasm from anal sex.

Upper vectors

The upper vectors in achieving orgasm are already playing a secondary role, their influence is felt in the choice of the appropriate environment, the creation of a special intimate atmosphere, and most importantly, the psychological connection between partners - emotional, spiritual, intellectual.

Representatives of the visual vector will prefer the play of light and color, a close emotional connection with a partner, vivid sincere manifestations of feelings, a loving, expressive look.

Sound intelligence, a hot whisper, a low voice, words of confessions or verbally expressed sexual desires, relaxing quiet music, and the sound of the sea can become an exciting factor for a sound person.

The owner of the oral vector is a big lover of all kinds of kisses and unforgettable oral sex. She really has this skill!

Each upper vector has a special meaning in the choice of exciting moments, in stirring up passion, setting up for an erotic adventure, an intimate holiday, for sex and, of course, achieving orgasm.


Female Orgasm - The Time Has Come!

The female orgasm, in contrast to the male, is not guaranteed by nature, since it does not affect the process of conception and childbirth. However, human development continues, and if earlier, just a hundred years ago, the only purpose of a woman was a family and children, "a cave, a home and offspring", then now a woman is striving "to the savannah."

She freely receives any education, even today she has the opportunity to work in any field on an equal basis with a man, only in the XX century a woman generally wanted this. I wanted to develop, move forward, get out of the cave, wanted more than before. This does not mean individual representatives of the fairer sex, but women in large quantities.

Having finally received complete freedom, a woman strives for development, often girls learn better, learn knowledge easier and faster, but they manage to realize themselves at the same high level as men so far to a lesser extent. There is still a lack of fuse, enthusiasm ends, until that general level of development, to which men have been going for thousands of years, is not reached. But a woman is already on her way to him, and it will not take her thousands of years, several generations will be enough to equalize the rates.

The general level of development has been developed by men in the general mental, it is there, there is no more need to repeat the whole path, including falls and mistakes, which is why the development of a woman is a much more rapid process. And if the orgasm was the main developing factor for the man's brain all these millennia, then the woman wants to repeat this too.


Now she already demands it for herself! Even if it does not work out, even if not as we would like, even if not always and not for everyone, but for the first time in the history of mankind she has this opportunity. She wants and can experience it for the first time, she can learn this, opening up and revealing a partner for herself, realizing her own nature and creating a lasting union with a man, not only at the primitive animal level of attraction for male and female, but at the level of “man”.

A mental connection that manifests itself in intimacy, a spiritual relationship that is embodied in sex, an emotional union, supported by gorgeous orgasms, from which the mind is simply lost - these are the relationships of the future in which every woman, regardless of her preferences, is guaranteed an orgasm!

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