How To Get Rid Of Depression. What The Unconscious Is Silent About

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How To Get Rid Of Depression. What The Unconscious Is Silent About
How To Get Rid Of Depression. What The Unconscious Is Silent About

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How to get rid of depression. What the unconscious is silent about

Morning. You open your eyes, and in a second the ringing emptiness of your consciousness is replaced by unbearable melancholy. You know that in another second your heart will contract painfully, as it usually does when bad news is reported. It has long since turned into a daily ritual - to start the morning with bewilderment that you woke up again for no reason in this thrice damned world. You would give everything for the opportunity to quickly rewind like a film strip the entire next day in order to be back in bed and escape from reality into a saving dream.


You have long forgotten what it means to experience desires and positive emotions. They seemed to have been amputated, and instead remained a painful phantom - the memory of these sensations and the loss of the ability to desire and feel. But you know what exactly turned life into a compulsory obligation - a lack of understanding of the meaning of everything that happens around, yourself and the world as a whole. Why do we need this endless fuss, the result of which should be a decent job, family and careless old age, if we are still doomed to die? What difference does it make how you die, rich or poor, alone or surrounded by relatives? Life is finite. Then why all this?

Nothing can drown out the obsessive pain of unanswered questions. Why am I here? What is the sense of life? Where did you come from and where am I going? You are stumped, trapped in your own thoughts and do not know how to get out of it.

The world around them gradually became like a virtual game, where the characters live a programmed life. They don’t even think of what you’re thinking, and this is annoying. You nullify interaction with the outside world, more and more leaving the inner world with the hope of finding there something that will ease the maddening suffering.

At times, even by inertia, the functioning mind convinces you that you are sick and that the name is depression. And you are looking again. Only now advice on getting rid of difficult conditions, but all that the Internet and psychologists can offer is a change in external attributes, entourage in the form of hobbies, hobbies, new relationships and other nonsense, and you see that they all do not understand the main thing - all this empty, decay! When you're depressed, it doesn't matter to you. The biggest emotion is life fatigue, apathy. And the annoyance of being misunderstood. And it is not in your power to influence this.

It seems that no one can give an answer how to live when one single thought gnaws at - about the frailty of everything in this world and the meaninglessness of life. In moments of extreme despair, the thought of death seems to be deliverance …

To live or not to live is the question

But what if we assume that everything that happens to you is not accidental? Imagine that all these questions exhausting your poor soul actually have very specific answers, and suffering is just a consequence of the mistakenly chosen ways of finding them.

Everything that others consider your oddities, in fact, are the features of the psyche of the sound vector. The sound vector, the only one of the eight vectors, sets its owner an irresistible need to understand the root causes, to comprehend the meaning of life. And if all other people comprehend their life through earthly joys, then for people with a sound vector, cognition of the hidden essence of life, the soul, is primary. Concentration on oneself, one's thoughts, lack of desires for the physical world, abstract intellect, supersensitive hearing - all these are just auxiliary tools for fulfilling their special role. And if earlier the sound engineer tried to find answers to his fundamental questions, studying physics, mathematics, philosophy, creating music, today we no longer have enough sublimants of cognition.


We came to the conclusion that a number of questions related to the human psyche require disclosure: What is my I, how is it arranged? Why are we so different? What is the mechanism that drives us? And what's the point in all this?

The psyche of a sound engineer is tailored in such a way as to potentially have the ability to find answers to the most intimate questions, to know oneself, gaining the meaning of life. The absence of such an opportunity inevitably leads to a spiritual emptiness, a sense of meaninglessness, endless internal dialogue and, as a result, depression. Depression is possible only in the sound vector, since it is associated exclusively with a lack of meaning in life and has nothing to do with problems of a material or personal nature.

Fortunately, there are clear guidelines that will help set the right direction for the spiritual search and you can find them in Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology - the latest mathematically accurate science of the unconscious.

System-vector psychology for the first time fully reveals the human psyche and the unconscious, describes its structure in causal relationships that are easily observed in life.

The study of Systemic Vector Psychology radically changes perception, and at the same time life, as evidenced by thousands of reviews of people. One of the main results, which happens in 100% of cases, is getting rid of depression and suicidal thoughts. A clear and clear understanding of the structure of your psyche and unconscious processes that govern our life comes. This helps to shake off the automatism of thoughts and actions and move to a completely different, high-quality level of life, when living according to your true desires and aspirations is not just empty words, but a real result.

You are not alone. Thousands of people came to the training with similar conditions, many of them were just a step away from the irreparable, but, fortunately, managed to help themselves in time. Now they cannot be recognized as those desperate, disillusioned and lost all hope of people. Hear what they have to say:

You can do it too! Take this unique chance to uncover the mysteries of the soul and see life from a new perspective. Experience this pleasure of self-discovery, and you will feel the strength and desire to Live.

The change in consciousness begins already at free nightly online trainings on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Sign up for a free online training.

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