How To Choose A Husband. Is This The Man That I Need?

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How To Choose A Husband. Is This The Man That I Need?
How To Choose A Husband. Is This The Man That I Need?

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How to choose a husband. Is this the man that I need?

Family happiness is always the work of two, besides, the behavior of a man largely depends on the woman herself. But you should always choose the best from the possible options. But how do you know which one will be the best for you personally?

Question: How to understand whether a person is worth overcoming all difficulties with him, or to postpone the relationship for later?

You have many virtues: you are good-looking, an excellent hostess, perhaps have a higher education and a good job. Men always pay attention to you. Many of them want a serious relationship. And you have only one flaw: you are not stupid. You, unlike women who just want to get married, and come what may, you know how to think with your head, and not blindly succumb to feelings.

Popular wisdom says that the main thing for a woman is to marry successfully! Only many women for some reason do not follow this wisdom to the end: the main thing for them is to get married. And whether it is successful or not - how lucky you are!

They jumped up to get married. So what? In one, the husband beats, in the other he drinks, in the third he does not beat or drink, he lies on the couch from morning to evening, like an invalid. She feeds him, serves and works for two. Was it worth it?

I would like to find a NORMAL man as a husband. So that later it would not hurt for the years spent aimlessly together, so that he would not suddenly turn out to be an alcoholic, sadist, sofa-sitter, gigolo or some other idiot, so that later he would not have to regret that, succumbing to emotions, he made the wrong choice. Especially if it has already been burned.

It is clear that family happiness is always the work of two, moreover, the behavior of a man largely depends on the woman herself. But you should always choose the best from the possible options. But how do you know which one will be the best for you personally?

The training System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan will help you to recognize which of the suitors is better to refuse, and who will be able to make up your future happiness, as well as to predict the behavior of potential applicants in marriage in detail.

Scent of a woman

System-vector psychology shows that men choose a woman … No, not with their eyes, but by unconscious odors - pheromones of attraction, while women - by pheromones of attraction and ranking (and ranking in the first place). A woman must be sure that a man will be able to feed and provide for her and future children, therefore, it is her nature to choose more carefully.

How to choose a husband
How to choose a husband

A man is simpler - he just wants a woman! For men with a cutaneous vector, women with an anal vector seem attractive, while men with an anal vector are irresistibly attracted to women with a cutaneous or urethral vector.

In fact, it is quite easy to determine whether a man is right for you or not. And for this it is not at all necessary to sleep with him. It is enough to have lunch together. Does he treat you? Does he take the last piece left on the common plate? Do you like watching him eat? Listen to yourself and your feelings at this moment. From the way a man eats, you can tell a lot about him and about your relationship.

Who are you, my betrothed, by vectors?

But if you are used to thinking with your head, then knowledge of system-vector psychology will help you choose a husband with a guarantee. In a modern city, most people are polymorphs, that is, they have several vectors, different combinations of which set different life scenarios.

But not only this is important. It is imperative to understand what states its vectors are in. After all, properties develop into their opposite. A man with an underdeveloped skin vector is a thief, gigolo and a petty swindler, and a developed man is an inventor and lawmaker. A man with an insufficiently developed visual vector is afraid of everything in the world, and a developed man knows how to love like no one else, and is ready to sacrifice his own life for love.

Before the wedding, we all try to behave a little better: to be nobler, stronger, more beautiful, smarter. This is a normal natural lie that allows us to find a match. After all, the dove swells and spreads its feathers in front of the dove. But it is important, even under the romantic veil of love, not to let yourself be deceived and to recognize its hidden sides even before the wedding.

Aptitude test. Vacancy: husband

What should you pay special attention to? Let's list the points.

  1. Pay attention to his relationship with his mother. This is especially important for men with an anal vector. Can't see it firsthand, talk to him about his mom. What does he say about her? With what feelings, how politely and respectfully does he treat her or speak about her? If your man is offended by his mother, then this offense is unconsciously transferred to all women, and sooner or later you will have to face it.

    On the other hand, is he too dependent on his mother? For men with an anal-visual ligament of vectors, who had a skin-visual mother, the mama's son complex is just characteristic. If he has to choose: wife or mother - who will he choose?

    For a man with any vectors, see how much he cares and helps his parents. This generally speaks of his maturity and responsibility.

  2. His relationship with friends. Does he have friends, who are they, how do they spend their free time? Are you ready to be friends with their families or will you try to avoid such communication? How do they relate to your chosen one: with respect, with disdain, are they ready to help or, conversely, use his kindness? Good social connections are one of the indicators of the development of vectors.

  3. How does he feel about work. Regardless of the vectors, does he love work, is passionate, full of ideas? Or, on the contrary, he is reluctant to talk about work, loves freebies and is relaxed? You cannot build family happiness with a lazy person. Unless, of course, you want to become his own mother. Is he trying to help other people or, on the contrary, is he looking for a way to use others? The way he behaves in relation to others is a very important indicator of the development and realization of vectors.
  4. His behavior in a stressful situation. Does he try to calm you down, protect you, thinks out options for solutions, or, on the contrary, panics, blames, hysterics, and you have to calm him down? Representatives of different vectors react differently to stressful situations, and it is important to distinguish healthy responses from unhealthy ones. Avoid men who abuse animals, this is one of the frustration signals in the anal vector - a tendency to sadism and violence.

  5. And one more, rather specific point: how does a man endure a woman's "no." Do you have the right to say “I don’t want to” in sexual relations, and how will his attitude towards you change after that? The sexual freedom of a woman depends on the ability to say "no", as well as the answer to the question whether she can not be afraid, completely relax and trust this man.
How to choose a betrothed
How to choose a betrothed

There is a woman behind every great man

What a man will become and what a man will achieve in life directly depends on a woman. She inspires him to work and feat. How much she is desirable for him, how strong are the emotional ties between them, so much he is ready to build a house for her, advance in his career, make money, make discoveries and get better.

If a woman knows system-vector psychology, it is easy for her to understand the real desires of her man and help him realize them with the greatest return.

Keep love for years to come

The best prevention of family problems is to build emotional bonds. And a woman is responsible for their construction. Attraction is short-lived. The period of falling in love will pass without a trace, if during this time people do not have time to grow into each other in soul. If a man and his wife have not only common children, a bed and a mortgage, then he always wants to return home, he has no desire to change or hide income. Relationships move to the level of "all mine is yours."

Do you want to find the right path to your happiness? Come to the free online training System Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan, as people who left more than 20,000 reviews did.

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