How To Force Yourself To Work If There Is No Strength And Desire

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How To Force Yourself To Work If There Is No Strength And Desire
How To Force Yourself To Work If There Is No Strength And Desire
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How to make yourself work: turn on the engine

Can't bring myself to start. I come up with hundreds of small things so as not to start. I put it off until the last. Not interesting, tired, tired. How to get yourself to work?

“I don’t want to go to work. I know it is necessary, but I don’t want to. Monday is a black day of the calendar, Friday is a small holiday. I started to be late for work. Can't bring myself to start. I come up with hundreds of small things so as not to start. I put it off until the last. Not interesting, tired, tired. How to get yourself to work? How to find motivation when nothing else motivates you?"

Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" helps to understand what is happening and how to help in this situation.

How to force yourself to work if you have no desire

The most powerful motivator, no matter how corny it sounds, is a favorite thing. And the reason for this lies in our psyche. Man is born for pleasure, and the greatest pleasure is from the realization of innate properties.

For example, you are born with great emotional potential and are working as an accountant. You are ready to experience a storm of feelings every day, and you see nothing except columns of numbers and a narrow circle of colleagues. How to make yourself work in such a situation? No way. You can use at least hundreds of motivators - it won't help.

Work that is not according to its properties does not bring pleasure. A person can force himself to work for a while in such conditions (or circumstances can force him), but this is a path to dissatisfaction with life, psychosomatic diseases and apathy.

It is for this reason that people often look for something they like and that would inspire. You open your eyes in the morning - and you want to live, and you want to work. Because I like what you do. Our desires move us through life.

And if you don't know what you want? You need to study your nature. At the training "System-vector psychology" we will learn about eight vectors - eight groups of human desires and properties given for their implementation. Learning to recognize your true desires, not imposed desires, is the path to work you enjoy.

So, the owner of the skin vector will be happy to create and develop a business. A person with an anal vector will enthusiastically engage in painstaking manual work or analytics. Will become a real expert in his field. The main thing is not to rush him.

And if you tried a lot of things and any attempts end the same? There may be two reasons:

  • You are a polymorph, that is, you have several vectors, and you cannot implement them all at once in work. Therefore, you change, trying one of your properties, then another.
  • You are the owner of a sound vector, which is not satisfied with simple activities, but seeks depth and meaning in everything.

What to do in this case? When you understand which vectors you own, it is much easier to make decisions about choosing a job. Perhaps it would be a way for the polymorph to periodically change work to include unused vectors in the implementation. Or maybe not change, but choose a hobby in which properties that are not used at work will be used. Then it will become easier to work.

A person with a sound vector can understand that not using his powerful abstract intelligence is like death. He loves to think, create ideas, technologies, and is also able, like no one else, to understand the device, the psyche of another person. Perhaps he will be able to find the necessary depth, which means that interest is where he works now, but does not use his full potential. Or he will look for a place for himself according to the scale of his intellect.

How to make yourself work a photo
How to make yourself work a photo

How to make yourself work at work: motivator motivator strife

It seems to you that you have already found your place, but … at first it was interesting, and then it became difficult. This is normal. Laziness is human nature. Initially, two forces live in it - the strength of libido (the desire for life) and the strength of mortido (the desire for static, peace, laziness). The older a person becomes, the more the power of mortido is manifested in him, the more efforts he has to make in order to perform an action. How to deal with this? How to make yourself work when you don't feel like it?

Suggest motivators. Someone is afraid of being left in old age without a pension, and this makes him work. Someone earns for an apartment - the mortgage does not allow you to relax. Someone hangs photos of cats at their workplace to cheer themselves up. However, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe. Everyone has different motivators. They also depend on our vectors.

Money, salary, social status, the ability to buy branded items will stimulate only the owners of the skin vector to work, but for a person with an anal vector, such goals will only cause irritation and annoyance. It is easier for him to motivate himself by taking care of the family - by the desire to build a house for loved ones, to earn money for teaching children. A person with a visual vector loves to communicate, help other people, give gifts, and this helps him stay in the workplace. An interesting task, a challenge, is important for a sound engineer, and not sitting out his pants at work. Deeper into the thought process, he may forget to eat.

There is another resource that is rarely used because few realize its power. Make efforts not for yourself, but for others. It happens that you already have everything, then it is almost impossible to make efforts, just as it is impossible to fill a full glass. Lack is suffering. It makes you wiggle your paws. And when there is no shortage, there is no incentive to work.

Then it's good to ask yourself a couple of questions. If I am alone, on my own, on earth, where there is no one but me, do I feel joy from life? If I do not benefit this world, then why am I? Man is a social being. When he feels needed, in demand, he feels psychological balance. There is no fear for the future. There is no loneliness. You are respected, appreciated. You are not ashamed in front of people, because you live a full life, and not just smoke the sky. This is a very good state, which is worth feeling once, so that it constantly looms in front of the desired carrot, which you want to follow.

It is especially important to be needed by a man, because he was created as a giver - to a woman, to society. When there is no beloved woman, at whose feet you want to lay down all your victories and achievements, you do not want to master new horizons.

How to make yourself work from home. When a habit is the key to success

Working at home is even more difficult. Refrigerator in the access area. Relatives want attention. Hobbies are at hand all the time. The cat walks on the keyboard and spoils the documents. The boss does not rise menacingly over his shoulder and does not show his watch.

It seems that making yourself work with the whip is easier than doing it yourself. Especially when you haven't been taught to make efforts since childhood. It is necessary to somehow take the will into a fist and … But something does not work out. The TV beckons. The sun is shining. Yes, roll it, this is work …

Here, like nowhere else, magic words are important - priorities, schedule, plan. Yes, not all people are capable of organizing themselves effectively. But then they shouldn't try freelancing. These are, for example, the owners of the anal vector or an undeveloped skin vector (in case he was not helped in childhood to develop the innate ability to organize time, space and energy). But the anal-cutaneous combination of vectors is well suited - there is perseverance and the ability to self-organize.

But for everyone, the law is good: habit is second nature. And it takes about 40 days of conscious work on oneself. Find a place for work for the good of society in a busy schedule of life, put it a priority at this time and adhere to the chosen direction. It will be hard at first, but then a habit arises.

How to make yourself work at home photo
How to make yourself work at home photo

It is good for someone to allocate morning hours for work - it is quiet, no one bothers. And then the day is free - done the job, walk boldly. Someone, on the contrary, works better at night. And someone works on shifts - a week after a week. Here everyone chooses for himself. But with knowledge of your vector set, it is much easier to determine the work schedule.

What can get in the way

The modern world does not facilitate high-quality concentration on the task - all the time something distracts, and affects the most sensitive points. A fleeting glance at the TV screen, where the girl languidly bites off chocolate, and you run to the refrigerator. I went on the Internet - information and entertainment falls like Niagara Falls. So many interesting things! How not to read, not watch all the videos? Social networks beckon with easy communication. Didn't notice how the day flew by. I didn't manage to concentrate on work.

Concentrating thought is generally the most difficult task. An ability that is in the process of its development in humanity as a whole. It's easier to dig a ditch than turn on your head. Few have developed this ability in childhood. And here only a conscious approach to the problem will help. Read more about this in the article “I Can't Concentrate on Work. How to help yourself turn on your head."

But what if you put things off all the time? There is even such a term - procrastination. However, postponing is not the same. The training "System-vector psychology" talks about what true procrastination is and what it is not. Listen to what Yuri Burlan says about the reasons for postponing a person with an anal vector:

In any case, at the training, a person finds the reasons for his pathological postponement and gets rid of this problem. This often happens already in the first free online training sessions. Don't delay this time, sign up for them now. And you will get your result, as people who have undergone training did, who not only forced themselves to work, but found a job they liked or made it one. And now the work gives them real pleasure.

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