Asexual Love. When A Loved One Is The Meaning Of Life

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Asexual Love. When A Loved One Is The Meaning Of Life
Asexual Love. When A Loved One Is The Meaning Of Life

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Asexual love. When a loved one is the meaning of life

Was it love? Of course. It was even higher than love. Higher than all … than all of this. After all, people around love somehow … primitively. Now give them gifts, then attention, then violent emotions. Without all this, they do not see love, they do not understand. First question: "Have you slept?" Why is this in the first place? No, this is not their love, but some kind of sport, a relay race, where two are forced to run short distances, passing a stick: you to me, I to you. And I have Love. Do you know how it is - Love?

Not much is needed, no. See him occasionally, perhaps sit next to him. You will see - and you will be covered by a wave of crazy ascension over this world. It is as if you are no longer here, but somewhere outside the gross matters of this world. You are where only He is. He's just. Anonymous, status, profession, place of residence and sexual orientation (and why do girls now care so much?). He - as he is, filling all of me.

Love is above the sky and beyond this world

Girlfriends ask: "Do you have love?" There is. But this does not concern them. It lives only in me, they will not understand. In their categories of bed scenes and Saturday bowling, it's hard to tell how I feel. It is delightful - what lives in me. Although no, this is what lives on me. Without my will and participation.

I think about him all the time, and it gives my life meaning. I do not dream of a home, life together and other "delights for a modern couple." I want to think about him. And thinking. It reconciles me to life. I don't even need to see him, just hear his voice. And to know that he is somewhere.

I won't say that I'm interested in who he is. During a smoke break, I heard from the girls who were always chatting, “actively looking for” that this passer-by, who so often crosses the courtyard of our bank, was a businessman from an office in the house opposite. He is married and, apparently, is busy only with business. But that's good. Serious man, he is not up to all this. And the fact that you are married is not important.

We'll be together someday. I will not think about the circumstances of the meeting, I will not get to know him. It's not needed. It simply cannot be otherwise. You just need to think about it, without stopping to feel this upsurge.

Next to him, I would probably manage to climb higher, but this is debatable. What would our unity give? The joy of bodies? General laughter at dinner or TV on weekends? Not. There is He. He is my life. And then everything will be … Somehow …

The unearthly feelings of an unearthly woman

What kind of love is this? Where does such unearthly reasoning come from? After all, whatever sensations other people cause in us, we exist with them in the same world. We meet, live under the same roof, indulge in the pleasures of physical intimacy and have children. Such is this life, and happiness in it is also such - earthly.

And suddenly such desires, divorced from reality. This is the kind of love without the thirst for human warmth and even without sexual attraction. Who are these people who have such a desire and love? Let us consider this issue with the help of the knowledge that the training "System-vector psychology" gives.

At the training, Yuri Burlan says that there are innate vectors - sets of mental properties, desires, human abilities that determine his life values, behavior, thinking, all his manifestations in the outside world.

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Based on the reasoning of our heroine about love, we can conclude that she is the owner of the sound vector. These are such sound people - detached from everything material, from others, looking for their own way, wanting to answer their questions about the meaning of life.

Closed, immersed in their own world, they get tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday reality. If a person with a sound vector is not realized, that is, he does not find answers to his questions, reality irritates him. All the "animal" in people causes rejection among sound people, because they themselves are not satisfied with material joys. All they need is to know the reason for their own existence. And they will not agree for less.

The sound woman, busy with the search for the meaning of life, although far from everyday life and ordinary female tricks, nevertheless does not stop being a woman. This means that she wants to be with a man and receive from him what is most important to her.

So, a woman with a skin vector requires wealth and support from her partner. Wife with anal vector expects her husband to take care of. The visual strives for sensual relationships, high ideals of love. And a woman with a sound vector wants from a man intellectual intimacy, new thoughts and comprehensions, a breakthrough into the unknown.

Sound transfer. Love without connection

Like no other, a woman with a sound vector appreciates the mind in a man. The mind and the ability to comprehend the world, because she herself has the same thing. For example, an intelligible skin tone in general lives with ideas and outside of her thoughts everything is alien to her. And a man should be ahead of her in this search for meanings. Otherwise, she perceives the man next to her as not smart enough, as someone who is below her. This is especially true for those men who do not have a sound vector.

A woman with a sound vector strives for solitude, and at the same time, loneliness for her is a lot more bitter than for other women. It is she who, somewhere in the very depths of the boundless soul, sometimes not admitting to herself and even more so to those around her, is waiting for her “soul mate”. The one who will reveal to her that which gnaws and does not allow her to live. "Half", which will solve the question of the meaning of life.

If the sound engineer cannot realize himself in this world, he often identifies the object of his love with the end result of the search for the meaning of life, deifying a completely material person. He limits his questions and closes the infinite Universe, which he should comprehend, on an ordinary person, seeing in him the embodiment of the meaning of life. Most often, women are prone to this unconscious error. Much less often, sound transfer occurs in men.

Sound transfer. Unconscious expectation of infinity

Sound transference, that is, the transfer of the desired meaning to a person, is a kind of painful addiction. In a person with a visual vector complementary to the sound one, love addiction is also destructive. It is expressed vividly, emotionally, hysterically and dramatically changes the life scenario of the visual person, depriving him of the pleasure of the relationship. Such a person requires constant contact with the object of feelings, in every possible way attracts attention to himself, becomes inadequate.

The visual vector endows its owner with amorousness and the ability to switch to another person, to find another object for feelings. Therefore, this dependence one way or another tends to break off.

And people with a sound vector are constant in their dependence, which exists only in their head. No one around (often the object of love itself) does not suspect about her. Life goes on as usual, while the sound woman thinks only about her love, and she seems to her more than any earthly feeling, and more important than life itself.

For the owner of the sound vector, it is enough to see Him (it is possible once a year), hear his voice (it is not necessary to see it), sit next to him - this is how she achieves a fictional feeling of understanding her life. And this lasts for years, sometimes decades, without delivering to her what she so desires, taking away the possibility of real female happiness.

A modern woman with a sound vector is in search of herself and her place in this world. Often, this unconscious desire for her to reveal the meaning of life focuses on a single man and turns into a quiet expectation without inclinations to active action. This sonic "mono love" is the most powerful and lasting addiction. The lack of awareness of her own role in life leads the sound woman to the fact that she identifies her passion for a man with the disclosure of the meaning of life.

Love to asexuality

Sound transfer is not love. With sound transference, a woman only thinks that she loves a man. In this state, a woman is simply trying to comprehend herself - emotionlessly, fanatically, limited. Until the man himself - his character, interests, goals - she does not care, but without him as an object, she cannot. The sound woman gets stuck in a state of substituting for what she is really looking for, and lives in anticipation of the next, higher states. Not receiving anything, a woman finds herself in a vicious circle and cannot get out of this difficult state.

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Often, upon learning that a man whom she deifies has simple human qualities such as self-interest, unfaithfulness to her spouse, and the like, a woman loses him as an object for her sound transfer. For her, this is tantamount to losing the meaning of life and can contribute to the emergence of suicidal thoughts.

The main difference between sound transference and other types of love addiction is, as a rule, the asexuality of the relationship. Any temporary form of relationship between a man and a woman without sexual intercourse implies a certain amount of attraction, postponed "for later." Even if two correspond for years, this does not prevent them from fantasizing, imagining a possible intercourse in their imagination, and both are eager to meet in order to embody it. In the presence of sound transference, there is no sexual desire.

The poet Alexander Blok had such a complete asexuality in relation to his wife Lyubov Mendeleeva, on whom his sound search was closed. Deifying his wife, he could not enter into an intimate relationship with her, he resorted to the services of prostitutes. Indeed, in relation to the divine, higher forces it is impossible to manifest sexual desires: “Proximity is a diabolical perversion of true love” (A. Blok). Therefore, poems were dedicated to the Beautiful Lady, as a goddess, perpetuating her image in the world literature of the Silver Age and glorifying by no means hot embraces.

Sound transfer versus true love

Sound transfer is a looped, doomed state. Of course, other human vectors also play a role. For example, in the presence of a visual vector, there is a need for an emotional connection, and with a strong congenital libido in the lower vectors, a woman may experience sexual desire. But this does not change the essence of sound transfer. The internal state of a woman will be determined by the state of her sound vector, because his desires are dominant. Sometimes to such a woman the feeling of doom of her experiences seems like madness.

Sound transference is not realized outside the categories of systems thinking, formed at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". It is impossible to explain it to oneself, and even more so to others, therefore many women with a sound vector today suffer from severe conditions that they cannot even name.

The only way to get rid of sound transference is to become aware of yourself. Stop this fruitless waiting and start feeling what really stands behind the question of the meaning of life. The answer to it can be found at the training "System-vector psychology", namely, in the classroom on the sound vector. Without awareness it is extremely difficult to get rid of the transference, because it does not give a woman what is called fulfillment from realization, or what is called sound love.

Sound love: live in your head

When in a pair two people with a sound vector meet, realizing their nature and their purpose in this world, their relationship develops in a completely different way than others. Each pair is different, but the two sounds are out of the ordinary. Their inner qualities attract them to special manifestations of feelings - quiet, without unnecessary emotions, hidden from an external observer.

Focusing on a loved one, a person with a sound vector feels him within himself. Feels his desires, motives of actions, direction of thoughts. Something similar happens in long-term marriages, when people are so rubbed in that they intuitively guess about the desires of a partner. In sound love, this is a self-evident sensation, not speculation.

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The feelings experienced by two sound people are so deep that they do not need confirmation in the material world. Two owners of the sound vector can love each other by texting on the Internet. The main thing is to exchange thoughts and look in one direction, moving wherever their consonance of thoughts leads. The opinion of the other becomes more important for each in the pair than their own. Sound love, built on mutual return to each other, elevates a man and a woman, and in the spectrum of their relationships they feel the meaningfulness of what is called Life.

The fulfillment of such priority internal requests also affects the intimate relationship in a couple, transforming intimacy into an unforgettable and vivid intercourse between the two worlds.

Love and mutual growth in understanding the world is what modern sound engineers want above all else. One has only to try, and it will be impossible to refuse it. Give yourself a shot by registering for the free introductory online lectures.

Proofreaders: Natalia Konovalova, Gilyara Temiryanova

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