Children Are Inferno. Part 3. How Sick Ideas Are Born

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Children Are Inferno. Part 3. How Sick Ideas Are Born
Children Are Inferno. Part 3. How Sick Ideas Are Born

Video: Children Are Inferno. Part 3. How Sick Ideas Are Born

Video: Children Are Inferno. Part 3. How Sick Ideas Are Born
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Children are inferno. Part 3. How sick ideas are born

The sick idea fills the anal sound specialist with MND with a false sense of meaning and the fight against injustice. For those around him, although it seems strange, it remains quite adequate. Through the lower vectors, the sound engineer almost reflexively obeys the tasks of the external world, but his sensory connection, morality and moral guidelines disappear. The world becomes an illusion …

Children are inferno. Part 1

Children are inferno. Part 2. The origin of moral and ethical degeneration

The observable world, distorted under the pressure of sound lacks, seems unfair and hostile to the anal sound engineer. He finds his "proofs" about the imperfection of the world everywhere. News, people, events, incidents, personal situations - the secondary autistic needs an explanation of why and why he goes to kill.

Through the property of generalization in the anal vector, he inflates the cause of his suffering to the size of humanity or individual groups of people. The anal sonic begins to blame what makes him so unhappy. The government, migrants, homosexuals, believers can become objects of his hatred. At some point, an idea is formed in him, "how the world should work correctly" or "how to destroy all the unjust in the world in which he suffers so much."

Charleston Shooter Dylan Roof believed that African Americans were trying to take over the world. Sitting in his room for weeks, he thought a lot about the injustice blacks had against whites. The motivation for the shooting was the desire to ignite a civil war in which the white race would once again enslave the blacks. He outlined the basic idea in his manifesto: “Even in our time, whites subconsciously perceive blacks as inferior beings. They are rated at lower standards. Segregation was not evil: it was a defensive measure. Segregation did not exist to deter blacks, but to protect us from them. I mean - to protect not only from unwanted interaction or from physical harm, but also from sinking to their level. We have no skinheads, no real Ku Klux Klan, no one at all,who would try to do something - there are only those who like to chat on the Internet. Therefore, there must be a daredevil to start acting in the real world - I think it must be me."

For the anal sound specialist, the written word has a special meaning. A word is a vibration of his thought, a form of cognition in a sound vector. This is the craft of a writer. Through the written word, the anal sound engineer creates and displays meanings outward, for everyone. These are scientific works, literary masterpieces, ideas of humanism and social transformations. Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Chekhov, Berdyaev, Gumilev, Tsiolkovsky.

The text of the sick anal sound specialist is closed on himself and brings out his emptiness. These are manifestos of hatred towards people and humanity. These are the ideas of selection, natural selection, where the central theme is the superiority of a particular race, the destruction of the weak and the profiling of people by traits. These are Hitler's ideas.

Andreas Breivik was described by those around him as an introverted but balanced person with good intelligence and good knowledge of history and philosophy. In his 1,500-page manifesto, he called for the creation of a new type of European nationalism directed against Muslims.

On July 22, 2011, on the Norwegian island of Uteye, where a summer camp for politically active youth was organized, Breivik shot people for 73 minutes while listening to his favorite song "Eternal Light". As a result of the shooting, 70 people died, of which only 8 were immigrants. The average age of the dead is 17-18 years.

Children are inferno. Part 3 picture
Children are inferno. Part 3 picture

Despite the extremist and often illogical message of these manifestos, they resonate with fellow audiophiles. All the teenage shooters were carried away by someone's destructive ideas. They admired Nazism, anti-religious and racial theories, studied the murders and manifestos of their predecessors.

For a sound engineer, the idea is above all. An idea is a conscious reflection of its specific role - the disclosure of meaning for everyone. A healthy idea moves humanity towards technical and spiritual development, complicating the volume of collective thought. A sick idea is always aimed at destruction.

“And at that moment I realized: something in this world is catastrophically wrong …” (Dylan Roof, 21, Charleston).

Raising with weapons: a tradition of raising psychopaths or self-defense?

In America, the level of violence, homicide and suicide with the use of firearms is 25 times higher than in other economically developed countries. According to the research portal, about 100 people die from gunshot wounds every day, of which one in three is a child. Deaths from bullet wounds in the United States are second only to car accidents in terms of the number of victims.

For a dominant number of American citizens, weapons are associated with national identity and America's main value - freedom. The image of an American patriot, who has fought since the Civil War to establish the rights and defend the freedoms of the Motherland, is part of the nation's history and cultural code.

Beyond the culture of militarization, weapons are big business in America. The National Rifle Association NRA, which is funded by gun manufacturers, spends a lot of money promoting gun lobbies in federal and state law.

Americans are taught that their lives are in constant danger, where only a timely shot can become the guarantor of protection from a murderer, rapist or thief. However, research into this question shows that people who keep guns in the home are much more likely to be shot than those who do not.

Two years before the execution at the Polytechnic University, which killed 32 people, Cho Seung Hee was diagnosed with progressive schizophrenia. Despite obvious mental insanity and frequent threats to students, under state law he was entitled to purchase weapons.

Adam's mother Lanz loved shooting and, together with his older brother, often took Adam to the shooting range. At home, she kept about 10 firearms and a large amount of ammunition for them. On December 14, 2012, at 9 am, Adam shot a rifle in the head of his sleeping mother, got into his car, and drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School. After killing 20 children and six adults, he committed suicide.

Kip Kinkle's father, who suffered from depression and had signs of paranoid schizophrenia, on the advice of a psychologist, gave his 15-year-old son a 22-caliber rifle and a 9mm Glock pistol. During interrogation, Kinkle said that voices ordered him to kill his parents and two students from Thurston High School: “My head is not working properly. Damn those voices in my head … I have to kill people. I don't know why … I have no other choice."

After the shooting at Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer's home, police found 14 loaded weapons. The house was such a mess that the teen's mother could not tell which weapon was missing from their house.

And although there has been a dramatic shift in public opinion towards tightening gun laws in 50 years, Americans still keep armories at home. Rifles, shotguns, pistols and cartridges can be bought at the mainstream supermarket, and businesses built on fear continue to claim lives across the country.


The Internet is a sound professional's comfort zone. In ordinary life, the world is often hostile. People are noisy and stupid, and direct communication with them is painful. The internet is safe. The anal sound specialist is on the verge of looking for information commensurate with his conditions - these are weapons, bombs, terror, mass murder.

After major tragedies, normal people experience fear and loss of a collective sense of security. The soundman with the beginnings of the MND, the news of the disaster or a new mass execution, on the contrary, is exciting and delightful.

Sound specialists feel each other, feeling a certain correspondence. In the actions and words of another, they find a sensory reflection of their feelings. When a secondary autistic person commits extended suicide, he provokes the same sound people in bad conditions. The other did what he only fantasized about.

All teenage shooters studied each other's biographies and actions over the Internet, wanting to surpass in the number of murders. Jesse Osborne, who shot his father and six-year-old boy, originally planned to attack an elementary school, killing at least 50 children.

How sick ideas are born picture
How sick ideas are born picture

But the pistol jammed, and he could not fully implement his plan. Like other secondary autistic people, he was motivated by others: “I have to beat Adam Lanza. I think I will probably kill about 50 or 60 people. If I'm lucky, maybe 150 .

After 1999, school shootings become particularly contagious. The Columbine School incident became a record point in the history of mass shootings. The story of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two rogue teenagers who are struggling with society, resonated with popular culture, quickly making them popular. Ironically, their fame has become similar to the plot of the beloved film "Natural Born Killers", in which, thanks to the popularization of the media, a couple of serial killers become superstars.

There are fan sites on the Internet dedicated to Dylan and Eric, where they are romanticized as martyrs and victims of school bullying. YouTube videos of Harris and Klebold talking about their intentions are gaining hundreds of thousands of views and positive comments.

On the day of the murder, the Kerch shooter Vlad Roslyakov was dressed like his idols, in a T-shirt with the words "Hatred", black trousers and army boots. In this tragedy, 20 people died and 70 were injured. Although many similar incidents have occurred since the events at Columbine School, the tragedy continues to encourage other secondary autistics to repeat it to this day.

“They were hated, so they were hated back.” (Brooks Brown, high school friend of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold).

Revenge on god

The sick idea fills the anal sound specialist with MND with a false sense of meaning and the fight against injustice. For those around him, although it seems strange, it remains quite adequate. Through the lower vectors, the sound engineer almost reflexively obeys the tasks of the external world, but his sensory connection, morality and moral guidelines disappear. The world becomes an illusion.

When the sound vector is in severe states, it creates a vacuum of bad states in other vectors. In the case of moral and ethical degeneration, the anal vector becomes a "performer" of sound hatred, where resentment is its catalyst. Often, a minor event, such as a fight with a teacher, classmates, or parents, triggers the decision to kill.

Revenge on god picture
Revenge on god picture

The starting point of the most difficult grievances of the anal sound specialist is the grievance against the mother, who tends to increase in volume over time. At its minimum, it is a personal resentment against a person, and at its maximum - blaming God in the person of other people. It seems to a person that God has deprived him, deprived him for the whole life, as if he is standing at a well full of water, but cannot get anything from there and therefore dies of thirst. Resentment against God: "Why did I give if I can't take?" - and on himself for what he cannot take.

Resentment against God is a condition that is possible only in the anal-sound bunch of vectors, and results in moral and ethical degeneration. Today this new diagnosis, the essence of which is revealed by the training "System-vector psychology", sounds more and more often. Breivik, Vinogradov, Lanza. These people, in a state of moral and ethical degeneration, transformed their childhood grievances against their mother into hatred of everything that exists.

Expressing this hatred is the collective destruction of other people. When the feeling of injustice goes inside, and the desired compensation is not there, then the only way to get it is revenge.

In an analistic way, the secondary autistic goes to the murder of those who are closer to him - these are family, colleagues, classmates. In their face, he goes to take revenge on God. Therefore, despite the desire to punish humanity or some group of people, his plan is always implemented on the scale of school, college, work or place to which he is attached.

During the murder, the secondary autistic has no feelings. Communication with the outside world is completely absent. For him, it's just a computer shooter in which he shoots imaginary people. Michael Carneel, 14, received a life sentence for the murder of three high school students at Heath High School. He never knew who he was shooting at. When asked by a journalist about the motivation for his act, he replied: “People want one simple answer, but I cannot give it … I had no feelings at that moment. I was like a robot. I'm numb."

"Okay, since you are Christians, then go and see God this second!" (Christopher Harper-Meser, 26, Umpqua College).

How to avoid new murders?

Modern psychiatry and forensic science is not able to give an unambiguous answer to the reasons for extreme hatred and sadism in some adolescents. Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology" explains the growth of mass murder by the presence of huge voids in the psyche of a new generation of sound children.

Today, sound professionals cannot take place in those forms of implementation that were acceptable 100 or even 50 years ago. Music, poetry, literature, chemistry, physics no longer correspond to the level of development of the "generation Z", and programming, technology and the Internet provide content only in a short distance.

That is why modern sound children begin to suffer en masse not at all childhood suffering. Depression, suicidal thoughts, hatred of the world, coupled with the trauma of an immature psyche, create a dangerous ground for the emergence of moral and ethical degeneration.

Each new generation increases the gap and the level of development of the collective psyche, the volume of its desire. We are no longer what we were 100 years ago, and not what we will be in the next 100 years. The general and actual need that corresponds to such a high level of sound desire is an accurate, not abstract knowledge of human nature.

There are no material desires in the sound vector. Awareness of the psyche and the metaphysical structure of the environment releases a huge reserve for the sound engineer, which he was forced to reduce all the time, eventually falling into the most difficult conditions.

The nature of a sound person is not to sit in oneself, but to develop outward. Under this desire is united a single matrix of the psychic, in the disclosure of which the sound engineer plays the main role. Yuri Burlan's training "System Vector Psychology" is an evolution in understanding the psyche and the key to unconscious mechanisms that determine the behavior of any person.

How to avoid new murders picture
How to avoid new murders picture

For the sound engineer, training becomes that necessary store of meaning, which fundamentally changes his state. The task of the sound engineer is to form guidelines for all mankind, to unite and pave new ways of development. Ignorance of ourselves is the main reason that gives rise to a wave of psychopathology, terror and brutal murders in society.