Nationalism In Russia From The Point Of View Of System-Vector Psychology

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Nationalism In Russia From The Point Of View Of System-Vector Psychology
Nationalism In Russia From The Point Of View Of System-Vector Psychology
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Nationalism in Russia from the point of view of System-Vector Psychology

When I see a Russian kokoshnik, sundress and felt boots in the anal, I begin to hear the rumble of well-polished boots on the march under the triumphal arch of Paris or on Kutuzovsky - it no longer matters.

After the December events of 2010 (the rally in Moscow on Manezhnaya Square, as well as rallies in St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don), the Runet was again filled with loud discussions of the issue of nationalism in Russia, there are a lot of different opinions from "Russia for Russians!" until "Fascism will not pass!"..


In the global present, Nazism and nationalism are rationalization from the anal vector, essentially anal non-realization, non-adaptation. As a consequence of this non-realization - OFFENSE, a bitter feeling of deception (as always), an individual and collective desire to return the taken away, the PAST, to take revenge by force, to achieve "anal justice", to return the paternal and grandfather's social and cultural heritage (which is absurd in itself), and to the offenders to unscrew the handles, then to slap with a fist - such is the explanation. It is also true for Russian nationalism.

Once again about the basics of the notorious anal vector. We, analogs, who have, as our archetype, natural destiny, the transmission of accumulated knowledge in time - and therefore we look back, to the PAST, to time-tested information, to everything reliable, good old. We, analogs, logisticians by nature, make our contribution to the life of the pack by teaching teenage boys about war and hunting - therefore, we are always waiting for us to be given the fair share of the booty for this contribution.

In non-realization - eternally offended for not given "in justice", ready to punish offenders. When I see a Russian kokoshnik, sundress and felt boots in the anal, I begin to hear the rumble of well-polished boots on the march under the triumphal arch of Paris or on Kutuzovsky - it no longer matters. "… LES OUR SLAVIC-RUSSIAN KINGDOM-STATE HELLO! In the old days, our language was more beautiful, and life was a serf, BUT good … And our tsars are no match for Nemchura and a filthy Tatarva. - the cursed foreigners took everything away, and our native language, in which God and I clung.. What can we do now, heroes? !! ​​… Let the lads with clubs take a spree, nemchure, Jew, Tatarva and Poles Kuzkin mother will show! …"

Any nationalistic urge is initially mild. A harmless idyll, buying a man's tears at the thought of the Motherland, Motherland, benevolent discourses about "Orthodoxy-autocracy-nationality", currant vodka with a cucumber from the cellar, in an armchair on the veranda, a leisurely conversation about the saint: the Tsar, Orthodoxy and the Russian national idea, special divine mission with the Russian Slavic God Christ … This is how Russian nationalism begins. From such lyrics to marches and slogans, the distance is one offense, one next "I was not given!", And the next degree of frustration will not be longing for the purity of the Russian soul, but literal cleansing of the Cherkizovsky market from the Basurman scum. This is how the painful ideas of the nation and nationalism are intertwined.

The value systems in the city are rapidly changing and enter into an extremely antagonistic relationship with the anal. A large modern metropolis is a stronghold of a skin civilization, which generously distributes reasons for stress to an anal person who cannot keep up with the rhythm of a big city. The anal part of humanity is drowning in agony in the unrestrained race of changing pictures, changing landscape. The anal guy returns home with the traditional phrase: "I can't understand! Look what is being done! Where are we going! What is going on!" This idea is promoted by the websites of nationalists in Russia. Analniks were thrown out of villages, marriages and good old anal morality. In a consumer society, when the ideas of marriage are instantly exchanged for ideas of consumption, prosperity, money, anal sexes are rejected by the society of skin systems and values ​​and lose the holy of holies - the ONLY ones,FOR ALL THEIR MONOGAMNOUS LIFE, WOMEN.

"I remember before, what time it was - GOLDEN! - THE MAN - WAS A MAN !!! A MAN !!! And BABA - WAS BABA, without asking, no, no, she knew her place, although a woman, although not a man, but I was afraid of a man - RESPECTED!"

And today, crumpled in the present, columns of analniks are concentrating to strike at the past, in a bathhouse with a broom, a moonshine with a cucumber and a woman in patriarchal service for the rest of her and HIS life. We begin with village melancholy and nostalgia, the idea of ​​a special national mission, weave a specific Orthodox God-FATHER to the place and not to the place, we despise foreigners, Jews and Americans and form columns: "GIVE A BACK TO CIVILIZATION !!! The city! The future! REACTION! REGRESSION! ! THE PAST! " In fact, this is where the whole pathos of nationalism and its ideology lies.


And that all this is unprecedented, the nationalists in Russia do not realize, because one cannot enter the past - an ILLUSION! No way back! In the anal past, the future is not formed. THE WORLD IS GLOBAL … AND DEMANDS PEACE …

Do not confuse anal nationalist ideas with muscular xenophobia! Xenophobia in no way falls under the definition of nationalism, being based on division not according to national, but exclusively on the basis of territorial principle, it takes roots in a vital primitive division according to the principle of "friend or foe", when any stranger from another tribe was naturally an enemy and represented a threat to life. So xenophobia does not carry in itself an actual rejection of a foreigner, in fact, being only a primitive mechanism of protection from external danger, and is not directly related to modern Russian nationalism.

Moreover, not to be confused with the elementary and very well-founded rational fear of ordinary people in front of an aggressive rabble! If in ancient times we met with foreigners exclusively on the battlefield, now we send our children to study abroad, new workers put tiles in our bathroom, and it is normal for us to speak at least one foreign language. Civilization has dramatically changed and complicated the surrounding world at all levels: nationalities, currencies, estates, even time zones - all concepts are mixed, and not the slightest trace remains of the primitive separation of "friend and foe". Today, completely different criteria are used to determine who is considered our own and who is alien. Today, strangers are those with whom a collision is dangerous, whether it be a bunch of presumptuous guest workers or a herd of football hooligans.The fundamental difference between them is only that clashes with the former can serve as a long-awaited, so desired and so convenient reason to throw out the accumulated hatred, and at the same time as an excuse for herself and all subsequent rabid actions.

Militant nationalism - NAZISM - in the last tension before the final leap into the future will loudly slam the last splash. OFFENSE AND CHARACTERISTIC, DISGRACED AND DECEPTUED BY SKIN MALE PROCESSORS IN COMPETITION FOR A FEMALE AND PROPERTY THROWN WITH THE OLD, SO CUTE FOR THEM BY TRAFFIC, TO HELP THE CITY OF THE URBAN LITTLE OF RUSSIA … And after that they will die out en masse, taking many with them, and their remnants will adapt, adapt, calm down … Nationalism in Russia, like in the rest of the world, has its natural fate. ANY NATIONAL IDEA IS DEEP VILLAGE, REACTIVE, AND IN THE CONTEMPORARY GLOBAL WORLD ANALY-NEUROTIC AND DOES NOT HAVE A FUTURE, AS THE PAST HAS NO FUTURE!

Professionalism - is the only way ADAPTATION ANALNIKOM male modern life, city, civilization, the readiness to enter in the future, be complementary TO THIS … BUT NOT TRAP Anal - the national idea, a dead-end and the ugly, The WHAT WOULD IT NOT fig odyozhki RYADILAS …

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