People Meet, Fall In Love, Move In. Not A Leg To Marriage

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People Meet, Fall In Love, Move In. Not A Leg To Marriage
People Meet, Fall In Love, Move In. Not A Leg To Marriage

People meet, fall in love, move in. Not a leg to marriage

Moving together, young people do not even think about going to the registry office. The question "are you married?" no one asks, because the answer is no longer so important - neither for him, nor for her. There is a distinction between the concepts of "love" (family, marriage) and "sex" (career, entertainment).

Money. Sex. Race for time. Career. Success … Who thinks about family today? Unless in the context of a successful marriage, which favorably affects career growth or the size of a bank account.

What marriages have not become - civil, free, by calculation, virtual, even same-sex …

Moving together, young people do not even think about going to the registry office. The question "are you married?" no one asks, because the answer is no longer so important - neither for him, nor for her. The presence of a family confuses few people in love affairs, there is a distinction between the concepts of love (family, marriage) and sex (career, entertainment).

Will family values really sink into the past and everyone will forget about the institution of marriage?

The age-old traditions of marriage as creating a family - what is it: a relic of the past, unnecessary ballast and restriction of freedom, or eternal and unchanging values of any human society, an integral part of a full-fledged happy life of every person?

The answer cannot be unambiguous.

Family man

The fact is that marriage occupies a key, central place in the value system of one vector - the anal one. In other vectors, it is only a component of a full life, an important, large part of it, but not a cornerstone, not a guarantee of happiness, not an end in itself.

We go deeper.

konec brak1
konec brak1

The first palaces of weddings appeared after the revolution, when church marriages were abolished, and marriages registered in the registry offices began to be considered valid.

Prior to this, marriage ceremonies were carried out by priests in churches and were recorded in the church register of births by decree of Peter I.

Even earlier, there were Slavic pagan rituals of "taking away" the bride, reminiscent of abduction, which took place with the mutual consent of the parties during the spring holidays or "merrymaking". Hence the expression: "Play a wedding."

Permanent keepers of traditions, connoisseurs of history are people with an anal vector. They are the ones who cannot imagine themselves without a cozy home, a warm family atmosphere and relatives.

Any wedding ceremony took place in the presence of witnesses and all relatives, in a solemn atmosphere, two people were declared husband and wife. A symbolic message to society about creating a family. So that everyone now knows and respects their choice.

The division into clean and dirty in marriage, characteristic of the anal vector, is manifested as a definition of a woman's decency - "clean", honest, virgin or "dirty", vicious, dissolute. The same division applies to children - my blood or someone else's.

It is in the anal vector that the concept of the undeniable authority of the father as the head of the family is present, whose opinion is not subject to doubt and is not discussed.

A person with an anal vector cannot decide to start a family for a long time, but if this happens, then he makes a choice for life, trying with all his might to save the family. Faithfulness and honesty in relationships are characteristic precisely for the anal vector.

The inert, rigid psyche of the representative of the anal vector, even after a divorce, for a long time cannot come to terms with the breakup of the family, plunging into a quagmire of resentments, bad experiences and thoughts of revenge. The whole habitual way of life was destroyed, all the values of the family were lost - all this is a huge stress for the anal person. Being fixated on his mental pain, such a person can transfer his resentment and mistrust to all women / men, relying on the first negative experience of the relationship. It is very difficult for such people to trust a new partner and decide on a new relationship.

konec brak2
konec brak2

Swan loyalty and love to the grave are values of an anal nature.

The institution of marriage itself appeared in the anal phase of human development, when all the values of this vector were most acceptable for society as a whole.

With the onset of the cutaneous phase of development, all anal values began to gradually recede into the past, giving way to cutaneous ones.

Time of technology and speed

A skin man is a breadwinner, hunter and military commander, whose values lie exclusively in the material plane. Property and social superiority are paramount, marriage and family fade into the background.

The logical thinking of a skin person evaluates all life events in terms of benefit-benefit, and marriage is no exception. Before making an offer, the leatherworker will appreciate all the disadvantages and advantages of marriage and decide on a wedding only if it is beneficial to him.

A person with a skin vector certainly values their family, especially if the status of a family man gives them more weight. However, he sees his care for loved ones in providing them with material benefits - a house, a car, a bank account, education in a private school, etc., without attaching special importance to family holidays, memorable dates, traditions and other values characteristic of the anal vector …

The desire to insure oneself in the future against property losses (after all, this is the greatest stress for a skin person) was embodied in the preparation of marriage contracts, where all spheres of life of the spouses and the conditions for divorce are stipulated in detail.

Excited by the factor of novelty, insufficiently realized skinners are great lovers of “walking to the left”, but all their adventures are regarded as “just sex”, which does not oblige to anything and does not have a continuation in time.

konec brak3
konec brak3

In the skin phase of human development, sexual relations are increasingly losing the color of intimacy, acquiring consumer traits and turning into entertainment to satisfy physiological needs.

No good, no bad

Any relationship based solely on sexual attraction is doomed to fail after three years. Attraction passes, and two people are no longer connected by anything in common, if during this time a connection of a different, higher level was not created - emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or if they are not united by a common cause, children.

Persistent and indestructible, at first glance, marriage in the anal phase was often built under the slogan "Suffer - fall in love" and could acquire the features of a forced life sentence without any chance of painlessly leaving this relationship.

In anal marriage, even concluded by mutual agreement, just like in any other, there is a period of attraction, after which interest in each other is lost without creating a more complex level of relationship between partners. Unlike any other, such a marriage is not so easy to dissolve, because this is a loss of the main value of an anal person - his family, and he is ready to do anything to preserve it, even endure a painful relationship for years.

During the cutaneous phase, we received an unprecedented freedom of choice in all areas of our life, including marriage. Throwing headlong into an open relationship that was previously considered unacceptable and frivolous, we get accessible sex and an almost complete loss of intimacy. Different speeds, different rhythms and new kinds of relationships …

Women took to the warpath

In addition, the loss of popularity and the need for marriage as the main indicator of an accomplished personality is associated with changes in women's views on their role in family and social life.

Eternal revolutionaries and troublemakers - skin-visual women - in the skin phase for the first time in the history of mankind acquire the freedom they desire in relationships, in choosing a field of activity and creating a family.

The only woman who has her specific role on an equal footing with men, she seeks to fulfill it, and not devote herself primarily to family and children, like all other women.

Taking an active social position, a skin-visual woman devotes her life to her favorite work - she shines on stage, makes a business, a career.

With thousands of fans and dozens of whirlwind romances, she rarely creates a strong and durable marriage, and even more so gives birth to children.

konec brak4
konec brak4

Having received equal rights with men in the skin phase of development, more and more women, following the example of the skin-visual young lady, try to realize themselves in areas of activity that until recently were considered exclusively male.

In this regard, the conclusion of marriage and the creation of a family remains a top priority mainly for women with an anal vector.

Transformation of the institution of marriage

The institution of marriage as we knew it - many years of life with one partner - really is a thing of the past. This is a fact and a shock for that part of humanity that is endowed with an anal vector. Divorces, constant infidelities, the practice of free relations and no desire to register a marriage, which have become much more frequent than in previous decades, are proof of this.

The new forms of relationships that we are trying now in the skin phase - boyfriend and girlfriend, boyfriend and girlfriend, loved ones, lovers (even the name of the permanent does not exist yet) - will become the forerunners of something new. What - time will tell …

The marriage will not disappear, but it is clearly transforming, and to what extent - we can only speculate.

The development of mankind is now in a skin phase, which we have never experienced before. It is impossible to go back to the era of anal values. Priorities are shifted, common aspirations and values change, new accents are set, Development is underway, which means that new needs will soon appear, and new desires will demand their satisfaction.

However, right now we are living in one of the last generations when the creation of a marriage is still possible. And knowledge of System-Vector Psychology can help everyone to do this accurately. If you want to learn more about this, understand the peculiarities of the human psyche, understand the reasons for the behavior of other people, understand the mechanism of resentment and let them go, join the free online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. Register here.

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