Work Is Fun. How To Avoid Burnout At Work

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Work Is Fun. How To Avoid Burnout At Work
Work Is Fun. How To Avoid Burnout At Work
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Work is fun. How to avoid burnout at work

What exactly can cause burnout syndrome in each of us and can it be avoided? Let's try to find answers to these questions using the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan …

Burnout in the usual sense for us is a lack of motivation as a result of realizing the meaninglessness of the actions performed. This is most observable in relation to those actions that have to be performed regularly. Since we spend a fairly large part of our time at work - in the same conditions, in communication with the same people, it is not surprising that it is in relation to work that this manifests itself as much as possible.

In our time, cases of burnout syndrome are increasing. If in the old days it concerned mostly social professions (doctors, teachers, psychologists, social workers), now it is found in a much wider range of professions, as well as in a person's personal life. The spread of burnout syndrome is facilitated by our era - a time of competition, achievement, consumption, entertainment and the desire to get the maximum pleasure from life.

What exactly can cause burnout syndrome in each of us and can it be avoided? Let's try to find answers to these questions using the System-Vector Psychology of Yuri Burlan.

A life of pleasure

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan claims that we are all born in order to receive pleasure from life. But since we are all different in our innate qualities and properties, desires and aspirations, we understand “pleasure” in different ways. How different is it? All people, in accordance with a set of innate properties, a system of values ​​and priorities, can be divided into eight psychotypes, called vectors in the terminology of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology: cutaneous, anal, muscular, urethral, ​​visual, sound, olfactory and oral.

Burnout syndrome in the anal vector

By nature, the owner of the anal vector has everything to become a professional in any business, whatever he undertakes. Analytical mindset, attention to detail, phenomenal memory, perseverance and thoroughness. This set of natural properties allows you to thoroughly study any subject. The owner of the anal vector, realized in its properties, will treat any work responsibly, putting quality above other indicators.

It is from the awareness of the quality of the work performed that the owner of the anal vector gets real pleasure, this is how he can admire and be proud of the work done. There are quite a few areas, areas where such properties are in great demand: for example, teaching and research, professions that require such "golden hands", which are endowed only by people with the properties of the anal vector.

Another property in the anal vector is a sense of justice, which such a person feels as the distribution of everything equally and as the need to receive praise and approval for himself from the people around him. Therefore, he wants a fair assessment of his work, an appreciation. The best reward for the owner of the anal vector is the recognition of his merits by society, leadership, relatives - respect for him as a specialist, as a professional in his field. During the Soviet period, people with such qualities were in demand, and the honor and respect of a professional was a much more frequent form of reward for work than monetary rewards.

Times are different now, in many industries, the speed of work is more appreciated than the achievement of ideal quality. Leadership requires a plan to be fulfilled, and deadlines are often set for a particular job. And the arguments of the owners of the anal vector that this will harm quality remain unheard.

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If a person with an anal vector has to work in conditions where he is constantly rushed and rushed, where the management gives preference to employees who work, albeit not very high-quality, but quickly, where his contribution to the work is not judged fairly and he is not rewarded at its true worth, then such an environment day after day leads to the realization of the meaninglessness of work, where all his natural qualities are depreciated and do not find application. This is how the burnout syndrome is formed in the anal vector.

How to avoid anal burnout syndrome? Since, by nature, a person with an anal vector is conservative and not inclined to take the first step for any changes in life, it is very difficult for him to decide on a job change, which means that it is better to make the main decisions at the stage of employment. If you are offered a job that involves the execution of tasks in an emergency mode, with frequent changes in the leadership of the course and tasks, which does not allow you to complete the work begun, does not imply respectful attitude of the employer to the employees, then this job is not for you! Even what seems like a trifle at first will have a detrimental effect over time. You will not be able to adapt to such working conditions enough to get at least some pleasure from it. So, you need to look for something that matches your innate properties.

Burnout syndrome in the skin vector

In the skin vector, the priorities are different, and the motivation that can bring pleasure is also completely different. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that innate desires to get and preserve are the incentive for which the owner of the skin vector is capable of much. The desire to mine is an incentive to work actively and move up the career ladder in order to be able to extract even more. So, filling our priority natural desire, we contribute to its doubling.

The desire to preserve, when it comes to preserving for others, for society, allows the owner of the skin vector to find ideas for rationalizing and optimizing production, technological processes, and anything else. The owner of the skin vector is a born organizer, and can organize work in such a way as to optimize the process as much as possible, to reduce unproductive actions. And in this, the owner of the skin vector finds the realization of his unique potential, given by nature, and, accordingly, the pleasure that any realized person experiences.

If the activity of such a person does not allow him to show his innate qualities, if activity does not boil at work, if the activity of the leather worker does not entail an increase in wages, if, no matter how he works, there are no career prospects, if there is no field for applying it rationalization or organizational talent, and any attempt to improve something comes across neglect or resistance, then day after day all desire to undertake something disappears - after all, it is useless. Such activities will cease to be enjoyable - and this is a direct path to burnout.

How to avoid burnout in the skin vector? When applying for a job, the owner of the skin vector should pay attention to how much his innate talents are in demand and encouraged by the management and the team, whether there are career prospects and material incentives. If you are the owner of a skin vector, and your work does not provide for such opportunities, you need to think about how justified it is to continue working in such conditions.

Burnout syndrome in the visual vector

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains that a distinctive feature of the owner of the visual vector is high emotionality and the need to create emotional connections with the people around him. The personal emotionality of such a person ranges from overwhelming fear to love.

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It's good when work allows him to realize his emotional potential - this is most in demand in the profession of a doctor, educator, psychologist, social workers in the form of empathy for other people. It is well-demanded in all kinds of arts (acting, dance, music). In other industries, there are not so many opportunities to be realized emotionally, therefore, the owner of the visual vector is trying to compensate for this lack by clarifying the details of the life twists and turns of work colleagues in order to be able to show the whole palette of his feelings. After all, expressing emotions, producing them is the main desire of a person with a visual vector.

The realization of this desire is necessary for the visual person, but one should not expect the same emotions from other people in response. Not everyone needs and is able to respond to the emotions of the visual person with the same strong emotional response. Among those around you there are always those who are not only incapable of expressing such a palette of emotions, but also by the nature of their properties are generally not ready for emotional interaction, they are burdened by it and avoid it. For example, owners of a sound vector, and others who do not have a visual vector in the vector set.

It often happens that the desire of the owner of the visual vector for emotional contact with colleagues at work does not find a response and stumbles upon an attempt to distance himself from this kind of communication. Day after day, bumping into indifference, indifference, cold-bloodedness on the part of those with whom you have to communicate by occupation, the owner of the visual vector begins to feel something similar to the burnout syndrome.

To avoid burnout in the visual vector, you need to be aware of your properties and choose a job in accordance with them. Work, the main component of which will be communication, aimed at showing participation to other people, as well as creative work, allowing you to show your emotional potential in various activities. At the same time, you should not expect an emotional response from others. For a visual person, it will be a reward that he himself can show emotions, because in this way he maximally realizes his properties set by nature, brings out innate fears through emotions of empathy and sympathy for others.

Burnout syndrome in sound vector

One of the most difficult tasks to achieve is getting pleasure for the owner of the sound vector. After all, the only thing that can bring him pleasure is the knowledge of what is hidden, the search for the meaning of life. Since childhood, the sound engineer has been striving to find the answer to the questions: "Why do we live?", "What happened before us and what will happen after?", "What is the meaning of everything created?" In childhood, the owner of the sound vector re-reads mountains of fantasy, in his youth he immerses himself in the works of philosophers. Such a person lives by an idea, is constantly in search of answers to questions about the meaning of life. Everything that he does in his life should make sense - without it there is nothing.

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It's hard to find the meaning of your whole life. It is good if, by the nature of the activity, the owner of the sound vector faces a specific task, as one of the components of the general meaning of being. So a scientist, carried away by an idea that he considers capable of leading to a breakthrough in science, fights day after day to solve the scientific problem. He thinks about it at night, going to bed, and this is what his mind is busy with when he wakes up.

This can go on for years - as long as the idea is endowed with meaning for the researcher. But if disappointment appears in the very essence of the idea, as soon as its limitations and finiteness become obvious, the owner of the sound vector ceases to feel pleasure while working on its solution. And if, by the nature of his activity, by virtue of his profession, such a person is forced to work on a topic that he himself considers meaningless, day after day, year after year, then the desire for this kind of work fades away. This is how burnout syndrome is formed.

How to avoid sound vector burnout? This task is more difficult for sound than for other vectors, since finding the meaning of life is a very difficult task. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan offers its own answer to this question. The true meaning of life is in the knowledge of the surrounding world, which means - in the knowledge of the human psyche, his inner world, which determines everything that happens in the outer world. This knowledge is an endless process and no less exciting than the exploration of the Universe.

Burnout is not such a harmless problem

At first glance, it seems that it relieves us of ineffective actions, but this is precisely what deprives us of the pleasure that can be obtained from life.

When we are aware of our desires, we understand how we can realize them. Awareness activates our talents, vectorially set from nature, there is an ability to realize oneself in a wide range of innate properties. You can get an idea of ​​how to choose a profession taking into account your innate characteristics and avoid burnout syndrome at the free online lectures on System-Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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