Marry Me! Are You Ready For A Serious Relationship

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Marry Me! Are You Ready For A Serious Relationship
Marry Me! Are You Ready For A Serious Relationship

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Marry me! Are you ready for a serious relationship

Natural attraction between a man and a woman lasts up to three years. Such a period is allotted by nature so that a woman can become pregnant, carry a child and put him on his feet. However, in the modern world, a child needs care and attention from parents until the end of puberty. The animal nature does not provide for such a long-term connection, therefore we need to act independently, based on human qualities.

Every woman in the depths of her soul dreams of hearing the cherished words: "Marry me." She dreams of dreaming, only the surrounding men are in no hurry to make marriage proposals. And she can not come to a final decision - whom should she choose. How do you know if you are ready for a serious relationship? And what is it anyway?

The relationship between a man and a woman is built on attraction. This attraction flares up suddenly. And we experience it as falling in love. All our thoughts at this time are directed to the partner. It seems to us the best, the most wonderful. At such moments I want to exclaim: “Stop, moment! You are wonderful! " Because when we are in love, we experience incredible pleasure from life, the highest sensual fulfillment.

However, very little time passes, and little by little love evaporates, and we return from heaven to earth. And now we begin to notice the partner's shortcomings, at first small ones. Then our irritation accumulates and sometimes reaches such proportions that we begin to perceive our partner as almost enemy number one.

But we still want a relationship. I would like a serious, full-fledged happy relationship in which the partner could take on certain obligations. The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan will tell you how to create such a relationship.

What is attraction based on

Man and woman, like day and night, are two opposites that form a whole. This means that they must fit each other perfectly: for each bulge there must be its own concavity. And psychologically it's the same. Attraction between a man and a woman occurs precisely when they have opposite, but complementary properties.

And the more we differ, the stronger the attraction, the stronger the mutual interest, and the more perfect relationships we can create. Very often there are couples in which a man has a skin vector, and a woman has an anal one, and vice versa. These are natural couples.

The problem is that natural attraction between a man and a woman lasts up to three years. Such a period is allotted by nature so that a woman can become pregnant, carry a child and put him on his feet. However, in the modern world, a child needs care and attention from parents until the end of puberty. The animal nature does not provide for such a long-term connection, therefore we need to act independently, based on human qualities.

Vector systems psychology reveals that attraction can be prolonged and even amplified many times over when it is based on an emotional connection. And creating an emotional connection is a woman's task. It is she who begins, and the man continues. And now they are working together, and as a result, they can achieve incredibly deep physical and emotional intimacy.

Marry me
Marry me

It all depends on the woman

It is the woman who begins to create an emotional connection. This is her nature.

A man wants a woman and at the moment of orgasm reaches the highest sensory experience of life, he fully justifies his existence. It's different for a woman. Initially, the woman did not experience an orgasm at the moment of intimacy, but she experienced something more important - a feeling of security and safety next to a man, a feeling that she belongs to him. And a woman has always comprehended her life in one thing - in the birth of a child.

And she must be sure that the man will not leave her. That she and her child will be alimed. Therefore, a woman has learned to create an emotional connection that cements relationships, makes them lasting and stable. Potentially, relationships based on an emotional connection can last indefinitely. All life.

Once an emotional bond has been created, it is only a matter of time before marriage.

I dream of a wedding

People with a visual vector dream of a romantic relationship and a beautiful magnificent wedding. Often carried away by dreams and dreams, they have little idea of ​​what will happen after the wedding. They consider the wedding to be the main event in life, coloring it with a gamut of a wide variety of emotional experiences - from fear for the slightest mistake to tears of incredible happiness, which can be expressed by the words: "I am not sleeping, this is really happening to me!"

These spectators want beautiful courtship, flowers, it is important for them that everything is beautiful. Dreaming of an ideal relationship, people with a visual vector can idolize their partner at the beginning of a relationship, a vivid imagination endows the chosen one with special qualities and draws pictures of a wonderful life together. When they are faced with the problem of everyday life, they understand that their fantasies have nothing to do with reality. After all, often everyone dreams of being loved and cared for, but in real life one must constantly take into account the interests of a partner and make mutual concessions. If the partners are not ready for this, then a series of mutual reproaches and claims begins between them.

And everything that seemed cute and funny before starts to annoy. In addition to claims that the partner does not love enough, there is everyday discontent arising from the difference in the properties of the vectors. But it is precisely the opposite of the lower vectors - what was originally the base for attraction. He's too slow, she's fussy, and so on. “We don't get along in characters,” young spouses begin to think about each other, and sobering occurs. And now each of them thinks that he was probably in a hurry and made the wrong choice.

Therefore, when a relationship develops, it is important not just to sail through the waves of pleasant emotions, it is important to tune in emotionally to a partner, delve into his interests, live with his needs, his joys and sorrows. And this should not be dreamy falling in love, but real efforts and real actions in relation to a partner. Be ready to cancel your affairs at any time and start helping him in something that is important to him. Internally, wanting to please him, wanting to please him - after all, it is this mutual attitude towards each other and the desire to give your partner your feelings, and not receive them for yourself, that multiplies the bond in a pair and brings both partners many times more pleasure! This is what allows you to jointly overcome any obstacles.

And in order for you to know how to please him and what to do to please him, it is important to learn to understand each other so much that you will feel what he lacks. In addition, you will already know and imagine how your joint life will develop, how you will solve a wide variety of issues - from who goes to the store today to where you go on vacation or whether it is worth taking out a car loan … And there will be no unpleasant surprises in your life.

How to build such a relationship? To create an emotional connection, a trusting space between you, when he wants to share any news with you, to entrust his thoughts and feelings, as well as to you - to tell him all your thoughts, to share the most intimate. And not only in the first month of the relationship, but every day throughout life.

Marry me
Marry me

How to create an emotional bond in a couple

An emotional connection is a mood for a person, empathy for him, a sincere deep interest, a willingness to solve together both minor everyday issues and complex problems, because there are so many unforeseen events in life! Will your emotional connection withstand them, or will it crack at the first high wave?

How to create such a connection? It is the woman who begins to have sincere conversations with the man. Not immediately, but gradually, he tells the man about his childhood, about his interests, shares some little secrets. So intimacy arises in a couple - something that creates a feeling of a shared secret, something that only two of them know.

People with a visual vector, possessing a developed imaginative intelligence, are interested in talking about literature, music and cinema, and for sound people - about abstract abstract concepts such as the meaning of life. But this is still not enough to build an emotional connection. Of course, you can have a large common cultural layer, but this is not enough for a relationship.

It is much more important to share your innermost thoughts, childhood memories, deep inner experiences. In a couple, it is important to discuss their intimate desires. You shouldn't be ashamed of this. After all, the closeness between a man and a woman is the most natural, pure and sacred thing in nature. By discussing some intimate moments, you can become even closer and trust each other much more than before.

How people were finally able to create the desired relationship after completing the training, read and listen in numerous reviews:

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan will help you understand the desires and thoughts of your partner, his aspirations and life guidelines. When you understand your partner, he becomes a part of you. And he will no longer be able to deliver any unpleasant surprises, because he will be in front of you at a glance with all his advantages and disadvantages.

Only when you understand each other and trust your loved one as yourself, you become truly close in body and soul, and this gives the relationship true depth and intimacy, gives rise to boundless happiness to be together.

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