Tell Me How You Sleep And I'll Tell You Who You Are

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Tell Me How You Sleep And I'll Tell You Who You Are
Tell Me How You Sleep And I'll Tell You Who You Are

Video: Tell Me How You Sleep And I'll Tell You Who You Are

Video: Tell Me How You Sleep And I'll Tell You Who You Are
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Tell me how you sleep and I'll tell you who you are

What explanations people do not come up with in order to solve the riddle of sleep and make at least some benefit from the time that falls out of our conscious life. And this time is considerable - we spend a third of our lives in a dream …

What is sleep - a mysterious phenomenon with mysterious contents or just a physiological process necessary to restore physical and mental strength? It is known that the need for sleep is one of the four basic human needs in addition to food, water and breathing. He cannot live without all these four elements.

What explanations people do not come up with in order to solve the riddle of sleep and make at least some benefit from the time that falls out of our conscious life. And this time is considerable - we spend a third of our lives in a dream.

Esoteric sources are full of various descriptions of the processes that occur during a person's stay in an unconscious state of sleep. Then we read about how the soul leaves the body at night, attaching itself to it with a thin thread, so as not to get lost during astral travel. Then we learn that in a dream a person can visit parallel realities and find out everything about his counterparts living simultaneously with him in other worlds. Then we interpret prophetic dreams that help us know the future. And sometimes, we practice "lucid dreaming" so that even in a dream we do not lose precious hours of life.

Psychologists develop typologies based on descriptions of postures during a night's rest: what qualities a person has when sleeping on his side, on his stomach or on his back, etc.

Sometimes we see nightmares, sometimes we sleep for 12 hours, sometimes we suffer from insomnia. Sometimes we are intimidated by things related to sleep. We cannot explain to ourselves our habits and reactions during sleep, and we fantasize, invent for ourselves a special world in which we find ourselves.

In this article, we will approach the concept of sleep from a purely pragmatic position and figure out what features of this natural physiological process are characteristic of people with different vectors, and also figure out which sleep and wakefulness mode is suitable for which vectors.

Sleep mystery. The dream of a warrior and a hunter

A person with a skin vector has a good metabolism and a high adaptability to changes. All processes in his body are fast. In the ancient human flock, this is a hunter or warrior, easy-going, able to jump up and run at the first alarm signal. Therefore, his sleep is easy, and he needs a little to rest - only 5-6 hours. Among his main values are saving, including time. Therefore, he may even say, "I am sorry to waste time sleeping."


Purely psychologically, the skinner will sleep better if his bedroom is equipped with the latest technologies, because he loves everything that is useful and new. He will monitor the temperature of the bedroom and the degree of darkness. It's good if he has an orthopedic mattress and a special pillow so that even in a dream he can take care of his main value - health.

Sleep mystery. Who has the deepest sleep?

A person with an anal vector sleeps a little longer, because all the processes in his body are much slower than that of the skin, and he will need more time to recover. His sleep is deeper and heavier. He follows the usual routine and loves the familiar environment in the bedroom, so in no case should you change anything, much less rearrange the bed. He will be uncomfortable, he will get used to changes for a long time and sleep poorly.

The muscle has no additional desires, except for the basic four - to eat, drink, breathe, sleep. Trying to deprive him of basic needs may infuriate him. It is better not to wake him up ahead of time, especially if he was drinking alcohol the day before - he might chop with an ax. The muscle's sleep is healthy, strong, like a person who has done a great job and is tired in body. After all, this is his main pleasure - physical labor and good rest after it.

Sleep mystery. Sleep without rest

The most sensitive area of a person with an olfactory vector is the vomeronasal organ (zero nerve), which is very sensitive to unconscious odors. The olfactory person does not rest even in sleep. This is the only person who cannot turn off his master sensor, even during sleep. People with sensitive ears fall asleep and do not hear sounds, with sensitive eyes - close their eyes and do not see light and color. And the nose always feels the tsunami of pheromones, regardless of sleep and wakefulness. There are no good smells for the olfactor; they are all too strong and unpleasant. Therefore, his expression is often sour. And sleep is superficial.

An olfactory person is a person who suddenly in the middle of the night may want to go out into the street, while a fire suddenly breaks out in his house and people die. Intuition is his special scent, many times more subtle than that of people with other vectors. But the price to pay for it is life in constant stress from unbearable strong smells and superficial sleep. However, since it is natural for him, this does not affect his health, and the olfactory person lives for a long time.


Sleep mystery. All mysticism of the kingdom of dreams

All mysticism of the kingdom of dreams is the sphere of the visual vector. It is he, like no one else, who is able to see colorful, colorful dreams. So there is a certain release from the pressure of information received during the day with the help of developed peripheral vision. All the colors of this world are reflected in the dreams of the spectator.

On the other hand, he is very emotional, and often experienced or repressed emotions are embodied in his dreams. Various nightmares and so-called prophetic dreams are what simultaneously frightens and lures a representative of the visual vector. For example, if in a dream the viewer falls, then fears manifest themselves. Physically, this is expressed in the fact that from the fall, it seems to take the breath away and the heart contracts.

The spectator is the greatest interpreter of dreams, because he has a rich imagination. That's for whom the mystery of sleep is the most attractive. He is the creator of thick dream books, in which all sorts of dreams are painted and their supposed embodiment in reality. For example, I saw pies in a dream - to a letter, eggs - someone will appear, blood - to a meeting with a loved one, raw meat - to illness. However, all this has nothing to do with reality. Dreams do not affect the future in any way. When the viewer learns about this at the training on system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan, he gets rid of a lot of superstitions and other psychological garbage.

Sleep mystery. Hide in a dream

If the spectator is almost always a "lark", gladly meeting the light of a new day, because in the dark its leading sensor does not work, then a person with a sound vector is an "owl", a night dweller who is awake in the darkness of the night and sleeps until lunchtime. This is his normal rhythm, due to the species role of the night guard of the ancient flock. It is not worth breaking this rhythm - for sound specialists it is better to adjust the work schedule to the change of his sleep and wakefulness cycles.

The sound engineer can also choose sleep as a subject for his research, as did the "dreamers" from the group of Carlos Castaneda, who practiced lucid dreaming and spent most of their lives in sleep. Their sound search for the meaning of life and cognition of the psychic led them to this dead-end path, which, however, is fully justified and conditioned by the properties of the sound vector. After all, it is for the sound engineer that sleep is the process that is vital for the restoration of an overloaded psyche.

Sleep is the outlet that the sound engineer, exhausted by the lack of realization of his properties, finds. He thinks a lot, asks questions about the meaning of life, but does not find an answer to them. His internal dialogue is very active and requires a tremendous expenditure of energy. Therefore, he needs more sleep than people with other vectors to restore the psyche. He gets some relief from sleep, which can last up to 16 hours a day, but his issues are not resolved in sleep. Sleep for him is often an attempt to escape from unbearable mental pain, to hide from the “all-seeing eye of the Creator under the table” in the hope that he will not be noticed. But this does not solve the problem, but a new one appears - insomnia …


If other vectors encounter insomnia as a result of stress (in the eye of the eye, emotions are running wild, in the skinhead, the loss of property), then for the sound engineer, insomnia can become chronic, in which no medications and sleeping pills help. Sleep cannot replace sound realization, the work of thought, the withdrawal of an active internal dialogue outward.

Sleep mystery. Who is not at risk of insomnia?

Sleep is a subtle substance that is a reward for those who have realized their properties and are tired. And if he didn't, then he didn't seem to deserve a rest. No wonder that there are winged expressions about sleep. For an anal sex, for example, it is relevant: "My conscience is clear, so I sleep well", for a leather worker: "If you pay taxes, sleep well!" A mentally filled person will sleep well.

Realization of its properties is the best recipe for insomnia. This is confirmed by the numerous results of the training in systemic vector psychology. Insomnia goes away in the first place, so as not to come back. The same as excessive sleep - the realized sound engineer no longer feels the irresistible need to hide in sleep, 6 hours are enough.

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