Gambling Addiction. Life On The Other Side Of The Monitor - An Alternative Or A Dead End?

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Gambling Addiction. Life On The Other Side Of The Monitor - An Alternative Or A Dead End?
Gambling Addiction. Life On The Other Side Of The Monitor - An Alternative Or A Dead End?

Video: Gambling Addiction. Life On The Other Side Of The Monitor - An Alternative Or A Dead End?

Video: Gambling Addiction. Life On The Other Side Of The Monitor - An Alternative Or A Dead End?
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Gambling addiction. Life on the other side of the monitor - an alternative or a dead end?

Petit's morning began badly as always. How hard it is to get up in the morning after sitting at the computer all night. Go to school, where people seem to be more evil than the most notorious villains in a computer game. Petya did not like school …

The walls of the panel "Khrushchev" were shaking from the noise in the thirty-seventh apartment. This was not particularly surprising to anyone. Everyone is used to the lifestyle of the Petrov family. Everything is as usual. Swearing, the father shouts at the mother, the mother also does not remain in debt. Neighbors turn on their TVs louder. The ordinary life of a Russian city.

At the very epicenter of the family scandal was thirteen-year-old Petya. Despite his mother's piercing falsetto, his father's dirty swearing and pounding on the table with his fist, Petya stared at his computer monitor with a calm, unblinking gaze. It seemed that the world around him did not exist for Petya. There was only him and the computer. And Petya himself is now not Petya, but the liberator of the elven kingdom.

The door of Petya's room opened slightly: "Go to bed, you idiot, you sit at the computer all day, you idiot!" In response, silence. The door slammed shut loudly. Soon the parents will get tired of swearing and go to bed. And their son will continue to look at the monitor until late at night, without blinking.

Petya is a gamer. Everyone who is already familiar with the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan knows that Petya is a sound engineer. And that nightly gatherings at the computer can at any moment be replaced by severe depression, drugs, thoughts of suicide. But first things first.

Hey Shizik

Petit's morning began badly as always. How hard it is to get up in the morning after sitting at the computer all night. Go to school, where people seem to be more evil than the most notorious villains in a computer game. Petya did not like school. In principle, few children love her. But Petya openly hated school. He had no friends at school.

Quite the opposite. Just before the threshold of the school, a snowball flew into his face. Snow covered his eyes. Loud laughter of classmates cut in the ears. "What are they waiting for me, or what?" - Petya thought. "Hello, schizo!" - shouted one of the guys, all laughed together again and hurried to school. Approaching his desk, the last one in a row, Petya stumbled and fell, textbooks scattered on the floor. The class burst into amorous laughter. Actually, he did not stumble himself. It was the bandwagon. Whose, Petya did not know, and he was not interested. Everyone could, and would gladly do it.

Having collected his textbooks and sat down at his desk, he started thinking about why he was so disliked. I was torn away from my thoughts by the teacher's question: "Petrov, have you solved your home problem?" Petya shuddered: "And what, Marya Ivanovna?" “Why are you constantly asking me? Are you deaf? Or do you have bananas in your ears? " Loud laughter again hit Petya in the ears. "Lord, this laugh will drive me crazy, these are not people - these are hyenas" - flashed through my thoughts.

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"Sit down, Petrov!" For the rest of the lesson, he pondered the reasons for human laughter. Why, when one is funny, the other should be hurt? A change has come. Petya did not like changes either. A ball of madness was unfolding outside the classroom doors. Shouts, pushing, laughter, running around. Leaving the classroom, Petya went to the window. Schoolchildren were forbidden to rage near the windows. He took advantage of it, sat on the windowsill and watched the snowfall.

But this time he was interrupted. On the way to the window, Petya was taken by surprise with a powerful blow to the head with a briefcase. And again this damned laughter. Turning around, he saw the same people who had thrown a snowball at him in the morning. He gathered up the courage to answer the offenders, and was about to do it, when suddenly the school bell rang. Right over the guy's ear. He grabbed his ears and sat down on the floor. It was unbearable.

The whole world seemed to conspire against him. Tears rolled down my cheeks. "What have I done to you?" - Petya shouted. “Calm down, schizo, we were just joking,” one of them replied, and the whole company, smiling, went to class. Petya did not go to class. He packed his things and ran home. There, where he is not a schizo, but a great commander, archer and famous elf. In a computer game.

Why me?

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan argues that people with a sound vector are special. A person with a sound vector has enormous intellectual potential. He thinks in abstract terms. Already in childhood, he is interested in the causes of causes. Why is the world arranged this way and not otherwise? What is the meaning of this or that phenomenon. Sometimes his questions baffle adults.

All interests of the sound engineer lie outside this world - he is not interested in what to eat, what to drink, where to live, where to go. He wonders why he should do all this at all. The sound engineer is the only one who perceives the physical world as illusory and sincerely does not understand "why all this jerking."

The ears of a sound person are not just ears, but supersensitive sensors capable of capturing the meanings hidden behind words. Loud sounds, swearing really traumatize him and drive him inside.

In combination of these two features - when he does not feel the reality of the physical world and, moreover, this world constantly presses in the most unpleasant way, literally hits the ears - the sound engineer can completely shut himself up in the vacuum of his consciousness, "disconnect from the world." By the way, autism's legs grow from here.

Fully immersed in himself, in his reflections, the sound engineer cannot immediately crawl out when they turn to him. The soundman's consciousness is too voluminous. Hence the delay, it takes some time to move from the "world inside" to the "world outside". Because of this, many consider the sound engineer to be a brake. Unaware of what deep thoughts can be spinning in the head of the sound engineer.

Even when such a person tries to find a common language with his environment, he may not succeed. After all, for them his thoughts may seem incomprehensible nonsense. And for him, their thoughts are empty chatter without meaning, and this attitude of the sound engineer to those around them is read by them. This is the reason for the frequent aggression towards sound children in school. Often, a sound engineer in his class is a black sheep, and is not understood by his peers.

Misunderstanding, and sometimes even aggression, on the part of those around him, only more forcefully drive the sound engineer inside himself.

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Headphones are the main attribute of the owner of the sound vector. Protection against exposure to the most sensitive organ. Putting on huge headphones, shutting himself off from this world, the sound engineer literally muffles himself with heavy music - in order to dull the sensitivity of the suffering sensor.

Further, there are several options for the development of events. The soundman falls into a sect, where, under the veil of mysticism and a beautiful word, the preacher hides his sick ideas. Addicted to drugs. Begins to get pleasure from changing the states of his brain, passing them off as openings, enlightenment. Or plunges headlong into the virtual world. Tries to find at least some, the most insignificant, meaning in it. It just doesn't work out in this world.

Hours spent in the world of games slowly detach the sound engineer from life, up to the complete loss of a sense of reality. People become just playful pictures. Characters. The people around speak as if in a strange, incomprehensible language. He begins to feel completely alien. The oppressive feeling of loneliness is a heavy burden. It starts to seem like there is no way out. And every morning the sound engineer meets with the same question: "How to stop this pain?"

Escape. Exit without saving

As Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology explains, sound specialists are only 5% of all the inhabitants of mankind. And at the root of any bad states of a sound person there is always one lack - a lack of meaning in life, an unfulfilled unconscious desire to cognize human nature.

A person is not a random set of aspirations, each of us carries strictly defined desires (vectors), always supported by innate properties for their realization. Everything that happens to a person (feelings, thoughts, reactions) are patterns that are directly related to the degree of fulfillment and realization of desires given to us by nature. A total of 8 vectors, 8 sets of desires, which are combined in various variations in a person, defining his essence and priorities.

Some people are born to plow a field. Others want to create technology. Still others just want to raise children in their family. And the sound engineer is the hardest. He was born for something more. In order to understand the essence of everything that is happening. Finally find the answer.

Computer games, along with drugs, sects, heavy music, just for a short time ease the pain of the meaninglessness of life. But every day this pain comes back again and again. Real relief comes only when the basic desire of the sound vector is fulfilled - to understand the meaning of everything that happens, the laws by which a person lives and develops.

There is a way out of the game. The way out is not in pain and meaninglessness of a semi-conscious life, not in drugs and suicide. Exit into the delight of knowing yourself and the world and understanding the meaning of each day you live.

When meaning appears in life, all the games in the world become uninteresting. What drawing magician can compare in power with a man whose ideas inspire many? What victory is sweeter than victory over yourself? And the people around them become so understandable and important that fairy elves seem boring and flat.

A new reality opens at nightly free online lectures on Systemic Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan.

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