How To Quit Drinking Alcohol Forever At Home: Causes Of Addiction

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How To Quit Drinking Alcohol Forever At Home: Causes Of Addiction
How To Quit Drinking Alcohol Forever At Home: Causes Of Addiction
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How to stop drinking alcohol

"I'm an alcoholic" - terrible words. Lost opportunities, failing health, suffering loved ones, problems at work, lost precious time … at some point you realize that this is no longer possible. But since you are reading this article, you have already tried a lot and the hopes for a magic pill did not justify themselves …

"I'm an alcoholic" - terrible words. It hurts to realize that life is passing by and you yourself are responsible for it. Lost opportunities, failing health, suffering loved ones, problems at work, lost precious time … at some point you realize that this is no longer possible. You start looking for ways to quit drinking alcohol, to break out of this trap - for the sake of your own future.

How to get rid of alcohol addiction

If a person realizes his problem and firmly decided to quit drinking alcohol - this is already an important step on the path to change. Admitting to yourself that you need help, showing a desire to work on yourself is the most necessary condition for combating alcohol addiction. After all, it is only possible to help someone who wants to quit drinking alcohol himself.

How to relieve alcohol cravings: are there any effective remedies?

Anyone who independently discovers signs of alcoholism and wants to quit drinking alcohol is looking for different methods of dealing with addiction. There are many options for solving the problem of alcoholism.

A fairly popular way to quit drinking is coding for alcoholism, but often it solves the problem only temporarily. Those who are trying to quit drinking alcohol without coding often look for folk remedies that cause aversion to alcohol, articles and videos with advice from psychologists. For someone, prayer from drunkenness or the help of healers and traditional healers may be a hope.

But since you are reading this article, you have already tried a lot and the hopes for a magic pill have not been justified.

Why is it so hard to stop drinking alcohol?

Since regular consumption of alcoholic beverages has a detrimental effect on the body as a whole, a person who decides to quit drinking alcohol feels the consequences of the changes caused by alcohol. The hardest part is in the so-called weaning period, when the body actively resists retraining. When experiencing unpleasant mental symptoms, a person runs the risk of breaking down for temporary relief and abandoning the intention to quit drinking alcohol.

It is the inability to resist withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, irritability, tremors, insomnia, headache, tachycardia) that is considered an obstacle to sobriety in a person who wants to quit drinking alcohol. In fact, this is only a small part of the problem, which can be completely solved with the support of medicines.

The most important reason for returning to alcohol is unresolved internal issues. Therefore, a necessary condition for solving the problem of alcohol dependence is understanding its causes, and not fighting the consequences.

Reasons for alcohol addiction

Generally speaking, there is only one reason - dissatisfaction with life. Sometimes a person himself does not understand what exactly does not suit him, he only feels that he is feeling bad. It seems that everything is there, but somehow it is not happy. A happy, contented person will not drown longing in a bottle, try to "get" his shortages in this way, which means that the question of how to quit drinking alcohol will not be relevant for him. What are these "shortages"? They can be divided into two broad groups: social and sexual.

A person, in order to feel happy, needs to be realized in society and in pair relationships. When for some reason this fails, some seek temporary relief in drinking - just to hide from suffering. Only this relief is false. Each time you plunge deeper into negative states, you move further and further from what you want - from the opportunity to take place in society and / or in a couple. And it is getting harder and harder to quit drinking alcohol at home.

Stop drinking alcohol picture
Stop drinking alcohol picture

Social gaps

We live in a society, we cannot exist alone: ​​for a full life we ​​need achievements in various fields of industry, services, culture, medicine, education, lawmaking, etc. A person realizes his talents in social interaction and experiences satisfaction from this. Accordingly, so that there is no need to think about how to quit drinking alcohol, it is important for a person to feel in demand, useful to society, and also to receive his own reward for this.

Each person, depending on innate mental properties, understands differently what it means to be realized, and therefore a happy person.

Career growth and financial well-being

Everyone wants to have a good job with decent wages. But there are people who attach particular importance to such things as career, prosperity, profit, property and social superiority, competitiveness, ambition. These are earners and organizers by nature.

Therefore, the loss of a high-paying job or failure to find one, monetary losses, constant financial difficulties, low social status for such people are the strongest stress that they can "relieve" with alcohol. Failure to prove themselves sufficiently on the social ladder may well be the reason why they are unable to quit drinking alcohol.

It turns out a vicious circle: lack of success - an increasingly frequent desire to compensate for dissatisfaction with alcohol - as a result, a diminishing ability to achieve results in business and a drop in social status - an inability to quit drinking alcohol. But in potential, such people, like no one else, are capable of self-restraint and discipline, and under their skin they have a business streak.

Respect, honor and stability

There are people for whom a high assessment of their professional qualities, respect in society, recognition of merits are even more valuable than material incentives. In their work they strive to be recognized specialists, experts, masters of their craft. And in general, "the main thing is that people respect you."

It is difficult for such a person to quit drinking alcohol if he does not feel recognition, constantly does not receive gratitude for his services. Lack of respect can provoke serious resentments that only make the situation worse. Living them over and over again, feeling injustice towards himself, a person is increasingly immersed in negative psychological states. How to stop drinking alcohol?

Moreover, such people are conservative. It is difficult for them to change their place of work or profession. The usual course of things, stable earnings, confidence in their own relevance - that's what is important to them. And this is a condition for the ability to quit drinking alcohol, if there is such a problem.

Experiencing tremendous stress, such people drank themselves after the collapse of the USSR. Thousands of men who were confident in the future, enjoyed the recognition of their professional qualities, were proud of the ability to honestly do their job and get their share of respect for it, suddenly lost all stability. For many of them, quitting alcohol proved to be an overwhelming task. They could not adapt to the new conditions, did not know what they could do in this situation.

Sexual dissatisfaction

It is important for a person to take place in a pair. For some people (those who gravitate towards stability and respect), strong pair relationships - family ones - are a special value. They are very attached to a partner, and also have a high sexual potential. Parting with a loved one, dissatisfaction with family life, betrayal or resentment against the opposite sex can be the reason why it is difficult for such people to quit drinking alcohol. Although it temporarily ceases to stifle pain, inner tension weakens.

Often such a person sincerely wants to get rid of alcohol addiction, feeling ashamed in front of children or a spouse, feeling guilty for the suffering caused to them, fearing to lose them. But time after time experiencing setbacks, it only goes deeper into addiction.

It should be noted that social and sexual deficiencies are often interrelated. Especially in men.

How to stop drinking for a man

The fact is that the desire for a woman is a stimulus for a man to social realization. A man who has taken place in society is attractive. Scientific discoveries, the results of technological progress, works of art, products of any kind of activity - all in order to please HER.

Withdrawal symptoms picture
Withdrawal symptoms picture

And if there is no one who motivates you to work on yourself, to do something at all? This means that there is no incentive for social realization. Quitting drinking alcohol is even more difficult for such a person.

How to quit drinking for a woman

For most women, family fulfillment is more important than social fulfillment. Therefore, dissatisfaction in marriage can be a cause of alcohol dependence and inability to quit drinking alcohol.

“And we live well, but this monotony is killing… And I wanted something like that… I drink every day almost, sometimes with my husband, but more often secretly. Both ashamed and scary. With all my heart I want to get rid of it forever, but I break down again and again …"

Dealing with unresolved issues in pairs is possible only by understanding the psyche. The training "System-Vector Psychology" will help you to understand deeper yourself and your partner, the laws by which relationships between a man and a woman are built, and you will see how to return the light to your life together, get rid of resentments and claims, get closer and become happy again. When we are sensually fulfilled and happy, we don't need the extra incentive of alcohol.

On emotions

Without knowing ourselves, we often find ourselves in difficult conditions, such as fears, resentments, depression, and do not understand how to cope with it.

So, some people differ from others in greater emotionality. As a result, they can experience severe fears and anxieties, and perceive alcohol as a means to relieve them. Or try to calm down excessively strong feelings with the help of alcohol.

Emotional connections with people are especially important for them. With a lack of emotional closeness, such a person will feel despondency, a feeling of loneliness. If this happens all the time, it becomes a serious reason why it is impossible to stop drinking alcohol.


There are people for whom the source of suffering is their own thoughts. Immersed in themselves, not understood by others, they are constantly in search of something … global. But how do you find something that you have no idea about? Moreover, people around are annoying with their routine pettiness, senseless noise and din. You want to hide in your shell, forget yourself and drown out the pain with at least something … Alcohol? Let it not matter.

Only it does not bring relief, it only becomes harder. Depression is overwhelming, thoughts of death are already flickering … To quit drinking alcohol or not - what is the difference in essence? Is that the point?

It turns out that alcohol dependence problems in people manifest themselves in different ways. And the ways to overcome alcohol cravings will be different. By understanding your mental properties, you can permanently solve the issues that prevent you from being a happy person.

The best way to stop drinking once and for all

You can quit drinking alcohol on your own only by understanding the causes of addiction. Having realized what hurts you and why you voluntarily “pour your life into a glass”, you will understand in which direction to move, what to work on.

The online training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan helped many to understand their problems.

If you are looking for advice on how to stop drinking alcohol, sign up for free lectures. After all, you will not lose anything, but you will receive help and a chance to improve your life.

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