Labor Psychology. Jump To The Embrasure In Search Of The Carrot

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Labor Psychology. Jump To The Embrasure In Search Of The Carrot
Labor Psychology. Jump To The Embrasure In Search Of The Carrot

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Labor psychology. Jump to the embrasure in search of the carrot

At the root of every human act is desire - to receive pleasure. Only one of us enjoys physical labor, the other - property and social superiority, the third - recognition and respect. Our desires also determine the way of receiving this very pleasure.

Labor is a conscious human activity with a specific goal. Among all living nature, only man can work.

Yes, yes, bears build dens, birds build nests, and ants make anthills, but these are all animal instincts.

Conscious activity, like consciousness itself, is inherent only in a person, but the reasons, motives, goals and significance of labor activity for each individual individual are described by the psychology of labor.


Engels' assertion that labor made a man out of a monkey is only partially true.

Every animal is a perfect creature in the sense that it can immediately satisfy any desire. The basic natural desires of all animal nature are to eat, drink, breathe, sleep, keep your body temperature in the landscape and continue yourself in time.

And what about a man? How did he want something more and why? How from a perfect animal did he turn into a more highly organized, but imperfect, and therefore developing to this day being? What is the psychology of human labor?

Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology gives a detailed explanation of the first step that our distant ancestor took on his way to the modern Cultural Man.

At the root of every human act is desire - to receive pleasure. Only one of us enjoys physical labor, the other - property and social superiority, the third - recognition and respect. Our desires also determine the way of receiving this very pleasure.

The basis of personality behavior is an innate set of desires, which forms the personality itself, its values, priorities, aspirations and life goals.

We are able to receive true pleasure as a balanced biochemistry of the brain, a feeling of happiness and joy from life only when we perform a specific role, that is, that activity for which we are endowed with innate properties and which benefits society.


Understanding the motives of one's behavior, inclinations and preferences in work activity, conditioned by innate qualities and desires, makes it possible to clearly define the sphere of work in which all our properties are fully realized.

And an individual motivational strategy and methods of stimulating employees using system-vector psychology makes it possible to manage in a natural way, without manipulation and coercion.

So, let's begin.

How We “Wanted” to Become Human

What separates man from animal? The animal, obeying instincts, seeks to satisfy only basic desires - to eat, drink, breathe, sleep, while performing two main tasks - to survive at all costs and to continue itself in time.

The first additional desire, that is, a desire in excess of the basic ones, was the first step that separated man from the animal world. It arose in the skin measure and consisted in the desire to eat more than is necessary for saturation.

Having appeared, the additional desire was immediately limited by the same skin vector. Eating more than the stomach can hold is simply impossible. I had to look for a new way to realize the desire that had arisen. This is how the first food reserves appeared, and the additional desire became the basis of the skin vector's striving for property and social superiority.

The additional desire became a step from the perfection of the animal world and, at the same time, an incentive for development at a higher and more complex level - the human one.

Satisfying his natural desires, each member of the pack performed a role inherent only to him - a certain type of activity, which he was able to do from the whole pack in the best way, for which he received food. Hunger was the main and only tool in natural management of human behavior.

Each step in the development of an individual person left its imprint on the collective psychic. This led to the fact that the next generations were born with more temperament and potential than their parents.

The essence of the specific role of each of the eight vectors remains unchanged to the present:

skin vector - creator and custodian of food supplies in peacetime and lateral hunter-alimentator in wartime;

muscle vector - a builder in peacetime, a warrior - in wartime;

urethral vector - the leader, generation and responsibility for the advancement of living matter into the future in peacetime, expansion - in wartime;

the anal vector is the keeper of the cave, the fire in peacetime, the rear - in the war;

the visual vector is the female educator in peacetime, the day guard of the flock - in the war;

sound vector - night guard of the pack;

olfactory vector - strategic scout, chief advisor, shaman;

the oral vector - the division of food into edible and inedible in peacetime, a cry as a warning of danger - in wartime.

Being born with a certain set of vectors, a person is already endowed with specific inclinations, properties and desires that require their satisfaction.


Choosing our profession, we are guided by our desires, stopping at the specialty that can satisfy the greatest number of our needs, that is, give the opportunity to implement all our vectors at the maximum level.

We really like only those activities that we are able to perform in the best way, since we are provided with all the necessary properties for this. We cannot wish to be someone other than our species role "dictates". This is the psychology of work.

Mistakes in the choice of work activity happen for the reason that we fall under the influence of people around us or circumstances, forgetting about the true inclinations of our nature.

The desires of parents, the popularity of the specialty, the opinions of friends, the remoteness of the university from the place of residence, the ability to pay for tuition and many other factors push us to the path of least resistance, along the way acquiring the most convincing rationalizations that we invent both for others and for ourselves.

As a result, such a mediocre student joins the ranks of the same mediocre employees who do not receive any satisfaction from their work, but only the painful sensations of the growing lack of realization of true properties.

In such a trap of rationalizations, not only young people fall, deciding on an educational institution, but also adults under the pressure of families, authorities, society.

Completeness of implementation

It is important to understand that each innate property of any vector requires its own implementation. The psychology of labor of a modern multi-vector person cannot be limited to only one profession.

Realizing only in one area of ​​activity and getting pleasure from satisfying the properties of a separate vector, in parallel we accumulate shortages in other vectors, which sooner or later will require filling.


Not being able to realize even one property, we feel a shortage, an imbalance in the biochemistry of the brain arises, which pushes us to any actions that can relieve this tension, and most often these are manifestations of a primitive program that are not adapted to the requirements of modern society.

So, in the absence of the realization of the desire of the visual vector to create an emotional connection, this need translates into domestic scandals and tantrums that arise literally from scratch.

For the same reason of incomplete implementation, the phenomenon of downshifting, which is widespread today, manifests itself, when a successful businessman or an employee who is rapidly moving up the career ladder suddenly drops everything and leaves to live in the countryside, radically changing the way of life, crushed by the growing shortages of unrealized properties of unclaimed vectors.

This does not mean at all that a feeling of fullness of life is possible only with three jobs and five part-time jobs!

Certain properties of vectors can be successfully implemented through a hobby, in a family circle, during vacations or weekends, switching to another type of activity.

Thinking in the categories of system-vector psychoanalysis makes it possible to understand your conscious and, what is important, unconscious desires and aspirations, each of which requires its own realization.


A clear vision of all facets of your nature forms an idea of ​​the optimal field of activity, where most of the qualities of your personality would be applied, bringing you maximum satisfaction from the work performed and creating socially useful goods.

For example, one of the best options for realizing the properties of a diligent and scrupulous anal vector are analytics, scientific activity, teaching; such skin properties as logical thinking, innovation and discipline are successfully used in jurisprudence, engineering, military service; compassionate and emotional visual vector is perfectly realized in medicine, parenting or acting.

Collective labor psychology

The activities of the team, composed on the basis of system-vector psychoanalysis, are simply doomed to success. All that everyone can do to achieve the maximum result of the common work is to realize their natural properties in the best possible way.

Having systematic knowledge in the selection of personnel, you will clearly understand that it is simply pointless to expect a detailed quarterly report from the skinner, but it is he who is able to ensure a high level of sales or optimize the time management of employees; a representative of the oral vector is unlikely to provide system administration of a corporate computer network, but only he can become the best chef of your restaurant or the host of a popular talk show on television.

It is possible to determine the vector set of a person, the level of development of his qualities and the degree of realization on the basis of knowledge of system-vector psychology within a few minutes of communication. The behavior of the individual, every word spoken and even the appearance of the interlocutor make it clear with whom you are dealing, in what area this person's work will be most productive, what exactly is the best incentive for him to work, what he expects from his activities.

In addition, a well-formed team becomes an integral and self-developing organism, in which everyone, through their work, contributes to the common cause, getting exactly what they expect from their work.

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