I'm Tired Of Living: Where Does Fatigue Come From

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I'm Tired Of Living: Where Does Fatigue Come From
I'm Tired Of Living: Where Does Fatigue Come From

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I'm tired of living: where does fatigue come from

All through force. It would seem, live and be happy, there are still so many years ahead … I haven’t even begun to live! And already tired. No strength, no desire to live. Outwardly, her life is a reason for envy. And inside - a black abyss, sucking out all the forces …

“I'm tired, tired of living,” she says. Outwardly, her life is a reason for envy. And inside there is a black abyss that sucks out all forces.

Tired of Living: Monologue in the Kitchen

It would seem, live and be happy, there are still so many years ahead … I haven’t even begun to live! And already tired. No strength, no desire to live. Like a robot, I mechanically perform the necessary actions. Who needs them? Why am I doing this? Who even decided that this was exactly what I needed? Is it really the meaning of life that is to perform useless actions day after day: go to work, run into the store, spend the money earned on food, eat, sleep, wake up and repeat the well-trodden route again - home, work, shop, house?

All through force. Even what is usually called pleasures - through strength in the hope of healing. Does not help. I think I was already born with this fatigue. I sleep and can't get enough sleep.

For some reason I climbed to read the advice of psychologists … Ahinea. All around solid nonsense. Friends say: “Find a guy. Have a baby. Get a cat after all! " What's the point? "You need to think positively." Come on! How much more positive? We will all die someday, and only this thought keeps me hoping. And the constant prophecies about the end of the world are also pleasing.

I'm trying to negotiate with myself. So to look - there is nothing to complain about. After all, there are people who are much worse off, who have really serious problems, desperate situations. But what do I care about them? I'm tired of all this! And from people! And from life! And from myself!

No, I do not at all think how easy it is to kill myself, I am not looking for ways to quickly die without pain or something like that. I feel that there is some special meaning in my existence. It even seems that I am the chosen one and someone is about to appear, open a secret door for me, and I will finally wake up in my real life. Otherwise, there is no point in living …

Apathy, boredom, depression: emphasize what you need

Have you heard from friends complaints of unbearable fatigue? Or maybe they themselves are tired of such a life. It happens that this is just fatigue and nothing more. True, it does not arise out of nowhere either. After all, when a person does what he loves, communicates with loved ones, life is a joy, and fatigue only enhances the pleasure from the subsequent rest. It's such a pleasure to literally spread out in bed after a busy day.

What's wrong? Let's figure out why we find ourselves in a situation where we feel tired of life, and what to do if everything is tired.

I'm tired of living a picture
I'm tired of living a picture

There can be many reasons for saying “I'm tired of life”. Most of them can be grouped into three groups, which we will discuss in detail below:

  • Yearning
  • Apathy
  • Depression

Many, when they say “I'm tired of living,” mean that they are not satisfied with their current life situation. But the owners of the sound vector, for example, asking questions about the meaning of life, often decide that there is no meaning at all, and begin to feel weary about the very fact of a “meaningless” life. As long as we do not one hundred percent distinguish one condition from another, none of the many advice will be useful. In the best case, we will guess by chance and hope that it will work the next time. At worst, we will further aggravate the situation.

For example, if you try to bring a person with a sound vector out of depression with noisy fun, the matter may end up in an even more serious condition, at least a headache. But the owners of the visual vector are likely to feel better in a noisy company.

TOSKA: don't expect love - love yourself

Tosca is a friend of the owners of the visual vector. Any of them feels the course of life only in the change of emotions, colors, moods. At the top of emotions - euphoria or love. On the bottom - longing or sadness. It happens that it does not work at least occasionally to be filled with vivid impressions, but there is no skill or ability to give your emotions to others, to sympathize. “Nobody loves me” is a faithful companion of longing and the feeling of fatigue “from all this”.

If we imagine a conventional scale of development of the properties of the visual vector, we will see at the very beginning a complete concentration on ourselves, on our own experiences and fears. And the further development goes, the more attention is paid to others. And if at the very beginning - "I want love, love me!", - as the vector develops, more and more - "I love!". It is necessary to understand that the development of the properties of this or that vector is not a verdict or a "bad assessment." This is not directly related to what is considered to be the development of the personality as a whole. In addition, development proceeds only until puberty, so we cannot independently manage this process. But we can implement properties to the extent available. Interestingly, in a state of super stress, we can "lose" all signs of the development of properties.

So, about longing. When we, the owners of the visual vector, cannot realize our need for a change of emotions and there is no one around whom we can sympathize with, satisfying the pain of another person with love, we fall into melancholy. Or, when everything is not too bad, unbearable boredom and fatigue from life occurs. Here I mean - from such a way of life, from the absence of a sense of the flow of life, a change of impressions.

The most common cause of longing is the breakup of an emotional connection due to a breakup or the death of a loved one. In this case, any advice will be inappropriate: until the person himself understands the real reason for the serious condition, the light will not be nice. At the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan, these topics are discussed in detail. When there is an awareness of one's own desires and innate properties, the most severe melancholy turns into bright sadness - pleasant memories of happy moments associated with the departed. This opens the way for new relationships without fear of loss.

APATIA: It’s impossible to live like that, but how it’s possible - it’s impossible to live

Apathy accompanies completely different processes and can be in different vectors with very few exceptions. Accordingly, the causes of life fatigue with apathy are completely different. This is where the question arises of what to do when everything is tired. The difficulty is that only the person himself can answer.

When the properties of vectors are not realized, desires are constantly not fulfilled - hands are lowered, and the psyche reacts mercifully - extinguishes desires. So much so that it is no longer possible to understand what you want. It only comes to mind - such a life does not suit! I don’t want to live like this anymore! How do I want? I do not know. This is often referred to as burnout. But emotions do not always "burn out".

We are largely guided by the understanding of the "correct" lifestyle that we see on TV or on the Internet. Every now and then we are shown "rich bums", enjoying life on their yachts or villas, hanging out in expensive clubs and restaurants … And we always have problems - sometimes with money, sometimes with time. Either the child has snot, then the grandmother has pressure. Either the husband is a slacker and an alcoholic, or there is no husband at all, and it is not known which is worse. Each of us more than gets such adventures. We run nonstop, carry bags, win pennies, worry endlessly. And there is no one to shift the responsibility to. When we managed to get enough sleep, we can hardly remember.

Thanks to system-vector psychology, we understand that each of us is endowed with his own set of unique qualities from birth. Each vector has its own desires, its own potential talents and properties of the psyche, ideally suited for their realization. Moreover, nature intended that the highest pleasure we get from life when we realize our properties in society.

We, by nature, cannot want what we cannot embody. What makes you live not your life? It is not at all "external conditions" on which one so wants to shift responsibility. The reason, again, is a misunderstanding of oneself. It happens that intuitively we find ways to bring ourselves into balance. The condition is slightly improving, you can continue to live. Soon, fatigue returns again, and there is no time and energy for favorite activities.

You don't have to be strong, you have to be needed

Realization of an adult is always an exchange of properties for values. Moreover, the values ​​for each vector are different. It seems to us that only radical changes in life will save the situation, while the decision may not be so difficult at all. Not all of us really want a villa and a yacht, maybe it is quite enough to hear words of love and gratitude from our husband. The very understanding of what exactly you really want to get removes most of the problems, even if objectively there is every reason for being tired of life.

Tired of living the picture
Tired of living the picture

For example: a woman with an anal vector is potentially an ideal housewife, but it is vital for her to be respected by other family members, expressed gratitude. And if she gives all of herself to the family, and in return does not even hear a "thank you" for the cooked dinner? Nobody needs her efforts? Resentment arises and then - a feeling of fatigue from this overwhelming burden. And if at work it is impossible to have a comfortable pace for the anal vector, constantly pull, do not allow you to finish what you started?

The lack of realization of the given properties or an attempt to live a “strange” life is a huge stress for the psyche. When we don't get what we want for too long, frustration first occurs, we feel irritated. But we are not aware of our desires! Therefore, it is not a specific situation that irritates - everything irritates. To protect us from chronic painful experiences, to reduce the intensity of emotions, apathy gradually comes. And then - a person sadly wanders through life the released term.

Even if external conditions seem to be an absolute dead end, the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan helps to get rid of apathy and again feel the pleasure of life. And it all starts with understanding yourself. The effectiveness of this technique has been proven in numerous repeated results.

DEPRESSION: know yourself - you will find the meaning of life

The reason for the tiredness of our heroine, like many other owners of the sound vector, is the lack of meaning. Without understanding the meaning, it is impossible to perform any action, and the feeling of the meaninglessness of life as such kills. There seems to be no point in living.

Abstract intelligence needs silence, concentration and tension of the mind. This is the only way to answer the philosophical questions of life. This is how poetry and music come. This is how ideas come in. But there is an important condition: concentration should be outside - on people, on solving external problems. For those who do not have a sound vector, this clarification will seem strange. Nevertheless, it is too high probability for sound people to fall into the abyss of their own worlds. Alas, inside your head you cannot find an answer to the sound request "what is the meaning of life", in whatever form it may be formulated.

Only the owners of the sound vector want to get to the bottom of the root cause and dress this search in all sorts of forms. Not understanding their real desires, they often look for altered states of consciousness in the hope of discerning Something that is hidden outside this reality. Someone chooses simpler ways - meditation, drugs. Someone is studying foreign languages ​​or programming in the hope of finding an answer there. Someone directs their gaze to distant Universes, believing that they are the ones who keep the memory of the root cause. Some live "ordinary" lives, not realizing their desires at all - they have the hardest part.

Vector is desire. Like a compass needle that always points north. Can you change its direction? Can. Only nothing useful will come of this, except for overvoltage of the system. In our case, overstrain of the psyche and, if we are talking about the owners of the sound vector, subsequent depression. And these are no longer abstract things, but real suffering.

With the owners of the sound vector, nature has a special demand - by our awareness of the Meanings, we determine the life of all mankind. How this happens is explained in detail at the training of Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology". And first of all, we must know ourselves in terms of differences from others. Then, to put together for yourself the entire system of the world order, where each element is ideally inscribed in the overall plan.

I'm over it! What to do if everything is tired

All the reasons described can and together spoil life. Inhabitants of modern cities often have several vectors. In this case, it is really difficult to understand your own feelings - either there is no point in living, or tired of living joylessly. One thing is clear: you need to do something with your life.

"I'm over it! I don't want to live like this anymore! " - it was these words that became guides to the new world for many. Into real life. Yours.

This does not mean that all problems have disappeared, although this happens. This does not mean that life no longer throws up difficult tasks. It's simple: if you see where your tap is leaking, it won't be difficult to fix the leak. And where do your powers go aimlessly? How can you fill their lack? Vector Systems Psychology is a simple awareness tool for troubleshooting life.

Try this tool in action at the next free online training by Yuri Burlan.

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