Apathy For Everything: About The Reasons And The Right Way To Get Rid Of

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Apathy For Everything: About The Reasons And The Right Way To Get Rid Of
Apathy For Everything: About The Reasons And The Right Way To Get Rid Of
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Apathy: what to do if you don't feel like it

Our unconscious desires are hidden from us. Therefore, we may not even guess what our psyche is asking for. The main reason for apathy is the lack of realization of our desires.

I don't want anything. I sit like a vegetable, there are no desires, no feelings, no aspirations. Complete lack of interest in life. There is not even the strength to move at all and do anything. I would like to go to bed, and it is better forever.

But before, life inside burned with fire. There were desires, there were aspirations, it was interesting, and life was enjoyable. Now the soul is just emptiness. What went wrong, what went wrong? Whom to contact for help, what to try?

We understand the causes of the condition and how to deal with apathy using the latest knowledge of our time - system-vector psychology.

Man is the principle of pleasure

What is apathy? A state of indifference and indifference to everything around. How does this happen? Let's start to understand this from the very beginning: from what a healthy person is.

A person in his essence is his psyche, that is, a set of desires and properties, which in system-vector psychology are combined into vectors. There are 8 vectors in total, each of which carries its own unique desires and characteristics, defining values, aspirations, type of thinking and all other features of their owners.

A person unconsciously always strives for pleasure. Everything he does in his life, he does with the desire to have fun. Feeling the desire for something, a person goes to realize it. Receiving what he wants, he enjoys, and then the desire is doubled. Further we make more efforts, but the pleasure from achieving the goal is already greater.

The obstacle is that our unconscious desires are hidden from us. Therefore, we may not even guess what our psyche is asking for. The main reason for apathy is the lack of realization of our desires.

Photo apathy what to do if you don't want to
Photo apathy what to do if you don't want to

What are they, our unconscious desires?

To understand how apathy arises and how to deal with it, let us take a closer look at what desires a person lives in each vector.

  • The owners of the skin vector strive for superiority - social and material. For them, status in society is important, the opportunity to earn good money for their work.
  • For the owners of the anal vector, the main value is family, children and home. Respect and recognition are important to them in society. They are the best professionals, masters of their craft.
  • For representatives of the visual vector, the meaning of life is love, warm, soulful relationships. They want emotional connections with people.
  • For people with a sound vector, the main request is the knowledge of the forces that govern this world and the people around, the knowledge of their purpose, the meaning of their appearance on this earth.

To understand how to treat apathy, you need to formulate the exact cause of apathy. It will sound like this: "I want and do not receive."

Causes of apathy

1) We are not aware, which means we do not realize our desires.

A person is disoriented and often makes mistakes, realizing not his desires, but those imposed by society. For example, a person with an anal vector seems to feel that he wants a family, but from all sides they shout: “First you need a career, then a family! You will create a family - you will not wait for a career! " And he tries, plows, to build a career. Inside, there is constant dissatisfaction. It’s as if you’re doing something that’s not right for you.

The person does not know himself and is making efforts in the wrong place. Invested - but does not receive pleasure. Efforts again - again gets nothing. And then there is no strength for anything, and you don't want to do anything. An apathetic state occurs.

2) Bad script or traumatic experience.

A person may be fully aware of his desires, but something may prevent him from getting what he wants.

For example, in a skin vector it might be a failure scenario. It is formed in childhood when a child with a skin vector is beaten or humiliated. As a result, the child is retrained to unconsciously receive pleasure not from achievements and victories, but from failures and failures. Consciously, he sets himself big goals, wants status, money, and unconsciously relaxes and calms down if nothing happens again.

When a person is unaware of such a scenario, he can fight like a fish on ice, but nothing will be achieved. Until the scenario for failure is recognized and worked out, nothing will change. Then gradually apathy for life extinguishes frustration, knocks down the desire for a person to be less painful from endless fruitless efforts.

People with a visual vector are very emotional and sensitive. Their main desire is love. With all their hearts, they strive for her - for a warm, tender relationship. But it doesn't always work out to build emotional connections. A person can suffer, try, but never get what he wants. And after the mass of pain experienced, he already resigns himself and no longer tries. And he doesn't want anything …

How to deal with apathy picture
How to deal with apathy picture

Injuries in the visual vector are also possible: a strong shock occurred, for example, the loss of loved ones - and the psyche, in order to preserve itself, turns on a protective mechanism and blocks emotional sensitivity. Then a person experiences complete or partial disconnection of emotions, he feels emotional emptiness. But this is a temporary condition.

3) Desire gets into time trouble.

It happens that a desire is quite felt and realized, but in the given life circumstances it is impossible to realize it. This happens, for example, with women on maternity leave, when they do not have the opportunity to do their favorite job, communicate with people, "go out."

Fading desires

When desire is not realized for a long time, it turns into frustration, into internal tension. When frustrations ("I want and don't get") accumulate for a long time, a person constantly feels pain and dissatisfaction. He becomes aggressive - he begins to hate everyone, get annoyed, yell or throw tantrums, that is, “throw off” his lacks on others. All this aggression begins to eat away at him from the inside. This manifests itself in the form of psychosomatic illnesses and disorders.

And then, gradually, the psyche begins to curtail desires in order to save the person. This is a kind of mercy of nature. A person becomes lethargic, without energy, wants nothing, and already cannot. It just fades away completely. No desires, no life.

How can this happen, for example, in a woman with an anal vector? Its main value is family, home, children. But in situations where the family has broken up or loved ones have died, an inner emptiness sets in, often women call this state - emotional burnout. For whom to knit warm socks? Who bakes pies? Who to meet after work, who to take care of? The meaning of life is lost, there is emptiness inside. Apathy gradually comes to everything, so that life is not so painful.

Complete apathy and depression

The sound vector stands separately in the hierarchy of desires. His only desires are not related to the material world. If earthly desires (in the remaining seven vectors) are fully realized by people, then the desires of the sound vector are most often not realized.

Apathy how to deal with it image
Apathy how to deal with it image

Desires in the sound vector are desires to reveal the structure of the world, what is hidden, the reasons for our birth, the meaning of life, our purpose. If these desires are not fulfilled, a person completely loses interest in something, does not want to communicate with people, loses the meaning of any daily actions, feels physical weakness, drowsiness, calling it chronic fatigue syndrome. Apathy in the sound vector is a consequence of difficult conditions, depression, it is complete exhaustion and despair from the inability to fill your sound desires.

The sound vector is dominant - this means that if his desires are not fulfilled, then gradually this also reduces desires in other vectors (desire for communication, family, money, love, etc.). Gradually, a person completely loses meaning in life, can hate people, constantly strive for loneliness.

He does not want to communicate with anyone, but he needs to answer the questions that others constantly ask him. A person does not understand what he wants, where to move, more often he does not want anything at all. A complex emotional disorder arises - a person is alive, but psychologically, emotionally, he seems to be dying, he simply lives on the machine, in apathy.

How to get rid of apathy and depression in order to return to a fulfilling life? Revealing the structure of the psyche at the training "System-Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan, the sound person forgets about depression, he wakes up a completely unrestrained interest in life and the desire to live.

Apathy: what to do if you don't feel like it

The advice of a systems psychologist on how to cope with apathy: to realize your natural desires, to use the principle of pleasure in life, corresponding to the internal structure of your psyche.

When a person realizes his own nature, his true unconscious desires - already at this stage his energy is released. This makes it possible to start moving in your life not at random, but in the right direction, with knowledge of your device. Treatment of apathy is a solvable task.

You don't have to get bad experience anymore. In addition, you will be able to free yourself from the fetters of previous experience, from the obstacles that prevent your desires from being filled.

Failure scenario, resentment, bad experience, procrastination (postponement), fears, panic attacks, phobias. All these problems are being worked out at the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

System-vector psychology is a multifaceted knowledge about the human psyche, about what drives us from the inside. For people with a sound vector, studying this knowledge is the greatest pleasure available today.

It's time to come back to life. This world is waiting for you - alive, energetic, waiting for the realization of your talents! Not a single person is born just like that - this world needs him, and each person is able to become happy when he is realized according to the properties inherent in him by nature. Thousands of results confirm this. These people were able to return to life from their depression and apathy:

And you too can beat apathy. Get started with a free online training on System Vector Psychology, coming soon. Register here.

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