Gambling Addiction - Illness Or Hobby, Danger Of Gambling Addiction

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Gambling Addiction - Illness Or Hobby, Danger Of Gambling Addiction
Gambling Addiction - Illness Or Hobby, Danger Of Gambling Addiction

Video: Gambling Addiction - Illness Or Hobby, Danger Of Gambling Addiction

Video: Gambling Addiction - Illness Or Hobby, Danger Of Gambling Addiction
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Gambling addiction: illness or just hobby

The person is not in control of their addiction. A pathologically addicted person puts it first on the list of priorities. Spends too much time and effort on his painful hobby, moves away from family, from loved ones. Problems appear at work. The reasons for gambling addiction lie in the human psyche …

“How to get rid of this infection? She ruins my life. I am afraid that gambling addiction can take away all that is left from me. Now I know that gambling addiction is a disease, and not a harmless hobby that it was at first. I want to break free, but this is stronger than me!"

In this article, you will learn:

    1. What is gambling addiction

    • 1.1 Types of gambling addiction
    • 1.2 Why gambling addiction is dangerous
    • 1.3 Signs and symptoms of gambling addiction

    2. Reasons, mechanisms and features of dependence formation

    • 2.1 Addiction to gambling
    • 2.2 Addiction to computer games
    • 2.3 Some features of dependencies

    3. Treatment of gambling addiction

    • 3.1 Tips on how to behave with loved ones
    • 3.2 Stories of people who have overcome gambling addiction

What is gambling addiction

It starts off harmlessly. Try for fun. Have a little fun. Killing time. If I get bored, I’ll quit. For many, this is exactly what happens: they play once from time to time - and back, in real life.

For some, however, a simple hobby turns into a painful addiction. A person cannot stop even if he wants to. And sometimes he doesn't want to at all, because it seems that only a game can still bring pleasure from life.

Gambling addiction is a pathological passion for games, gambling or computer games, which comes first for an addicted person. Becomes more important than the rest of his life. And in this regard, it entails many problems in the family, society, at work.

Types of gambling addiction

Most often, when it comes to gambling addiction - addiction, the following options are implied:

  1. Addiction to gambling. She's a gambling addiction or gambling addiction. Casinos, slot machines, card games and more.
  2. Addiction to lotteries, money rates.
  3. Addiction to computer games.

Why is gambling addiction dangerous?

The person is not in control of their addiction. A pathologically addicted person puts it first on the list of priorities. Spends too much time and effort on his painful hobby, moves away from family, from loved ones. Problems appear at work. The gambler drops out of social life.

Often, gambling addiction can lead to financial problems: for the sake of a ghostly gain, a person is ready to spend all available funds, sell property, get into debt and even commit a crime.

A computer game addict also moves away from society, does not show initiative in other areas of life. What will he achieve? Instead of achievements - "achivki", instead of life experience - "expa", instead of close people - "tim".

A person suffering from gambling addiction - a disease, becomes irritable, nervous, alienated. Often ends up lonely. Relatives who want to help stumble upon a wall and one day they simply give up. And sometimes they become a victim of what is happening. How many stories about how the player spends the money of all household members, and then they have to go out of their way to pay off his debts.

The longer a person with a gambling addiction thinks that they can easily quit gambling if they want to, the more deeply this addiction takes root. As a result, the gambler becomes unable to give up the addiction, even if he feels its destructive effect and wants to get rid of it himself.

Gambling disease picture
Gambling disease picture

Signs and symptoms of gambling addiction

The following signs may indicate that the desire to play has ceased to be just a hobby:

  1. Obsessive thoughts about the game. A gamer simulates game situations, combinations in his head, thinks over strategies, etc.
  2. The gambler is ready to give up other activities, necessary or pleasant, from communicating with loved ones - just to allocate time for the game.
  3. Irritability, aggression. If it is impossible to play, such a person gets angry, nervous, can break down on others, especially if they touch on this topic, speak negatively about their hobby for the game.
  4. Effort during the game. Of course, doing your favorite hobby always cheers you up. But in the case of gambling addiction, the process of playing either causes strong emotional excitement, or calms, brings the gambling addict into an even psychological state. It is especially noticeable in contrast to the previous point: a person changes instantly.
  5. Search for any opportunities to play. A gambler will seek money for a bet by any means, sometimes up to breaking the law.
  6. Difficulty of recognition. Sometimes gamblers are not ready to admit to themselves that they are addicted. Close - all the more so, therefore, they can often deceive them at the expense of their pastime and do it very cunningly.
  7. Growing game. Rates are growing. The risk is increasing. Adrenaline goes off scale.

If all or some of these symptoms are present, it is already gambling addiction, and not just a hobby.

Causes, mechanisms and features of gambling addiction

The reasons for gambling addiction lie in the human psyche. Therefore, we will consider the mechanisms of the formation of different types of gambling addiction, relying on the concepts of the training by Yuri Burlan "System-vector psychology".

First, let's get acquainted with the concept of vectors. A vector is a set of innate properties, characteristics, desires, patterns of development and behavior of an individual. There are eight vectors, the human psyche can have qualities from one to eight of them, more often two or four. Vector names come from particularly sensitive (or erogenous) zones of the human body.

Addiction to gambling

Representatives of the skin vector are earners and organizers by nature. They are distinguished by their agility, flexibility of body and psyche, rationality, logical thinking, discipline, enterprise, ambition, competitiveness, speed of reaction. The main values of such people are social and property superiority, career growth, and profit.

Gambling addiction disease how to treat picture
Gambling addiction disease how to treat picture

It is the skin vector that allows you to achieve success in business, management, as well as in sports, law-making, engineering, and military affairs. By fully realizing innate qualities, such a person achieves enviable results on the chosen path. And from this he gets real pleasure from life: I do what I am capable of, what I have talent for, and fully achieve what I want.

What if everything goes wrong? If a person for some reason does not realize his potential - does not earn enough, cannot compete, is mired in a routine without the ability to change something and, accordingly, does not move towards the goal set by nature? But the innate properties cannot be hidden or turned off. One way or another, we strive for what our psyche is aimed at. But these aspirations take on a different form that can harm.

So, the owner of the skin vector, who for some reason cannot fully use his talents in social life, may look for a way out in the game. He wants to achieve something and be financially successful with all his being. And it happens that, instead of engaging in useful, profitable activities, one becomes inclined to gamble or place bets. After all, theoretically there is a scanty chance to hit the jackpot. And what can give a hunter more satisfaction than a large prey! Yes, even like that right away.

In thoughts, sometimes unconsciously, the carrier of the skin vector always counts: how much is invested (time, effort, money) and how much is received - what is the profit. Developed and realized in his properties, he can try to play once or twice, loses and decides for himself: no, this is not profitable, I spend and I do not get anything - it is better to do something else, profitable business.

A person with problems in the skin vector risks falling into a trap. The internal calculation goes wrong: I have already invested, which means I should get a profit. And the more is spent, the greater the expected hypothetical gain, you just need to wait. And he cannot stop, because too much has already been invested. And rare wins, if they happen, spur resolve, not allowing you to abandon the game.

Plus it's such adrenaline - a possible chance to get rich. While the roulette is spinning, while the cards are dealt, while the dice are rolling on the table, while the horses are competing with varying success at the races - I feel alive; breath, pulse, my whole being is involved in the process of waiting for victory, the desired prey!

Our psyche is arranged in such a way that everything that brings pleasure to a person gradually goes up, we want more and more. The player raises the bets - the risk is greater, but the hypothetical winnings also become larger. More endorphins from the process - and it becomes more difficult to stop.

There is another possible reason for gambling addiction in a representative of the skin vector. At the training "System Vector Psychology" we learn about the existence of a scenario for failure. Its origins are hidden in childhood.

Such a child strives with all his heart for success and achievements. If he systematically hears doubts about his abilities from significant people ("You are not capable of anything! Nothing will come of you! You will be a janitor!"), Is subjected to insults, painful punishments, beatings - the flexible psyche is retrained, adapts to enjoy the pain, humiliation, failure. After all, the main task of the human body is to survive at all costs.

This scenario is fixed in the psyche. As an adult, the owner of the skin vector dreams of prosperity and success in business, but subconsciously strives for failure, without realizing it. Do you think this desire is easily realized in gambling?

You can learn more about the failure scenario mechanism at one of the free training sessions "System-Vector Psychology".

Addiction to computer games

Computer addiction is typical for representatives of the sound vector.

Sound scientists are distinguished by powerful abstract intelligence, a desire for knowledge, a search for meanings and cause-and-effect relationships. They are introverts, brooding, sometimes absent-minded, as they are focused on their thoughts. They prefer silence to loud sounds, loneliness - to noisy companies, withdrawal - to conversations on "empty" topics or continuous streams of negativity from the world around them.

The desires of the owners of the sound vector lie outside the material plane. What is valuable for the rest: family, love, work, money, power - is secondary for sound specialists. In the first place is the search for something more, the desire to find answers to questions about the root cause, about the world order, about the meaning of life and one's role in it.

Since childhood, such people are interested in space, science fiction, and other worlds - this is how the sound mind beckons the secrets. Interest in music, writing, foreign languages, sciences, computer technology is also a form of endless search. Earlier these activities could fill sound desires. But we remember that everything is on the rise, and now this is often not enough.

Gambling addiction picture
Gambling addiction picture

The inability to realize their innate potential for its intended purpose leads to the fact that the sound engineer is trying to get at least a little pleasure from computer games. Here you have other universes, and an intricate plot, and high technology, and the opportunity to be alone with yourself, to detach from the world around you.

When the sound engineer feels the meaninglessness and emptiness of the surrounding reality, as a variant of "salvation" from it, he can perceive the flight into virtual reality. There you can be almost omnipotent, there is no boring routine and the need to communicate with those who are unpleasant. The game is just an attempt to fill the inner vacuum with something.

The problem is that the game gives nothing in perspective. On the contrary, every day he leads him further and further from the opportunity to find the coveted answers. A person withdraws more and more into himself, moving away from other people, his internal states worsen more and more, up to depression.

Some features of dependencies

The nature of the manifestation of gambling addiction can also be influenced by other vectors present in our psyche.

If a person, among other things, also has an anal vector, he seeks to bring what he started to the end, therefore it is even more difficult for him to quit the game without receiving a win. In addition, representatives of this vector are more often couch potatoes, preferring to calmly and comfortably spend their leisure time doing some handicraft, reading, watching TV or playing a computer game. This is how they can become avid gamers. Unlike the owners of the skin vector of changes, they do not like, and any habit has great power for them - which means that getting rid of it is harder.

The presence of a visual vector in the psyche adds emotional experiences for any reason. The spectator will feel the courage from winning or the bitterness of defeat more than others - such emotional swings may even be desirable for him in certain states. And computer games are now akin to art. Fabulously beautiful graphics, wonders of the game universe, the chance to try on any role, the ability to "socially" interact with game characters up to the creation of love relationships are very attractive for carriers of the visual vector, if they lack sensory experiences in life.

Gambling addiction treatment

Now that we have found out that gambling addiction is a disease, how to treat this misfortune?

To deal with the consequences, you need to clearly identify and eliminate the causes. The main reason for gambling addiction is the inability to use their properties for their intended purpose and achieve what they want. This means that finding out your true aspirations and understanding the unconscious mechanisms involved in the psyche is the first step on the path to success.

Understanding what attracts to the game, what is lacking in life, allows you to better control the situation. And move on to the second step - filling your shortcomings in accordance with your innate qualities at the highest possible level. Self-realization can be much more enjoyable than playing.

Gambling picture
Gambling picture

After a deep study of psychological states, we learn to direct natural aspirations in the right direction. Excitement, ingenuity and desire to extract add competitiveness and help to be realized in useful activities. The thirst for knowledge becomes "hyperfuel" for finding answers about the purpose of a person in this world. Each of our manifestations finds a way out in the form that can make our life truly exciting and complete.

Tips on how to behave with loved ones

Unfortunately, until a person himself wants to defeat his addiction to games, he is unlikely to be influenced. If the situation is already deplorable, persuasion and threats will not help, or even set the gambler against you.

You will have to be understanding and patient. In order for you to be able to help loved ones cope with addiction, whether it is gambling in adults or in adolescents, a strong emotional connection is important.

When a person feels support, mutual trust and closeness, it is easier for him to share problems and worries, and it is also easier for him to take advice and information. For example, links to feature articles or free online training lectures.

If we know what the inner world of a loved one is like, what motivates him, what is significant for him, what is lacking, how his properties manifest in different situations, we understand how to contact him, how to get through, how we can help him.

Stories of people who have overcome gambling addiction

Here is what Alexander writes about this:

And here is a video review from Daniel on how he got rid of his craving for virtual games:

The story of overcoming computer addiction to Lymees:

And also hundreds of reviews of people who managed to understand, thanks to the training, how to earn more and succeed in their careers.

To find out the reasons for gambling addiction and get rid of it forever, having understood how to fill the deficiencies, possibly with the help of awareness of the peculiarities of your psyche and the processes taking place in it. Otherwise, everything will remain as it is. The choice is yours.

The stakes have been made, gentlemen. There are no more bets.

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