Requiem For A Dream. A New Sound Of An Old Masterpiece

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Requiem For A Dream. A New Sound Of An Old Masterpiece
Requiem For A Dream. A New Sound Of An Old Masterpiece

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Requiem for a Dream. A new sound of an old masterpiece

The film begins with an unpleasant and painful scene: a drug-addicted son takes a TV out of the house. An old crumpled box, my mother's last joy, today will serve as a means to get money for a new dose. Neither my mother's fear and tears, nor the reproach in the eyes of her neighbors have any meaning for Harold. Only black spiritual emptiness and darkness, covered with a hood of meaninglessness, which can be filled only by the liquid slowly bubbling on a spoon …

“This is all a dream. And if not a dream, everything will be fine. Don't worry, Seymur. Everything will work out. You will see, everything will end well"

With these words, one of the darkest films in the history of cinema begins. A film covering the viewer with a veil of hopelessness. A story about people who loved, dreamed and hoped. About those who did not find another way to their dreams, except for drugs, which settled in their eyes as a fog of alienation. About desperately running to the sound of a sweet melody, but hearing a black requiem for a dream.

For a whole generation, this film has become a cult. It was watched, revised, discussed, argued, revised again. Some admired, others scolded. One thing is for sure: not a single viewer remained indifferent.

This film acquires a completely different sound and understanding if we consider it through the prism of Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology.

I believed in you Gary

The film begins with an unpleasant and painful scene: a drug-addicted son takes a TV out of the house. An old crumpled box, my mother's last joy, today will serve as a means to get money for a new dose. Neither my mother's fear and tears, nor the reproach in the eyes of her neighbors have any meaning for Harold. Only a black spiritual emptiness and darkness, covered with a hood of meaninglessness, which can only be filled with a slowly bubbling liquid on a spoon.

What does the reproach of a pawnshop worker matter if your whole life is meaningless? Surrounded by the emptiness of the everyday desires of those around him, killed by the sense of meaninglessness of life itself, Harold experiences only suffering of a colossal volume. The soul wanted light and did not find it … And is it possible to get out of such a state ?!

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan says that there are eight sets of human mental properties that determine all his desires and capabilities, which are called vectors: skin, sound, visual and others.

The main character of the film Harold is the owner of the sound vector. People like him cannot find the meaning of life in anything material: they care little about honor, fame, career, money, family. The real innate desire of their souls is to reveal the mysteries of the universe, to comprehend the secrets of the Universe, to understand why "I" is in this world and why the world in general.

The point is in something else, far from my little body, he thought. "In something that I cannot grasp with my consciousness." An intuitive hunch about the presence of something bigger and a huge emptiness accumulated over the years of fruitless searches once led a college graduate, musician and beloved son, to drugs.

If earlier sound scientists searched and found answers to their hidden in the unconscious question about the meaning of life in philosophy, exact sciences, religion, literature, music, today this is not enough. They do not give answers. And the question doesn't go anywhere. He continues to torment the mind and soul of the owner of the sound vector, causing him unbearable suffering. Trying to numb the pain, trying to go beyond consciousness, sound people sometimes come to drugs. They give them a false sense of fulfillment and fulfillment, relieve tension and pain. And slowly but surely they kill the sound desire.

Desperately clinging to drugs, to the sensations they gave, the soundman Harold unconsciously longed to find answers to his questions about the meaning and drowned out the pain from the emptiness of unanswered answers … And did not notice how he turned into a miserable addict stealing from his mother.

To show on the screen the loss of the meaning of life, frozen in the eyes of the sonic hero, was perfect for the sound actor Jared Leto. With the same vector as Harold, he was able to experience his suffering as his own. He was able to give the image depth and unplayed sincerity. He literally lived his life on screen. Therefore, the audience believes his every word, every gesture, every movement of the soul. We do not have the slightest doubt: everything was so, everything is so.

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I could change my life with you

Marion and Harold are a beautiful couple. Their love is perhaps the only spark of light in Darren Aronofsky's dark film. It is a bond built not so much on attraction as on intellectual and emotional closeness. On the equality of the properties of the sound vector, the joint search for meaning.

Skin-sound-visual Marion and skin sound engineer Harold could fly airplanes from the roof of a skyscraper for hours, peering into the infinity of the nearby sky, talk about the meaning of life, about their future.

- When you say, I feel good, very much, - she whispered.

“I could change my life with you,” he answered.

As Yuri Burlan's system-vector psychology explains, it is the sound pair that is potentially capable of building relationships of the highest level. To feel unearthly love, which is stronger than the warmest feelings. He, she and infinity. A connection in which words are not needed, a look, a sigh, a thought is enough.

Love in sound is a spiritual connection, when two people feel the thoughts and feelings of the other as their own: suffering, pain, pleasure, thoughts. This is one soul for two, when her desires are my desires, and my desires are her desires.

Marion and Harold could be happy on the endless journey of one for two consciousness. Just being next to each other, silently looking into the eyes of your beloved. Hear each other's thoughts. Everyone dreams of such love. They traded it for drugs. Tearing an indivisible soul into pitiful sparks of fading light.

- Everything will be as before, Marion. You'll see,”he whispers.

In response, only a shrill cry of a soul torn to shreds, drowned out by the water column.

Someday, mom, I will have everything

Another striking character is the hero of Marlon Wayans - Tyrone. In one of the cut scenes, Tyrone talks about losing his mother at the age of 8. Mom plays a key role in a child's life. Until the end of puberty, it is the mother who is the source of protection and safety for the child. Especially for someone like Tyrone.

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan calls such a person the owner of the skin-visual ligament of vectors, the most defenseless and vulnerable among men, the only one who does not have a species role, and therefore the right to bite, that is, to a place in the social hierarchy. It is harder for such a naturally weak boy than for everyone else to realize himself in life. Therefore, such a child especially needs the support of his parents and the direction of his development in the right direction.

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The skin-visual boy very early was left all alone in a hot area of ​​New York. As an adult drug addict, he smiled at the memories of his mother: “I always remember her. I remember that she was always smiling. She always patted me on the head when she put me to bed. And she smelled nice, very nice. It was impossible to come off. Like drugs."

The film does not tell about Tyrone's life or how he became addicted to drugs. But system-vector psychology allows you to imagine it yourself. Constant fear, the root emotion of the visual vector, did not leave the boy a chance. The choice was not rich: to become a black sheep for everyone or plunge into drugs after sound friends. Drugs suppress any emotion. Including fear.

During one of the "parishes" Tyrone remembers his mother. Sitting on her lap, he whispers:

- Someday, mom, I will have everything.

“You don’t need anything, honey. Just love your mom …

Tyrone decides to earn this "everything" by selling drugs. Together with his friend Harold, diluting and selling drugs day and night, he moves towards his dream. And more and more and he plunges into drugs.

What's left for me?

Another interesting character in the film is Sarah Goldfarb, Harold's single widow and mom. The last outlet in this life for her is talk shows and chocolates. “Believe in yourself,” comes from the TV screen. Believe in yourself … what still remains for a lonely anal-visual woman, whose husband was taken by death, and her son - by drugs.

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan explains that the whole meaning of life for such a woman lies in a happy family life with her beloved husband and children, whom she could be proud of.

We see Sarah looking warmly at an old photo of the entire family. Beloved husband, a graduate son, not yet addicted to drugs, and she is so beloved and beautiful in a red dress. In her heart she is there, in the past, when she had everything. And the future? Sometimes she dreams that she and her son will still get better. And Harold will have a wife and children, and she will have grandchildren. And again there will be a family. And her life will take on meaning again.

One day she receives an invitation to a TV show. The dream of a lifetime is very close. She will come to television in her favorite red dress, tell about herself, about her son. And everything will definitely be fine. But to fit into a dress, she needs to lose a lot of weight. Lacking the discipline to diet, she quickly becomes addicted to appetite-suppressing pills, which are based on amphetamine.

The feeling of euphoria and lightness gives her wings. She dances and smiles. And the feeling of emptiness that comes after taking amphetamine forces you to increase the dose.

“What is left for me? Why do I need to make my bed and wash the dishes? I'm alone. The father is gone. You are gone. I have no one to care about. What to do, Gary? I'm lonely, old. They don't need me. I like my feeling. I like dreaming about a red dress, about you, about your father. I see the sun and smile."

These words weigh heavily on the heart of Gary, who knows better about drugs than anyone. But tears of pain and sympathy for the mother are immediately suppressed by a new dose.

The soundman, going into a narcotic intoxication, comes to sensory deprivation. The state changes so much that he ceases to feel anything. Completely withdrawn within himself. He no longer perceives other people, perceives the world outside as an illusion.

Therefore, the suffering of his mother does not touch Harold, he sees them as through glass, like a picture in a computer game.

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They dreamed …

The heroes of this film dreamed and loved. They believed.

Sparing no legs, they ran towards their dreams. Happiness. But around the bend, a cliff awaited them into endless loneliness, pain and despair. An endless fall, accompanied by cries of pain, lust and abuse.

They wanted to be happy, but like many others, they fled in the dark. Running in a dark maze often ends up falling.

Requiem for a Dream has become a landmark for a whole generation for a reason. Many people revise it, like to listen to music from this film. He still remains popular. And this is no coincidence. After all, it reflects the state of a large part of the sound industry around the world. The same endless fruitless search for something unnamed, elusive. The same feeling of meaninglessness and emptiness of everyday life. The audience is close to the search for the heroes of the film, their states of mind. They seem to see themselves in the characters. That is why the film continues to resonate in the hearts of millions of people.

Requiem for a Dream leaves a feeling of hopelessness, emptiness, blackness. But in fact, there is a way out of this impasse. Today, you no longer need to move by touch. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan offers a completely new view of the problem. To understand the real desires of the sound vector, which the sound people are trying to drown out with drugs. And to realize these desires. To find the meaning that the sound engineer has been craving for his whole life.

And then you will no longer have to suffer from depression and resort to drugs, just such desires will not arise.

A small, quiet boy Seryozha grew up into a drug addict with no purpose in life. Once a friend brought me to SVP classes. I have completed half of the first course. Ran away. Yuri said things that personally, my little “big I” hurt, hurt, made me doubt my uniqueness and uniqueness. It is true that life after the escape became even harder. As if climbing a huge hill, I saw a marvelous thing. I fell back down, and while I was flying, I swore to myself that I would get there … Sergey S.

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