Elon Musk: From Childhood Dream To Interplanetary Humanity

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Elon Musk: From Childhood Dream To Interplanetary Humanity
Elon Musk: From Childhood Dream To Interplanetary Humanity

Video: Elon Musk: From Childhood Dream To Interplanetary Humanity

Video: Elon Musk: From Childhood Dream To Interplanetary Humanity
Video: Elon Musk most powerful speech. 2023, March

Elon Musk: from childhood dream to interplanetary humanity

Elon Musk is a talented inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, investor and billionaire. Dreamer with a capital letter. System-vector psychoanalysis helps to reveal the mystery of this superman with superpowers, incredible efficiency and influence on the minds of the 21st century …

He is called a genius, a great man who brings a fantastic future closer. Elon Musk is a talented inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, investor and billionaire. Dreamer with a capital letter.

The system-vector psychoanalysis helps to reveal the mystery of this superman with superpowers, incredible efficiency and influence on the minds of the 21st century.

The nature of genius

We are what nature has laid in us, multiplied by development in childhood and personal efforts to realize the developed potential in society. Elon Musk is a vivid manifestation of the skin-sound ligament of vectors. People with such a psychic are inventors and innovative engineers, fanatics of their ideas, with an extraordinary passion for translating them into reality.

Elon Musk fully realizes his mission. But the path to such a holistic, subordinate to one goal of life was not easy, albeit impetuous. Through hardship to the stars…

In the facts of the biography, we can see how the properties of the skin and sound vectors were revealed.

Childhood. Contrary to circumstances

We and we alone determine our own destiny. Let's take examples of the most successful people in any field, and at least half of them had problems in childhood, the same Elon Musk …

Yuri Burlan

The child should have a sense of security and safety: caring and loving parents, carefully developing his inclinations, a supportive environment. In this case, a favorable scenario for a person's life develops, his talents and confidence that he will cope with any challenge are strengthened.

Elon Musk was not like that. He was born June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa, the son of a successful engineer, entrepreneur Errol Musk and model, nutritionist Mae Haldman. The family had two more children - brother Kimbal and sister Tosca. Mom worked five jobs. After his parents divorced, when Ilona was 10 years old, he lived with his dad, a strict and demanding man.

The boy's childhood was lonely and darkened by cruelty. At school in Pretoria, he was the smallest. The properties of the sound vector even then began to manifest themselves in their entirety. He was immersed in himself and was in the clouds. All his attention was captured by ideas that were spinning in his head for 24 hours. On the advice of the doctor, his father even sent him to have his hearing tested, because the boy did not respond to calls to him.

Elon stood out strikingly against the background of other classmates for his immersion in dreams and books, a visible lack of interest in noisy games and sports, which is why he was chosen as a victim. This often happens in children's groups when such "nerds" appear. Until the age of 15, he was beaten. Once they even broke his nose.

Books and a computer that his parents gave him when he was ten became his happiness and an outlet. All this created that favorable environment, which he did not have at home and at school.

The desire of the dominant sound vector to find out how everything works in this world, the desire to comprehend the incomprehensible began to manifest even earlier. At three or four years old, he asked his father: "Where does the world end and begin?" At the age of five or six, his brain was already continuously producing ideas. The boy saw that he was different from other people, whose brain did not explode from thoughts, and he was quite seriously afraid that he would be locked up in a psychiatric hospital.

He designed and tested homemade rockets, made explosives. Research excitement forced them to risk their lives. “I'm surprised that all my fingers are in place,” he later admitted. At ten, Elon learned to program.

“I was raised by books,” Musk says. Books replaced both his parents and teachers. His literary preferences are also an indicator of the presence of a sound vector: Elon loved science fiction most of all. His favorite authors were Jules Verne, Asimov, Heinlein, Tolkien. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, The Academy by Isaac Asimov, and The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein sparked interest in space travel.

The beginning of encyclopedic knowledge was laid by the Encyclopedia Britannica, which he read all at the age of nine, mountains of popular science literature, which he studied for ten hours a day, mastering the skills of speed reading. Reading helped him develop imagination and visual memory.

Elon Musk photo
Elon Musk photo

Despite the difficult start, the right environment did its job - it developed the property of the sound vector to concentrate on the meanings, to delve into the knowledge of the world, and not into your sad and lonely inner world. It turned out to be more interesting outside. Reality attracted like a magnet.

Elon is one of those rare people whose desire power (temperament - in terms of systemic psychoanalysis) is so great that no difficulties and suppressive circumstances could break his will to live and develop.

Choosing a path

After leaving school, Elon Musk leaves for Canada, where his mother is from, and then to the United States. At the University of Pennsylvania he earns bachelor's degrees in economics and physics.

Physics made a particularly strong impression on the future inventor. “Physics is a good basis for thinking,” he said later. Reduce things to their fundamental truths and judge from there.

Physics, mathematics are exact sciences that best develop intelligence. They are especially liked by sound people with their abstract intelligence, but they are needed by any person in order to put together a clear, consistent thinking, to know exactly what and how you want to achieve in life.

After graduating from university, Elon knew exactly what he wanted to do - the future of humanity, which, in his opinion, would be influenced by the Internet, space and renewable energy sources.

But in order to start the path to the embodiment of his ideas, he needed money.

Skin vector. "I am not a business tycoon - I am a business magnet"

The entrepreneurial streak, one of the abilities of a person with a skin vector, began to manifest itself in Ilona quite early. As a child, he and his brother sold chocolate Easter eggs in prestigious areas of Pretoria for 20 times their cost.

The next successful project took place at the age of 12. He created a space shooter computer game and sold it for $ 500. He also earned the money to move from South Africa to Canada, investing in shares of pharmaceutical companies.

In 1996, Musk and his brother founded Zip2, a software company for online publishing. Musk made $ 22 million after selling it to Compaq in 1999.

The next, founded in 1999 with his participation, the company X.com (later PayPal), which was engaged in the development of the payment system via the Internet, was sold for $ 1.5 billion, of which 180 million went to Musk.

Elon Musk inventor photo
Elon Musk inventor photo

In 2002, he was finally able to do what he dreamed of - the implementation of his fantastic ideas, design and production. His third company was SpaceX, which is engaged in space exploration. The company has a goal - a flight to Mars, which Musk promised to carry out between 2020 and 2025.

Tesl and SolarCity are his brainchildren, embodying the idea of using alternative energy sources. At OpenAI, of which he was one of the founders, Elon was involved in the development of open, friendly artificial intelligence. A continuation of developments in this area has become devices implanted in the human brain, which will help solve problems associated with brain activity. For example, with visual impairment, hearing, movement disorders after a stroke. For this, Musk created the neurotechnology company Neuralink.

It is difficult to imagine that a person in such a short time can give a start and successfully support the work of several large enterprises associated with the development of new technologies. This speaks to the scale of Musk's organizational and managerial properties.

Still, business is not the highest level of development of the skin vector. A developed skin man is, first of all, an engineer who seeks to save resources for society (time, money, energy, space) and to make his life as comfortable as possible. And in combination with the sound vector, this is an inventor who implements revolutionary, breakthrough projects. This is Elon Musk.

Sound vector. "I have a million ideas"

I enjoy participating in projects that change the world. The internet did it, and space is likely to change the world more than anything else. If humanity can go beyond the Earth, it is obvious that there will be its future.

Elon Musk

Large-scale and superfast intelligence, an attempt to foresee the future and influence it based on technology - all this indicates a high level of development of the sound vector.

His ideas are really, really crazy. As they once seemed crazy, ideas from science fiction novels about space flights and wireless communications have become a reality.

Perception of the world as electrical impulses in a network of neurons. Desire to fully decipher the interface of the brain. The connection of artificial intelligence with the cerebral cortex. Magnetic levitation in a vacuum tunnel. Electric supersonic aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. A multipurpose rocket to fly anywhere on Earth. Regular flights and settlements on Mars as a real opportunity … Well, who else could think of this, except for a skin sounder, fanatically devoted to the idea of making humanity happy?

Sound scientists often look for the meaning of their lives in the expansion of consciousness. For this, drugs and meditation are used. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Elon says that he has no such desires. He once tried marijuana, but realized that it had a bad effect on productivity. There were also attempts to meditate. He likes the state of tranquility of mind that arises from this, but he does not often want to do this.

Because it is more interesting to concentrate outside. Because the mind of the sound engineer should be busy with what it was created for - creating ideas that change the world. This is the process of development of the sound vector - from the inside out, from introversion and immersion in oneself to extraversion, concentration on the outside world. The meaning of life lies outside, in the realization of its purpose. Expansion of consciousness is a gluing of consciousnesses, oneself and other people. And for the integration of all consciousnesses, it is not necessary to connect the capabilities of artificial intelligence. The main thing is to hear the needs of people.

Visual vector. "I love humanity"

Cousin Peter Reeve once said that Elon has "incredible imagination" and the ability to keep people "captivated and inspired." Musk is a dreamer. And he succeeds, because he knows how to dream.

This is the ability of a developed visual vector. The more the imagination is developed, the more rich the future we can imagine. If we are to dream, then to the fullest.

Elon Musk dreamer photo
Elon Musk dreamer photo

Musk strikes on the spot with his ideas, forcing investors to invest in his projects. The ability to sell one's developments also manifests the ability to present an idea, visual eloquence, and skin-sound inductance based on conviction, an indisputable belief in the truth of what he does.

The visual vector gives a subtle sense of humor and an attitude to life as a game. Why make a ballerina out of a car?

“We are trying to do what people will love … Tesla is not really a car. This is a thing to enjoy, to make it as fun as possible”*.

Visually, he is concerned about the fate of humanity. The innate fear of death, inherent in the viewer, is transformed into fear for others and actions to save the planet. And the scale of these actions is impressive. All these projects on alternative energy sources, the colonization of Mars come from the visual value of saving life at any cost.

Elon founded the Musk Foundation, which in 2015 donated $ 10 million for research related to the control of artificial intelligence to the Institute for the Future of Humanity. And in 2019, the fund allocated $ 1 million to restore green spaces in states where wildfires were raging.

And of course, the key meaning and key word of a developed visual person is love:

“Love is the answer … I love humanity. It's easy to demonize people, but that's a mistake. People are better than we think”*.

Anal vector. Encyclopedic knowledge and children

Of course, a researcher of this level cannot be without an anal vector. Its properties include excellent memory, encyclopedic knowledge and a desire to constantly learn, the ability to patiently do routine work and persist in achieving results.

"If you don't devote time to boring responsibilities and only engage in the creative process, the company will burn out."

Despite the workload, he finds time for relationships. On May 4, 2020, his sixth child was born - a daughter, whom he and his wife named X Ǽ A-12. Quite in the spirit of the "crazy sound daddy" who sees walking neural connections even in children.

But Elon likes being a parent. All of his children go to the same class in the school he created for them. Family, childcare - values of the anal vector.

Elon Musk's three components of success

We can say that Elon Musk was born a genius. Yes, it's a gift, but in the words of Joe Rogan, "based on years of discipline and training." His success is a daily will and effort, because a gift does not automatically imply success.

There are three more circumstances that Elon Musk uses and which allow him to maintain incredible productivity in his life at high speeds.

Refusal from the personal in favor of the implementation of the idea

“There is no future in wealth. Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan also think … Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk are billionaires who develop, not plunge into wealth,”Yuri Burlan said at the training“System Vector Psychology”.

In his last interview with Joe Rogan, Musk voiced his desire to sell his homes, because they require a lot of attention and time: “I figured out which is more important: Mars or home? And he decided that Mars "*.

People love to watch fantastic movies about the hero-savior. But they themselves do not want to be such heroes, preferring to wait for someone to come and save them from trouble. Elon Musk is burning with the idea of saving humanity from disasters impending on it. And the drive from the desire to realize a dream is much stronger than from the accumulation of wealth.

Realizing your destiny

What could be better than understanding what your destiny is? To know for sure, 100%, that you were created just for this? This knowledge becomes a nuclear reactor that gives you the energy to get up every day and go to fulfill your life task. The pleasure of doing what you do is the fuel for a successful life.

Elon Musk works 80-100 hours a week. Does not sleep at night because thoughts about work are overwhelming. All this is not easy. But the joy of life, when you realize what is inherent in nature, cannot be compared with anything.

Using the collective mind

Musk complains that the capabilities of the human brain do not match the capabilities of artificial intelligence - a person is much slower at solving problems. However, Elon successfully uses the power of the collective intelligence: “The corporation as a whole is much smarter than one person. It has many more options. We in a corporation divide tasks between people."

This is the approach of the future, the challenges of which will be much more difficult to deal with alone. Even now, the best minds are uniting to solve global problems facing humanity.


How to become successful and rich like Elon Musk? Clearly see the purpose of your life and develop yourself in order to achieve this goal. Think not about your own success, but about the benefits of people, selflessly, day and night, at the limit of possibilities.

“I like doing something useful for other people, doing something for the future. A future in which we will be a civilization roaming the vastness of space is an inspiring future. It makes me rejoice for the future, desire it. Make the future exciting, something to look forward to. It is necessary to have something to wake up for in the morning and enjoy the day ahead, the future”*.

* Elon Musk in an interview with Joe Rogan

Elon Musk genius photo
Elon Musk genius photo

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