Fear Of Falling In A Dream And In Reality, A Reason And Advice On How To Get Rid

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Fear Of Falling In A Dream And In Reality, A Reason And Advice On How To Get Rid
Fear Of Falling In A Dream And In Reality, A Reason And Advice On How To Get Rid
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Fear of falling. Real fall into unreality

Let's get to know ourselves better, try to pull our fear from the depths of our subconscious to the surface and see it well, in all its details. What scares us the most, what are we really afraid of? Pain? Suffering?

Sarah looked at him with eyes full of horror and supplication. “No, just don't let me go! Please don't let me fall! I don't want to die! " Gabe held the girl's hand and realized that he could not help. The fear of falling from a great height gripped her mind. She did not hear anything, did not perceive, did not make the slightest attempt to escape. The glove slipped off her hand, and Sarah flew into the abyss …

This is how the film Climber begins. The scene of Sara's unsuccessful rescue looks so realistic that the viewer lives the last moments of the girl's life as if in reality. Eyes full of fear and tears. A voice breaking into a scream. Erratic movements and a doomed gaze as the last thread connecting us with Sarah in the last seconds of her life.

Why are we afraid of falling from a height

Man was created to live on earth. Not waterfowl, not flying in the sky, but walking on the ground. Therefore, everything related to other elements causes natural discomfort. And that's okay.

We learn to stay on the water and swim, build ships and submarines - this is how the water element obeys man. We create rockets and airplanes - this is how airspace is conquered to us. Humanity depends on technology, on mechanisms that help move on water and in the air. That is, we are forced to entrust our safety to many strangers who create these mechanisms, serve them and manage them. This is troubling.

And if a person who knows how to swim can be saved in a ship wreck, then falling from a great height leaves no chance of survival. The fear of falling is so great that a person flatly refuses to use air transport, climb tall buildings, and visit observation decks. And if you still have to fly by plane, then neither reading, nor sleep, nor strong drinks can drown out fear.

Reason dictates that the probability of falling and dying in an air crash is orders of magnitude less than in a road accident. However, ethereal air evokes much greater fear than solid earth - our element.

Fear of falling photo
Fear of falling photo

Although on earth everything is not so simple. Sometimes we are afraid of falling from a height of our own height - fainting, from high heels, from stairs, on ice, and even just falling asleep on the go. This fear may be a consequence of some past events or be of a completely irrational nature.

How we feel fear. Falling in sleep and in reality

“The heart beats very often. The vessels of the head are constricted, the head begins to ache, disgusting. Everything shrinks, the body becomes wooden and rigid. Scary to the point of nausea. I can't bring myself to get on the plane …"

“Some kind of stupor, panic appeared, in my head I thought that I would suddenly fall down the stairs again and break something else. Horrible pictures are drawn in my head. My fear turned into paranoia …"

"I'm afraid of fainting in an open space, on an escalator, where there is potentially nothing to rely on … such horror rolls over …"

“When everything is covered with ice on the street, I have a period of depression, going out for me turns into torture. I can very colorfully imagine how I break my nose, damage my teeth … complete horror. I'm afraid to hurt my face …"


Tension, despair, palpitations, headache - this is not a complete list of manifestations of the fear of falling from a height. Thoughts are spinning in an endless sequence, pictures of the fall and its consequences arise in my head, one more terrible than the other. Broken faces, concussion, fractures - we begin to say goodbye to life without even getting on a plane or going outside. Animal fear twists all the insides, panic grows with every second, a wave of emotions simply overwhelms, leaving no room for the mind.

And we also have dreams - vivid, memorable, scary to cry and cry. After all, we fly in a dream and fall! The illusion of free fall, when you fall into a dark abyss and cannot do anything. If this happens often, there is a fear that we might fall over and over again, and then - that we will simply die in a dream from another fall from a height that we dreamed. We understand that this is irrational, but still everything shrinks inside and dizzy.

Who suffers from fear of heights

“In general, it is not a fall that is scary, but the expectation of a fall is scary. The expectation that you will fall, break something, or die makes the body shrink. Everything is straining …"


Calculating the likelihood of a particular dangerous event and trying to minimize risks is a normal state of any person. Problems arise when we begin to fear the event itself due to unpleasant memories or even without them. Fear causes uncontrollable emotions, panic, and an inability to think rationally.

Who are we - people who are so overwhelmed by the feeling of fear that we cannot see the white light? Those who are ruined by fear of falling, fear of the dark, fear of animals and insects, fear of illness, fear of relationships, and many other fears and phobias that our inventive fantasy can imagine.

We are the owners of the visual vector, the special properties of which are so accurately and exhaustively revealed by Yuri Burlan's training "System-Vector Psychology". It is these realizations that give tremendous results in getting rid of fears of any nature.

Fear of Fainting Photo
Fear of Fainting Photo

Why are we afraid of falling from a height

Let's get to know ourselves better, try to pull our fear from the depths of our subconscious to the surface and see it well, in all its details. What scares us the most, what are we really afraid of? Pain? Suffering? In fact, all known types of fears have arisen from only one single fear - the fear of death.

This is the very first, root emotion that our ancestor had long ago. The fear of being eaten by an imperceptibly creeping predator sharpened to the limit the most sensitive sensor of the owner of the visual vector - the eyes. And the reaction to danger was an instantaneous emotion, accompanied by a cry. This served as a signal of danger to the rest of the community, which helped to escape from the predator.

Over time, fear for oneself has developed into fear for others: compassion, empathy, love. The widest emotional amplitude, where at one end is the fear of one's own death, and at the other end is love for people, belongs to the owners of the visual vector. “And laughter, and tears, and love”, and imagination, which takes us into unreality and fantasy - these are our properties.

How did we spend our childhood? How safe and secure did we feel? How far have we developed sensuality and empathy? The direction of our emotions in adulthood depends entirely on this. The little girl, afraid of the dark and the predatory paw from under the bed, perhaps still lives in us? Or a baby frightened by the terrible stories about plane crashes, about the death that accompanied these events.

Fantasies about cases that bring us death from falling from a height accompany in reality, appear in a dream, making us die of fear. They turn life into one continuous horror. The fear of falling is equal to the fear of death, even if we are not aware of it. We are constantly afraid of falling, so we limit even the minimum probability of falling.

At the same time, we greatly impoverish our lives - we meet less with friends, we travel less, we do less sports and dance, we try not to walk in heels and not leave the house in icy conditions, we do not skate. In general, we do not do a huge number of things that can give us true pleasure, if not for this fear of falling! We lose the enjoyment of life by letting the frightened girl inside us guide our actions, dictating to us what to do and what not.

What can help us?

Any conversations, exhortations, meditations and affirmations do not bring any result. Tranquilizers only exacerbate the situation, making our life dull and gray, without curing the fear itself. We cannot remove the cause by acting on the effect!

Only a deep understanding of your nature, your psyche puts everything in its place. There is an instant, like a flash, awareness of the reasons that give rise to certain emotions, thoughts, fears in us, which prompt us to act this way and not otherwise. Systemic psychoanalysis at the training of Yuri Burlan gives awareness and filling of our lacks. The issue of getting rid of the fear of falling from a height is losing its relevance and significance. The fear just goes away. Forever and ever.

In place of suffering and bad conditions comes the ability to enjoy life, live happily every day and look confidently into the future. Our inner world opens up and ceases to be "darkness". Saying goodbye to our problem is not at all difficult. The main thing is that there is a desire to get rid of fear, which deprives us of calmness and does not allow us to enjoy life.

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