Cheating Husband - To Forgive Or Not? How To Survive? - Answers In The Article

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Cheating Husband - To Forgive Or Not? How To Survive? - Answers In The Article
Cheating Husband - To Forgive Or Not? How To Survive? - Answers In The Article

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How to survive the betrayal of her husband. Systems psychologist advice

The thought of the presence of another woman in the heart of a dear man either bursts out in a heart-rending scream, then it echoes inside with question marks and dots. How so ?!.. How could he do this to our family happiness ?! Wasn't my love, care and warmth not enough for him? Haven't I tried to be the best wife? How to live on this meaningless life if only the pain of the betrayal of a loved one remains in it?

Something is happening to your life. You are afraid that your husband is cheating on you. There are no obvious reasons for concern, but every day an oppressive heaviness increases inside. His frequent absences from home on weekends "for work", long smoke breaks on the balcony paired with a phone attached to his hand, detachment and cold eyes, lack of desire for intimacy - all these symptoms are disturbing. You are still close, but the orbits of your planets no longer touch. And a rattling tension settles in my head: “What if the husband cheats and lies? What should I do?"

Each new day intensifies doubts and fear of losing what was created by you hand in hand - your family, your small, one for two whole world.

An accidental glance at the awakened screen of his phone - and your soul in an instant breaks into hundreds of living fragments. And each of them multiplies the pain. A couple of gentle words, written to your man by a stranger, burns out the soul with the power of an atomic explosion. The thought is ringing in my head: my husband cheated on me!

The fear of loneliness rolls over like a black, heavy wave. It's hard to breathe, wake up, think. It's hard to live. Every minute of your half-alive existence you ask yourself questions: your husband changed - what to do? Is it worth forgiving a husband for treason and how to live after the betrayal of a loved one? How to forgive your husband and find the strength to understand and justify what cannot be justified? Seek salvation in the advice of a close friend or seek help from a specialist? What decision to make?

The thought of the presence of another woman in the heart of a dear man either bursts out in a heart-rending scream, then it echoes inside with question marks and dots. How so ?!.. How could he do this to our family happiness ?! Wasn't my love, care and warmth not enough for him? Haven't I tried to be the best wife? How to live on this meaningless life if only the pain of the betrayal of a loved one remains in it? Where can you find answers to the tormenting questions of a wounded soul?

Why cheating hurts and won't let go

The system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan will help a woman who is faced with her husband's betrayal to understand the soul-exhausting issues.

System-vector psychology explains in detail all the features of the human psyche - 8 vectors. The properties of each vector provide its owner with distinctive features of his behavior. Desires, feelings, thoughts and experiences of each person are dictated by the peculiarities of the combination of his vectors, laid down from birth. And the attitude towards the family, and the reasons for treason will differ depending on the psyche of the person.

The hardest part of the breakup is experienced by people with an anal vector.

The priority values ​​in the anal vector are family and marriage. People with an anal vector are wonderful wives and husbands, caring, attentive and loyal.

The owners of the anal vector take a long look, get used to their partner, and when they get married, they completely rely on the honesty, loyalty and decency of their half. The fact of betrayal of a husband or wife plunges a person with an anal vector into the most difficult state of experiencing the pain of betrayal and resentment.

The unique properties of memory, which are naturally endowed with people with an anal vector, do not allow you to forget the tragedy of the betrayal of a loved one. The memory reliably preserves the memories of the experienced betrayal. The experience of a failed relationship can be a heavy anchor in the depths of a person's soul for a very long time, preventing him from entering into a new relationship. No faith, no trust. In memory - only the pain of betrayal.

People with a visual vector experience treason very hard. Visual people are naturally endowed with a huge amplitude of emotions that can range from fear to overwhelming love.

People with a visual vector are very sensitive to the states of another person. They are able to sympathize with others' pain, experiencing it as their own. Their special sensibility endows these people with a unique characteristic - the desire and ability to create emotional connections. Through the creation of an emotional connection, the visual person feels fulfilled and in his highest manifestation is able to love like no other. For the owner of the visual vector, the whole meaning of life is in love. Giving his love to another, a person with a visual vector feels alive and happy. But he himself needs to receive love in his address.

A woman with a visual vector, experiencing a break in the emotional connection from her husband's betrayal, experiences intense suffering, which can be expressed in fear and a feeling of inability to cope with life's difficulties alone.

Cheating husband pictures
Cheating husband pictures

How to survive a husband's betrayal

The fear of loneliness and the loss of the meaning of life without love, the pain of resentment and loss of trust in a loved one, no matter how a woman feels it, is a difficult condition that can be very difficult to go through alone. This leads her for advice and practical recommendations from psychologists on how to live after her husband's betrayal and what to do if there is no more strength to live?

The variegated advice of psychologists on how to survive the pain of losing trust in a loved one, how to forgive a husband for treason, and whether it is worth forgiving her husband’s infidelity at all, are piled up in a search engine. Some advise you to love yourself, throw the trash out of the house, change your wardrobe. Others advise you to do something extreme. Adrenaline is likely to help drive out the excruciating experiences of cheating. Still others insist on traveling, while others, by order, demand to get angry and finally become a mind-blowing bitch. In addition to informational advice, psychologists offer specific exercises and different practices. Everything would be fine, only these tips and body movements do not work or bring temporary relief. And the exhausted heart wants one thing - if only it would just let go, if only calmness would return to the crippled soul.Let it just stop hurting!

The question of why the betrayal did happen remains open. But if there is a question, there must be an answer.

Why cheating happens

Where do those feelings of all-consuming happiness go, which both once breathed?

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan provides an answer to this question.

For the first few years, the couple is dominated by sexual attraction. The strength of sexual attraction is explained by the natural need to give birth to a child within three to five years and save his life. Therefore, during this period of relationship, lovers are absorbed in the emotions of happiness. Behind the back are the wings of love, and the whole world around is only for two.

But several years pass, and the love veil fades away, the passion given by nature disappears. In the family, quarrels, misunderstandings, quarrels and resentments are increasingly happening. She is annoyed by her husband's lethargy and his daily ritual question about the missing slippers. He is annoyed by the endlessly flickering, fussy wife - she knocks down the orderly rhythm of her husband's thoughts. Again and again the train of his thoughts is interrupted by a million assignments, orders, claims, hysterics and tears. It becomes unbearable, and it seems that a man's heart cannot cope with such changes. More and more often, the wife "has a headache", and accusations fly towards each other: "You don't understand me!"

That's right, we don't understand. We look at a person, but we see him through ourselves. We evaluate the behavior and attitude of another through the prism of our desires.

For example, the wife is perplexed and offended, not understanding why the husband does not pay enough attention to the family, limits himself in expressing feelings, and is more interested in work and career. After all, she herself is caring and attentive by nature. She does not know that he is the owner of the skin vector, and the properties of her psyche are completely opposite - she is the bearer of the anal vector. Expecting and demanding from a man behavior that is not characteristic of him, not understanding his natural desires, values ​​and aspirations, a woman makes mistakes that often lead to her husband's betrayal.

How to behave so that your husband does not change - advice from a systems psychologist

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan unmistakably teaches us to understand the mechanism of creating and maintaining happy, stable relationships. This is possible if, in addition to sexual attraction, there is mutual trust and spiritual intimacy in a couple.

Image how to survive a husband's betrayal advice from a psychologist
Image how to survive a husband's betrayal advice from a psychologist

According to systemic knowledge, a woman sets the tone in a relationship. It is she who leads the man, filling his life with meaning. For her sake, a man is ready to conquer space, launch hadron colliders, and use the power of engineering to implement the most complex mechanisms.

A woman's ability to create an emotional connection with a man based on an understanding of his innate characteristics, the manifestation of sincere attention and intimate sensuality to him excludes the possibility of betrayal. Receiving from his woman understanding, trust and attention to himself, a man will not feel the need to look for it on the side. While claims, grievances, tantrums and manipulation of a man's feelings can lead relationships to the question "Why did he cheat on me?"

When creating an emotional connection, it is important to share sensual experiences with your man. Gradually reveal yourself to him. Sincerely share your emotions, vivid memories from childhood, be interested in his affairs. Be sensitive and attentive to what he shares with you. Slowly and slowly your man, increase the level of intimate trust between you. And you will always be desired and the only one for him.

In the common denominator, there is not so much advice from a systems psychologist on how to behave for a woman so that her husband does not change. You just need:

  • understand the nature of desires, your own and your man,
  • realize the leading role of women in relationships through the creation of an emotional connection.

Can you forgive your husband's betrayal?

At the training "System-vector" psychology, everyone finds their own answer to this question and to many other questions related to pair relationships.

Realizing the true motives of cheating, you can avoid fatal mistakes in the future.

Understanding the role of a woman in a relationship, understanding the peculiarities of her psyche and the characteristics of the psyche of a man will help heal a heart wounded by treason.

Eradicate the fear of experiencing the pain of past negative experiences, keep the family on the verge of a foul, rebuild family happiness, or end an unhealthy relationship painlessly for both

- all this is possible and guaranteed by the results of those who have completed the training "System-vector psychology".

Learning to feel another person as oneself, to love and be loved, to regain the meaning of life - this is just a small percentage of those happy changes that are possible in the life of any person who came to the training “System-vector psychology” by Yuri Burlan.

You can get your first answers to exciting questions at the free online training sessions "System Vector Psychology".

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