Slow Child In The Age Of Speed. How To Be?

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Slow Child In The Age Of Speed. How To Be?
Slow Child In The Age Of Speed. How To Be?
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Slow child in the age of speed. How to be?

Many parents face the slowness of children. And all attempts to speed it up lead to the opposite effect: the child slows down even more, and you get even more annoyed.

Nowadays, the famous Olympic slogan "Faster, higher, stronger" has acquired new meanings. After all, we live in a world of speed, when speed is valued in everything: in technology, in actions, in decision-making, since every second is precious. We adults live in a truly crazy pace. What about our children? Is it easy for them to grow up in the modern world?

Morning. You have already managed to get dressed, get ready, you are almost standing on the doorstep, and your baby still cannot finish his breakfast. Slowly, as if not noticing the morning turmoil, he eats muesli, chews carefully and examines the drawing on the cup. He is in no hurry, and does not understand why his mother is so twitchy, why she urges him on again. “Eat it up faster! We're already late!"

But another situation is probably familiar to many. Sadik. Mom takes the child, he barely dresses, hovers in the clouds. All the children have already gone home, and he slowly pulls on his boots. And it's useless to adjust it. He does not seem to hear, ignores.

Many parents face the slowness of children. Eating slowly, walking, thinking, and even talking are the main characteristics of a slow child. And all attempts to speed it up lead to the opposite effect: the child slows down even more, and you get even more annoyed.

And what will happen next?

The parents of such children are seized by real panic. After all, the baby is only 4, 5, 6 years old, and he is so slow. And what will happen when he goes to school? You have to study there, and the requirements for modern students are very high, you need to quickly master the material. What about peer relationships? Such a slow child will definitely get an offensive nickname, such as "brake". But what about his professional activity, career? An inhibited worker cannot achieve great heights. Nimble, nimble colleagues will be in front, and he will be stuck at the bottom of the career ladder.

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You can't argue with nature

How to deal with a child's sluggishness, you ask? The answer is simple: no need to fight! After all, nature has thought of everything perfectly. System-vector psychology (SVP) of Yuri Burlan says that children are born with certain sets of properties - vectors that are necessary for the human species. Some children are nimble, mobile, everything is on fire in their hands. Others are born leisurely, they have their own responsible role: to learn and then pass on the accumulated knowledge and experience to the next generation.

In general, such a leisurely kid is a diligent, diligent, obedient child who loves to learn, he has a "golden head". He is kind, accurate, patient, honest, fair. For him, the main thing is not speed, but quality, and he treats any business responsibly and will work hard for praise, not for candy. According to SVP, such innate data are inherent in people with an anal vector.

Not slow, but thorough

Do everything slowly, carefully, efficiently, thoroughly, so that there is nothing to complain about - these are the main criteria for people with an anal vector. And the speed only hinders this. “If you hurry, you will make people laugh!” They like to say. Therefore, they are naturally unhurried, their gait, speech and even metabolism are slowed down.

How does a child eat with an anal vector? Slowly, carefully chewing food, he will never grab pieces from the table and will not eat on the go. His body slowly digests food, and it also takes time to completely cleanse the intestines. Therefore, the anal child likes to sit on the potty for a long time. This is its distinguishing feature.

How to develop a detailed baby?

System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan claims that the process of cleansing for an anal child is extremely important, and if you constantly pull it off the pot, do not completely cleanse the body, this can lead to negative consequences. For example, instead of a clean, tidy person, a dirty man will grow up, who will take pleasure in dirtying everything; instead of an expert, a professional, a critic will grow up who only scolds everything and everyone.

The situation is the same with thought processes. Receiving new information, a child with an anal vector systematizes it at the input, puts everything on the shelves. Therefore, to learn, for example, a poem, he will need more time, but he will remember it for a very long time, all his life.

Special attention is paid to the SVP to the peculiarities of a child's speech with an anal vector. Such a child speaks slowly, every detail, every little thing is important to him. Interrupting a child with a phrase like "speak faster", an adult knocks him out of thought and the child may fall into a stupor. Often after such words, he begins his story anew. If such a child is constantly interrupted, rushed in speech, this can cause stuttering. All problems, complexes and scenarios for failure come from childhood. That is why it is so important to understand what innate qualities your child possesses, in order to develop it correctly and harmoniously.

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If you want to learn more about other features of the anal child, visit the free online classes on System Vector Psychology by Yuri Burlan. After the first lectures, you will understand what to do with your slow baby, and how to help him effectively use his qualities given by nature.

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