How To Avoid Cheating On Your Husband

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How To Avoid Cheating On Your Husband
How To Avoid Cheating On Your Husband

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How to avoid cheating on your husband

It is impossible to sit quietly and watch how the husband gradually flows to another woman. It's crazy. It is not clear who to ask for advice - everyone speaks differently and cites their personal experience as an argument. The Internet also gives out a thousand fantastic advice in polarity. Where is the exit?

To persuade a man to cheat, it is enough to marry him.

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“This will happen soon. Or has it already happened …”For some time now, thoughts about a possible betrayal of her husband settled in my head and there they made a revolution, having won absolute power, in response to the strange behavior of her husband, who suddenly became filled with feelings for a classmate who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“You see, she bought a bed, which has been disassembled for two weeks now, because she lives alone and there is no one to assemble. Well, after all, we were sitting at the same desk, we need to help a person,”he says with an imperturbable air of a good Samaritan.

"Will you help test the bed too?" - I want to sneer in response, but the mind muffled by jealousy nevertheless breaks into consciousness and begs not to push her husband into the arms of her rival. “Unless, of course, he has already been there,” objects an anxious heart. “I feel it’s a matter of time.” Judging by the fact that a leaking tap appeared after the bed, and then a burnt out light bulb, the heart prompts for good reason.

And then a painful dilemma arises: which strategy to choose? I really want to throw a scandal according to all the canons of the crisis in family life, in order to remind him of his legal position and the oath of allegiance. On the other hand, maybe he is just waiting for this, and the quarrel will finally allow him to make a deal with his own conscience, which was the last obstacle on the way to treason.

But it is also impossible to sit quietly and watch how the husband gradually flows to another woman. It's crazy. It is not clear who to ask for advice - everyone speaks differently and cites their personal experience as an argument. The Internet also gives out a thousand fantastic advice in polarity. Where is the exit?

Find and neutralize

"As old as the world!" - some will say. "All families sooner or later go through this!" - others will say. And we can agree with them, since the situation is quite common. Only now there is no single correct solution to it. Someone prefers not to notice the husband's hobbies, someone gets divorced, and someone takes active steps to return the prodigal husband.

How to avoid cheating husband picture
How to avoid cheating husband picture

We propose to go beyond stereotypical thinking and first understand the reasons for the behavior of a beloved man in a similar situation. The training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan will help to cope with such a difficult task. Its goal is to teach to understand oneself and others so much that any actions and even their motives cease to be the subject of speculation and fantasies.

Monogamy must be monogamous

By nature, a person is monogamous, with rare exceptions. This means that monogamous relationships can bring us the most pleasure. Why do some people still want to turn left? System-vector psychology helps to find out the reasons, and therefore, to learn how to resist this scourge.

From the school curriculum, we remember that a vector is a directed segment of a straight line. In Yuri Burlan's System-Vector Psychology, a vector is a “segment” of the psychic, aimed at satisfying certain desires.

So, for example, for the skin vector, the main desire is to achieve material and social success, which fills its owner with the meaning of life. The owner of the skin vector also has a very plastic psyche, capable of adapting any changes, and the novelty factor instills in him vigor and prompts him to take action.

Stagnation and routine in the professional sphere, on the contrary, lead to dissatisfaction, and if it is impossible to achieve change in work, then this desire will spread to personal life. In other words, he will cheat, being in marital status, or change partners like gloves, if single.

In the anal vector, everything is quite the opposite - men are happy in consistency and predictability. Family for them is more important than the material aspect, which makes them reliable and caring husbands. The loyalty of the woman they love is a matter of principle, and for their part, they answer in the same way. It is impossible to imagine a changing owner of the anal vector, but this also happens. What are these cases?

Road as a memory

Excellent memory is another strong quality of a person with an anal vector, given to him by nature. Therefore, missing the past, cherishing memories, nostalgia is their hallmark. Let's say he met a classmate. She will be the personification of those carefree youthful years when the sky was bluer and the grass was greener. Add to this her request for help in what any owner of the anal vector knows a lot about, and he is already ready to take his skills of a strong business executive outside the house. Indeed, in what works properly, hangs straight and lies in its place, it has no equal.

But this is unlikely to be enough for treason. Unless he has a visual vector that can turn a stern man into a sensitive and emotional gentleman. The spectator's desire is to love and create an emotional connection with the object of love. All sighs under the moon, half-whisper revelations and meaningful gazing into the eyes are strictly their part.

What to do to avoid cheating on your husband image
What to do to avoid cheating on your husband image

As a result, the appearance of a friend of distant bright days, plus conversations in the kitchen on the topic "Do you remember?.." over a mug of tea after the cabinet is assembled or the tap is repaired - and there is a high probability of seriously getting carried away. And if she was also his first youthful love, and at home everything has cooled down for a long time - without heart-to-heart talk and manifestation of feelings, then the chances of betrayal increase dramatically.

It turns out that the suspicions are far from groundless and have a foundation, but does this make it easier? Is it really all gone and nothing can be changed?

Back beyond the point of no return

The training "System-vector psychology" shows that it is never too late to change anything. No, we will not offer to immediately write love SMS to my husband or cook dinner in lingerie and hair - we will leave it to women's magazines.

But understanding the situation and the mechanism of its occurrence will at least reduce the degree of tension in your soul, and knowledge of the vector features of your husband will tell you how to proceed. The next step is to build trust and an emotional bond in your couple - the foundation that makes the union of the two lasting and is the best guarantee of the spouse's fidelity.

This is the state when you know for sure that it is with your spouse that you can be open and frank, like with no one else. This is a special trust that allows you to tell each other something that sometimes you cannot admit even to yourself. This is the connection when you are waiting for the evening to share with him your impressions of how the day went. This is a special intimacy, when everything that happens between the two is not taken out into the world, is not told to friends, mother, fellow travelers. This is the sensuality that makes a single woman out of a simply beautiful and desirable woman. That thread, which from “just I” and “just HE” makes “one WE”.

Everything about the emotional connection, how to establish it, what pitfalls need to be removed from the path of building relationships, is revealed at the training of Yuri Burlan.

Of course, difficulties in relationships, as in everything else, it is better not to lead to unpleasant consequences that have to be dealt with, but rather to prevent the causes. But it does not always work out as we would like. Nevertheless, the reviews of those who completed the training prove that it is possible to breathe life into a relationship, even when it would seem that there is no chance:

All methods are good if they are systematic

If your husband has an anal vector, then perhaps you decide to gather the children in some significant place for your family or at home with delicious homemade food, where he will remember what a wonderful family you have. Yuri Burlan reveals incredible things about the role of women in relationships and a common table in our life!

If the husband is the owner of the skin vector, then a change of environment will be a good help in restoring old feelings. Spend the weekend in a different, unusual way, go together to a new, unknown place, and you - take and radically change your hairstyle and hair color.

You will say that you have seen such advice more than once? Yes, but the point is that if you choose the first option for a spouse with a skin vector, then the idea will be empty. Just like a change of scenery will only stress the husband with the anal vector. Therefore, it is so important to distinguish people by vectors and interact with them according to their desires.

Cheating husband photo
Cheating husband photo

Of course, these examples are simplified and schematic. In life, everything is more complicated, if only because modern people are multi-vector, and in combinations the vectors can manifest themselves differently and the reasons often turn out to be complex. But not a single nuance, not a single question remains unanswered during the training. And in order for you to get acquainted with the basic concepts of System Vector Psychology, a free introductory online training is held. Come for a new understanding of relationships!

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