Dumb Love, Or Why Is He Silent About His Feelings?

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Dumb Love, Or Why Is He Silent About His Feelings?
Dumb Love, Or Why Is He Silent About His Feelings?
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Dumb love, or Why is he silent about his feelings?

Why is he like that? How to understand his silence: is it the coldness of complete insensitivity, indifference to a particular woman, or a strangeness of character? How to look into his thoughts? How do you know how he feels, and does he feel at all, if it's unbearably difficult to talk to him?

He and she.

He is silent. He's just silent. It is impossible to understand from his face what he feels, what he thinks, what he wants. He answers any questions in monosyllables, sometimes even asks again, as if she distracted him from important thoughts with her nonsense.

"Nonsense" is her feelings. She needs to know what's going on between them. She needs to feel that he needs her. She does not want to speak into emptiness, it hurts her to feel alone together.

He is silent - she speaks. He avoids talking - she lacks live communication. He seeks solitude - she seeks to stir him up. He doesn't understand her - she doesn't understand him.

Resentment, reproaches, irritation, anger, melancholy, disappointment …

This is the beginning of the end.

The end of the potentially strongest and most lasting relationship. A relationship of two, where each complements the other, forming one whole.

Or not? Perhaps this is just the beginning. The beginning of a new round of relationships, a different, deeper understanding of each other.

Perhaps, if you figure it out …

Why is he like that? How to understand his silence: is it the coldness of complete insensitivity, indifference to a particular woman, or a strangeness of character? How to look into his thoughts? How do you know how he feels, and does he feel at all, if it's unbearably difficult to talk to him?

The secret of the silent

His whole world is inside. It is possible to find out his thoughts if you understand how the thinking of a representative of the sound vector works.

Sound vector. A complex of properties of the psyche, given from birth, forming a worldview, giving a certain way of thinking and a manner of expressing oneself. Abstract thinking determines the range of interests - often this is the sphere of intellectual work that requires deep concentration on the problem, the search for answers to questions, the definition of the very essence of what is happening, the main and very first reason - the Inception. Even if this is not his main profession - in his hobbies, literary, cinematic preferences, philosophical themes, the search for the meaning of life, the study of human nature, life on Earth, the laws of the Universe, issues of spirituality, religion, esotericism and the like are manifested in one way or another.

Dumb love
Dumb love

Often, sound scientists are interested in languages, linguistics, translations, programming languages. Music plays a huge role in the life of a person with sound, this is evidenced by a rich audio library, saved playlists on the network, recordings in the highest quality format, because he is able to hear one false note.

The sound engineer interacts with others according to his nature. He's what they call the classic introvert. His feelings are deep inside. He doesn't always express them in words. It can be music, poetry, prose, gifts, travel, deeds … The essence is important for him, not the packaging. Meaning, not design. Final result.

Even when the sound engineer experiences a storm of emotions within himself, external manifestations can be minimal. Yes, his facial expressions are very modest or completely absent, so he can seem cold and insensitive.

The sound vector is dominant, which means that its properties require implementation - constantly, continuously, in the first place. And only then will he be able to switch to any other desires. In other words, he can show love and attention to you only when he has realized his dominant sound desires.

Until he has finished a project at work, he will still think about it, so, yes, he may not remember a memorable date or notice that you are in a bad mood, forget to thank you for a delicious dinner or not understand what is you have a new dress. He will even forget to eat or be unable to sleep until his work is complete.

Honorable second place … actually first

And this is the biggest surprise for a woman. She thinks that he does not need her, that she only distracts, annoys and draws his attention to herself.

His coldness and detachment give rise to suspicions that he has another woman whom he really loves. Or that he doesn't need anyone at all, as he often pushes people away, choosing solitude.

But the main secret is that, no matter how soulless egocentric the sound engineer may seem, he needs a beloved and loving woman no less than others. A woman with a big heart, who can feel and understand.

The soundman pushes people away when he feels inner suffering. He withdraws not because he is unable to love people, but because he mistakenly considers them to be the source of his suffering.

The lack of realization, inner vacuum, emptiness in the soul as a result of psychological frustrations give rise to pain, which he associates with others. He is irritated by loud noises, attempts to pull him out of concentration, the whole external world is painful for him when he does not have full realization, when his intellect and ability to concentrate are not embodied in the tangible results of his labor.

It's like a powerful engine running idle. Heats up, wastes fuel, hums, but does not create movement.

If you help him realize his potential, then the pleasure that he receives from the satisfaction of his aspirations, he will associate with you. He will get the opportunity to open up to you. He will understand how good it is with you. His light smile and quiet voice are the pinnacle of that lump of feelings that rage inside him. And they are raging - believe me.

Only after finishing writing a work, the musician feels the joy that he seeks to share with his beloved woman. And many famous musicians begin their concerts with gratitude to the closest person with the words: "Without you there would be nothing …".

Why is he silent?
Why is he silent?

Having found a solution to the most difficult mathematical problem, the audio student looks up from the notes and sees - oh yes, he begins to notice the girls around. How did it happen? The properties of the dominant vector have found their satisfaction - this means that other vectors have the opportunity to declare their needs.

You cannot see the main thing with your eyes. Only the heart is sharp …

A man with a sound vector needs not just a woman, he needs a man who understands him. And he can make you happy. Because you are drawn to each other for a reason. You complement each other as patrician and matrix. And only together you are one.

Yes, sometimes he seems soulless, cold, indifferent, obsessed with an egoist. But he is the one who needs you more than anyone else. Because only with you he is able to realize his full potential, only you can teach him to come out of the "shell" out, only you are able to teach him to show his love.

Only a woman is capable of such delicate jewelry work with feelings as creating an emotional connection. Even an emotional connection with the "iceberg". And, yes, he is capable of it. He can hear you in a way that no one else can. He can understand you in a way that no one else can.

Your love can be his inspiration. Your heart is a challenge for him to understand, understand, wonder and realize the nature of another person. A person who is different from himself. A person who can do what he cannot do. This is exactly the case when love works wonders.

Do not distract him when he is thinking, reading, working, focused. Start a conversation when he is in the mood to communicate. Share your intimate. Ask him about what is important to him: about his work, about silence and concentration, about meaning and purpose. About his favorite books and movies. Tell him how you feel, ask how he feels.

Live those emotions together, and then over and over again. Create this sensual connection, an emotional bridge between fiery passion and cold intellect.

You can do it. This is your talent that can be easily turned into a skill. All you need is knowledge about the human psyche and the desire to understand a loved one. This is how the trainees describe it:

Come to the free online training "System Vector Psychology", open a new page of your relationship.

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