Laughing Monkeys Over The Tears Of Culture

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Laughing Monkeys Over The Tears Of Culture
Laughing Monkeys Over The Tears Of Culture

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Video: Danila Poperechny: "SPECIAL fo KIDS" | Stand-up, 2020. 2023, January

Laughing monkeys over the tears of culture

Gygygy. Hello. Good day. How are you? Everything is well. It doesn't matter. Forget. Let's laugh. You saw this blind old woman in the elevator, who only the third time hit her button with a twisted, trembling finger. No, well, did you see that? And what happened a week ago? Estimate!..

“Gygygy. Hello. Good day. How are you? Everything is well. It doesn't matter. Forget. Let's laugh.

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You saw this blind old woman in the elevator, who only the third time hit her button with a twisted, trembling finger. No, well, did you see that?

And this plumber Mikhalych, who again fell to sleep near the entrance in a pool of his own vomit. Well, have you seen this? Ha ha!

And what happened a week ago? Estimate! Three drug addicts climbed into the attic with a 20 kg gas cylinder! How could they even carry him, you dead sons of bitches! I do not know what they specifically fried, but one of these Buratin, flying out the window from the attic of the Khrushchev, yelled: "Mom!" How he screamed! And the second was kicked out in an embrace with the door, you count! All the wiring burned out, everything that was on the two upper floors. Both survived, you count! I don't know, really, what happened to the third. Hopefully I didn't break off the buzz before the explosion. Fried junkie.

And you heard the new law on weapons, right? Now we will be like in America. Everyone has the right to defend himself with personal weapons. In America they walk there quietly. Well, sometimes they shoot. And we definitely all fucking shoot each other. Let's be like in the Wild West. Whoever shoots more accurately is right. Ha ha!"

Who laughs and who laughs?

Laughter is an oral vector. Jester, joker, class clown, Petrosyan in the literal and figurative sense. A person with a cheerful mouth and resourceful verbal intelligence. Speaks by thinking and thinks by speaking. Not to be confused with the sly sounding soundman under his breath. With a feeling spectator. Just a chatterbox. In a good way, many-speaking. Let's dilute the situation with a joke. We will dilute any seriousness with a joke. The teacher came to the lesson. I opened the book, adjusted my glasses, so serious - we will dilute it too! How do we say something like that, or show with our fingers, if they don’t let us say. Everyone will grump, no one can concentrate on their studies - we will disrupt the lesson. Gee-gee.

Oral vector in the senses is opposite to visual and sound vectors. Have you seen physicists and chemists burning with laughter? These are only explosives, and unintentional ones. The sound engineer of chemistry and physics will not succeed if he laughs constantly. Abstract thinking in order to create a socially useful product of labor, including music, literature, poetry, requires concentration on oneself, concentration of thought, which is cut off by laughter. The sound engineer needs to stay away from the oral.

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Have you seen self-appointed psychologists who, according to a child's drawing, determine the presence of incestuous trauma to prove guilt in a fabricated case? Have you seen government officials who believe in little green men? These are the spectators. With underdeveloped intelligence and absolutely no empathy. To raise a visual child like that, you need to let him laugh more. Let her extinguish her not yet hatched feelings with laughter. The fish died and you felt sorry for it? - make fun of! Died kitty with dog - make fun! Then, in adulthood, his person will die, but he will not feel anything - he will neigh, buy chips and go to watch thrillers. Underdeveloped visuals are unhappy people.

On the contrary, in its development, the visual vector determines the cultural and moral-ethical norms of society, as Jesus Christ once forever changed humanity for the better. Medicine, charitable foundations, compassionate songs, films, literature are all created by advanced visual people. All this brings a humanistic refrain into society, reduces the level of hostility and mutual hatred, and helps to strengthen society and its humanistic development.

Children are afraid of clowns. Not all, but some. A very large group of people admit that they were afraid of clowns as a child. "Why are you afraid of him, because he won't eat you?" That's right - eat it. The oral, the clown, is the cannibal of the pack, the pea jester in the stinking circus, among the stinking animals. Have you seen the trainers? Cool guys, yes. When not bitten. Live, in front of the public. Thank God, there are bars - the audience got off with a pig squeal.

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Spotted children should not be taken to the circus. Training is animal abuse, exploitation. Animals in cages for the fun of the idle plebs. Laughing at clowns is also nothing to do. And this acrobat under the dome - if she collapses? It will break and collapse straight down the head - no good. The visual heart will not stand - the fear of death, a blow to empathy and - a break in the emotional connection. Do not take visual children to the circus. Better let them read a good book. This is for the rest, anal, skin, muscle - bread and circuses! - it's nice to look at the superiority of man over the animal world. And sometimes I just want to laugh.

Once in our cannibal pack, ancient, when the hair on the backs did not give in to any razor, we learned to laugh, yes. A bent male stands with cancer under the winner, imitating these very movements with him. Yohuu! Winner! And then he crawls away to the side, wrinkled and twisted - now he will be begging all his life, not a man. A loser in class. Loser. And let's laugh! We neigh over him, roll with laughter! Gee-gee-gee-gee-gee! Lo-sha-ra-a! Serves you right! It's fun for us, they even somehow became closer to each other. We are good people. Yes Yes. And you are garbage.

George Carlin made fun of America's problems very well, may God accept his ashes. Education, upbringing, politics, religion, society - but who cares at all! Give me a laugh! “Everyone is talking about children. Drugs in schools - what about children? Pornography - what about children? Negative impact on children. Children, children, children - forget the children! " George Carlin tells us. And so it is. “Children are the flowers of life. If you left your "flower" at the corner of a street in the city and a week later found that it is still there, then damn it, you got a stupid child! " Meanwhile, America's lawmakers have thrown all their strength into the fight against drugs, yes, they officially declare today that the fight against drugs is lost. This is true, but at least they made a lot of effort to resist the phenomenon.Meanwhile, America today is studying pornography at a special pornography institute. Yes, specialists will come soon - professional pornographers. People with higher education. Know and understand for the first time how pervasive pornography on the Internet affects children.

Sometimes we want to laugh: we neigh at a phenomenon - and it seems that it does not exist. And it doesn't seem to concern us. And here we are losing to America - they recognize the phenomenon and understand. You can even laugh at their problems and not worry - they solve them. And we, Russians, do not know how to solve problems. Neighing at drug addiction - it will not affect us, neighing at alcoholism - it will not affect us, neighing at the law on weapons - it will not affect us. And that's all. We will lie down calmly and sleep until it touches us personally! Then aaaa.. we "suddenly" understand the whole horror of the situation and start screaming, demanding protection and justice for ourselves. And in response - silence. And laughter.

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