How To Calm Your Nerves: How To Relieve Tension And Cope With Stress

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How To Calm Your Nerves: How To Relieve Tension And Cope With Stress
How To Calm Your Nerves: How To Relieve Tension And Cope With Stress

Video: How To Calm Your Nerves: How To Relieve Tension And Cope With Stress

Video: How To Calm Your Nerves: How To Relieve Tension And Cope With Stress
Video: Quick Stress Release: Anxiety Reduction Technique: Anxiety Skills #19 2023, June

How to calm your nerves

When things don't turn out the way we wanted, we get nervous and annoyed. It seems that people and circumstances deliberately harm and interfere with our plans. How can you keep your composure here?

I am a quiet, calm lake … Calm. Quiet. Just don't let me down!

75 kilometers of nerves sparkle in a person like closed electrical wires. Carnies inside himself. How to calm the nerves and acquire immunity to stressful situations, will show the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan.

When things don't turn out the way we wanted, we get nervous and annoyed. It seems that people and circumstances deliberately harm and interfere with our plans. How can you keep your composure here?

How to calm your nerves at home - three steps to inner comfort:

  1. Become aware of your susceptible nature and the causes of stress.
  2. See the situation deeper by changing the angle of perception.
  3. Increase resistance to stress through understanding the general laws of interaction with people.

The best way to unwind your sparkling bundle of nerves is to see an objective picture of what is happening.

How to calm the nerves depends on the cause of the disorder

Some have a nervous tic, some have tantrums, some have irritable bowel syndrome before important events, and some simply cannot stand people. When correctly deciphered, our reaction to a difficult situation also becomes a hint on how to cope with it.

Old folk remedies cannot be saved from all these troubles. With modern psycho-emotional overload, a modern way of solving the problem is needed. Sedatives for a while calm not only the nerves, but also the desires of a person. Desires are "pacified" by the motherwort, and dissatisfaction with life grows. And at some point, the restraining mechanism breaks down and results in even more serious stress.

How to calm your nerves picture
How to calm your nerves picture

To find a simple method to relieve stress quickly and effectively, you need to understand the psychological causes of your nervous tension.

I get irritated, break down, yell - what to do?

Here is a clear plan, calculation, cost estimate, but all of a sudden everything goes up and down, and you have to waste time and money unplanned. Nerves in such a situation are lost in the same proportion as other valuable resources. And all because the owners of the skin vector react especially sharply when someone encroaches on their financial position, status and precious seconds.

Nimble, dexterous and enterprising wildly annoying when, due to someone's sluggishness, their plans collapse. And now the boss, thirsty for an immediate result, breaks down on a slow subordinate, and the mother running through life at super speeds to no avail urges the child stuck in her thoughts.

Most of all, it pisses me off that no matter how you shake them, no matter how you shout, things do not move faster.

With such stress, the body of the owner of the skin vector seems to want to adjust the “lost in time” with its own rhythm. Either the eye twitches, then the hands are shaking, then the fingers involuntarily hit the tap dance on the table.

How to relieve stress and calm your nerves at home and at work?

A person with a skin vector is best balanced by his own organization. Daily routines, self-discipline, and time structuring all help the natural manager of his life to get the most out of planned situations. But personal dexterity and ingenuity are powerless when other people do not give results. The best vaccine against a nervous breakdown when interacting with people is to know in advance what the other person is capable of, and thanks to this, deftly build your work and personal life, without slowing down on corners because of someone.

System-vector psychology allows you to see a person from the inside after just a few minutes of communication. This means that if, for example, you are recruiting personnel for a position that requires quick decisions, you will no longer take a naturally slow person. And if you are looking for a job yourself, you will clearly see the vacancies that are suitable for you. Stress will be reduced to a minimum for both parties.

But what about our loved ones, who only strive to shake our nerves, because we do not choose them for ourselves according to suitable vectors? With systemic knowledge, even if a clear and strict skin mother gets an anal-sound baby floating in abstractions, she will quickly find the right approach to him without wasting her nerves and ruining the child's development with an irritated cry.

I am afraid and worried about any reason - how to calm my nerves at home?

For especially fragile people, any new situation is a stressful factor. It is important not to lose face. Before every event, the fear of disgrace is fettered. Exam, interview, public speaking, and sometimes just a phone call are put into a stupor. The heart beats in all parts of the body, hands sweat, legs stiffen, the gift of speech disappears.

Nature created people with an anal vector as perfectionists. But it is difficult for them to adapt to an unfamiliar situation. Such people need to feel support under their feet and support from the people around them. If neither one nor the other is not, you want to hide in a corner. And if a person also has a visual vector, then anxiety can cover his head.

Knowing your vector qualities, you can minimize nervous tension in any situation:

  • Prepare thoroughly in advance. Professionalism, quality and phenomenal memory are three whales of calm for the owners of the anal vector,
  • Emotionally concentrate on the interlocutor, listeners. The owners of the visual vector are the most sensitive people in the world, able to read the subtle shades of the states of others. From this, mutual sympathy arises, and excitement and uncertainty recede.

All that is needed for this is to understand people and understand the basics of interacting with each other.

Seeing yourself in another is snow blindness

In relationships with people, we are like newcomers to karting - our cars hit over and over again. Now you crashed into the side, then they drove into you from behind. The level of tension in society is such that every word or accidental push can be a prerequisite for a verbal skirmish and an increase in the degree of nervous tension.

We blame other people or fate for our lack of happiness. But there is a catch.

The main reason for the nervousness is that people don't do the way we want them to. I can't communicate effectively. After all, we look at the other person as wrong ourselves. And he is just different, with a different psyche, and besides, he wants his own, and not ours.

Being able to interact = strengthen your nervous system

The best way to gain tremendous resilience to stress is to understand yourself and others. This is what the training "System-vector psychology" by Yuri Burlan gives. Along with this, the perception of other people's actions changes, they no longer cause irritation, inner peace and joy from communicating with them appear. The stressful state simply does not arise.

Photo how to calm your nerves
Photo how to calm your nerves

Then, not in theory, but in the depths of the soul, it is felt that the world has nothing against us. On the subway, people push and hinder us not because they want to harm us. They just need to get into the car themselves, get out or not fall. A gloomy person looks like this - because he himself feels bad. This means that he is simply not able to share good emotions with others.

We all think only of ourselves. And we get nervous when others for some reason don't think about us.

With systems thinking, it becomes easy for us to give the other person an unusual feeling - the absence of dislike and hostility. From this invisible concern, the degree of nervous tension immediately decreases on both sides.

Until shattered nerves lead you to an unreasonable quarrel, thoughtless dismissal, heart-breaking divorce, distance from your own child, total loneliness - register for the free training "System Vector Psychology" by Yuri Burlan in order to get pleasure from interacting with people not stress, but pleasure.

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