Children Are Inferno. Part 1

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Children Are Inferno. Part 1
Children Are Inferno. Part 1

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Children are inferno. Part 1

After such tragedies, the alarm sounds in the society - "Why?" Why does a teenager take up arms and go to kill in cold blood? What drives him? Resentment against teachers, bad childhood, bullying from classmates, the influence of heavy music, violent video games, or just mental insanity?

I don't remember exactly how I died. There was some cotton nearby. People screaming. Panic. I heard shots. They were getting closer and closer. Fear took possession of me, and I ran. Suddenly, it burned sharply in my back, as if a dart had been thrust, but I did not feel severe pain. A mixture of anger and resentment flared up in me. Someone ran by, and I shouted to them: "Whose blood is this?" The voices said, "It's yours, yours, yours …"

Everything became like a fog, the sounds were fading away. It was very cold. Why can't I get up ?! Lord please! Consciousness worked at hyperspeed, scrolling through strange fragments …. I haven't had a kiss yet. I will never see summer again. I won't get a tattoo. Thoughts gently receded. It got warm. My parents put so much love into me. I remember how my mother took me to school, how I hugged. It's hard to think about her. 20 seconds … Even in the morning I was afraid of the control. 10 … 5, 4, 3, 2 …

Who am I? I am Columbine. I am Kerch. I am Sandy Hook. I am Red Lake. I am LIFE, which was cut short by someone's bullets. Shooting in schools and colleges occurs with regular frequency. All over the world, every case of mass execution raises a wave of fear for children and loved ones. After all, the killer is not a comic book psychopath or even a radical suicide bomber. Who is he? An ordinary teenager. Quiet, inconspicuous, uncommunicative. Such a disciple is like a mine in a huge field. You never know who and when will blow up on it.

“The world will end today. Today we will die."

(Eric Harris, 18, Columbine School)

In America, the first country in the number of school murders, special exercises are held where children are taught to hide from impromptu lone killers. In other countries, these cases are fewer, but a general analysis of statistics from 1990 to 2019 shows that the number of murders among the new generation is growing. Even 40-50 years ago, people did not know this phenomenon, but today mass executions have become a widespread threat throughout the world.

After such tragedies, the alarm sounds in the society - "Why?" Why does a teenager take up arms and go to kill in cold blood? What drives him? Resentment against teachers, bad childhood, bullying from classmates, the influence of heavy music, violent video games, or just mental insanity?

Why are they killing?

The answer to this question lies in the field of the psyche, in its special state, which is called moral and ethical degeneration, abbreviated as MND. As people who are color blind, the school shooter is blind to other people's emotions. People are just a walking hologram for him. He does not experience empathy, compassion, or regret - those basic regulators that make us adequate members of society.

Moral and moral degeneration is a loss of emotional connection with people, and with it, all cultural and moral regulators of relations. The world becomes completely illusory, like in a computer game. This condition can only occur in a person with a certain type of psyche in the anal-sound vector bundle.

Children inferno picture
Children inferno picture

With the help of the knowledge of the training "System-vector psychology" Yuri Burlan, a systematic analysis of twenty cases of incomplete and extended suicide was carried out. Search category - adolescents and young men aged 14 to 28 years. The author studied in detail the biographies of the shooters, their entries on the Internet, diaries, assessments of specialists, psychiatrists, as well as testimonies of eyewitnesses, relatives and victims of criminals.

This information made it possible to identify general patterns that lay the foundation for the development of moral and ethical degeneration. The goal of the article is not to dive into each biography in detail, but to show what exactly happens to such a teenager and how to avoid new tragedies.

“Why live at all? For the balcony in the country? " (Vladislav Roslyakov, 18 years old, Kerch Polytechnic College).

Which children are at risk?

The soundman is the king of consciousness. A person who is completely focused on his thoughts and states. All other people have physical desires: "What to cook for lunch?", "How to make money on a trip to London?", "What dress to wear for prom?" The desires of a sound engineer of a different kind are an attempt to realize the immaterial. "Who am I?", "What is infinity?", "What is the meaning of life?"

For the sound engineer, the connection with other people is secondary - just like the need to live in the physical world. The external world is a reflection of his states, and the internal is what he is focused on, his psyche. I am outside and I am inside. Therefore, from the outside, he seems a little strange, different from others. A kind of case man.

When a sound child is born, it looks like all children outwardly, but his psyche is arranged differently. The hearing of a sound engineer is extremely sensitive, his ear is like the thinnest membrane through which information is exchanged with the outside world. This "membrane" is easily damaged. The innate desire to comprehend the meaning gives him a special sensitivity to sounds. When he hears loud noises or insults, he gets hit, retarded.

Some sound babies receive such "blows" while still in the womb or in the first years of life and completely withdraw into themselves, become autistic.

If sound children receive psychotrauma not so critical that they develop autism, and acquire socialization and education skills, then over the years, under adverse conditions, they can completely lose their emotional connection with the outside world. These are secondary autists.

The loss of moral and ethical restrictions does not occur in an instant, but is a consequence of a prolonged depression in the sound vector, accompanying her hatred of humanity and the lack of meaning in life. Resentment is the catalyst for action against people. And while most of the teenage shooters were seen by psychiatrists, showed signs of depression and suicidal thoughts, almost none of them caused anxiety.

This is a great danger. An autistic person can be seen immediately, and others perceive an anal sound specialist with the rudiments of MND to be quite adequate. Dmitry Vinogradov, who shot his colleagues in the office of the Rigla pharmacy chain, was considered by his acquaintances and colleagues to be an intelligent and calm person. On November 7, 2012, he came to work and killed 6 people.

Loss of moral and ethical restrictions picture
Loss of moral and ethical restrictions picture

“I hate human society, and I hate to be a part of it! I hate the meaninglessness of human life! I hate this very life! I see only one way to justify it: to destroy as many particles of human compost as possible”(Dmitry Vinogradov, 29 years old, Rigla office).

The Anal Soundman: Scientist or Mass Murderer?

In an attempt to comprehend the structure of the universe, the anal-sound specialist generates not just a thought, but deep reflection. The natural task of the anal vector is to transfer knowledge to future generations. Analytical thinking and unique memory helps him collect and process huge amounts of information.

If the sound vector is a thirst for comprehension of the metaphysical, then the anal vector is the ability to immerse oneself in a topic, process and organize huge amounts of information. Anal sound specialists are the best minds of humanity. Scientists, philosophers, theologians, scientific reformers - they are creators of collective thought and creators of ideas. All ideas in the history of mankind - from creative to destructive, from the acquisition of writing to fascism - were created by them.

By focusing his mind outward, the anal sound engineer creates large volume thought forms. In potential, such a person is a genius who creates ideas for the development of society. When the sound engineer gets delayed in development, he closes ideas in himself, focuses inward.

Concentration on oneself creates a false sense of one's genius, an aberration of the magnitude of the mind. I am super-intelligent, I am a genius. But he cannot express his ideas for others. In such states, a person cannot take place, his potential is idle, there are severe sound shortages that take him even further from the real world into a sense of the illusory nature of what is happening.

Mass killer picture
Mass killer picture

Sergei Gordeev, the best student of the school, winner of mathematical competitions and olympiads, at the age of 10 realized that the world is an illusion, and people around are fictional. And at the age of 15, he came to school with a carbine and a rifle to prove to his classmates the theory of solipsism. In his opinion, only he exists, and life is just his dream. After killing a teacher and a police officer, he surrendered at the persuasion of his father.

“I didn't want to kill anyone, I wanted to die. I was wondering what will happen after? What is there - after death? I also wanted to see how people would react to what I do. I came to kill myself”(Sergey Gordeev, 15 years old, school # 263).

To be continued…

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